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Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch: 'We're counting on Duke [Johnson] to make an immediate impact'

Can you smell that? Yes, football season is on the horizon.

Your Miami Hurricanes open training camp Friday, Aug. 3. That's less than three weeks away. So, what better way to get you ready for shells and shorts than to finally run some of the stuff we gathered back in May for this very moment. (NOTE: Players and coaches needed a break from the end of spring ball until now and those interviews in May were the only window reporters were given to speak with them).

So, without further ado, our first real blog of the 2012 season...


With Hurricanes senior running back Mike James being named a nominee for the 2012 Allstate American Football Coaches Association Good Works Team on Tuesday, what better way to start looking ahead to the season than beginning with the backfield.

Duke JohnsonWhile James (5-11, 222) and junior Eduardo Clements (5-9, 195) will begin as the front-runners to take the majority of the carries left behind by Lamar Miller (the first 1,000-yard back at UM since Willis McGahee in 2002), all eyes this fall will be on incoming freshman Duke Johnson.

The 5-9, 183-pound Under-Armour All-American from Miami Norland and lead ambassador for the 2012 signing class appears to have all the blazing speed and giddy-up the two veterans in Miami's backfield simply haven't shown in college. And while UM coaches are trying to temper expectations for Johnson, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and running backs coach Terry Richardson both say Duke has to touch the ball as a freshman.

"We're counting on Duke to make an impact immediately," Fisch said back in May. "He is a playmaker. There is no doubt about it. You can't do what he did in high school and not think that most of it or some of it can't correlate to college football. It's not going to look like that every game when you play Florida State and Virginia Tech and Kansas State and Boston College and what not. I don't expect him to have 376 yards a game.

"But I do expect him to be someone that is a playmaker. We do have to game plan and scheme for him to get some touches and we have to figure out how, whatever he's able to handle. But he's not coming in here in a capacity where he's being given a job. He has to earn it. We don't give jobs based on high school production."

The big question will be how often Johnson touches the football and in what ways Fisch will get it in his hands. Could UM split Johnson out wide or put him in the slot as a receiver?

"Yes," Fisch said. "We have to look at that. Our offense is built on matchups. When we're really good it's linebackers covering our fast guys. If we can do that with a Duke, we're going to do it with a Duke."

Physically, Johnson hardly had any struggles in high school despite his smaller than average frame (he was about 5-8, 175 pounds as a senior). He ran for 5,069 yards and 52 touchdowns in his high school career and was named Florida's Mr. Football as a senior. But in college he has to get bigger. He's currently listed a 5-9, 183-pounds on UM's roster. Richardson said he would like Johnson to play between 185 and 190 pounds.

"If anything that would be the question -- how much of a pounding can he actually take from a mental standpoint and physical standpoint," Richardson said. "If I were to guess, I would say he could because football down here in South Florida is very good. He's tougher than his size. He's a real tough kid. He knows how to take care of himself on the football field, doesn't take a lot of big hits, has great balance. I think he could take care of himself."

The mental challenges of course is picking up UM's offense as well as pass protection responsibilities. "I'm definitely sure he wasn't asked to pass protect much at Norland," Richardson said. "But he's a bright kid."

"What did Dennis Green say [about the Bears]? We were who they thought they were? Duke was who we thought he was [when we scouted him]. He made plays so many different ways.

"He has a good stiff arm. The thing about it is he has good balance so it keeps people away from his body. He does a good job with that. He has wide shoulders and real long arms."

> Aside from Johnson, UM also signed 6-1, 210-pound running back Danny Dillard out of Venice, Fla. to add depth to its backfield. Richardson hopes Dillard can follow in James' footsteps and play a dual role in Miami's backfield -- as a ball carrier and occasionally a player who can lineup at fullback.

"I just like his size, his footwork, his vision. He's very well polished for a guy his size," Richardson said. "I got a chance to see him recently and he looks great. He's already between 220-225 pounds. I'm excited about him. I'm curious to see what he can do.

> As for the current fullback Maurice Hagens, who injured his grown this spring and missed the final two weeks of action, Richardson said he saw improvement from him last year as a sophomore.

"He was a true sophomore last year and did a good job," Richardson said. "He went against some pretty good linebackers in the ACC and held his own. He blew some of those guys up, had a good block on [ACC Defensive Player of the Year] Luke Kuechly. I have clips where Maurice got into him and pushed him into the other side of the ball... I'm just looking for better and bigger things."

> James, who has run for 719 yards (4.6 a carry) and 11 TDs in his career at UM, said his goal this spring was to become a more violent runner. He's also taken to reading books on how to improve his speed.

"The only way to get better at something is you have to really understand it," said James, who averaged just 3.6 yards a carry last season. "You get powerful, increase stride a little, footspeed. It's about increasing stride length, things like that."

James says he is also researching ways to improve his speed by watching highlights of Reggie Bush, DeSean Jackson and Jahvid Best.

"I just look at highlight tapes, stride frequency - how many times their feet hit the ground, how much ground they cover with a stride," James said. "I even looked at it with Lamar [Miller] - how many steps did he have to take to get five yards? You want to just match that, and that's how you get faster."


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looking forward to seeing a stronger, faster more comfortable team play this year!

Can't wait till september to see the Canes play.

Woohooo!!! Been a long, hot dreary summer. Good to see you back Manny!!

Over 1,000 requests for press credentials for SEC Media Days. Did The Herald bother to send anyone? Is this the only newspaper in the country without a reporter there?

Hurt his grown? That must really hurt!

Key word MIAMI Herald
Who cares about the SEC down here ?

Ramblings from the other side
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To everyone else: the intended audience bestowed the moniker arty, i'm only communicating with them.

More rambling.
First contact was a miracle right before your eyes. I saw a name under the comment section of the article and i started to type. Nothing else and Nothing more. Next thing to happen, someone flags my comment for review and the server cant fulfill a request by showing me my comments.

They are going to use Duke in space. he is too small for a pro style up the middle running. Fisch needs to put him in space. Hate to say this but in a spread type set like Noel Devine did at wva. Once past the first line of defense, hes gone. The slot is a good idea.

But what we need is a QB a QB. Qb. Please lord, please give the U a QB .dont care how many rbs we have we need a quarterback. A field general that wont throw stupid ints at the worse possible moment, like in the endzone.

I like our incoming freshmens. Malcolm Lewis, Angelo Jean, Duke, Robert Lockhart. Mane we got some playmakers believe it or not. Same goes for the defense Ralph Kirby, Deon, Tracy, Mr Blue, and some big Dlinemen. Watch out next year baby 8-4 team this year but next year we Bach in this bit@%.

We in this bit@%.

Can you smell that? Yes, football season is on the horizon.

Your Miami Hurricanes open training camp Friday, Aug. 3


YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it smells just like the same landfill garbage crap sandwich that Donna n Company and Manny n Susan have been serving up the last 8 years to all U 15K Cane ClUcks that will be whipped up into yet another false frenzy only to be hUmbled again leading into an even fUrther plUnge into the College Football below .500% Abyss ...

All together now ... C.A.N.T.S ... CANT'S CANT'S CANT'S !!!


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd they're off again Arty... Then the excUses ...

hope Duke don't hurt his grown before he's groin...

welcome back manny. posed to do it this year.

I'm going to put together some tape of Jim Brown, Christian Okoye and the Zonk and then send it to Mike James with my own personal R.B coaching tips (remember, I was a 5-6 220 lb. backup R.B. at Gulliver)... After multiple viewings, by mid-season he should be a good as any of them... Make 1st. Team All ACC, ALL-American, Heisman invite and 1st. Round Draft Pick on his way to being an All Pro and future Hall of Famer...

I have said it before Manny and will say it again. Get the comment formate changed to the same as the main articles. The way it is now it's just a worthless sloppy gang bang. If you can't comment to a comment directly its a waste of time.

Posted by: bob_bba70 | July 18, 2012 at 12:08 AM

I just commented to U ... Got it ?

But what we need is a QB a QB. Qb. Please lord, please give the U a QB

Posted by: 5>3>2 | July 17, 2012 at 09:44 PM


"Goldy tried to recruit a Q.B. ..."

"but they ALL said No No No"

"So now U have pray for a Q.B. ..."

"but the Lord said No No No"

"dUh swagless U ain't gotz no Q.B. ... "

"and Ur totally F'd F'd F'd"

"We'll play some really close games this year..."

"but we'll still only win Fo Fo Fo"

The most important thing for this team to be successful is keyhoe getting the oline together. If that happens and we run the ball throw to our backs and Cleveland we will be a nice. I think our d went threw some going pains and will be very opportunistic this year. Can't wait till labor day the most important game of the year.

Here's the list of every preseason Cane watch list member announced so far this July.

•Biletnikoff Award: WR Allen Hurns

•AFCA Good Works Team: RB Mike James

•Ray Guy Award: P Dalton Botts

•Lou Groza Award: K Jake Wieclaw

•Bednarik Award: S Ray Ray Armstrong


A reciever that no-one has ever heard of...

A Missionary award for a scrub Runningback

2 Non-football playing Soccer players

And an enigma that with be booted off the team by week 3

yUp... Ur on Ur way back alright ... To the 1970's

In case anybody missed one of Manny's earlier stories, Danny Dillard is the only Class of 2012 recruit that may still enroll this fall, but he didn't enroll this summer. He's not on the official roster yet either. He may have to do a grayshirt year in prep school if he can't get by the NCAA Clearinghouse and/or the UM Admissions Office.

Errrr, what does the Gatr Trash have coming back this year?

Recievers that no-one has ever heard of...

A Missionary award for scrub Runningbacks

2 Non-football playing Track sprinters. Oh, wait, they graduated.

Enigmas that with be booted off the team by week 3; Oh, wait. There is no felony too grave to have a UFailure player suspended or dismissed.

yUp... Ur on Ur way back alright ... To the 1970's

K-state will be extremely tough. reminds me of 2000. When that yet unproven and unknown group of players that included Dorsey, Vilma, Reed, Shockey, DJ Williams, Portis, McGahee, Buchanon, Moss, Wayne, McKinnie, Morgan, and others went to U Washington (That is as far as Miami has travelled in the continental US to play in the regular season. Imagine that gator fans? Not the same aS going to Baton Rouge!). And while they lost, they showed that they can compete and in fact nearly came back against the ranked Huskies, but ran out of time. But more importantly it signalled once and for all at least for the new decade, that the U was back. I believe that will happen this year- Miami is tacked with talent. they just need to put it together- and get rid of the weeds (Ray Ray, Seantrel, etc).

Miami loses a close one to KSU. Finishes 8-4, plays a bowl game, wins, finishes 9-4. Gets hit with NCAA sanctions at the end of the season, which means loss of 15-20 scholies, and 5 year probation. And that's that.



Uh, we do have a qb. Morris, and a very capable backup who has been in the system over a year. Olsen is on his way in too. Muschamp has no idea who his qb will be. Plus we had freshman recievers last year that played well fo freshman. D is ok too. Time for the oline to step up and win win win.

One word for you naive Florida Gators fans (or should I say Alachua County Detention Center Gators fans)

Vandy....... in Nashville, The mighty fighting felons go down! You heard it here first!

Our Great Golden's 300 recruits are ready to step up, start and excel. Not only Duke at RB but now that Ray Ray is gone, Bush will be our starting safety. At WR we have the new kid form Miramar. We are stacked with potential great players. Who cares about QB and O line when we have such monster skill players and a potentially great D.
We will potentially win more games than last year, win the ACC and play in the NC.
Can't wait for the season to start!
Where can I sign that petition for the Tropical park stadium?

@ Corpus

I think that we beat Kstate this year. With the Dline and LB core that we will present them there will be no where for them to run. They beat us by running mostly. They had a couple of deep balls go for TD. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Brandon McGee was covering on those two plays. Plus there's another factor against them / for us....Jacory Harris will not be on the field!!!! Morris will bomb them all day to either A.Hurns, P.Dorsett, M.Lewis, R.Scott, D.Johnson, J.Carter, D.Jones, K.Thompkins... On defense, Kstate only has Arthur Brown, that's it. Their DBs won't be able to cover our speedy WRs. Our Oline has gotten better and bigger so expect the holes to be ripped open for M.James, E.Clements, D.Johnson, D.Dillard, M.Hagens, and D.Crawford to run through.
Fswho and VT are my concerns. In regards to VT if we stop the run they're done. The only factor he brings to the table is that he's a huge agile guy. He's on the roster at 6'6" 262lbs. Not to say he doesn't have an arm because he did make some passes..

L.Thomas - 7yd rush - TD
L.Thomas - 40yd pass to Danny Coale - TD
L.Thomas - 3yd pass to David Wilson - TD
L.Thomas - 60yd pass to Jarrett Boykin - TD
L.Thomas - 19yd rush - TD (0:56 game winner)
final 1 2 3 4 T
Miami 0 7 7 21 35
VT 7 14 3 14 38
-penalties also hurt us in this game 9/84 and Vt was 5/35.

M.Miller 18/171 (long 37)1 rushing TD
M.James 10/65 (long 12)
D.Wilson 23/137 (long 18)
L.Thomas 11/50 2 rushing TDs
For fswho...if we pressure EJ Manuel they're done. He's be forced to throw the ball and that always makes the fan base gasp in fear. If he takes off, our LBs will crush him. OH!! Their Oline is practically in diapers. They have one kid 18yrs old that is supposed to be great but without him the line appears to crumble. That will mean fun for Darius Smith, Luther Robinson, and Curtis Porter. If those 3 guys get loose in the backfield, I see EJ forcing a throw or getting crushed. Plus fswho has be hit with multiple arrests lately and have already released some players. Their defense will be their strong point I believe. We'll see.

As always I love your posts. Cuidate.

GO CANES 2012!!!!

@ Corpus

I also love everything about you. Thank you so much for signing my Tropical park stadium petition. Cuidate.

GO CANES 2012!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH |

The canes are going to upset alot of teams this yr. Only thing I'm afraid of is Stephen Morris decision making. If he's taking his job and role serious then no worries on my end. Because last I heard he was on the sideline playing like a lil kid. But I can see us loosing atleast 4 games.

Wait....where has dannyboycane been???? Guess Shapiro had his computer privliges taken away for awhile.

I say Goldie is turnin it around. 10-2 baby. Bcs. If auburn can Da u can

So the usual cane Morons are out today predicting a winning season, with double digit wins no less. Ahh the joys of the Summer, when cane Morons forget reality and dream of what could be..........
Lots of coulda, shoulda, wouldas.
Yep Morris is your QB, bad decisions and INTs galore, that will translate into lots of "loosing", TallydUmmy.
And Dom, I know Auburn, and you are no Auburn. Not even close.
Dream on cane Morons, summer is almost over and the reality of your pathetic program will hit you in your uggly mugs soon enough.

All our young thundercats will c da field

It's always nice to see the sheer quantity of hatred from a bunch of guys who live in their parents' basements. They've been working on quips all summer long, in anticipation of this day. So, I will ask the same question I always ask - why are you here? I can't imagine myself reading a UF blog and posting comments about how Will Muschamp needs to change his last name to Musloser. I can't see me wasting my time, but obviously, you guys have much more time on your hands than I do. I think Dom is optimistic, predicting a 10-2 season; I think we are closer to a strong 8-4 with some really movement in talent, speed, and mental toughness. I believe that 2013 could be 9-3 or 10-2, but we'll see. I know this much for certain, though: Al Golden is making a difference, and all of you non-Cane fan jack wagons need to watch things evolve, because The U won't be down much longer...

@ Corpus

I also love everything about you. Thank you so much for signing my Tropical park stadium petition. Cuidate.

GO CANES 2012!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH |

Posted by: delUsionalcane


Look Ma I can copy and paste too.. Only delusional person here is you. Now give back that computer for dummies paperback to fiwho's library so the other idiots can learn too.

When you're done with your edumacation, then you can speak. Till then, hit the books and keep praying for fiwho to actually do something grander than the sun belt conference.


This will either be the best no-name offense/defense in Cane history, or we are flat out incapable of getting and keeping the big boys in our own backyard..Our best players always leave early and we haven't had a top recruiting class in more than a decade.
Go Heat..

MH wouldn't you think that after the recent experience of NFL wannabe's from the 'U' taking a plunge and coming up sputtering a lot of our guys will thoroughly vet their chances before diving in.

We are capable of keeping big boys in our backyard haven't you heard about Duke, Tracy and others from Florida, but there is no way anyone can keep guys like Rosenhouse from raiding in with promises in their junior year..

On your other point:
Surprise is a tactical strategy that can be used to our advantage.. Coach Fisch said that and I am sure the defense is coming in stronger and more assertive.
So yes the whole team could be considerd "no name " but that is exactly where the Coaches want us positioned. Our opponents will have few tendencies to work with, and our playmakers can be creative in our play selection.

We will surprise a lot of teams and use this as a building year to season a young team, and form an infrastructure on which to build the 2013 team.

I am looking at a solid 9-3 year with a lot of Close games.
Football is around the corner.... Yup.
Go 'Canes

I am ready to help you, set questions. Together we can come to a right answer.

By the way, what do you think about this icon site?

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