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UM Canes nab their second four-star DB in one week. S Jamal Carter commits to Miami

On signing day next February, Al Golden's University of MIami Hurricanes could be stocking up on some much needed talent at defensive back. And Coach Golden, who isn't allowed to comment on specific recruits per NCAA rules, has to be thrilled.

Jamal Carter, a 6-1, 215-pound four-star safety from Miami Southridge, announced on Thursday afternoon his commitment to play at Miami beginning in 2013.

That would make two big-time DB commitments in one week for Miami. Earlier this week, highly rated Miami Northwestern cornerback Artie Burns committed to UM as well.

Carter, considered the 18th best safety in the country by Rivals.com, told our Manny Navarro on Tuesday that the other programs he liked are LSU, Florida State, Florida and Hawaii. He also said he read the latest Yahoo! report involving new allegations against UM and Golden, and told Manny,  "I read it. But I figured it isn't true. I believe Coach Golden. It won't affect my decision."

On Saturday, recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services told The Miami Herald,  “Getting both of those guys [Burns and Carter] would be huge for UM after they did so well to get Tracy Howard and Deon Bush last year. Most fans think they’re going to solve all the problems in one year. But it’s going to take two to three good recruiting years to clean up the mess they had here."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/22/2906173/new-allegations-might-hamper-miami.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/22/2906173/new-allegations-might-hamper-miami.html#storylink=cpy

According to various reports, Carter was also offered scholarships from Arkansas, Auburn, Louisville, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Purdue, USF, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, , Virginia and West Virginia.

Let's just say he was a much wanted commodity and that if he and the other players who have orally committed for the 2013 class keep their word, Miami will be very happy. Four-star quarterback Kevin Olsen, younger brother of former UM TE and current NFLer Greg Olsen, is the gem of the 2013 class. Olsen, 6-3 and 196 pounds, is from Wayne Hills High in New Jersey and rated the eighth-best pro-style quarterback in the country, according to Rivals.com.

Coach Golden told me on Monday that he expects his 2013 signing class to be about half the size as this year's -- that would be around 15 players, give or take.

So far, so good for Golden.


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/07/southridge-db-jamal-carter-said-latest-allegations-in-yahoo-report-wont-affect-his-feeling-about-um.html#storylink=cpy


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/07/southridge-db-jamal-carter-said-latest-allegations-in-yahoo-report-wont-affect-his-feeling-about-um.html#storylink=cpy




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Why no dudes from Western PA?

Someone tell Charles Robinson, He cant stop Golden! This is another huge pick up. This secondary has the players to be the best!!

Need more be said about the efforts of Golden and staff. They are doing a good job of trying to lock the state of Miami down. If we can nab BTW's Thomas and Kirkland, Bostwick and WR Stacy Coley that would be locking the State of Miami down!

Welcome to the U family Jamal Carter. Wise and smart choice on your behalf to come to the U along with Tracy Howard, Deon Bush and Artie Burns will create the most dominate secondary for years to come. Golden said he was going to put together a strong class even though the number of players would be small and he hasn't dissappointed. Whats that I see the beginning of the end of the Southeasternchickshitters conference. I mean last year U feared playing someone outside your conference for the National Title and more players are choosing the U over you hick nimrods.

shoulda gone to THE University of Florida. South Florida boys are soft anyway. Don't have it like the kids in Central and Northern Florida.

deon bush, tracy howard, artie burns, jamal carter all in one secondary..#NoFlyZone

Huge pick-up. Not because he is rated a four star player but he is a (LOCAL) kid. That's two high rated (LOCAL) kids in one week. Now we need a good DT and we'll be set.
Golden is getting the recruits, let's see if he can develop them unlike Shannon.

BIG DEAL ... They'll ALL turn n run come NCAA Hammertime.

Still need to get all these kids signatures on an LOI next spring, but Golden has started to build a wall around the state of Miami.

Man if Golden can do with these 5 and four stars what he did with two star Mohammed Wilkerson (i.e. - turn him int a first round pick) things will be ok

It's a good thing Ur getting just "soft commits" because with the present non-talent on the current roster, why won't the average kids that can't play for the BIG SEC Schools not look at U for immediate playing time... It ain't Golden or Ur program. It's kids that want to stay home and see the field right away because the present talent sUcks...

Typical two-faced, forked-tongued Cane clUcks...

2012- 1 position player barely named to the Preseason All-ACC 2nd. team and it's, "I don't pay attention to preseason predictions." "I could careless." "It's nothing more than a popularity contest."

2011- Mutiple, underperforming, over-rated players named to preseason All-ACC teams and it's, "We're loaded!" "Look how good we are." We're as talented as any team in the country." We'll go 10-2, ACC Champs and BCS Bowl game with all this hidden talent."

So what's it now U delUsional about to go 5-7 Cane clods ? Go all Barbrady with the, "Keep moving, Nothing to see here, move along now," Or is it, "The voters don't know all the top secret top talent Golden has assembled ! We'll have many Post-Season All-ACC players, 8 Freshman will be ALL-ACC and we'll finish strong battling for the ACC Coastal and then WE"LL BE BACK NEXT YEAR !!!"

NEWS FLASH CLuCKS ... Ur ranked around 50th. on average and Ur going to finish near the bottom of the 5th. ranked (actually 6th. since Pitt put 70 on Ur Champs) Conference in College Football... But U blindasbatsheet baffons will cry to the heavens that Ur right on the verge of being a contending program. Being a loyal, optimistic fan is great, but not at the cost of looosing all Ur objective, "intelligent?" credibility.. U AllCaneThangCircleJerkers... The brainwashing only works amongst Urselves and ALL outsiders (the entire Country North of Lake Okeechobee) just chuckles, shake their heads and feels sorry for U thinking wow, they've evolved into Notre Dame... But actually worse.

Gotta admit though... Ur Punt team shoUld be just AWESOME this season !!!

Hola ARTY !!!... 2-adays in 1 week Bro !!!


You said that already, DICK. What a loser.

"Hello, Coach Muscrap. This is Artie Burns and Jamal Carter. We have a message for you: "Suck it, Trailermaggots!!!!!"



"Hola ARTY !!!... 2 MEN-adays in 1 week Bro !!! Can't wait for the sweaty mans.

6TH CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Ur as dense and clUless as U ClUcks are, thing must be repeated 2 and 3 times for U to comprehende... Comprendo

Question CanedUmmasses... Seriousy.

What players on Ur narrowedasse, no talented depth team will have worthy enough breakout seasons and make even honorable mention on the Post-Season ALL-ASS Conference Team ?

^^^^ must hit refresh on this website every hour, you comment faster than the fans.. Get a job or find a hobby.

Welcome home brother. Our great family has just added another brother to the ranks. U just made the Canes nation happy as hell man. Now get ready for some work.


deon bush, tracy howard, artie burns, jamal carter all in one secondary..#NoFlyZone

Posted by: canesallltheway

Enough said!!


ha hah aha ahahahahaha Gaytor clucks

Miami is in the midst of an NCAA investigation and despite allegation after allegation----- The U (and Goldie) keep recruiting.

sweating much? gator fans?

these 2013 recruits, plus the 30 we have for 2012 will counteract all and any NCAA sanction. I believe they will take away one more bowl, and cut about 15 scholies over 3 years (5 a year), and 5 yrs probation. Thats nothing. This team is loading with talent and YOUNG talent ontop of that. Enough to keep the cupboards filled to bring us another ship in 3-5 yrs

Just adding to the list of great players punking the UTrailer.

Whoooooohooooooooo. Dick.

It feels good to be a Cane!!!!! Welcome to the U Mr.Carter. All I can say is work hard know the playbook and play fearless. All I can recommend is view highlights of Sean Taylor,Ed Reed,Benny Blades,Mike Rumph. You watch how those guys play you should be ok. My Cane brothers & sisters I say in two yrs we will compete for a National tittle. I see FL Gators is receiving the handed down hill curse. And in two yrs it's Fl.States turn. Miami been down too long. And it's time for us to get it together, this yr I can see Miami loosing no more than 4 games and that's a strong if. All I'm concerned about is Stephen Morris. If he goes out and plays like Gino Torretta,Ken Dorsey,Steve Walsh,Vinny Testeverde,Jim Kelly,Bernie Kosar I know we will have a great season. All I want is a good season. I see that we're going to have a top notch defense. No one is going to be able to pass on Miami defense. Damn Tracy Howard (Antrell Rolle) Artie Burnie (Phillip Bucannon) Deon Bush (Ed Reed) Jamal Carter (Bennie Blades) my goodness I can't wait to get infront of the T.V to see Miami kick some ass.

Gotta love it...but, not to sound pessimistic...let's see how many of these players stick with UM once the sanctions are handed down...that will show their TRUE CHARACTER and LOYALTY TO "THE U"!!

sure, Pig. We will answer your "serious" question.

I have a better idea; why don't you get on your knees where you are most comfortable. I have something for you.

The next Sean Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Ed Reed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to win our 6 th championship!

So with the latest commits will we jump into the Top #30 in recruiting from 48th?

Damn, that secondary is going to look mighty good in a couple of years. With Tracy Howard at one corner, Deon Bush at one safety, and these 2 young men taking over the 2 other corner and safety spots... I dare you to throw!

He also said he read the latest Yahoo! report involving new allegations against UM and Golden, and told Manny, "I read it. But I figured it isn't true.


fUgUre hUh JammaJamel ? stUpid is as stUpid Canes do ... Quote come Hammertime..."Uhhhh, I FigUred wrong and I'm taking my talent elsewhere."

Now Sileo is tearn U dUmbasses a new one on WQAM.

Jamal, congratulations! Welcome to the UM family, and welcome to your family as well. You made a great choice athletically and academically. You will be a big part of making the Canes the power they are meant to be. Coach Golden is the best.Go Canes!

The next Sean Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Ed Reed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to win our 6 th championship!

Posted by: Laz@CUTLERRIDGELAZ | July 26, 2012 at 04:31 PM

YEAH BUDDY Laz@CUTLERRIDGELAZ !!! 5 Scraight ACC 'SHIPS and 4 outta 5 NATIONAL SHIPS !!! (would be 5 fer 5 but the refs will cheat us outta 1).

Yep, top academic school in the state, top football history in the state, yet the troll will try to claim that Jamal made a mistake while tossing out his racist garbage.

Welcome Jamal, ignore the noises from the little sisters of the poor also known as the Fluriduh Gaytuhs.

Wait, I'm confused. Do we like Stars or not ?

I see all the trolls are jealous that the U is doing so well in recruiting. Hey Soldy when floriduh gets a 4 or 5 star is it because of the opportunity to see the inside of the Alachua County Detention Center or because of the ease of getting "medical marijuana," or because of the chance to work on their felon degree during their four or less years at UFelony? Or maybe it is because of the limited ability on the field and a chance to play early?

They especially need a center and someone who can handle the long snapper positions. Rolling the ball to the QB is second grade touch football ability! U would think they could do better than that!

C'mon trailer maggots. No need to be bitter because the Canes have beaten you to more recruits than you are to count.

It is why you were 6-6 last year.

It is why you will struggle to be 6-6 this year.

You are reverting to your historical mean.

Just take it and smile. I will give you a pillow to bite if you want.

You know what that's like, right Pig?

And chew on this Cane ClUcks... Axe an FSU fan or any non GATOR or ClUck this... U name just ONE Cane that's on Ur # 1 depth chart that would start in front of ANY GATOR this year... JUST ONE !!! Maybe OG Linder, LB Perryman and DE Chickillo would see any 2nd. team rotation at all... Oh, my bad... Ur Punter would start, but instead of punting again and again and again and again and again to pin teams back for field position, we'd rather go for it at midfield on 4th. down, get firsts downs and come away with meaningful points that WIN games, unlike U, with our ALL-SEC Kicker...

FYI--- Tune into WQAM now ClUcks. Coop n Goldie earlier and now Selio is hammering U about what pUUUUUsssies U are about boycotting YAHOO for Ur inferiority complex that trUly is a CANG THANG.... Wwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh Wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!! THEY"RE PICKING ON uS !!!


NAME ONE CANE THAT STARTS FOR THE GATORS OR FSU... Ur there with the UCF's, S. FLA's, FIU's n FAU's of the College Football World TALENT WISE...

It is why you were 6-6 last year.


The Rhodes Scholar doesn't seem to understand the irony in his smack talk....I guess meth does that to the brain

Jamal welcome to the 'U'.

Makes you feel good to come on board with a group like Bush, Howard and Burns.

Coach G is a very good Coach, and his quest of bringing this team back to the Real Hurricanes who created our Legacy ,makes you part of a select group.

Anytime we welcome a new 'Cane the trolls that slither around on this blog show their true colors..
They are so cranked that they nit pick and throw irrelevant dribble on our boards to detract from the fact that our Canes are building before their very eyes. They hate it and get in a frenzy e.g Soldy.

Tampa Cane, Georgia Cane, Canetillidie, 850 Tally Cane,UMCanes, dbc, canesallltheway,Ted these are 'Cane fans that wish the best for our team and will be cheering for you guys as you grow into a group ready and willing to carry the legacy of Miami football into the future.

Welcome. Study, enjoy, play hard, and workout like crazy.. Good things are waiting for you in our program. Just reach for them with determination, and the 'Canes will be back.
Heading for Ring #6.
Thanks Susan.
Go 'Canes.
There is a lot of

COME ON BRAINDEADTILUDIELAZ CALL IN !!! I need the entertainment !


You change your handle more than your mom changes condoms.

Right, Dick? We can call you Dick, right?

Some UF people on this board sound bitter.

Who is your starting QB? Morris AND Williams are better than those guys that couldn't even take over for Brantley.

Who is your starting RB? Same deal. We have a freshamn that is better than any of your rejects.

Who is your starting WR? We have fve guys that are better.

Now please, go back, figure out who you even HAVE on your team before making those weak claims.

"We just re-load. Titletown." Blog Pig, Signing Day 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

- 1 lonely SEC 1st team 2012 Gatr maggot. 6-6 record 2011.

"Tracy Howard - Gatah Lock. Anthony Chickillo - Gatah lock."

- UFamily members.

Wow, Dick. You are as stupid as you are fat. What a horible way to go through life.

Any correct thinking True Cane Fan would trade Morris n that halfazz Memphip tranfer for Brissett n Driskel time and time again without even thinking... And that goes for any Offensive or Defensive position on the field... We will trade some blocking dUmmies and a bag of a dozen footballs for Ur Punter though... All beit, unlike at dUh U, he won't get much work in TitleTown.

Just fUrther proof that U constantly live Up to Ur perpetual state of delUsion and like all psychopaths, U just can't help Urselves when it comes to dedUctive, rational thinking over n over again.

Its great to see the U haters nervously posting on this page. It means they are VERY concerned the best players in South Florida are staying at the U and will be coached by the best coach in the state.FSU has always been a U wannabe and UF is the cowardly school that ran away from the U years ago and ran away from any OOC competition. Its only a matter of time .FSU and UF fans should be VERY concerned.


Oohhhhhh. Great comeback. What a creative insult. That makes me soooooo mad, Pig. I am beside myself with anger. How dare you, sir. How dare you indeed.

BWWWWAHAHHAHHA. The Pig has nothing left but his new name....DICK.

The gators play in the sec easy that is weaker than the MAC. Other than Bama and LSU the last few years, the sec actually sucks

Posted by: sidcane | July 26, 2012 at 08:54 AM

U need serioUs help loooser... bUt sadly there's no helping delUsional insane ContinUedCaneLooosingpUnchDrUnk dUmmasses like U .

Come on Cane clUcks, come tU Ur Buddy Sidcanes rescUe and tell us all aboUt how the ALL-ASS Conference is as good as the MIGHTY SEC...

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 26, 2012 at 04:09 PM

What's Ur definition of a Dominant Defense again ?






I'd rather be a Cane or no fan of college football. ORANGE AND GREEN ALL DAY!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 26, 2012 at 09:50 AM


And therein lies Urs and many other CaneClods Major problem... Combined with Ur Orange n Green Peripheral blinders and Ur .5G memory, U can only hold enough information to retain what has happened with Cane Football from the 80's and 90's to make U feel better about reality rather than the trUth... U have erased Failed Cane Seasons after Seasons from '03...'04...'05...'06...'07...'08...'09...'10...'11 and have ZERO room left on U miniscule memory card to realize what is actually going on within the College Football Landscape and how U've been passed and left behind in the dUst as U now look up to 40 BETTER Programs in College Football... So when U say, "It's MIAMI or Nothing." It only proves that U have ZERO abilty to rationalize about where U trUly are in comparison to the Top College Football Programs... ie- DelUUUUUUUUUUUUUsion... It's TrUly A Cane Thang...

U clUcks tune into WQAM today? They have been ripping U apart all day (along with U clUck fans digging Ur own graves calling n twating in crying it's not fair, they're picking on us and to boycott YAHOO), about how U babies are in TOTAL DENIAL and even comparable to Penn State fans for STILL defending Joe Pa... GOD ITS CLASSIC !!! ...

Earlier Actual Call...

*CaneFanCallerLaz..."Yahoo is out to get dUh U and their STORIES are ALL MADE UP!!! I'm Boycotting YAHOO !!!"

*WQAM Cooper/Goldie..."Well, YAHOO has written many other articles about a dozen other schools and possible NCAA violations other than Miami. Miami just keeps showing up on their radar screen over n over again... And I spoke with Billy Corbin and he is on record as saying they're far more trUe than false."

***CaneFanCallerLaz... "Uhhhh... really... IT'S STILL NOT FAIR !!! clUnk?"

And now Selio is settin U clUcks straight too... Jamal Carter, "I figUre the Yahoo stories aren't trUe.... Corch Golden says it'll be All'iet."

JESuSH.CHRIST !!! Typical Cane Clods n players and it's never ending ! There's a vendetta and they're picking on MIAMI !!! Wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

HELLLLLOOOOOO CANE FAN .... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... tick ... tick... TICK




And U know this ...

btw-How's Ray Ray doin' ?

Holla Arthur !!!

keep knocking our talent gator honk...you wanted every one on our roster...and with ALL YOUR TALENT that was a great season you and muschump had last year..your QBs were awesome..you can keep them

Why do you all continue to waste words on this gayturd dribble?The irony is so amusing...one of them says kids from the south are soft while kids from north & central florida are where its at...U sir are what the educated prefer to call a moron.pay attention next time.other than emmitt no gayturd has ever made a difference past his systems in college.& shebow would rather play with the penises of young uncircumsised non christian children in third world countries rather than play football...than dipshit soldy here calls us duh u with his worthless public school/we accept anybody education.take a look buddy at any educational charts & you will c not even a comparison there buddy & by the way you recruited all the same people & without the pedophile shebow your school has never in there history achieved anything.sorry for reality dude

suck my shebow!!! Gators have higher GPAs and SAT scores than duh U! Look it up loser! Those U.S. News and World Reports are worthless and that's all you go by. look up any other rankings and you'll find that the UF is far superior to lazy spoiled kids that Miami likes to admit. I've been to Coconut Grove where all you dumb losers hang out. makes me sick.

Miami was a good football program about ten years ago. you lost Butch Davis and replaced him with Larry Choker and Shannon Randy. You're all excited 'cause you got a player from Miami. dumbasses, you're supposed to get the guys in your own backyard!

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