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Al Golden: "There will be a time to defend this and I look forward to that.''

Just spoke one-on-one to University of Miami football coach Al Golden at the ACC Kickoff in Greensboro.

He defended his integrity relating to the newest Yahoo! Sports report and was, again, adamant about his clean record and good reputation. He was very calm and friendly and self-assured. He does not seem like a man who is in any way upset or scared about allegations.


          GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Speaking several hours before his scheduled roundtable with reporters at the ACC Kickoff, University of Miami football coach Al Golden told The Miami Herald on Monday morning that his “good name’’ is still intact.

     He refused to comment on the specifics of the Yahoo! Sports report released Friday that contends Golden “had direct knowledge’’ of former UM equipment manager Sean “Pee Wee” Allen’s “improper involvement with Miami recruits,’’ according to Yahoo!

     His reaction when he read the story? “Disappointment obviously. It’s your name. It’s your integrity. But as I’ve found being around the other coaches and the ACC commissioner, I think my integrity and reputation over the last 18 years speaks for itself.’’

     He said UM linebackers coach Micheal Barrow, also implicated in the Yahoo! report, is still an assistant coach, but wouldn’t talk further about Barrow.

      Golden adamantly defended his integrity Friday in a written statement released shortly afterward, denying any wrongdoing.

     “I stand on what I said on Friday. That encapsulates how I feel. I stand on my record of compliance with the NCAA. And there will be a time to defend this and I look forward to that. But I’m not allowed to comment on the story at this time.”

        Last year, shortly after UM fall football camp opened in Coral Gables, Yahoo! Sports hit the sports world with allegations that former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, now serving a 20-year prison sentence for a $930 million Ponzi scheme, provided “thousands of impermissible benefits’’ to at least 72 UM athletes from 2002 through 2010.

        Golden, who was about to begin his first season with the Hurricanes, said he had no idea of the related NCAA investigation of UM. He spent most of last season pledging to bring the Canes back and overcome any obstacles through hard work and doing the right things.

       He said Monday he still pledges to move forward and is doing so with plenty of young talent.

       Golden’s interview Monday ended minutes before the NCAA announced its severe sanctions for Penn State – where Golden played and served as an assistant coach.

        He said his “thoughts and prayers are with the victims first and foremost,’’ and didn’t want to talk about Joe Paterno – other than saying he was disappointed in the whole situation.

             In other UM-related news, Golden said offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson will not be suspended, though he did show up late for a summer session and was punished internally.

  An addendum to story: Golden said Henderson is in the best shape of his life, and is now under 340 pounds. He said Henderson told him he weighed 400 at the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

   Also, running back Danny Dillard is in the final stages of being reviewed by the NCAA Clearinghouse regarding his academics. Said Golden: Danny is expected to be with us at training camp.''



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Coach, don't let the libelous tmz like website bring you down. You got work to do winning our 6th NC this year to shut up the haters.

Susan - any word on the petition for the Tropical Park location? I read we are about ten signatures away from getting a stadium deal.


I stand with Coach Golden 1000% That's more than I can say for a certain UM Website owner who in my opinion has thrown the U and Golden under the bus. I'm saddened and angry since I have given this site my hard earned money in the past. But he went out with the garbage the other day, he is yesterday's trash. I urge all loyal UM fans on his site to boycott this site, cancel your memberships and get with a site that promotes and stands by the U.

This is a site that has enjoyed the U's cooperation on many things including team coverage, recruiting and other sports as well. It is no longer deserving and I hope the U will make an example of this lack of loyalty and not standing by the coach, the team and the U!

Yes this site is connected to Yahoo no matter what the man says. His backing of Robinson and stating that he is the best investigative reporter he has seen in 35 years! Why not say as Swafford the Commish of the ACC said that he would be surprised and doesn't believe Golden is involved in any NCAA infractions. Where is that support Mr Ferman?

I agree with the ACC, Golden and all who think Golden comes out the winner.

By the way just so everyone knows, I am NOT a member of any site and don't won another site and don't visit any UM sites any more other than the Herald with Manny, Barry and Susan.

I have been a member in the Past on Canesport and CaneInsider, neither of which has much credibility in my opinion.

So I have no other agenda in calling for a boycott of Canesport other than to support Coach Golden and the U!

correction...don't own another site.

Can we please just strap on the "us against the world attitude" and settle all of this on the field.

Oh poor poor Cane fan ... Deny Deny Deny. It's always somebody elses fault. A rouge writer has it out for U. The NCAA has a vendetta against U. So sad that U can't take resposibility and hold Urselfs accountable for all the rampant out of control cheating and NCAA lawlessness going on inside Ur spiraling Football and Athletic programs... Well, U better get ready for what the NCAA has in store for U. Now that they Hammered Penn. St. all eyes will be on U. And they'll just keep adding on to Ur running tab of multiple violations as more n more will continue to unfold. Cane Fan, they're going to cripple U and keep U at Ur present sub .500% through the year 2020... BOOM ! it's coming soon and U know this.

fyi--- Tune into ESPNU @ 4pm today and U'll get a preview of the below average trash that U'll be rolling out on Saturdays this Fall...

The same "us against the world" attitude as last year when we learned we would forfeit our bowl game and decided to make the BC game our bowl game instead. That's what the canes are all about. Or the same attitude we had playing our last game at the great OB when we really showed up to play UVA. Canes against the world, bring it on!

scr-#w you delusional.Our time will come. Juts like it did in 1987 4 years removed from our first. Just like it did in 2001, 10 years removed from our 4th. And b--tches like you will be back to taking it up the wazoo

Penn State - football players can transfer and play now!!!
So, the next round of recruiting starts RIGHT NOW!!! - which PSU players want to transfer to the U and what positions does Coach Golden want to fill?

do you really see PSU kids transferring to a school that is headed for sanctions??

LOL! Soldy, Arty, delusional or whatever his name is these days......as usaula spending his day on the Canes blog.....the team he supposedly hates......just come out the closet........and admit you love the Canes loser!

Coach G shows the Class, Demenour, and Strength of
a confident Leader. He is the Real Deal...A Real Hurricane.

Any journalist trying to kick Miami just prior to the NCAA wrapup to their investigation on Campus smells of either a personal vendetta against the 'U' or against Miami football..

Question where did these so called Journalist go to School?...Maybe Penn State and possible looking for Company in their downfall, or should we as fans look into these guys bringing these allegations..

Let's do some digging into that....

There might be something there Manny and Susan..
What is their agenda or what is the motivator here?..
Go 'Canes.

I am sick of the NCAA silly little rule and penalties victimizing the young men that bring in the Billions $ they control! If the Head coaches and staff that commit these violations are banned for life from coaching at any NCAA member institution and as term of all NCAA contracts be asked to repay any portion of that contract already paid, it would stop the BS! Instead they victimize the 99% who have nothing to do with it. The NCAA and universities are hypocritical organizations that profit hugely off child labor and allow others to take advantage of these young men. The punishment should not be the program but those that would have the audacity to put the institution, sports program and young men in jeopardy!

Its only two things thats very consistant about my canes. You love us or your scared of us. If we suck so bad, why in the world would fans of other teams spend so much time around our stories and sites, or judging how we play etc... Thats fear, we are the only team that can bounce back at amy time, or any year. Heck, our own fans dont even know when we will bounce back but at least we know we can. And obviously these fans of other schools know it too thats why they are getting their shots in now. Enjoy, but there comes a time in life when a hater always ends up sucking his own shoe, well, " putting their foot in their mouth." i love your comments, its shows your fear of the u every time you speak. Go head and comment on this, it'll further let me know that we have more and more scary teams as i thought. Speak up, i cant here yall!!!!!

NCAA, "Who cares about strip clubs and rides to and from campus. We have bigger fish to fry."

PSU, "Why yes. Yes they sure do."

Why is it that the ACC Football media days are ongoing right now is ESPNU devoting 6 hours to interviewing SEC Head Coaches ?

RT3, I was wondering the same thing. They epitomize the word hypocrit. ESPN showed all the SECleast coaches in front of the media, had their little fucktarded rundown of their schedule, about their team and little specials with their coaches on their little special day. I hate ESPN and what it has become. I don't have a problem with a team or conference being good or having attention given to them for their accomplishments, but damn they never play anybody at another teams home field that is anygood, but are reveered as this unstoppable conference when in reality all they do is play teams inside their conference. What I am saying is be fair about things and give other conferences their respect by given them their time as well.

Everyone is scared of the canes. The NCAA is scared that is why they are investigating.
Yahoo! Sports is scared.
The ACC is really really scared, that is why they peg the canes 5th in the coastal.
The BCS is scared that is why they don't invite the canes to play in the BCS bowls.
Be scared. Be very scared. We are the canes we can be back at any time. Like in the past 10 years. We can even beat you in a real bowl game, eventually.

Why would anybody be scared of the Canes? This is 2012, not 1990. Canes can't beat anybody anymore. Nobody has been scared of the Canes since the last millennium.

Penn State: 4 no bowl years. 25 scholies, 60 million and 5 years probation. All victories erased since 1998 (that gives Miami that 1999 loss). For the methodical rape and cover up of 17 children over 11 years.

No way Miami's sanctions could come to that severity. Miami will lose one more bowl, unless they do not travel to one by choice this year, and they will lose 20 scholies and be given 5 years prob as well.

Next year, they will go 9-4 or 8-4 if they dont accept a bowl bid.

But with 30 scholy players on campusand Danny Dillard almost there, plus a few walk ons, the U will be allright through the sanctions

ACC picks UM to finish 5th in the coastal. hahahahahahahahahah

You all are goingto be surprised. lol

all this BS about golden lets let the NCAA finish its investigation and see what's up. lets look forward to this season go CANES our thoughts should be on the shooting victims and those of the pen state situation. also glad to see dumb dumb ray ray is off the team guess he didn't learn after last year....


The ACC SUCKS and nobody cares. That's why.


Just watched the U-Tube video of Artie Burns picking UM over LSU, and FSU.
He said LSU was his dream school, but he was giving up his dream to play at the U.
Congrats young man.


Hey Soldy just so you know Arty has changed his name to Emilio.
Maybe he is tired of you always trying to get his attention.
Just trying to help you trolls out.


All these Cane trolls, so you don't have anything to do, here are a few suggestions: 1) You can go clean the toilets in the Alachua County Detention Center. 2) You can go pick up all the cigarette butts in the yard before going to get your baloney and white bread lunch at the detention center diner. 3) You can go enjoy your time in the yard playing pickup basketball with at least two of your teams basketball players and new felon friends. 4) You can go to the DMV and get a driver's license and hide the weed somewhere else in your car. 5) You can put back your dorm-mates stereo equipment before he gets back from using his girlfriends credit cards and before he starts shooting up the neighborhood.6) You can go repair your university's president's car before they discover it was involved in a hit and run and the prezzy left he scene of an accident. 7) You can go count the number of arrests while Urban Liar was hc and play "see where they are now."8)You can try out for the Olympics track and field teams while stealing a hot dog from a street vendor and see how fast the cops can run.9) You can enroll at FSU because you don't need to be able to read or write to gain entrance to that higher institution of learning and they have folks who will take your test for you and write your term papers as well.

Or 10) you can enroll at FIU but they will always be F...orever I...nferior to the... U!

So many things for you to do......

Posted by: AnonymousCane

Good one bro, you forgot - 11) Sign the petition for the new stadium at Tropical Park. We ARE ONLY 22 signatures away!


As you can tell a little tiny volleyball highschool kid likes to run around with my handle. Saves me from a bunch of typing but whatever, he's a freaking volleyball player and that's pretty much where it begins and ends.

Now to something actually worth talking about..The U

In no way what so ever are we going to get punished in the severe manner that everyone (trolls) are thinking. One thing which happens to be the most important thing for people to remember is that you can't punish an institution based on "allegations alone". That is all that the NC double aholes have, allegations. Tons of the allegations have already been proven to be false with it's own evidence to back that up. Some of these "allegations" are simply not clear due to there being pictures that could paint several different stories (ie: shitpiro giving a big check to shalalalalala with her hobbit smile drooling over it). When this pedophileU case came up, the NCdouble aholes put the Miami scandal on the back burner and once this guy was found guilty they jumped all over psu. Now that punishment has been dealt they will resume with this so-called case. Many things need and will be taken into consideration...

1.Everyone that was named in this case has been gone or graduated, dismissed, fired, etc.

2.Players whose names came up in any form in regards to this case were dealt immediate punishments in the form of suspensions (some multiple games) and others were removed from the program itself without hesitation.

3.We have an incredibly squeaky clean head coach who's known for his compliance and excellent record among his peers, fellow coaches, the ACC, and community.

4.Literally all of the players that were dealt suspensions for ANY part they had in this case last season are no longer on the team.

5.Yahoo sports has based literally all of their information on this case from a corrupt individual who is doing 20yrs in prison for a serious crime and an equipment manager. WOW

6.We have complied more than any school that has attracted this type of negative attention with our own investigations, self imposed suspensions and dismissals of players, and a bowl ban.

I honestly can't wait for when Al Golden and step up and be allowed to have a discussion in regards to these new so called "allegations" from an equipment manager. By the way it has already been proven that the manager was no longer employed by the university at the time of Golden's hiring. Now take that pathetic excuse of a report from some yahoo reporter and toss it into the garbage. Football is coming, are you ready???


We don't need a new stadium at tropical park. The marlins experiment should be over soon, we can take that stadium.

LOVE IT!!! Let the world keep hatin, cause there is a storm that is brewin!! Miami is coming back!!! IN AL WE TRUST!!

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