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Could Stephen Morris be the guy? And other UM Canes tidbits from ACC Football Kickoff

The first day of the ACC Football Kickoff is behind us, and what awaits Monday -- following what is expected to be a groundbreaking NCAA announcement regarding Penn State -- should be some intriguing discussions. UM Coach Al Golden and the head coaches speak tomorrow, and since head coaches are bona fide adults, not to mention the head honchos of their teams, they usually assert themselves with some interesting points of view (or else they get so frustrated by the same questions that they unleash a zinger here and there).

The Penn State situation will obviously overshadow anything surrounding Al Golden,who is, ironically, a former player for Joe Paterno at Penn State. The two shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence (sorry about that).


Though there was no earth-shattering news revealed by the UM players Sunday, I did get the sense that junior Stephen Morris is perceived to be the quarterback leader -- at least by tailback Mike James.

Ryan Williams, a redshirt sophomore, is a former Miramar High quarterback who transferred from Memphis before last season. Morris sat out the spring after undergoing back surgery. Golden has said both quarterbacks will compete during the fall for the starting job.  

 “Coach [Jedd] Fisch, [UM’s offensive coordinator], has put Stephen in the best predicament to win games and control the offense,’’ James said. “ Stephen has a very amazing arm. I’m sure we’re going to utilize that to the best of our ability.’’

 A reporter asked James to describe the attribute in Morris that resulted in his “really taking over.’’

 Replied James: “Him assuming the leadership; Him understanding he’s going to be the quarterback and what a quarterback has to do to control his offense, control his team, control the game. He has taken all the steps to do that.’’

 James said "Stephen is a very, very smart kid'' and "knows his stuff inside and out.'' He said Morris is "becoming more of a vocal leader; Ryan is more lead-by-example. Stephen has an amazing arm; Ryan has great precision. It's going to be a tough battle. Stephen is, like, when something goes wrong he gets in our fact; Ryan pulls you to the side. ...I like when they get in your face. I like the gritty thing.''

He called both quarterbacks "great guys. They do a lot of things well.''

James was completely impressed by Morris' display of emotion one day in mid June -- "maybe the 15th or 16th, 20th maybe?" James said. "It was a team workout, no coaches, just us.'' He said Morris brought the players together and talked "about how tired he was of losing, and how we needed to get this thing on track. It brought him to tears.

"I had never seen Stephen cry. As a team you feel something in your heart for, if a guy is doing enough to get emotional, it shows he really cares about what he's doing. We greatly appreciate that in a leader. ...The other guys were very responsive to it. Some guys also had teared [up]. They were just tired of it. We're going to get this thing fixed and get it done the right way.

"We've never seen Stephen in that light. Stephen was always behind [former quarterback] Jacory [Harris] and not really saying much and doing everything he could to help the team. Now he was assuming leadership and becoming more vocal.''

Cornerback Brandon McGee touted all his young fellow defensive backs, and said national star Tracy Howard was so excited to be at UM that it was contagious.

McGee talked about growing up in South Florida and how he remembers seeing Sean Taylor just dominating his opponents. He said he also remembers "seeing Roscoe Parrish taking returns to the house,'' Devin Hester making guys miss and Mike Rumph making plays on the ball. That's definitely something we want to get back to.

"Our goal is to do what they did, but make our own avenue.''








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Morris should be able to win the job. He really should've started last year, he'd have a year under his belt at this point.

I agree with canesjunkie. Stupid decision by Jedd aka jerk off Fisch.

Whats up Junk, I like that fire that Stephen has and saw some of it when we played Notre Dame in that bowl game a couple of years back. I think Stephen has the all the tools in that he has a strong arm, elusiveness, and looks much stronger than Jacory was. And thats no knock on Jacory either because for the most part jacory played well last year and his toughness can never be questioned cause Jacory got killed alot of times and kept popping back up. I think Williams will be the starter at some point however primarily because of his leadership skills, and precision passing. The question is is either of them going to be the kind of leader we need them to be. I'll tell you this much our quarterback's are the best we have had in years. Good luck to the both of them.

Oh yeah, F-U, yahoo sports, Charles Robinson, Nevin Shitpiro, ESPN and Reece Davis.

I like the fire Morris is showing, but he has to learn to show up on Saturdays. It's something stars like kyle wright never learned, to speed up with the college game, and Morris doesn't have the background or talent that wright had (few did).....he had the worst completion - int ratio in the whole NCAA two years ago and when he gets in the game he doesn't utilize his strengths. The Maryland game and what he did (or didn't do) will always scare me, and nothing he has done in gameplay shows great promise, that's my main concern.
Ray ray is proof that so much of this football game is mental. It's teenagers being teenagers, and we need to remember that. How many of us at 18-19 thought we were untouchable, perfect? And when even the coaches are telling them in hopes of recruiting, we'd really be surprised how many of these kids are certain they will play on Sundays. What do you think the percentage is? I believe that 90 percent of um recruits when recruited believe they will play on Sundays. Sound ludicrous? You can believe with his size that ray ray did. And he should've. But if you don't have the focus, the drive, the ability to absorb information and be humble, then you won't be Lamar miller, you'll be Bryce brown. Sad do ray ray, yes, SAD. Not mad, because this is a kid that will grow up one day and realize what he threw away, all because he behaved like alot of us would if we were surrounded by ass kissers and well wishers non stop.

Morris will prove many wrong. He has sat behind Jokory long enough. He never got enough time under center and now is his time. Imagine how many TDs there would have been due to balls "NOT" being under thrown...How many times did TB3 and Street have to slow down for balls giving DBs all the time in the world to make up ground and make a play??? That won't happen anymore with Morris. Even if he goes down (God forbid), we have a very capable QB in Williams who does great in the pocket and has really good timing.


Oh yeah, F-U, yahoo sports, Charles Robinson, Nevin Shitpiro, ESPN and Reece Davis.

Posted by: championships is all that matters


Frivolous, no evidence, no backing, disgruntled former employee trying to get back at those who fired him justly for having any connection to shitpiro. ESPN has turned into the view, a bunch of squawking old lady has beens. All of them and especially Mayes should re-evaluate themselves. When they make a mistake after reporting a personal opinion on a topic, they should be obligated to retract their statements and apologize for the masses. Bunch of girls.

850 Cane in da building! Wassup tp all my Hurricane fans! I feel like we're going to have a good season this year. Stephen Morris better back up them tears he's dropping on his face. Us Cane fans have been waiting along time for a chance @ a National tittle. More likely ACC Championship. We had it in our hands 3 yrs straight and we blew every chance we had at it. Sameful feeling. But this yr will be better. Stephen command your troops and make some of the smartest decisions bro. And besides you guys need to do alot of film study. Learn to read a defense, Wr's get your routes down pack and run them right. O-line block with anger and hatred. We need that 2000-2001 O-line again which is the best in college history till this day. Art Kehoe let's get them right this year boss. Jedd Fisc stop playing consistent run the damn score board up man.

Ummmm...did you guys listen to 790 this morning? They got a little more than hearsay and innuendo in that report. If the canes were smart they'd get out in front of this and be contrite and offer up a pre-emptive punishment (nominal amount of scholy's and a token bowl ban). The more they deny, deny, deny, and discredit the messenger the more they damage their own credibility.

By the way ESPN running 'The U' at a time like this doesn't help our cause any.

Yahoo is a Joke but unfortunately they have done damage to the U by just printing the story...It is tantamount to Liable but under the umbrella of "news reporting" they will not be served any repercussion...If you or i did it we would be served with a court order....But let's play some ball and let these kids enjoy there time at the the greatest football university on the planet!

Malcome Lewis,Rashawn Scott,Phillip Dorsett,Allen Hurns,Herb Watters,Jontavious Carter,Kendall Thompkins,Robert Lockhart,Angelo Luis Jean,De'mauri Jones. All I have to say is go get'em tigers!!! Hit the weight room learn your playbooks. Learn your routes. Learn the timing of your QB passes. Stephen Morris & Ryan Williams keep your WR's on the field a lil longer after practice. I say give an extra 30 mins to an Hour @ tops. I want to see you guys go out and kick some ass this year. I want to see teams fear & hate us like they did back in da days. Danny Dillard I see u jumped up to 220-225 good thing kid. Run that football like Willis Mcghaee did. He was ur size and almost your height. So continue to work lil buddie look at Edgerrin James,Clinton Portis,Melvin Bratton,Willis Mcghaee,Frank Gore,Alonzo Highsmith. Look at how they use to run the ball. Those guys ran hard and smart. Help carry the load with Mike James and Eduardo Clements. Last but not least Duke Johnson kid I heard some good things about you. I like what i'm hearing most of all how your eager to play right away. What you should do learn how to protect the ball alot better than you did in High school. You also gotta put more size on you bro. Build up your quickness continue to learn the playbook. Continue to watch film and get into the game alot harder and deeper. You will do just fine my friend.

Morris crying @ an informal June practice. He's tired of loosing? Crying? In the summer? What's gonna happen when the real season starts and the loosing returns.
What a looser!

Get this behind us already.....that "report" your talking about is nothing new...Donna sent out a memo to the trustees a few mothns ago letting them know this "report" was coming out....it's something the NCAA has already been investigating....

Morris crying @ an informal June practice. He's tired of loosing? Crying? In the summer? What's gonna happen when the real season starts and the loosing returns.
What a looser!

if you've ever played organized football at any level, and you understand the amount of sweat and tears that goes into preparing for a season, you totally understand his frustration and the emotion he let out. I want players who hurt so much after a loss that they cry, it shows me that they care.

@No crying in football. U got to be a Gator or a Nole. Either way change ur colors homie sounds like u wanna be a Cane. And that's good that he's emotional about the game he loves to play and so on. I tell you this I expect to see a much improved QB this season. All I can say the first two games will tell what kind of a season we will have. Honestly we should of only lost two games according to my knowledge. We shouldn't of loss to K-state,V-Tech,Fl.State,Maryland,Boston College. But this year we will get them GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Ted after loosing a big game you can cry. But in a June practice? One who has never played in a big game, crying at practice. Give me a break, grow up fool.

@Joe -- so why all the indignation and denial? Just acknowledge, offer up a token punishment, and move on. Vehemently denying that anything happened becomes Nixon-esque after a while and puts us in a worse light than acknowledging this stuff in the first place.

Yes Ted after loosing a big game you can cry. But in a June practice? One who has never played in a big game, crying at practice. Give me a break, grow up fool.


You have obviously never put your heart and soul into anything.....maybe for you life has been a stroll down the beach and you've never dealt with disappointment. How much did we complain about Coker's guys not showing any passion. I'm happy that he cares, I'm happy that it means that much to my projected starting QB.

You just don't get it...that's fine

Welcome back to the house 850 Tally Cane..You are right on the money..

I like your references to the QB to spend a little extra 20-30 mins. after practice.. solidify routes.. talk among themselves for motion plays and tendencies, and look at the guys who got it done..
Portis, Edgerrin James,
McGhee, Gore, Bratton, Highsmith all the old crowd are there to motivate these 'Canes.

James , Clements, Duke, Tracy that is the new look 'Canes, and they can carry the rock like their brother 'Canes did..
Your post was a motivator to those guys..protect the rock, study film,hit the weights, and as Coach G says get your "Football IQ" off the charts and the 'Canes will be Hurricaning again...
We can do it.
Go 'Canes.

Agreed with you @No crying in fooball...

Morris was never given a true chance to start.He could easily have been the man last year.Anyway...he s got the tools.He s not gun shy and has great pocket presence and can move well in it.....steps up and can quickly be gone.He s a double threat.He s accurrate and demonstrates leadership.I expect at least an 8-4 team this season.Young team...yes...but talented and hungry.Majority of them are Golden s kind of players.Most of the bad culture guys are gone.Maybe 1 or 2 left but hopefully not.Defensive line strength and speed hasn t been talked about much since last year s end.The Hurricane D hasn t looked very good the past several years.DT is KEY and I just don t know if Miami has any cloggers and pass rush guys up the middle to hold teams in check late in games.Depth seems to be tremendously improved everywhere on the team however.With Fish s offense and some good speed....the Miami offense looks potentially very,very good.Again....the DEFENSE .......until proven otherwise.......looks suspect.That said........if chemistry and depth has improved.......and it appears that s thecase.........I EXPECT A WINNING PRODUCT THAT WILL EXCITE cANE FANS MORE THAN THEY EVER HAD REASON TO EXPECT.GO CANES.

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