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Former Canes assistant Don Soldinger plans to keep new recruit Jamal Carter in line at Southridge

Even at 67 years of age, Don Soldinger still has plenty of bite in his bark.

Southridge safety Jamal Carter shortly before making his announcement Thursday to commit to UM.

The former University of Miami assistant -- who helped mold some of the best running backs to ever wear a Hurricanes uniform and has two national championship rings -- was drawing up plays inside the Southridge High locker room Thursday afternoon when he was stopped and asked to give his thoughts on the Canes' latest Class of 2013 commitment: senior safety Jamal Carter.

"Who? The kid who [is built] like Tarzan and hasn't done anything yet?" Soldinger responded in a room filled with Carter's teammates. "What about Jamal Carter? What's he done? Third team All-Dade? That don't mean [expletive] to me."

Soldinger, as fiery and honest an assistant coach the Hurricanes have ever had (he was there from 1984-88, 1995-2005), has never been one to hand out compliments easy. He's been around the block too long. If you want to be praised, you have to earn it.

And as the new strength coach at Southridge High -- a program under the direction of his former USA Today National Defensive Player of the Year Lamont Green (1993) -- Soldinger has taken a special interest in Carter, the Spartans' best player. 

"I'm not going to let him get away with thinking he's better than he is," Soldinger said. "Because he can be pretty special if me and Lamont can kick his [expletive] into shape."

Carter, rated the 16th best safety in the country by 247Sports, "isn't a bad kid" if you ask Soldinger or Green. He's got a 2.6 GPA and scored an 18 on his ACT -- good enough to get him into UM when he signs in February according to Green. But while Green says Carter (6-2 3/4 inches, 215 pounds, 4.4-speed in 40) "has a little bit of Sean Taylor type playmaking ability," he also says the 17-year old senior-to-be has room to grow when it comes to maturity.

"I think what happened before we got here was he had the freedom to show up a little late to meetings, practices and didn't have to pay the consequences," Green said. "You know Coach [Soldinger]. If the meeting is at 2:30, he wants you here at 2:20 ready to go. Jamal is getting better at it. He and the rest of the guys here are learning we run a tight ship."

Soldinger said he brought in former Canes running back Clinton Portis to speak to the team earlier this month. Carter, he said, was the only player to miss the meeting.

"Pissed me off," Soldinger said. "I really wanted Portis to talk to him, help get his butt in gear."

Soldinger has extra incentive to make sure Carter gets his butt in gear. Carter's father Terrence Carter was a star cornerback on Soldinger's 1991 state title team at Southridge.

"He signed with Maryland. Three days later he was back home," Soldinger said. "I hate to see talent wasted."

If Soldinger has a say about it, this Carter won't fall short.

Soldinger said he's already been on the phone a few times over the past year with offensive line coach and close friend Art Kehoe to give the Canes updates on Carter. 

"You know me, I don't sugar coat anything," Soldinger said. "If he's screwing up, they'll know about it."

> Green said Carter recently power cleaned 270 pounds and squated 515 pounds.

"I think he's a natural safety. But he has the ability to play corner, safety, move into the box and play nickel linebacker too," Green said. "The sky is the limit for him. He can play offense, too. There's a lot of things his skill level allows him to do."

Last season, Carter returned seven punts for touchdowns. He said special teams is a big part of his game.

"I grew up admiring Devin Hester because he always took all the punt returns back," Carter said before unleashing a little Canes' swagger. "You saw my highlight reel right?"

One thing the Hurricanes have done since National Signing Day in February shut the door on some of the best defensive backs in the country who are in their backyard. If you close your eyes you can almost picture a South Florida dream team in the Canes' secondary: Northwestern's Artie Burns and Miramar's Tracy Howard at cornerback and Columbus High's Deon Bush and Carter at safety.

Carter said building chemistry with those guys won't be hard.

"I grew up playing with Deon on the Palmetto Raiders," Carter said. "I've known him since I was a little boy. He was a running back and I was a cornerback. I can't wait until we can be teammates again next year."


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U gettin it yet ?

wow. so much information. I cant take it gaytor fa66it. Dont you get tired of copy and paste? I guess there is nt much to do in your mommas trailer up there in Alachua county but to copy and paste all day. I am sure you went to friday night lights up over yonder. What else is there to do in that cess pool other than going to Walmart and the local drive in?

I've said it before- only a matter of time before a gator chokes again... as usual:

Thanks Lochte for blowing a last lap lead to effen France. I mean what a gag. Well maybe some water got in his throak. Either way gaaaaaaaaaag!
Gator chokes again

What a shame.

A dUmb ClUck Axed earlier Why any High School kid would want to go to THE University of FLORIDA ?

Well, here U go fool ...

Why woUld ANY High School Kid want to go to dUh U ?

48-40 the last 7 seasons since 2005 in The 6th. Best Major College Football Conference... ZERO Conference (obvioUsly No National) Championships and ZERO December BOWL Wins...

U wanna really put THAT ACC Season Team record into logical perspective ClUcks ?

U Wrap Ur mental midget minds around this lil * to your 48-40 overall Football record the last 7 Season at Duh Peeeee-Ewwwwwe ...

Minus Wins against Doormat but tough Venue Duke 7 Wins ... UCF 3 Wins ... FAMU 3 Wins ... USF 2 Wins (should be 3 but U lost @ Home?) ... Marshall 1 ... FIU 1 ... Bethune 1 ... Nevada 1 and an on probation Houston 1 ... ( I'll leave out sorry Wake and Virginia since U barely split with them) ... Can U begin to Calculate wat Duh U been cooking the last 7 Seasons since 2005 ? Well Can U ?

That would be an Overall Team Record against College Programs that have an actual budget for their teams of .... it's begining to smell in here ...




OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 28-40 Verses Decent Competition (and ALL-ASS Conference games is strecting the word Decent) ... that number again ...


U look it Up and tell me if I'm lying ...

And U said year after year these last 8 years, that we're young, we have the right Coach in place now, A stellar Recruiting class is incoming and it's just a matter of time before Duh big bad U will be back winning National Championships (not Conference first, but BCS Crystal)...

And here U are yet again. Same Song ... Same verse ... Same soUr notes... Same pUffed Up false Swilled Swag. Ur vaUlted Nortwestern boyz laid an egg and flew the Ur Condemned coUpe. The ones that were decent and had a year left jumped ship for Drews fools gold. While other upper-classmen opted to declare to be NFL free agent practice squad members, cut or Canadian rejects. Ur ENTIRE skill set of "playmakers" are non-present (any track schollies left?). U face SERIOuS probation. Stocking up on Freshman the next 3 years that will lead U to, at best, 3 to 4 seasons of 6-6 or 7-5 or look out for a 5-7 or 4-8 campaign mixed in (oh and how they'll turn on U oh Golden one)... And after all that. Ur going to huddle up in here as a collective deluded mess and claim that Ur right where U want to be, on the verge of being "Back" again and actually believe that?

Cane fans, U make the Chinese, Japs, S. Koreans, Ruskies and Nazis from the Early to Mid 20th. Century seem actUally sane ... And U are proof positive that to the Insane ... The Sane are trUly Insane...

U enjoy Ur Fiddy/Fiddy % throUgh at the very least 2015 now ya here U Fools ... but actually compared to the FACTuAL numbers presented prior, 50%/50% actUally woUld be an improvement henceforth ...

So Congratulations are in order and let me be the first to say, welcome back to the reality of being "Back" to where U've been ... Are ... And will be ... The 1970's.

U gotz some canes ova heeeerUUUUhhh ... coUgh coUgh .









dayUm !!! 28 n 40 ?

maybe Obama can step in and help Uz getz Ur swagga back with sUm redistribUtionazation .


btw, Since 2005 the GATORS Football Team went 72-21 with 2 SEC AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and 6-1 in 7 MAJOR JANUARY NEW YEARS BOWL GAMES...


And Exactly why High School STUDS are lining up to go the THE University of FLORIDA !

Que Pasa ARTY !!! Fall Camp Starts in a WEEK !!! Holla !

http://www.satchelspizza.com/ is rebuilt and back up n running as strong as ever... See you for a slice n Red Stripe before Opening Day Homie ...

F/F and other iterations of Cane hating Gator fans: Screw off with your garbage and dismal predictions for UM.

So, the Canes have had a bad run the last seven years. Poor coaching was at the heart of it. UF hasn't always been a powerhouse, and we shall see now that the Urbanmeister is departed for my home state of Ohio.

Of course UF recruits some good players. It has a lot to offer, especially the SEC, good fan support and an on campus stadium. Good stuff for sure.

UM has a lot to offer as well, and is a better choice academically. Perhaps this explains the different arrest records between the 2 institutions over the last 5 or so years as our standards have improved.

I do miss the audaciousness and swagger, and hope some of that emerges once again. But only winning will do that.

UM has a good coach and so does UF. Great. So what?

UM has a guy who can get the job done, given some time. The Canes will rise again under his leadership, and, yes, we do need some DL and OL guys that are top notch. Hopefully, that will come, and they will be young men of character, smart and coachable.

FSU is our true rival, since we are in the same conference. UF is an issue come 2013, but in the meantime, really isn't on the Canes' mind. I hope both teams will be ready to go in 2013, and UM makes you question your dire prognosis for the Canes' future... Ultimately, it's all about on field performance.

See Ur fUture Cane ClUcks ... Be Ur fUture ... U is wat U is ...

Now U tell me ...

U remember the 1990's right ? The decade U got slammed by the NCAA for, cheating, PEDS and Pell Grants and a few LOSING Seasons Cane Dopes ... U remember riiiieeet ?

1990 ...9-2

1991 ...10-2

1992 ...9-4

1993 ...11-2

1994 ...10-2

1995 ...12-1

1996 ...12-1

1997 ...10-2

1998 ...10-2

1999 ...9-4

2000 ...10-3

1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000 SEC Conference Championships ... U know what those are right Cane clUck ? ACC Championship Hardware that U've yet to sniff or even play for ...

112-25 RECORD ... 6 SEC Championships... 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP During the 90's Under the Ol Ball Coach Steve Superior ... 'nuff said

Ur trUmped yet AGAIN over the last 22 Years and still Running...

hey clUcks ... Maybe the Golden one will get a 2-Star to Commit today and there'll be a new blog...

Jamal just look at Lamont and ask yourslef why he didnt have the Pro career he should have had??

He went to FSU, sorry but IMHO that guy was an absolute stud that if came to the U, he would have been one of the Greats!!

Dont make the same mistake

Way to go Dick.
You are really waving your I'm Dick hear me roar flag this morning. 8 post in a hour. Do you keep a little recorder by the bed so you can record these gems of wisdom that come to you in your sleep. Do you wake up all excited when you dream of being a Cane? LMAO
My favorite was the 2014 recruit. My that is a ways off. You should pray that your team does better than 6-6 this year, or Mr.2014 will be going somewhere else. Please don't try the SOS rant. SOS only counts if you played the teams close that gave you the SOS. Alabama, LSU spanked you by 3 touchdowns last year. The only team you beat with a winning record was Furman.
You should check out the stats between the two common opponents our two teams played last year. Stats don't lie.
Dick you have a great day. Maybe at your nap time today you will dream of being a Cane again.
Now close your eyes and repeat after me


What's that CC?

Son, 2 x 2 is 4.
Keep working on that GED...
Deese numbahs be hard, man!

Sorry Dick 9 posts in a hour. My bad LMAO

So, the Canes have had a bad run the last seven years. Poor coaching was at the heart of it.

Posted by: dbc | July 30, 2012 at 08:08 AM

SerioUsly Arty ... mUst I ?

Gee... Where have I heard that dUh U has the right Corch in place now and he's ALL CANE !!! Hmmmmmmmmm... U gUys were having CaneFestCircleJerks over the talent that Capitan ClUelees was rolling into dUh U 4-5 years ago. How'd that work out ? Ohhhh yeah, bad coaching riiieeet ? Newsflash pal. Sure Golden has the administration skills (albeit Pateroesque) to do and say the right things. But what U fail to realize yet again is that it's the PLAYERS with an OVER-Abundance of MEANAZZED, BANDITnTHIEVED Minded Football talent that will Win far more games than Coaches do or ever will. Now you'll say, "sure we've hit a rough patch, but we will yeat again weather the NCAA strorm and come back like USC is doing it... That's the model Ur shooting for right Cane Fan ? Well my poor misinformed Cane Clods. There is one reason why that will NEVER happen at Miami. And her name is Hurricane Donna... USC can get ANY bare minimum qualifier into and easily through their Academic blindeye Football Factory turnstile. And I mean ANY. Not only that. They can and will get kids admitted that don't qualify with learning disability hardships. And I mean enough to fill 5 First-Team skill and 5 Line positions on top of the other 10-15 minimum qualifiers year after year... That AIN"T happenening in the Gables and Golden knows it. I know there'll be some of U ClUcks that will now pop off how Ur proUd to be a Top-Academic Football school. But someday, after all the delUsion of that pipe dream wears off, U'll finally come to grips with the fact that the two, Football and Scholar-Athlete do not mix when trying to compete at the ultimate Highest Championship level in College Football and NEVER will...

So good lUck with that... The 80's n 90's STACKED, TALENT RICH 2 n 3 Deep Canes Consistant Championship level Football Teams are gone and are NEVER coming back...

Now... Tell me I'm lying ?

Wow, while the rest of the world was watching the Olympics, enjoying their pool, and otherwise enjoying life in the real world, Dick (the name fits, Curse Piggy), is on here making excuses and wasting his life trolling a Canes blog in the offseason.

You really win at life, Dick.


/No, not really.

U need to wake Up:

Fair enough on some of your points.

However, we did have talent but we had poor coaching. Shannon and Coker could not develop players well. We all see teams with lesser talent who are coached up and do play beyond expectations. Look at Boise State year after year, etc. Talent is often wasted due to poor coaching, poor team culture, me-firsters on the squad and etc.

I believe Golden is a different breed. He has no Cane past to rely on. He is a sharp guy who can recruit and is attuned to character and team culture. This season is likely to be a tough on.

By the way, I like Muschamp and would have been happy with him at the U. The guy has some great fire and passion for the game.

The best combos of academics and football excellence have come with the Holtz teams at Notre Dame in the eighties, and the recent Stanford teams, particularly with Harbaugh. I agree that it is tougher to pull this off than at schools with lower academic standards. Some cocky kids who are decent students and fierce performers will have to comprise much of the Canes of the future. It's tough because many football players do not have great grades, but are outstanding athletes.

I think the Canes will be a force, first winning the Coastal, then the ACC and getting into the BCS. Such achievement this year would be a big surprise, but we true Canes sure could use one. Ain't no loss to you...

It's been a real dry spell, but coaching and talent always has the promise of turning it around.

NO losing seasons in the 90s ah gaytor dirk dribble?

Ahhhh But I do remember a 65-something pasting by one Nebraska team. Hello? What was that? Oh yeah,lawrence Phillips just ran by me. excuse me. Was that Tommie Frazier still running? hahahahahahahah The mighty gators were destroyed. can I say destroyed once again? Destroyed, sodomized is more like it. By a bunch of farm boys. The same team that 2 years earlier in 1994 the U had beat (but only lost by a TD) if it werent for Warren Sapps dance routines after every tackle. You see gator fairies, you can't come on here to talk history.

1983-1994: UM dynasty. You cant compare. You cant even be mentioned in the same sentence. UM won 4 NCs, and directly played for 4-5 more NCs. 2 undefeated seasons. That is the pure definition of a dynasty. Simple. Something F_U will never have, never had. Not even in girl's lacrosee.

Not even in swimming. Can you spell Choke without Lochte?

One more thing- youdare bringup Miami's probationyears of the 90s???? What a dumb arse

Two words: Galen Hall.

Someone tell this UF dummy we are 6-1 last seven games against the gutters. And EMBARRASSED UF in the Swamp, in the Sugar Bowl (SEC home game) Peach Bowl, 20 point wins. ya that 2000 SEC champ got friggin smoked by UM.

Bottom line when both teams are at their best, you girls cant hang within 20 points

FiveTitles couldnt be more correct, I live here in Gainesville and have been hangingg out relaxing at the Pool on weekends enjoying the sun and some beers with friends (Gator fans) cause i live in Gainesville, and nobody goes at it like this loser Piggy. None of us are happy with current teams, but all of us Excited about the future

You can always tell when his meth dealer is out of town

UM won 4 NCs, and directly played for 4-5 more NCs. 2 undefeated seasons. That is the pure definition of a dynasty. Simple. Something F_U will never have, never had. Not even in girl's lacrosee.
After the probation that ensued, we all know why.

Why did Urban leave the GREAT Gayturds, and now hang with the Buckeyes?...Everything is so good in the SEC?..YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So Great in Traylerville huh?...YUPPPPPPPPPPP

You guys need to control players from stealing and running tacos as part of their training, rather than sit in you Mama's house cutting and pasting...

I skip and delete and CHOOSE who I will read on this site so good luck in the Swamp. Rigggggggght.. 6-6

Keep up the drivel..you are just using space.
Throwing S*** on a wall that will never stick is so DURN FRUSTRATING isn't it?...Even at 6:30 a.m..
PLEASSSSEE. You moron.
Go 'Canes

Hey corpse how is the former cane swimmer doing so far in the olympics? Lotchte has one gold and one silver with his best events still to come. Why even bring him up in this discussion. How stUpid can U be? Is that the only come back U can think of? Pretty weak and stUpid.

And Nebraska in the early 90s? When you have many more recent embarrassing losses in lesser games by your canes like the last game played at the OB. Dude U are reaching cause U got nothing.

See U in 2013 doUche.

Urban left a year too late and we paid for it but I think he did better than Shannon. What do you think?

6 - 6 record sucks, unless you are the canes, then you reward your 6 - 6 coach with an extension.
At least we went 7 - 6 and won another January bowl game, something cane fan doesn't know about. Bowl games are played in January, but only the good programs get those. Oh and yes, you can actually win a bowl game, even if you play in December like you do. Maybe one day you'll win one of those.
Then I'll let you in on a big secret about a conference championship game you do not know about.

It is amazing how this blog which is about the canes landing a top DB recruit has deteroriated into a discussion about team USA swimming and comparing losses from over a decade ago. Grow up people.

Hows Charlie Pell been doing?????????
I hope hes feeling ok...........
I love you Charlie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Holy sh*t this guy's pathetic.

I hope for his sake he has all those posts saved somewhere and just copied and pasted them.

Thats right Miramar cane. And that is how the blog began, but the pathetic wannabe gators had to come on here, yet the fence straddler "not our rival" says that we start all of this nonsense.

ACC (YOU) suck: Lochte is a gator choker, Like your pathetic gator softball team (2 years running gagging), and your pathetic baseball team (2 yrs gagging the metal bats. arrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! spit! spit! Thats the sound gators make when everything is on the line.

Youpathetic wannabe never was.

reason you went 7-6, a55wipe, is because you struggled but beat Furman, the only effen team your team beat with a winning record. And you beat FAU, UK, Vandy, tenneseee, MSU and then beat OSU, but by a lesser margin than the U did. LOL.

I'm amighty gator with an alligator tatoo on my back. I let a frenchman catch me from 5 yards behind on the last 25 meters to lose the T-E-A-M goldmedal. Guess what Lochte: You dissapointed 300,000,000 of us.

Wow kid your already think your top notch because you've made the 3rd team all dade. Not attending meetings that's not good bro. Your young you need to listen and as I seen in the article your father went to Maryland and he was back on a plane in 3 days. Damn I know he's telling you what it's like to miss a perfect opportunity. So listen and remain cool and just learn the game and try to become a first round pick. Continue to gain the weight and improve on your offense of play reading and play heard kid.

Jamal Carter = Excellent pickup by the Canes.

Gator troll is trying in his small, pathetic, OCD way to deflect from that fact.

He is failing. But it is still painful to read that atrociously bad Gator level English. Manny and Susan, can someone be banned for illiteracy, like our obsessed Gator troll should be?

Take it to Gator Clause, troll.

'm amighty gator with an alligator tatoo on my back. I let a frenchman catch me from 5 yards behind on the last 25 meters to lose the T-E-A-M goldmedal. Guess what Lochte: You dissapointed 300,000,000 of us.

Sorry I let you down man. That gold medal around my neck from the previous race was weighing me down. Fortunately the cane swimmers were there to support me. You know the ones, darn, I can't remember their names maybe you can jog my memory...

The reality of giving a 6-6 coach an extension was because atleast 3 other teams had him on the radar ready to buy out his UM contract. Because our AD stole him at the rate he was getting.

Unlike Foley throws money at a unproven ASSISTANT COACH WITH NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE, and the only reason you turds didnt gripe because he has been at an SEC school and worked under Saban. Otherwise you would have been who the Fu#$ is Mooschump, what a screaming idiot. Maybe and only Maybe you will realize this when the Coordinators all bail after this year AGAIN!!

See knuckle head Fisch our OC even getting Coaching offers and Turning them down to be part of a staff that is going somewhere, and when Golden finally leaves and he will. Fisch is gonna be there and have earned it

So now Ur ALL things GATOR inferiority, envy and hate has reached a point that an American, AN AMERICAN not Winning it all in the Olympics is caUse for U to celebrate as if dUh U did something worth praise in order to fill that cavernoUs sized void that is any and all things Canes Athletics sUckcess what so ever since the 2004 Games ? How Politically UN-AMERICAN of U, bUt proof positive that It's A Cane Thang... And Sad.

Here's sincerely hoping that any and All University of Miami Hurricane World Class Athletes and ALL American Athletes representing THESE Uninted States of America in the 2012 London Olmypics, GOD SPEED To The GOLD And Competeing Like CHAMPIONS ... Country before Team, the Many or the One... U.S.A.

Now tell me I'm wrong ...


I would cheer for Al Qaeda before I cheer for a damned pathetic gaytor.

Thats what you a55holes turned me into.

Who's obsessed now?

extremely weak to outwardly cheer against any American Olympiad and then even worse to gloat over they're lack of success. Guck the Fators but Go USA ! For 3 weeks is all for one and one for all.


Nice choke...again, Lochte. Nice gator choke. Again. Believe me I was hoping he'd beat the french guy. But (oh the horror) France makes Lochte (and the US) their beeotches again thanks to a gator.

I was on the fence about whether this 5>3>2 was the dumbest person in the southeastern United States but after the last Al Qaeda comment, he proved it.

You believe in sky fairies, don't believe in evolution, are on here 24/7 regurgitating the same garbage in your internet battle with the blog Pig over and over, and would root for bloodthirsty murders over a Gator athlete representing the United States. Does that about sum you up, you low-life?

Good thing there is no god or he would send you to fake hell to live with imaginary Satan for all of the made-up eternity.

We are cheering for Lochte, just disappointed that he is so unclutch thatnks to that Gator taint. Don't confuse disappointment with disloyalty.

corpse, 5>3>2 and five titles are all in the same doUche bag. Go ahead and keep making fools of your ugly selves with the Lotche talk. Here's a guy competing and winning at the highest level while you wannabes call him names. Just shows how pathetic and petty you are.

We are the canes
We signed a good local kid
UF and FSU have signed more
Another story surfaced about cheating
Why are those Yahoos out to get us
In Golden we trust
He can do no wring
Never mind Barrow and Pee Wee
We are the canes
We have few if any olympians
Yet the Gator swimmer really sucks
He won gold and silver so far, what a chUmp!
If we had a cane swimmer he would surely do better
You know we Coulda......
Cause we are the canes
A wasted decade aint so bad
And we are not done yet
Just waiting for the NCAA
Did you know about our punter?

Wow there is so much copy and pasting going on here. Someone in here said something to the liking of "VIVA CASTRO" ...? Did I read that correctly. Lets not make this a political blog because it's not. This is a Canes blog. If you want to make it political, it's only going to lead to upsetting people here to the point where they will take the measures to find you through your IP address and where the computer you are using is located. Lets keep politics with politics and sports with sports.

By the way I love all of this hate that we keep on receiving. By all means please continue to pour it on. It wakes me up in the morning knowing that the Canes are the most hated program around since we have done so much to every program that we have faced that till this day, in 2012, you guys still hate us. So please keep wasting your pathetic, "I live with my parents", lives and keep hating. We thrive off of it.


Trolls...lmao Gators perennial top 10 in recruiting and perennial Alachua County Detention Center All-Stars!

Too bad the top ten in recruiting doesn't mean top ten in the country at the end of the year! Forgotten is the 6-6 record of last year and the six defeats in last seven games against the Canes. Wanting to cancel the contract too, whimps, lol!

gator trolls- You dont want to hear hate on your boy Lochte, or on your loser gators, then dont come here. I in fact agree wih 5>3.2 why?

simple, because 5>3>2

On another note- UCF gets a bowl ban and other sanctions-- if you read the outline of penalties sounds very similar to UM's. Basketball, football, rogue "recruiters" rogue assistants, impermissible benefits, paying recruits, the head coach was not involved, lack of institutional etc etc. UM will get a similar penalty. My prediction:

One more bowl ban
20 total scholies over 5 years
5 yr probation
Sanctions against multiple former coaches including Hurtt and maybe even Haith

Then we'll be back. And the turds will be shttting themselves in fear

Posted by: AnonymousCane

You and all your mentally deficient minions keep getting it wrong on purpose. The record last year was 7 - 6 for the Gators and 6 - 6 for you. Just because you keep repeating a lie does not make it so. Maybe in your delUsional minds but not in reality.

10 years of mediocrity and counting:

Got to hand it to you, that verse is clever and funny.

Our punter? Hey, don't knock the kicking game...

Nice article on Stephen Morris in the Sun Sentinel. I believe he will rise to the occasion as our QB, and has the tools to do it. He is apparently a "get in your face" vocal leader as well. Nice change from the toothpick.

We need a lot of guys to step it up. Yes, in Golden we do trust. Force is gathering. Go Canes!

Pseudologic, or dUmb cane logic, says Dah U will be back after a 5 year probation. We have all heard this for the past decade so what's 5 more years or so.

canelosertilhedies says he will track you down to the computer where you sit if you keep this up. Scary, very scary.

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