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Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong dismissed

Ray-Ray Armstrong is no longer a Miami Hurricane.

The senior safety and former top recruit in UM's 2009 class was dismissed from the football team Wednesday morning -- about a month after he reportedly discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter.

Although UM has yet to explain why he was dismissed (InsideTheU.com reported Armstrong's interaction with a booster), the school did say Armstrong can continue to be enrolled as a scholarship student to complete his degree, or the university will grant him a full release should he elect to transfer to another institution.

Last season, Armstrong was a candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of the season for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

Armstrong was later suspended in November for game after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

He played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft after the 2011 season, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes. But he decided to return.

Earlier this month, Armstrong was named to the preseason watch list for the Bednarink Award, given annually to the nation's top defensive player. In the spring game in April, he had an interception and a fumble recovery. He finished the spring listed first on the depth chart.

Defensive backs coach Paul Williams said in May Armstrong had shown improvement this spring, but still needed to be more disciplined.

"Just run the package, that's what I tell him," Williams said. "Every now and then he wants to be too aggressive. He just needs to run the defense. But he's gotten better. Looks like he's bought in. We need him to step up and be a leader."

Armstrong played in 30 games in his career at UM and finished with 134 career tackles, two forced fumbles, six pass deflections and four interceptions. He finished third on the team with 79 tackles in 2010 and was named All-ACC Second Team.

Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior at Sanford Seminole High in 2008.

With Armstrong gone, the Canes will likely turn first to redshirt junior A.J. Highsmith, who switched to safety last season after serving as a backup quarterback his first two seasons at Miami. Highsmith, the son of former Canes legend Alonzo Highsmith, finished with 12 tackles in 11 games last season. He was listed second on the team's depth chart at free safety behind Armstrong.

Fifth-year senior Vaughn Telemaque, who has started all 25 games in the last two seasons, is the team's other starting safety. 

Other returning veterans include: Kacy Rodgers (6-2, 213, Jr.) and Andrew Swasey (5-10, 205, Sr.).

UM recruited seven defensive backs in their 2012 signing class. Former Miami Columbus standout Deon Bush was the top rated safety in the group. He was ranked sixth overall at his position by Rivals.com.


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Say Bye!

Just another of Coach Shannon's under achieving players who can't follow the rules!

Say Good Riddance!

Every football team, college and pro, should consider hiring life coaches for these boneheads and make the meetings mandatory. How much talent has been squandered over the years because these guys have no concept of professionalism. Teams spend millions on physical trainers and peanuts on psychology yet the mind can easily sabotage even the most flawless physique. If Golden is smart he gets a team of life coaches on staff and has them reeducate these kids on what it means to be men.

hello DEON BUSH!!!!!!!!

"Life coaches" lol. how hard is it follow the rules of the team? He's too caught up in making it to the next level instead of trying to win an ACC championship, get rid of em!

Guess Al is back from vacation. Bye, Ray Ray. You had your chance. My guess is Seantrel is now on a choke leash.

Ray Ray a big dummy, good riddance to this dummy

que te vaya bien.... por come mi#*!!a

Good....thank God this chapter is over with. I have no doubt in my mind that Highsmith or Rodgers will get the job done.

Life coach, how about a life lesson. Shut your mouth, stop reading your dam clippings, Put the team before you're greedy self-absorbed self and evrything should be fine.

I am so glad to hear that. It just proves that Al Golden and UM are taking compliance very seriously. I can't believe how Ray Ray continued to make the same egregious mistakes over and over. I was actually upset that he was only suspended for the FSU game after his dinner tweet last season. I thought he should have been gone then. This program is bigger than one player and they can't afford to let one player bring it down further. Not that it matters, but Ray Ray was overrated on the field too.

Uggh, so wanted to see Ray Ray live up to his potential while still wearing Orange and Green. Was really exciting to hear he was coming back for his senior year, thought it meant he was ready to get serious... So dissapointing to see him continue to let down this team and himself. Good luck to him in the NFL.

Looks like lots of early PT for Deon Bush, next man in.

Rayshawn Jenkins, Kacy Rodgers and lil Swasey is also there too

Hopefully this bone head didn't do anything while the NCAA was on campus and caused further consequences.

Wow....disappointing to hear this. I was hoping the kid had learned from his last two incidents (Shapiro & the dinner meeting)...rules are rules and he DID have opportunities to make it right. Dude was wearing Sean Taylor's jersey number too.... Golden doesn't appear to be a coach that makes knee-jerk decisions, so it' on to the next player. Bush's playing time just increased quite a bit.

Potential!! Ray Ray potential was in high school he was dumb as books and it showed on the field. The guy got beat deep every time. He was the worst pass defending safety ever! Should of just stashed him at LB to late now. WHo cares

Dammit man, all the potential and not a single brain cell. Go to school and then to practice and then the weight room and after that go to your dorm. This was the year to prove everyone wrong and you only succeeded in proving everybody right. I had hopes for you Ray Ray but you let me down. Good riddens and now make way for Kacy Rogers, AJ Highsmith, Andreu Swasey, Rayshawn Jenkins, and Deon Bush. At least they're hungry and have kept themselves out of trouble.

Maybe Ray Ray and Jokory can be roommates for some canadian league football team.

Dammit armstrong what the hell man!!!

At least Golden is running a tight ship.


Hopefully Ray Ray on your way out, you can sign the petition for the new stadium at Tropical Park.



Armstrong was a thug, we didn't need him anyways

I would like to hear the real story on why the person was kicked off the team.


NOT in a million years. That is FIU Country out there. UM is stuck at Sun-Less Life Stadium and UM will continue to get worse, and worse.

Tropical Park....you must be on bath salts.

O well where now in the Bush era!!!

Ray Ray had his chance and now the next guy is stepping in ....Deon is too small right now 180 want get it hes probably better at corner or more than likely nickel but you know rodgers swasey or highsmith thought that was the best news all summer trust me all the kids are buying in the weight room results prove it Cane4life

To I dont like UM. So what?

FI who?----the minor league team located in West Miami?

Denny, the real story is that he broke compliance for the THIRD time. The last two in the middle of an NCAA investigation. The most recent, accepting gifts from a former booster. He thinks the rules don't apply to him. Ignorance can't possibly be argued in his case.

Right on the nose canes_5rings....Golden is taking no crap!

i am sadden that ray has been dismissed from the team,he is still a young man, hope he lands on his feet keep your head up ray. cane for life

non team player
me first attitude
You think he'll make it in the NFL where those concepts are valued even more?
What about his on the field performance? Zilch- underrated, over hyped (ranked #15 regardless of position??) are you serious??

Proof that the star system is b-s

This my cane brethren, is addition by subtraction. I called for him to be kicked off the team a while ago, and a bunch of you all trashed me. Many apologists were saying that he's a beast a true cane blah blah.

Sean taylor (the real #26) is eff---en rolling in his grave.

Ray Ray: You disrespected #26. You disrespected Ray Ray Lewis (the real Ray Ray). You disrespected the U. You are moron.

Maybe he's retarded. I mean, intellectually challenged. Who knows.

But as I said in my prevous post in the Jedd Fisch article, once all of the weeds (eray ray and Seantrel) are pulled, this team will get it together. There's just too much talent.

He wasnt no damn good anyway. Always got burned and took horrible angles. Plus he was sloowwww! Seems like top recruits never work out for us. Arthur Brown, ray,seantrel has been a dissapointment so far, wtf?

I agree ... I cat wait until seniors n juniors or gone from this team no lie

Name calling and insults will never motivate any indiviudal to move in the right direction. Ask yourself sometimes, "How many mistakes have I made in life"? Even as a clergy leader that have two Sons playing football, I don't believe in judging anybody (Judge Ye not that Ye be not judged). I hope that this is a learning stage in his life, and I look for him to excel in the NFL. It seems like when we are fixated with winning, we forget to focus on treating people the way we would want to be treated. What if you made a mistake and people ridiculed your name in the public eye? At least he is in school trying to get a degree and move on in life. Sometimes we need to reflect before we speak.

Richard Herman, you're a bigger man than me to wish him the best... personally I think he's a man (20-something years old?) who spit in the face of the repeated chances he got to stop being selfish. He hurt this team and program because he wanted some extra benefits that he knew weren't allowed. Over and over and over. He was a criminology major too. He's no Cane for Life IMO because he did nothing but let his team down.

Hopefully Ray Ray on your way out, you can sign the petition for the new stadium at Tropical Park.




NOT in a million years. That is FIU Country out there. UM is stuck at Sun-Less Life Stadium and UM will continue to get worse, and worse.

Tropical Park....you must be on bath salts.

Posted by: I dont like UM. So what?


Still having more conversations with yourself using other peoples' handles?? Your life must truly be pathetic. You literally waited for me to write something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are the epitome of a loser. Only person on bath salts is you. You're parents must be ashamed of you. You're that kid in the corner of the family portrait aren't you. Pushed aside by a BETTER sibling. They most likely have a great life, did well in school, great job, good cars, vacations. But you, you're the kid that parents don't like to talk about. Oh, Johnny, ya he's fine, he'll be finishing up MDCC (or the equivalent - FIwho) soon and it only took 6yrs.



non team player
me first attitude

Posted by: corpus


PRECISELY!!! I'm with you Corpus.


Im not sure if "Life Coach" is the best term but rather a sports psychologists who is used to consult with players as an on needed basis. These young men are thrown into the lime lite at a very young age and then highly criticized when they cannot handle it well. (I am not excusing RRA or anything he did. He is at fault and made his own bed). Sports psychologists could provide the team with additional (mental and decision making) conditioning.

Additionally, I think what this highlights is our society. Everyone is so caught up on letting everyone know what they are doing and thinking at a moments notice. When will people learn that what you say and write online on (i.e., twitter, FB, blogs etc.) is the equivalent to yelling it out loud in public. Although he should not have been engaging in the unacceptable activity in the first places, if he would have kept off his damn twitter account he might still be on the team.

At the end of the day, I think it is in the teams best interest to part ways with RRA. I also believe that it was the right decision to allow him the opportunity to remain enrolled and finish his degree. Very classy IMO on AG's & UM's part.

My concern with Ray Ray is why he was kicked off while the NCAA investigation is still ongoing. I think we are screwed and will not sniff a post season for the next two years because of repeat violations. NCAA takes agents/boosters seriously. Nothing to do but to support the players who are here working hard!


Wow, a sad saga. I think, as a 5 star, he had his sights set on the NL from early on and believed the hype. Thought his coming back meant he would get serious about his career. But, he apparently messed up yet again, and was not a team guy. The less of these guys in the program, the better.

Highsmith and Rogers appear to be disciplined team guys who are hitters. I think this will serve the Canes well. AJ seems to have the heart of a true Cane.

Always unfortunate to see a young guy make poor choices. This will not raise his stock with the NFL.

Tropical Park..WTF?

I think that him being dismissed sends a message to the NCAA that we are taking things seriously and will not put up with violations. Problem would have been if they kept him around despite his behavior.






Ray Ray Armstrong ...

The NCAA is on the line for U and would like to have a looooonnnng conversation over a 5 Star Dinner with you ASAP.

I'm ready for football

All we can do is wait and see what happens. In addition, these top schools (Football Programs) should implement a collaborative effort on the possibility of providing the college athletes some kind of stipend to have a little spending money (Maybe $1,500 to $2,000 monthly)? Hey! They have to practice during and after the season (Spring and Summer). I don't agree with boosters approaching these players, but the colleges/universites may be able to prevent these temptations by providing some type of stipend (Work Study for the off-season). Lets try to make some helpful suggestions instead of looming over spilt milk, and insults.

No big deal, it just opens another schoolly for next year and another one of Shannon's garbage players is out the door.

Hope the young man stays in school and gets his degree.

Posted by: TreOFive

It could also show that even with all the new rules and controls put in place, there is still lack of institutional control. All it took was Reggie Bush to bring down USC.

UM is just average.

There would be lack of inst. control, if he was not dismissed, but in fact he is gone. So there is your control.

One by one, the garbage that Shannon recruited is showing their true colors. They are all selfish me-first types. The good Rev. states that we shouldnt judge. relax, rev. Its my opinion. Ray Ray was given plenty of chances, beginning with the fact that he was recruited to play here, NFL-U, and become a superstar, all the while receiving a FREE $120,000 education. Then he played with Sh*tiro, because he was elfish and wanted more, and had no concept of the rules or of the term "postponement of gratification". Then while the NCAA hammer was investigating, dumba55 goes and has dinenr at prime 112 with a sports agent....?? And then tweets about it???? He either has a vendetta against Miami, is pathetically unintelligent, is incredibly stubborn, incredibly selfish, doesn't gi--ve a da..m about his teammates, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. I vote all of the above.

I don't really mind judging (and being judged) in our lives and actions. Otherwise it's just mayhem. We need to hold people accountable for their actions. If no one would ever judge me for what I do then what's to stop me from going around acting however I wanted? This would be a miserable world to live in if the only thing that kept us in check was fear of how we'll be judged when we die. Because there are a whole lot of people who either don't believe that or don't care because they figure they'll repent later in life.

Confirmed reports are that Ray Ray has already been admitted to North Alabama and will be there for the opening of 2 adays in 2 weeks.

he made a mistake, he's paying the price, but he still has a chance at the league. act like adults and wish the kid the best

But if you really have a problem with him, walk up to the 6-4, 225lb Ray-Ray Armstrong and tell him how you really feel. don't hide behind a key board

As an African American I am tired of the frequency of young black males,inability to adjust to language standards, social, professional and the educational norms we all have to live by. We dominate the sports media for legal and organizational violations and we have to some way get them to adjust to the educational and professional norms! Its not so much about sports but the missed opportunities to gain an education and the possibilities for financial success. Next he'll give a phony apology, promise to graduate and how he is going to work out and try to get a professional contract. Bet on it! Will the young professional black men out there in college grab one of these collegiate thugs and show them the way in a world already dismissive of us? Please!

Well said TAMPA CANE. You are someone who gets it.

GO U!!!

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