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Conditioning is not "punitive,'' UM Canes coach Golden says; And NCAA hits UCF with sanctions

Just a little more than two days before the Hurricanes take to Greentree Field with Coach Al Golden and company to embark on a new season.

And what a year Golden has been through. He was asked the other day about the things he didn't anticipate a year ago at this time. He got right to some off-the-field issues -- NCAA investigation not included. 

"The three things that jump out to me that we have identified as areas that we need to make progress in -- and are making progress -- that I would have never guessed going to the University of Miami,'' he said, "are conditioning, strength and nutrition.''

 He mentioned the combination of those three factors "and what it means to our team in terms of how we execute and how we play, perform in the fourth quarter and don't atrophy as the season evolves.

"I'm just saying in particular that teams that really don't have discipline in terms of their strength and conditioning, that really don't pay the price in the whole off-season, have a hard time staying strong and being as strong in November [as] they are in September -- have a hard time finishing games. There were a lot of opportunities where we did not finish.

"It's my team. It's not a function of the players; It's a function of what we demand and expect.''

Golden said he is using a nutritionist, educating players about what they should eat and drink, and monitoring their body weights -- "holding them accountable [and] creating more competition in the weight room.

"We didn't have a bencher [who could lift] over 400 [pounds] a year ago and now we have three. We didn't have anybody who could do 225 [pounds] 30 times, a year ago. Zero. Now we have 11.''

Golden said the players are holding each other accountable in the weight room and "not treating conditioning as punitive.''

UM running back Mike James, one of the best lifters on the team, pound-for-pound, told me he's in the best shape of his life at about "223, 224 pounds," and went from 375 to 400 on the bench, 500 to 525 in the squat and 310 to 320 in the power clean.

Cornerback Brandon McGee said he improved his squat max from 385 to 415 and is benching 300 now, up from 255.


The NCAA punished UCF today for recruiting violations and lack of institutional control.

"The case centered on what the committee noted was an ever-increasing problem in college athletics today,'' reported the NCAA, "namely the involvement of outside third parties with prospects and student-athletes. This impermissible activity also resulted in findings of unethical conduct for the former director of athletics [that would be Keith Tribble, former long-time Orange Bowl Committee executive director and ex-Gators football player] and a former assistant football coach [David Kelly] and a failure to monitor by the head men's basketball coach [Donnie Jones].''

The NCAA-mandated penalties for UCF include:

  • Public reprimand and censure.
  • Five years probation from February 10, 2012, through February 9, 2017.
  • Postseason ban for the 2012 football season and 2012-13 men’s basketball season.
  • The head men’s basketball coach was suspended for the first three conference games of the 2011-12 season (self-imposed by the university) and given a three-year show-cause order starting with the 2012-13 season. Details of the show-cause orders can be found in the public report. Additionally, the coach may not recruit off-campus during all three July evaluation periods for the July 2012 and July 2013 evaluation periods.
  • An assistant men’s basketball coach was suspended for the first two conference games of the 2011-12 season (self-imposed by the university). Additionally, the coach may not recruit off-campus during all three July evaluation periods for the July 2012 and July 2013 evaluation periods.
  • A three-year show-cause order for the former director of athletics and a one-year show cause for the former assistant football coach. The show-cause orders do not allow any contact with prospective student-athletes. The public report contains further details. Disassociation of three representatives of athletics interest (self-imposed by the university).
  • Reduction of five initial (from 25 maximum) and five total (from 85 maximum) football scholarships for three academic years.
  • A limit of 11 men’s basketball scholarships (from 13 maximum) for three academic years.
  • $50,000 fine.
  • Vacation of all men’s basketball wins in which an ineligible student-athlete competed for the 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons. The public report includes further details (self-imposed by the university). 
  • Reduction of the number of permissible off-campus recruiters:
    • Reduction of two full-time football coaches permitted to recruit off-campus during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years.
    • Reduction of one full-time men’s basketball coach permitted to recruit off-campus during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years.
  • Reduction in the available number of recruiting person days by 25 for men’s basketball during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years (self-imposed by the university).
  • Reduction in the available number of recruiting person days by nine in the fall football evaluation period and 34 in the spring football evaluation period during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years (self-imposed by the university).
  • Football official paid visits are limited to 30 for each of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years.
  • Men’s basketball official paid visits are limited to seven for each of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years (self-imposed by the university). 

 According to the Orlando Sentinel, the NCAA "first began investigating UCF recruiting practices in April 2011.''

The program was found to have runners for sports agents and made cash payments to recruits.

The Associated Press wrote that Greg Sankey, an associate SEC commissioner and NCAA Committee of Infractions member, said the lack of control UCF had on outside entities was the most egregious finding.

"Part of what was troubling here is there was knowledge of the representatives or third parties being involved in the recruiting process and [UCF officials] facilitated that,'' Sankey said Tuesday.

Note that UCF is appealing the postseason ban in football.

You can't help but wonder when the NCAA will end its investigation of Miami, and how hard it will come down on the Hurricanes. No time seems like a good time. 




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Is it just me or does anyone else question the claims reported by yahoo? Its been well over a year and I have not heard of one piece of evidence linking the coaching staff to having knowledge of misconduct. I assume Susan and Manny are journalist and have dug deep to find answers but have not come up with any.

I am not saying that Shapiro's actions weren't against NCAA regulations. I am questioning if the NCAA has any links between the University and that a**clown, which is what will bring sanctions, if any.

That being said, it is clear that after the PSU ordeal, the NCAA does not care about student athletes, past and former, alumni, or a student body of an educational institution. I don't doubt this will also reflect in their final decision regarding our beloved U.

NCAA is a joke, I'm sticking with the NFL.

You can't help but wonder when the NCAA will end its investigation of Miami, and how hard it will come down on the Hurricanes. No time seems like a good time.


U really wonder ?

She should not be reporting on UM since she hates them so much.

I love the Canes, but not everyone hate who write stories about them hate the team. If there's a story, there's a story.

Would someone tell me how, after some point, lifting more weight has any effect on football performance, or in any other sport, for that matter?
If you can, I will move from doing 55 pushups daily to 75 and see if I get a proportionate increase in the length of my golf tee shot. This test will have more significance vs. football where the results are not measurable by statistical standards.( i.e. more tackles, broken tackles, sacks).

glad we are focusing on strength, too many times last season we were stopped on 3rd and short or 4th and short on running plays.

cane68 lifting weights can only be described as a physical way of conditioning the body, to perform at a very high level, in adverse conditions, without drop off in performance.
A 26% increase in your pushups will NOT guarantee a 26% increase in the length of your tee shots, because that is predicated on technique etc. so the analogy is weak.( Unless there is money on the hole.)
Individual performance vs. team. etc.

Our team last year lifted at the performance level for only 1 game, this year we are lifting for the performance level for a game and a half( with more weight, bigger physically also).
Stronger defense shuts down plays in the last 5 minutes of the 4 th quarter.

Running backs with good leg strength can push harder in the latter parts of the game with good conditioning to earn crucial yardage and win games.

The psychological is also important because going in to a game knowing that you are in better condition than the guy across the line, gives a decided edge.

Consistent high level performance can only be accomplished by the fuel that is burned, and nutrition research can be used to show the levels of effect on this.
In game situations the body needs to draw on reserves needed to maintain the level of intensity and prevent falloff.
Thus a tuned diet.

So the triad is as Coach G said "Conditioning, strength and nutrition".
All the practices and workouts of the 'Canes are taped so I agree that the statistical standards would measurbly improve, and game performance would mean more wins.

Combine the above, with football intelligence or football i.q and let the games begin.
Miami will surprise a lot of teams this year.
Go 'Canes

agreed. Now that golden is in year 2 these guys are buying into his program. I would argue that this year's team will be better than last year's because of that. Crazy to think he was shocked at strength of players compared to Temple. Could this be the reason 'Canes have fallen off a bit?

The way I look at it, the stronger and better conditioned your players are, the better your team is. In a sport as brutal as football it's survival of the fittest and you want the strongest and most athletic players to take on the grind of practice and the season.

We're going to have a good year. Mark it down baby!

conditioning and strength was particularly obviousin the 4th quearter, with 1st and goal at the 2 yard line with the game on the line against KSU. The fact that the Oline (all average over 315, and the running backs, and jacorry as well couldnt move the ball 1-2 yds was a pathetic example of lack of strength and conditioning. It happened in several other games as well.

IMO, proper conditioningand strength would have won us 2-3 games in the last 2 years.

As far as the NCAA sanctions are concerned. Susan Degnan is inflammatory. Not because she reported the story, but in the manner she poses open ended questions about the program. I can envision her going Hmmmmmmmm?

I agree with the post that if Susan and Manny were real reporters thay would have done their own investigation to either confirm or destroy the Yahoo allegations. But what do they care.

I feel the UCF infractions ae very similar to UM. Failure to monitor, 2 sports, agents, impermissible benefits, paying recruits, etc. The UCF program never self imposed bowl bans nor did they have players pay whatever money they illegally received back. My feeling is UM gets one more bowl ban (closer to USC), and 20-25 scholies lost

I bet the conditioning of this team will be better than last year, with more wins as a result.

Good start to this thread's comments. I don't think Susan asking when the NCAA will finish their investigation equates to hate.

April 2011 to July 2012 for far worse violations at UCF than the Canes had, they should be done here already. 15 months from now would mean they should be done by September at the latest.

So Reid dismissed from the Noles! Hows that 5 star working out for you BUD! LOL

Tribble s a pretty decent guy ....so I m surprised he/his school got hit so hard.NCAA is taking a much harder stance these days.Miami will get punished.Hopefully..........the restrictions will be reasonable regarding allowable recruits each year.Everything else Miami can live with.THAT will be key.That said....unfortunately....the NCAA has to look good meting out punishment to Miami as the national media and fan perception of Miami is 1 of jealousy of a great program and naturally is very popular nationwide.Therefore the NCAA will go beyond what Miami feels is fair or reasonable.Sadly.......Miami will get spanked harder than many think was possible.

I believe that golden is doing a great job at putting a fence around south Florida and I'm glad we are stronger. I hope with all this lifting there are putting an emphasis on stretching them as well. Maybe some type of power yoga or something. We had some areas of the game that showed how weak we were as a team and also the we're some deficiencies in play calling as well. Not to try to down what we have going but coaches and players have to be better at decision making.

How weight room strength helps..
Most OL put on kitchen table weight. Let us say we have 250# LB of weight room weight that can squat with 500#. First your 350# kitchen weight OL blob must build their strength to handle their own weight. On top of that, they must handle a 250# LB, then 500# of thrust they can squat with. That would add up to over 1,000# and if the OL moves one foot, all that force must be performed with one foot. That is why Vernon Carey was a bust with the Dolphins and not what he was advertised with the Canes. A 250# weight room person can handle a 350blob. Give me a weight room player over any kitchen table blob anyday.

Good news on conditioning for the Canes. Toughness has been lacking, and Golden is remedying that issue. It will make a difference...

Sounds like UCF got smacked down.

Not good for us? What do you think?

I don't think the UCF sanctions are that bad. The main sanctions are the one year post-season ban and three years of scholarship reductions (by 5). This program was just found in violation and they were found making cash payments to recruits and having runners for sports agents.

If Miami gets similar penalties I will be happy, especically since they've already served a 1 year bowl ban.

We will be the strongest 5-7 team in the Country !

After loooses, instead of dragging our azzzes off the field, we'll now be able to pop off 50 situps n pushups and sprint into the locker room !

Trust me pUffed Up......the 'Canes will know what to do with that strength, and that is to play hard and SURPRISE some opponents...and WIN.

With strength, and the TIE, the sky is the limit.

I see a 9-3 season, 1 more Bowl ban, 20-25 scholies in 2 years, and 3 year probation...

Anything else show me the proof, not heresay or "I think so...
We will be fine and STRONG.....the 'Canes will be back.
Go 'Canes

Who's ready for some football?...I know i am!!!....Our progress under Coach Golden will begin to bear itself out starting with this Season...If you don't think Strength and Conditioning are important to success on the field, then you have never played football...The NCAA is using "Time" as a way of hurting us because they have less then they thought they did as far as Shapiro goes and they are very unlikely to admit they jumped the gun on this investigation, at least the level of wrong doing...The U is and will be forthcoming so why can't the NCAA?

Ugo.. thanks for the reply. The analogy is not weak, only your interpretation. I was assuming all else equal, and focusing solely on extra weight lifted vs. results.
My point is there is a point past which extra muscle has significantly diminishing, if not negative results. Big muscles are slow. Muscle toning is the ideal, not muscling up. Endurance is accomplished by other means than weight lifting. And coaches stressing increasing reps/ lbs. are muscle headed.

Ugo, you know that stupid troll cannot provide proof. Not saying you can't askfor proof, just don't hold your breath waiting for it.

In the meantime, we can continue to discuss these faster and stronger Canes.

cane68, it was true in the past that weightlifters were slower, but coaches nowadays continue to expect the same or better speed from their players as they move up in strength. The 1980's Huskers are not going to be what this team is about. We keep the Canes' speed but keep them from getting pushed back too easily.

The NCAA represents the normal power structure where billions of dollars are earned and controlled, old white men. The NCAA should be a mirror representative of the peoples it represents! Its not possible for people to make their mark as long as White men only make and enforce policies. The policies and punishable offenses are only mechanisms to keep institutions, athletic programs and athletics under their control. Why do you think the sanctions are so arbitrary? The rules so out of touch with reality. You punish an entire team for the actions of others? Wouldn't it be fair that if a player violates NCAA rules that he or she woulds have to repay the total cost or part of the scholie and if not it will be deducted like an unpaid college loan? The coaches and staff guilty of violations can never work at an NCAA institution again and would have to repay the value of their contracts? Any alumni, individual or corporation that violates be banned and sued. I bet the violations would be minimal then.

That is why they recently "quickly" voted to give scholarship players, I think $2000 per semester? The momentum to pay players something was getting too much traction. Especially when coaches like Steve Spurrier supported doing so. Imagine if the SEC, Big 12, PAC 12, Big 10 and ACC decided to breakaway from the NCAA, Negotiate their own TV contract, play interconference games and establish their own playoff and rules? Not only would their revenues increase significantly, but give fans a better product. You say it can't be done? I say nonsense! Hasn't conferences been strengthing their financial position for years now? Do you think it was for the kids? No! Perceived better product (teams) and MONEY! Bank on it. (no pun intended)

Cane68 - what are you talking about? Have you watched the Hurricanes the past five years? You don't even have to have a basic understanding of football to have noticed that the team was undersized, weak and sometimes out of shape. See countless second half and fourth quarter collapses. Did you ever notice their inability to run between the tackles or convert a third and short? Did you ever notice how the team faded as the seasons wore on? This is what Coach Golden is addressing.

Your golf shot has no relevance to this conversation. Football is about endurance and strength and weight training helps improve both. Your ideas about strength training and big muscles being slow are straight of of 1925.

Not our rival where art thou?

Not our rival? Hello?

Here you go--- Heres your evidence. this blog stream started out all about UM talk, reasonable UM talk etc etc.

Then the troll hit. Just like the bottom dwelling sh*t eating catfish that hits your worm when in fact you are lookingfor bass.

Not our rival- please dont ever come here and lecture Um fans about UF not being our rival.

"bottom dwelling sh*t eating catfish" THAT was funny!

I know this much, UF is not our rival, because they chickened out of the series after a 31-4 beating, but this obsessed troll thinks we still are rivals.

So, 5>3>2, try not to give the guy a hard time for trying to point the facts of life out to Dick. He hasn't learned them yet, but someday we might get lucky and he will learn reality.


Try lifting weights like the Pro Golf players do. You will be surprised how strong players like Tiger Woods really are. As far as football performance goes it is easier to dominate a smaller weaker slower out of shape person than it is to dominate a bigger stronger faster better conditioned player. Think of it terms of 11 on 11... matchups. We weren't always the biggest team back in 2000-2002 but we were built to last. The only teams that could play with us were FSU and OSU. I honestly believe that if we would have played OSU last season near the end then we would have lost that game. We have heart like no other, but we cannot win games on heart alone. Look back at what happened when all the players that Butch Davis had coached graduated or left early. We started losing games at the end of each season until teams like UNC and Ga Tech were able to beat us on a regular basis especially if we were playing them in the middle of the year or later. Do you really think UVA was that much better than us? We struggled against teams like USF and they definitely do not have the type of athletes we have.

I am happy we finally got the 40-10 club... Forty players who could bench press 225 20 times and Ten players who could bench press 225 30 times.

Weight training and conditioning are vital to the U's success. If you want to see how weight training fits into the game of football watch Bama or LSU. Watch how their players fly around the field all game long. Watch the tackles the sacks the power displayed by the down linemen. The remember how the U has looked the last few years.

UM's big "problem" has been Andreu Swasey. He's internationally known for his speed and agility training and he's the reason players like Ed Reed and Andre Johnson and Jon Beason come back to UM to train.

But there's a tradeoff there and for a long time UM has been losing at the line of scrimmage, there was really no comparison to those big cornfed lines in the midwest.

UM Troll: I keep telling you that all these Gators "trolls" are one dude. You aren't better than him because he took a day off.

I couldn't believe how weak and out of shape our canes looked in recent years. That Wisconsin game really did it. Still, you didn't see any improvement or sense of urgency from Shannon and staff.

What the hell was Randy thinking? Might add Coker as well, since our decline started with him.

Yes, weights are important. Now can you practice some actual journalism and get us some real news.

Vernon on Friday vehemently denied that he went to a strip club with Chickillo and said he would be willing to say that under oath. He said Allen “wasn’t with us” and paid for nothing that night.
“It’s not true,” Vernon said, repeating it twice. "We took him out for bowling in Sunset Place. Al Golden and all the coaches stress not to take [recruits] to strip clubs.”
Yahoo cited phone records showing 12 calls between Vernon and Allen that night, but without proof of where they were or whether Allen paid for anything. The question is whether Robinson's anonymous "former UM staffer" has an ax to grind against the program.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/07/tidbits-on-the-dolphins-and-canes-offenses-umncaa-news-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy

@ Not our rival
I do not believe that Swasey has been the problem with the teams strength and conditioning.
The Head coach sets the weight room standard. Swasey just enforces that standard.
Golden has brought in mandatory weight training. The starting spots for the start of each spring, and summer practice is determined in the weight room.
I do not remember the teams under Butch being weak?

omaximus and others who have read and responded to my comments.thanks.
I am not for small and athletic. For the last several years I have been pushing for big, athletic backs who can bust tacklers, not possibly squirm by. This is why I see no use for recruiting many of the supposed cure all backs we have now. If I recall, the last good one was the " dumpster ".
Weight training is overrated as a way to create strength and endurance. There are better ways. Have any of you been through Paris Island?
By the way, I did play football, about 110 games and how many full contact practices, in south Fla. In addition 16 Golden Gloves bouts and over 50 hours as a " workout partner " of professional boxers at the Fifth Street Gym. Just do not presume to preach to me about strength and conditioning.

Fighting and combat training are two very different conditioning than football training and conditioning. If lifting weights was not a top priority in football then the NFL draft would not test these measurements. Players like Lamar Miller would have been drafted much higher if he could bench 225 at least twenty times and the same goes for every player that left the U last year.

If you do want to compare boxing and football then try to imagine fighting someone who outweighs or to someone who can hit a lot harder than you. You will fair pretty well in the early rounds but as the fight continues that is a different story. In the later rounds your power punches won't be as powerful and the same will be for him too, but his power punches will still be stronger than yours. The same is true in football. In the fourth quarter is when games are won or lost and we have to be faster and stronger than the other team to out survive them when the game counts like the KSU game on 4-2.

oh she definitely hates UM, but this article doesnt reflect that

cane68, we are presuming to preach to you, since we do not know you. However, we can preach to your words, which sounded like you thought we were sacrificing speed for strength. As said on here, they are still watching speed and conditioning, just adding a stronger core through lifting.

True, weight training is not the be all and end all, but during the time that the NCAA does not allow for "practices" (which would include some of the things done in Paris Island), weight training is the only measurable that we have.

Still, thanks for commenting, even if we disagree at times. That is what this blog is here for.

"cane68, we are NOT presuming to preach to you, since we do not know you."

Yeesh, that was an important missing word right there. Sorry.

cane68 I want to understand your analogy but find it difficult...Your references are on individual sports-golf and boxing.
Paris Island is interesting because I am sure that the Coaches at the 'U' have instituted in the 'U' tough program some of the Special Forces workouts used in conditioning and strength training.

Wide receivers have been known to stretch and use ballet in developing agility to make plays.

The point is though that football is a TEAM effort, and I don't care how conditioned, and agile you are if the guy beside you does not meet that standard you LOOSE. Or the "TEAM" looses.

All it takes is one guy taking a play off, or getting beat and that's all she wrote. (Va. Tech, Kansas St.)

Guys cover for each other and pick up the slack but weights are important because if you are on the line and know that your team mate is strong and conditioned you can take on the world.

I listened to Dan Cileo and Clinton Portis recently, and Portis said "if you don't get strong as a TEAM" then you would not accomplish what he and the guys did back in the day. Conditioning, strength, and team, not individual players trying to grab the limelight, that is the winning formula, he said.
Point confirmed by a terrific 'Cane.

Last point. The NFL is a good example of this triad..
These guys are paid millions and they are all searching to get quicker, faster, stronger, and conditioned using weights and some even come back to the Gable to work with Coach Swase to get there.
Go 'Canes

damn, mike james is that strong?

Them canes be strong!!!! Good thing Golden thought about the weightlifting program, what a concept! Who woulda known that, now we have a leg up on all other programs that don't know as much as Golden does. I wonder how much our all star punter can lift.
Fear the tie! Fear the strong punter!

delUsionalcane - Love how your on our blog every day!! Haha....Canes going up....Turds going down.

meanwhile, UCF and FIU got more votes in the USA Today pre-season poll than Miami

Oh well, those 5 and 3 votes (including possibly from their own coach) will not stay there long. It is the preseason, and these coaches don't know what other teams have yet. Classy move by Golden to not just vote for his own team until they have earned it.

Now they need to go out there and earn his vote and the vote of others.

rb and five titles: This is an aberration and a joke. It proves how pathetic this voting system is. For FIU and UCF to have more votes than Miami is funny. Miami would beat FIU 8 out of ten times with the 2s and 3s. Its no contest. The talent just isnt any comparison.

I also find it funny that FAu is #7 (another choke at the doke looming) and that UF with absolutely no knowledge who the QB is, after a 7-6 season gets voted in. I'm nato hating, just saying, imo.

UM players should teke notice and Golden should post this on every locker in the gables. This has to be motivation. No question. The U gets disrespect, and hate. Coaches are obviously hating on the U. No matter. They hate, and the U will make them pay.

First official USA Today/Coach's Poll was just released. Here are the in state results:

FSU (#7)
UF (#23)

Others receiving votes:
USF (#34)
UCF (#41)
FIU (#43)

This is the first time that FIU is officially ranked ahead of UM, and won't be the last.

Last I checked it does not matter where you start. What matters is where you end up.
Ask FSU, or UF.
I can not wait for the season to start.
As always

delUsional....glad to hear from you...

Seems that you slither in ever so often..

When the season starts and Miami starts playing good football, I want to see if you raise your delUsional head full of gatormeat to acknowledge the 'Canes.

I doubt it.

Don't forget I always tell you that we have 5 rings buddy, the Gayturds ??????????????not much but we don't care..Put that in your delUsional head.

When you get back to the trailer, hope Moosechump hangs around...he may be gone by end of the season.
Go 'Canes

The real "University of Miami" has finally passed the "University of Coral Gables"!!!!!!!

Only took FIU 10 years to pass UM, imagine how far ahead we're going to be in another 10!

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