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UM indefinitely postpones the South Florida Touchdown Club's "Meet the UM Freshmen Dinner;" S.F. Touchdown Club now official chapter of the National Football Foundation

I was just about to blog about about the South Florida Touchdown Club Foundation recently becoming part of the National Football Foundation Chapter Network, and in connection, let you know about the "Meet the UM Football Freshman" dinner, originally scheduled for a week from today.

But then I learned the "Meet the UM Football Freshman dinner" was just indefinitely postponed, "at the request of the University of Miami,'' said Chris Ball, programs vice president and director of the South Florida Touchdown Club Foundation, in an email.

"With the recent news articles and internal disciplinary actions affecting the U, we agree that it's best to respect their wishes and defer this event," Ball wrote. "...We thank you for your consideration and continued support of the U.''

It's unfortunate programs such as this are being canceled by UM, especially since the UM's freshman dinner has been around for more than 30 years, and it gives fans a chance to meet their players up close and at length. But in light of the NCAA investigation, UM officials are being super careful about public access. Hopefully the dinner will return at some point -- at least before the freshmen are sophomores. But I doubt it for this year.

BankUnited CanesFest is still scheduled for Aug. 18, however, which is always a fun time for fans.

Touchdown Club/NFF Merge

The South Florida Touchdown Club has been a worthwhile, positive, charitable organization since its creation in 1959 (as the Miami Touchdown Club) by local leaders who supported football in Miami-Dade County. It has flourished with its relationships with local and private high schools, UM, FIU, and the Miami  Dolphins.

 The NFF has 121 chapters and 12,000 members nationwide and conducts, amid its programs, the College Hall of Fame ceremony.

"The NFF Chapter Network stands as one of the most valuable forces in all of amateur sports,'' said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell, the Orange Bowl Committee's executive director in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in a formerly released written statement. "The passion of our members knows no bounds, and their efforts have a dramatic impact on inspiring leadership and lifting the academic perofrmance of high school football players nationwide. Our partnership with the South Florida Touchdown Club is a natural fit, and we're excigted to extend the reach of our organization to cover a region of the country that clearly values our great game.''

There are 121 local National Football Foundation chapters. The chapters' collective efforts produce a series of awards banquets that distribute more than $1 million in scholarships to approximately 3,300 high school scholar-athletes. From this group, a national committee annually selects the five winners, one from each region of the country, for recognition as an NFF National High School Scholar-Athlete.

The South Florida Touchdown Club Chapter will now begin nominating one candidate for the honor.






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The NCAA likes to paint itself as the good guy. It's only fair that people get to see the other side of the NCAA: http://www.paulruschmann.com/clips/book_reviews/unsportsmanlike.htm

"Byers now calls the NCAA a conspiracy against college athletes, and maintains that amateurism, the organization's cornerstone belief since its founding in 1906, has been twisted into an excuse for hypocrisy. Amateurism allows a free market for coaches, but imposes both a salary cap and a reserve clause on players."

Walter Byers, former NCAA President

Wahhh, bahhh, wahhhhhhhhhh. The NCAA is evil and out to get us. ESPN has a conspiracy to keep us down and pump up the SEC. The Noles and Gators sent Shapiro over to screw us. The whole world is against us. What's a poor cane clUck to do?????????????????

Emmert is from LSU. He is an SEC protectionist.

Why do you think that any little thing that comes up gets swept under the rug?

You mean to tell me that conference is clean? They're as filthy as it gets. UF, ALA, AUB, LSU, et al.

Missy State's mOH-NAY ain't brushed under the rug. It be right here out in dah opens. I gots mines.

Does the UFailure have a football team? I don't see or read too much about it anywhere. I heard they have a coach who looks like a janitor but no Quadda-becks or Runnin' backs.

Is it true, blog Dick?

"Worse comes to worse, you come first"..... that 'YOU' is inclusive to ALL those that have helped me in me some way or another, whether or not I am aware of it. My gratitude is owed to you ALL
Everyone else on this blog, don't mind me, i'm only talking to my peeps. OH yea, how can i forget the most overwhelming and earth shattering piece of evidence: I HAVE TWO YOUNGER BROTHERS!!!! One looks like me and the other doesn't. You dumbtruck joto


Man, what a bummer the event is cancelled. I was going to go with my Tropical park stadium petition and was hoping to get not only a ton of signatures but some spending money as well. Guess it's back to 87th and Bird again. Hope to see you all my brothers there.


Trolls we have them on this blog? Really, didn't know they existed! Now I KNOW for a fact we have visitors from the Learning Center of the Alachua County Detention Center but didn't know about the others!

For the Gators and Nole trolls let me put it this way so you understand.....

Trols wee hav tthm n ths hear blogg. Reaaly, didn no thy exsted. Now I knw fer a sur thang weee gott vsiters frm thee Larnin Cter at thee Alachewa Conty Hoosegow butt didn no bout th m ther trols.

Now U Undrstnd /&#

The Auburn- MSU scam to get Cam Newton was as filthy as it gets and no one did anything about it. There was a pseudo investigation (yeah right) and eventually the national ch was hand picked (auburn) as a result

The SEC has always been filthy. Dont deny the facts, hillbillies, and stop throwing stones

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