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ACC Football Media Kickoff About to Begin

Good morning.

In Greensboro, N.C., for the 2012 ACC Football Kickoff.

Cornerback Brandon McGee and running back Mike James are UM's representatives, who will speak to us later.

I feel bad for Miami coach Al Golden, who will walk into a firestorm when he speaks to the media Monday afternoon. Golden has been refreshing for us: respectful, direct and candid since the day he arrived. I have enjoyed covering him. But this is the first time he has been part of the NCAA saga, after Yahoo! Sports' newest report from Thursday.

In this day and age, it's hard to say "no way" before all the facts are revealed, but I still am wondering what specific proof the "former Hurricanes athletic department staffer" has, according to Yahoo!, that Golden "had direct knowledge of [former UM equipment manager Sean] Allen's improper involvement with Miami recruits.''  The Yahoo! story gives few specifics about Golden, other than what an unnamed staffer said about Golden being aware that Allen picked up Teddy Bridgewater from a restaurant during an unofficial visit. The key here is whether the NCAA believes it has the proof to back up what Allen said.

What would you ask Al Golden, if you had a chance to interview him tomorrow?

How about Mike James and McGee?



One high-ranking UM official told us Friday that school administrators were fed up with Ray-Ray Armstrong not being honest with them. Late Saturday night, his father Albert confirmed that Armstrong was bounced from the team largely because "he wasn't truthful" about a recent incident.

Albert Armstrong told us that Ray Ray's girlfriend owns a public relations firm that works with professional athletes but is not affiliated with any sports agent. Albert said his son's girlfriend was staying at the Loews Hotel on Memorial Day weekend when Ray-Ray visited her and took a picture of some of the hotel rooms. Ray-Ray then distributed the pictures via Instagram, and UM became aware of it.

When UM confronted him about it, he worried about his future and told the school he wasn't there with his girlfriend that night, his father said. "He told them the truth eventually, but it was a day late and dollar short," Albert Armstrong said.

Last year, UM suspended him for a game for tweeting about a dinner at Prime 112 with that same girlfriend. Booting him from the team was "unfair to extreme measures," Albert Armstrong said. "They need a sacrificial lamb to show, 'We're putting our foot down.'"

Armstrong’s father said InsideTheU's report that his son had interaction with a booster, then tweeted about it, is "completely untrue." He said his son will transfer to another school and play this fall.

The Hurricanes aren’t especially worried about his loss. They feel good about Vaughn Telemaque, AJ Highsmith, Kacy Rodgers, and newcomers Deon Bush and Rayshawn Jenkins.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/07/barry-jackson-buzz-for-sunday-scatter-shooting-on-dolphins-issues-with-training-camp-opening-friday-most-inte.html#storylink=cpy




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Just chiming in so don't shoot me... I'm privileged to have family and friends within the immediate Cane Athletic family is all that needs to be known. So take it as is or don't take it at all... Just my opinion.
Much of this recent Yahoo situation is the result of Michael Barrow and a few select others trying to get things done behind the scenes without Golden's direct knowledge and implicating Coach whatsoever I believe. ALL ALLEGED but still damaging nonetheless. Basically the Yahoo.com allegations are this in a nutshell 1.) Trying to cut recruiting corners by giving multiple illegal transportation and rides to certain local kids to visit during down times which could constitute Illegal unofficial visits. 2.) Taking kids to restaurants and strip clubs, buying drinks n meals exceeding the amount of money allowed during those visits... 3.) Former Equipment manager "Pee Wee" giving facilities tours and handing out gloves, and Cane gear which is illegal. 4.) And MULTIPLE illegal texts n phone contact during recruiting dead periods exceeding those limits. Now, I hope these things aren't true but it's these "little" things that other Programs can practice at times and not have to worry about major sanctions if caught. If schools that are in good standing with the NCAA got in trouble over reported "rumors" like these caught the NCAA's ear, they would simply self report and the NCAA would take minor action and probate them further if there were anymore violations within a certain time period. Problem is, we are STILL under MAJOR investigation ! Really doesn't matter if they're true or not now. The damage is done. And I do think Barrow was probably not just trying to do his best, but by almost any means possible, within reason, he could to get Duke, Howard and Chick and a few selected others to sign on the dotted line. Sure, nothing major, but by the NCAA's guidelines, impermissible nonetheless. Not to mention, arguably a further lack of institutional control I'm afraid. That's why I feel bad for Golden. He is doing everything he can as far as total compliance with the NCAA. I can see Barrow telling him, "Coach, we've done this type of little stuff minor recruiting tactics for years here." I can only imagine what Coach Goldens's reply would be...
As Canes we must remember this. We've been under the NCAA's Microscope for a few too many years now. We need to walk the straight and narrow in all aspects of the entire Athletic program. The powers that be are ready to pounce on anything we do. Obviously so is the National Press. The Basketball, Football, Baseball programs all the way down to the tennis programs. It's the NCAA sandbox and we're just allowed to play in it as they see fit. Fair or foul, right or wrong, good or bad. It's not a Democracy. It's their club. And an extremely powerful one at that fellow Cane Fans. The one thing they hate more than anything is this. While under investigation, get your house in order and comply. PERIOD. And I know in my heart of hearts that Al Golden is doing everything within his capabilities to do so. It's the little things outside his control that worries me.
In conclusion, I can only hope for this. The NCAA finds us less guilty for the whole Shapiro mess. These recent accusations are proven miniscule. And the fact that we could be found as habitual offenders with multiple Major sanctions within a 10 year period from the 90's doesn't further incite them to bury us up to Ur necks in the little sandbox... Right now, I'll take up to our waists with the abilty to dig out in a few years.

ps- Let's try not to shoot the messengers... Especially our own local ones who's job it is, is to report and opin. News is not always facts.

I agree with wgt22.Not shootin anyone.My problem with violating recruiting rules for the U is we don't need to do this.We have the most fertile recruiting area in the world.Half of the kids want to come here before they receive an offer.Some out of state kids as well.Those that don't,leave em be.We are under a microscope my media and other schools.They know the damage we would do to the college football world if we could just stay out of trouble and keep a good coach here like Golden for extended period.May take a couple of years,but once it comes together,its over for everyone else.To reiterate,we do not need to break rules to be the best.We have all we need right here.

"the fact that we could be found as habitual offenders with multiple Major sanctions within a 10 year period from the 90's"

Not "COULD", you ARE. Habitual offender, that is. And not since the 90s, but since the 80s with Uncle Luke.
Sad part is, what did it get you in the past decade?
At least under Luke you did win. Now is "I cheat but can't win".
Sucks to be U.

All I know about Al Golden is that he is a Penn State alumnus and therefore should not be allowed to have any kind of employment at an institute of learning.

Isn't it time we realized that the University of Miami is just one poorly run institution? It's ALWAYS had this problem. Just can't believe that despite ALL the problems the football program had in the '90's, something like this was allowed to happen again.....and continues to happen today.

Who's running this show? Nobody, apparently.


Yahoo's a Liberal Dirty Rag, just like CBS and Dan Rather. Just make bullcrap up without any evidence.

What is mean by ACC?Is it any any league?

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