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ACC releases All-ACC Preseason Team & P Dalton Botts makes the list

Here it is, folks. I'm figuring by the end of the season there will be more Canes on the real list. How about DE Anthony Chickillo? LB Denzel Perryman? CB Tracy Howard or RB Duke Johnson as Rookies of Year?

2012 Atlantic Coast Conference Preseason Team                                



Pos. Name (Votes)                                          Ht      Wt       Class             Hometown

WR  Conner Vernon, Duke (41)                      6-2     195      Senior            Miami, Fla.

WR  Sammy Watkins, Clemson (68)                 6-1     200      Sophomore    Fort Myers, Fla.                       

TE    Matt Furstenburg, Maryland (35)             6-4     245      Senior            Flemington, N.J.

T      James Hurst, North Carolina (48)             6-7     300      Junior            Plainfield, Ind.            

T      Oday Aboushi, Virginia (29)                    6-6     310      Senior            Brooklyn, N.Y.

G     Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (57)          6-3     300      Senior            Lithonia, Ga.               

G     Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (55)     6-3     295      Senior            Wilmington, N.C.

C      Dalton Freeman, Clemson (58)                6-3     285      Senior            Pelion, S.C.

QB   Tajh Boyd, Clemson (29)                         6-1     225      Junior            Hampton, Va.

RB   Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (60)     5-10   205      Sophomore    Davie, Fla.

RB   Andre Ellington, Clemson (53)                5-10   190      Senior            Moncks Corner, S.C.



Pos. Name (Votes)                                          Ht      Wt       Class             Hometown                  

DE   Brandon Jenkins, Florida State (59)         6-3     265      Senior            Tallahassee, Fla.

DE   James Gayle, Virginia Tech (31)              6-4     250      Junior            Hampton, Va.

DT   Joe Vellano, Maryland (58)                     6-1     285      Senior            Rexford, N.Y.

DT   Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest (33)           5-11   260      Junior            Wylie, Texas

LB   Kevin Reddick, North Carolina (49)        6-3     240      Senior            New Bern, N.C.

LB   Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech (42)             6-2     253      Senior            Riceboro, Ga.

LB   Steve Greer, Virginia (32)                        6-2     225      Senior            Solon, Ohio

CB   David Amerson, NC State (63)                6-3     194      Junior            Greensboro, N.C.

CB   Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech (25)                6-0     181      Junior            Baltimore, Md.

S      Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State (45)         5-8     204      Junior            Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

S      Earl Wolff, NC State (30)                         6-0     207      Senior            Raeford, N.C.




Pos. Name (Votes)                                          Ht      Wt       Class             Hometown

PK   Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (54)           6-2     190      Senior            Houston, Texas

P      Dalton Botts, Miami (65)                         6-3     198      Senior            Taft, Calif.

SP    Greg Reid, Florida State (35)                   5-8     186      Senior            Valdosta, Ga.








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How insulting.

Our best offensive weapon is the punter! Think of the possibilities. I am pumped. Let's go canes!!

Maybe Caleb Sturgis can kick the Gatr Trash to victory.

BWWWAHAHHAAHA. Years of alleged top recruiting class and the UFailure can only get some 'neck kicker on the first team.

That, and what is in the blog Pig's pants, is the definition of a joke.

I bet Saban is game planning right now for that Sturgis kid. What type of defensive alignment can he implement when the Gatr Trash has to attempt a field goal from 65 yards because they can't get any close. Saban is terrified.


The best part of the blog Pig dripped down his daddy's leg.

Can we call you "Dick?"

Canes are pathetic

Gatr Sports... The Beatdowns Go On n On n On

The difference is that the Gators placed several players on the SEC second team and the third team. So Sturgis is the only Gator on the SEC 1rst team but we have several players named overall.
You have a punter on the first team.................and NOTHING else. On par with Duke and Wake.
Then you need to factor in that we are talking ACC vs SEC.
If the Gators played in the ACC they would dominate that minor league. If the canes played in the SEC they would be worse than Vandy.
It is pathetic that you can't place any players besides a punter in the all ACC team. The all wimp team from the all wimp conference.

Maybe Dalton Botts can punt the cane trash out of danger.
Years of cheating and scheming and the CaneFailure can only get some lowly punter on the first team.
That, what is in the cane Pig's pants, and the fact that not even a second or third teamer is nominated, is the definition of a joke.

I bet Jimbo is game planning right now for that Botts kid. What type of defensive alignment can he implement when the Cane Trash has to attempt to punt out of the hole because their offensive offense can't move the ball. Jimbo is terrified.
At least if they had a good kicker they could score. Cause you know the rest of the offense won't.


I thought we were as talented as any team in the country? We can't place ANY position players on the ALL-ACC Team ?

Well maybe we can Win the field position battles. How many points is that worth during a game?

Gonna be another long year.

U can't put but one fat, slow white Gaurd position player on any All-ACC Football teams which is the least talented and competitive College Football Conference in the Country ? And Ur going to knock Florida, which competes in the most talented Conference known to man as they placed 7 ALL-SEC Players on SEC All-Conference teams ?

U clUcks are serioUsly pUnch drUnk from the Decade long pUmmelings U've recieved from Not Top 25 ACC panseys for far too long...

5-7 here U come, then Sanctions through 2017 and .500% records through 2022...

It's a U thang no doUbt...

Tajh Boyd, CL 29

Logan Thomas, VT 16

EJ Manuel, FSU 15

Mike Glennon, NCS 6

Running Back (Top 2)
Giovani Bernard, UNC 60

Andre Ellington, CL 53

Orwin Smith, GT 11

Perry Jones, UVa 8

Wide Receiver (Top 2)
Sammy Watkins, CL 68*

Conner Vernon, DU 41

DeAndre Hopkins, CL 15

Erik Highsmith, UNC 5

Tight End
Matt Furstenburg, MD 35

Nick O'Leary, FSU 16

Chris Pantale, BC 11

Colter Phillips, UVa 4

Offensive Tackle (Top 2)
James Hurst, UNC 48

Oday Aboushi, UVa 29

Morgan Moses, UVa 28

Emmett Cleary, BC 18

Offensive Guard (Top 2)
Omoregie Uzzi, GT 57

Jonathan Cooper, UNC 55

R.J. Mattes, NCS 8

Brad Linder, UM 4

Dalton Freeman, CL 58

Andrew Miller, VT 6

Camden Wentz, NCS 3

Jay Finch, GT 1


Defensive End (Top 2)

1. Brandon Jenkins, FSU 59

2. James Gayle, VT 31

3. Malliciah Goodman, CL 20

4. Bjoern Werner, FSU 12

Defensive Tackle (Top 2)
Joe Vellano, MD 58

Nikita Whitlock, WF 33

Everett Dawkins, FSU 22

Sylvester Williams, UNC 13

Linebacker (Top 3)
Kevin Reddick, UNC 49

Bruce Taylor, VT 42

Steve Greer, UVa 32

Jeremiah Attaochu, GT 23

Kevin Pierre-Louis, BC 19

Cornerback (Top 2)
David Amerson, NCS 63

Kyle Fuller, VT 25

Xavier Rhodes, FSU 21

Greg Reid, FSU 11

Safety (Top 2)
Lamarcus Joyner, FSU 45

Earl Wolff, NCS 30

Rashard Hall, CL 21

Isaiah Johnson, GT 13

Dustin Hopkins, FSU 54

Chandler Catanzaro, CL 8

Casey Barth, UNC 4

Nate Freese, BC 1

Dalton Botts, UM 65

Nick Ferrara, MD 2

Brad Craddock, MD 1

Greg Reid, FSU 35

Sammy Watkins, CL 20

Michael Campanaro, WF 5

NO... QB-RB-WR-O-Line-T.E.-D-Tackle-D.End-LB-DB Talent what so ever...

But WOW !!! Look at that guy PUNT !!!

"Worse comes to worse, you come first"..... that 'YOU' is inclusive to ALL those that have helped me in me some way or another, whether or not I am aware of it. My gratitude is owed to you ALL
Everyone else on this blog, don't mind me, i'm only talking to my peeps. OH yea, how can i forget the most overwhelming and earth shattering piece of evidence: I HAVE TWO YOUNGER BROTHERS!!!! One looks like me and the other doesn't. You dumbtruck joto


oh awesome. let me reiterate then. guilty of jumping to conclusions. you say idiot and i would agree. error prone. awesome. or i am thinking to much. what the deuce!!!???

oh and BRAINDEADTILUDIE... Tells us ALL about how that Defense Will DOMINATE and U'll be playing Va. Tech in the ACC Championship game even though Ur both in the ACC Coastal Division again ?

You degenerate trailer park trash inbred koran burning sister loving lizard. I said we would dominate the ACC Championship with our defense in our own stadium IF we get 13 more signature for the new stadium at Tropical Park. They have bulldozers, cranes, and backhoes on stand by.


WOW Dick. I see it was a slow day in your little world.
Did you use up all of your handles?
You might as well pick one and stick with it. I say use Dick it fits.
Once again (I think I speak for all Cane fans on this one) we could care less what you, or the ACC think of us.
We are use to the envy, and the hate. We have been dealing with it since 1983.
I can not wait till this season starts, and the players get to do their talking on the field.
Looking forward to chatting with you,during the season. That is if you are man enough to come back on.
Let the envy and hate keep you warm, and repeat after me.


HAHAHAHA! Come back on??? You know I troll this blog all day every day of my life!

Conner vernonis better than any receiver the gators have. So dont even talk sheet stupid person.

Gators paly in the acc? Ha hahahaahahahaha

Love to se them get whooped by UM and FSU ( remember last year?) and va tech and clemson. Thats 4 losses. Then theyd have to play ga thats 5 losses. Hahahahahahahaah

Maybe theyd beat Furman

who is this Pig everyone talks about? Like a Lechon?

Wow, a Punter and second team O-lineman is all we placed on the All-ACC team ? Hope the young kids come through or this could be a tough year. Anyone have any idea of "any" upper classmen that might breakout? And just how many Freshman will contribute this year?

I think this can be used as a motivating tool for ALL of the players on this roster. I also believe they got it wrong, but thats ok. Tajh Boyd of Clemson IMO is not better than Logan Thomas of Va Tech or even thedude from FSU. This is grossly inaccurate, a popularity tool, and I am going to laugn MAO at the end of the season. Please someone save this list along with the gaytor troll's predictions and we can shove it in everyones face..,

Olivier Vernon just inked a 2.8 million dollar deal with the fins. Where was he at the U? I know messing with shi8tyiro.
But that proves to recruits:

6-6 season. No bowl, and guess what players, The U is putting players in the NFL year in year out. Another NFL season and the U still has the most or second most players in NFL rosters!

It will always be NFL-U/

I agree about this motivating the team. I hope Botts is strutting around rubbing their faces in it to really piss the team off.
I do not give a lot of credit to these preseason teams. What you do during the season is what matters.
Recruiting is the same way. It is nice to see the young men pick the Canes, but until they sign on the dotted line it is just a handshake.
Everyone saw the upside to Vernon. His problem was bring it to the game week after week. I hope the dollars have got his head on straight.

Prove it on the field.

5>3>2 - The fact that UM is NFL-U is the canes' best defense with the NCAA. How else could one explain the fact that incredibly talented kids underachieve in the University setting (when compensated with a mere scholarship worth 45K per year) then finally reach their potential when paid millions in the NFL?!

It's the perfect argument, explaining how the U has sucked for a decade while filling NFL rosters with their kids AND exonerating it from the rampent rule breaking that supposedly 'every body' engages in.

Soldy....U are as dumb as they come. The gators play in the sec easy that is weaker than the MAC. Other than Bama and LSU the last few years, the sec actually sucks and the tarheels held their own against that bama team with 2 nd and 3 rd stringers.the gators lost their last two to acc teams, and auburn lost to last year. . clemson. The acc holds its own against the sec even though U cant admit it.

you gotta be delusional to think that other than Bama and LSU the SEC has sucked. The last six national titles have gone to four different teams from the SEC. If all you talk about is how Miami has five titles, and that's all that matters, well, the SEC has won the last six national titles. enough said. don't argue that the ACC is anywhere near the SEC because it simply doesn't hold any weight.
I'm a 'Canes fan and was embarrassed to see Clemson get crushed by the Big East champion last year.
In any case, I'm sure Miami is going to be better than most think this year, regardless of youth. Golden is in his second year with more mentally-equipped players than last year with the exception of Lamar Miller and Tommy Streeter.

I could care less about how many UM guys are going to the pros. Who gives a s**t! I want players that win in college that represent Miami the way it deserves to be represented. I'm happy those guys can make a living playing football, but I want those guys to win some championships in college, not get drafted so I can go out there and say, 'yeah those 6-6 canes have 10 guys in the pros.' Quit talking about the fu***ng NFL because it does nothing for the U.


Don't waste your time with him. He's a highschool volleyball player so he's big time. Mostly in his own little pathetic world but he's no one to mess with.
hahahhahahahhaa ok I made myself laugh to much with that one. This is some little kid who plays PROFESSIONAL VOLLEYBALL in highschool. Volleyball hahahaha oh man I needed that laugh. If he was any real type of a man he would simply use one handle and stick with it like the majority of us have. But that's what separates us here on this board. You have those who come here to discuss and share opinions with a handle that everyone can recognize and carry out continued conversations over different articles and you have those who run around like little children always talking about tropical park as if it's some magical place like disneyland. His dad has probably promised him a million times to take him and he never kept his promise so if the Canes ever build a stadium there, he'll finally have his opportunity to go, maybe. Who knows what his deal is. He could be some kid that runs around strapped up in a harness so he doesn't wander off from his parents and wears a helmet to protect himself from the dangers of the world like tables with sharp corner etc... If only someone would take him to tropical park so he could live out his dream. Personally I can't wait till the season starts (like you said previously) and read what he has to say under his million handles. Have a good one and always remember...


I'd rather be a Cane or no fan of college football. ORANGE AND GREEN ALL DAY!!!!

Man, I just reread what I wrote and I had to make myself laugh again. The "professional volleyball player" in high school just doesn't have a clue.


sidcane is right. Clemson beat Auburn, UF gets destroyed at home by FSU, the tar heels literally could have won that game against LSU (not BAma). They were 15 yds away from winning... with scrubs. at LSU.

The SEC is waay Top heavy. SEC rednecks dont like to admit that but its a fact. Other than LSU and Bamy, and plus or minus Ga and Auburn, what do you have?

Ole Miss
Miss State
the sucka55 agytrs

wowwww. I'm scrred.

Posted by: pseudologic

Sidcane is a Moron and so are you. Realistic cane fan ( an oxymoronic name) said it best when he called you delUsional. You are that and Morons to boot.
Go ahead and call a radio sports show and say how close the ACC is to the SEC to have them laugh you off the radio.
ACC is the worst major conference and all you have to show for is a punter. Pathetic.

greg reid isn't an all ACC corner first teamer?

ACC sucks and the Gators can't compete^^^2 comments.
pseudologic...sorry U are right it was LSU.

and all we hear from gator trailermaggots like yourself is how great the recruiting/coaching/facilities/stadium/fans are yet all you have to show for it is a kicker.

We know the Canes are down so being picked to finish low or having only a punter on the 1st team is to be expected. On the other hand, all the blubbering from idiot gomers would make you think UFailure is Bama. Which it isn't.

That, you holder of this state's most useless diploma, is a far greater fail.

Posted by: Gatr logic exposesd

That's right - tell these inbreds to stop using people - true cane fans - handles. Coach Golden has us on the right track and can hopefully fget us to six wins so we can self impose a bowl ban and get away from this sh*tpero bs.


Welcome to THE U Jamal Carter. Keep your wits about you, work hard, study hard, stay out of trouble, and bring us our 6th and 7th NC or you will be considered a bum.

Go Canes!

ACC s-ks_ You are an idiot of giant proportions. You can't rationally examine FACTS without getting your thong in a knot, and then spit out stupidity after stupidity

Florida played a very tough SEC schedule last year but Tennessee, kentucky, Ole Miss, MSU and vandy all had losing records. Capeche?

An SEC team has won the NC in the last 6 years no one. Nobody disputes that you pathetic excuse for a carbon unit. But it is also my opinion that the SEC is top heavy and there is no dispute.

Go ban-ng your sister you inbred neck and stay off this blog, because a trailer bunny like you cant even read nor carry on a mature discussion without name calling... you puke.

Typical two-faced, forked-tongued Cane clUcks...

2012- 1 position player barely named to the Preseason All-ACC 2nd. team and it's, "I don't pay attention to preseason predictions." "I could careless." "It's nothing more than a popularity contest."

2011- Mutiple, underperforming, over-rated players named to preseason All-ACC teams and it's, "We're loaded!" "Look how good we are." We're as talented as any team in the country." We'll go 10-2, ACC Champs and BCS Bowl game with all this hidden talent."

So what's it now U delUsional about to go 5-7 Cane clods ? Go all Barbrady with the, "Keep moving, Nothing to see here, move along now," Or is it, "The voters don't know all the top secret top talent Golden has assembled ! We'll have many Post-Season All-ACC players, 8 Freshman will be ALL-ACC and we'll finish strong battling for the ACC Coastal and then WE"LL BE BACK NEXT YEAR !!!"

NEWS FLASH CLuCKS ... Ur ranked around 50th. on average and Ur going to finish near the bottom of the 5th. ranked (actually 6th. since Pitt put 70 on Ur Champs) Conference in College Football... But U blindasbatsheet baffons will cry to the heavens that Ur right on the verge of being a contending program. Being a loyal, optimistic fan is great, but not at the cost of looosing all Ur objective, "intelligent?" credibility.. U AllCaneThangCircleJerkers... The brainwashing only works amongst Urselves and ALL outsiders (the entire Country North of Lake Okeechobee) just chuckles, shake their heads and feels sorry for U thinking wow, they've evolved into Notre Dame... But actually worse.

Gotta admit though... Ur Punt team shoUld be just AWESOME this season !!!

Hola ARTY !!!... 2-adays in 1 week Bro !!!

Question CanedUmmasses... Seriousy.

What players on Ur narrowedasse, no talented depth team will have worthy enough breakout seasons and make even honorable mention on the Post-Season ALL-ASS Conference Team ?

And chew on this Cane ClUcks... Axe an FSU fan or any non GATOR or ClUck this... U name just ONE Cane that's on Ur # 1 depth chart that would start in front of ANY GATOR this year... JUST ONE !!! Maybe OG Linder, LB Perryman and DE Chickillo would see any 2nd. team rotation at all... Oh, my bad... Ur Punter would start, but instead of punting again and again and again and again and again to pin teams back for field position, we'd rather go for it at midfield on 4th. down, get firsts downs and come away with meaning points with our ALL-SEC Kicker...

FYI--- Tune into WQAM now ClUcks. Goldie is hammering U about what pUUUUUsssies U are about boycotting YAHOO for Ur inferiority complex that trUly is a CANG THANG.... Wwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh Wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!! THEY"RE PICKING ON uS !!!

Posted by: sidcane | July 26, 2012 at 08:54 AM

U need serioUs help loooser... bUt sadly there's no helping delUsional insane ContinUedCaneLooosingpUnchDrUnk dUmmasses like U .

Come on Cane clUcks, come tU Ur Buddy Sidcanes rescUe and tell us all aboUt how the ALL-ASS Conference is as good as the MIGHTY SEC...

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 26, 2012 at 09:50 AM

What's Ur definition of Dominant again ?

GAtor dribble

pathetic trolls. "UM hasnt done anything inten years"

Wrong again Deliverance - type hillbillie

2012-2004= 8 years

Keep wishing. This young UM team is going to surprise a lot of folks and you toothless hicks will have to find another argument.


YOu are an idiot, Pig. Or should we call you "Dick?"

You mean Perryman and Chikillo? The two guys that Muscrap wanted desperately? The ones who punked UFailure?

The guys you said, in your Dick-way, were "Gatah locks?"

Are those the guys you are talking about? Because if they are, they would start at UTrailer and any other team in the SEC LEast.

Good thing UTrailer rotated Furman off their schedule. That would have been a tough road contest this year.

Will the cane fans be praying to me for six wins so they can self impose ban the bowl game? Magic 8 ball what thou say?

I'd rather be a Cane or no fan of college football. ORANGE AND GREEN ALL DAY!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 26, 2012 at 09:50 AM


And therein lies Urs and many other CaneClods Major problem... Combined with Ur Orange n Green Peripheral blinders and Ur .5G memory, U can only hold enough information to retain what has happened with Cane Football from the 80's and 90's to make U feel better about reality rather than the trUth... U have erased Failed Cane Seasons after Seasons from '03...'04...'05...'06...'07...'08...'09...'10...'11 and have ZERO room left on U miniscule memory card to realize what is actually going on within the College Football Landscape and how U've been passed and left behind in the dUst as U now look up to 40 BETTER Programs in College Football... So when U say, "It's MIAMI or Nothing." It only proves that U have ZERO abilty to rationalize about where U trUly are in comparison to the Top College Football Programs... ie- DelUUUUUUUUUUUUUsion... It's TrUly A Cane Thang...

All U clUcks have to do is tune into WQAM now. They are ripping U apart, as well as U clUck fans digging Ur own graves, about how U babies are in TOTAL DENIAL and even comparable to Penn State fans for STILL defending Joe Pa... GOD ITS CLASSIC !!! ...

***CaneFanCallerLaz..."Yahoo is out to get dUh U and their STORIES are ALL MADE UP!!! I'm Boycotting YAHOO !!!"

***WQAM..."Well Billy Corbin is on record saying they're trUe."

***CaneFanCallerLaz... "Uhhhh... really?"

JESuSH.CHRIST !!! Typical Cane Clods and it's never ending ! There's a vendetta and they're picking on MIAMI !!! Wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

HELLLLLOOOOOO CANE FAN .... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... TICK




And U know this ...


Somebody, whose initials are "Dick," needs a job that involves hours other than graveyard shift and does not require a walkie-talkie and guarding the bread aisle at Costco.

You stupid Pig. Owned again.


Ur that HaBITCHUal Chronic Cane Clod Caller Laz aren't U ?

I listened to the Corben interview. He did not say they were true.

Another lie by the Pig. Just like,

"...Shapiro's book is coming out in December of '10"

"....Tracy Howard, Gatah lock."

"....Anthony Chikillo, Gatah lock."

Do you all get the picture with this slovenly, effeminate Pig? He is wrong all the time. What is it with you, Pig? Are you ignorant or apathetic?

Get a life, Dick.

Bets Uz missens mys 12-3 WQAM tawk sho bi nows aintz U ?

Duuuuuh, we'z be 'neck billies he-uh in Alachua County, home of the state's largest public diploma mill.

What is the plural of "y'all?"

"All y'all." Ain't that right, Dick?

6 years of alleged top recruits = kicker on 1st team SEC.

Definition of joke. And what's in Dick's pants. No pun intended.

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