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ACC Commissioner John Swofford stands by UM Canes Coach Al Golden


   Here's my story that I just posted online:

   GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford said Sunday after he addressed reporters during the opening session of the ACC Football Kickoff that he would be “shocked’’ if University of Miami football coach Al Golden were personally involved in any NCAA violations.

    Swofford was asked by The Miami Herald about his reaction when he read the newest Yahoo! Sports report allegations about Miami.

     “Well, I don’t know how new they are,’’ he answered. “That’s an ongoing investigation.’’

     Swofford was then asked specifically about Yahoo! reporting that coach Al Golden had direct knowledge of UM football improprieties after he arrived at UM. What was Swofford’s reaction to that part of the report?

      “You never want to read any more of that,’’ Swofford said. “I’ve seen all of that I want to see. You’re never happy when you read that, but again, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a new part of that investigation. It may simply be something that has been thrown out there that isn’t new. I don’t know. I really can’t comment on an ongoing investigation on a piecemeal basis.’’

    Then Swofford was asked, “How about just your own gut and how you feel having gotten to know Al Golden?”

    Swofford’s response: “If Al Golden were involved in anything inappropriate in terms of NCAA rules I would be shocked.’’



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How John Swofford is still employed is beyond me. The money the ACC spent to invite Miami in to stink it up in every sport and basically bring the conference down in every sport is unfathomable. It makes the sale of Manhattan by the Indians for $24 look brilliant in comparison. Of course, he's standing by Golden. What the hell else is he going to do? Say, "Yeah, I think he's dirty"? And, guess what? Golden IS dirty. Just like his mentor, Joe Pedoterno. Penn State should be shut down entirely, but, quite frankly, so should UM.

Hahahahaha! That's just sad...

Earnest. Seems like you are a genius. Seems like you know more than a million osf we cane fans... In fact more than swofford. You comment lacks balance, what have you say Va Tech, who got pummeled in a bcs bowl last year and is no good in anything else? Those areidiotic comments. Sure i agree miami stinks bad in the acc, but they arent the only program that has been down. So just stfu with your stupid biased opinions.

By your faulty twisted logic, texas should be ashamed for being in the big 12 for the last 3 years, or... Usc?

Just shut up please.

If I can relate to the most vile depraved minds of the twentieth century, passing judgement is out of my reach. Once again, to everyone else, communicating with the peeps that know me as arty. Stay tuned, more to come. In the meantime


Miami as we knew it is done...welcome to mediocrity. Been here since '03 ....ni$$a what?

Dear Mr. Robinson,

What kind of beef to you have with UM? If you are jealous of our championships just say so. Harassing our current regime is not a distraction. We have big plans in place and the media will not stop us. You obviously see that we are building for another championship, and think that your accusations will stop us. Guess what? It's just a bump in the road, and another hurdle that we will jump over. I have complete faith in Al Golden. How bout taking a look at The Snake Saban up in Alabama? I'm sure there is plenty of crap in Tuscaloosa you can dig up.

If the yahoo article was about UF or FSU we would be preaching it as the bible. we are f$cked and it suuuuuuuuucccccckkkkks. Gocanes with your 5-7 record!!!

10-2 ACC Coastal div. champs losses to NotreDame and FSU will play FSU again for Acc championship. read it and weep.

It's great that Al in strongly denying all this and that the commish is backing him, etc. ..... BUT .... note that no one else is speaking out and denying that anything actually happened. That's a strong indication that something did, even if Al did not know about it. If that's the case, it's a MAJOR violation and we will pay tremendously for it.

Why do we continue to speculate on unfounded and unsubstantiated articles with pseudo journalist that are trying to become Woodward and Burnstein on Miami's back?.
Miami football is here . The 'Canes are not going away .

The puddle jumpers and naysayers nothwithstanding are gleefully trying to stir a pot of S****.

We will be fine and all the envy and crap will make our guys want to prove something...
That is after the storm the IBIS is there...
Hurricanes are winners... Coach G is a winner and I think when our program starts winning and improving some mole will come out with something else..

The Hurricanes will be back like it or not.

In our judicial system fact has to be proven.. Here we are finding bloggers running with speculation as fact.
That su***.
Recognize all this for what it is...
Speculative nonsense...
Go 'Canes

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