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Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong dismissed

Ray-Ray Armstrong is no longer a Miami Hurricane.

The senior safety and former top recruit in UM's 2009 class was dismissed from the football team Wednesday morning -- about a month after he reportedly discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter.

Although UM has yet to explain why he was dismissed (InsideTheU.com reported Armstrong's interaction with a booster), the school did say Armstrong can continue to be enrolled as a scholarship student to complete his degree, or the university will grant him a full release should he elect to transfer to another institution.

Last season, Armstrong was a candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of the season for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

Armstrong was later suspended in November for game after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

He played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft after the 2011 season, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes. But he decided to return.

Earlier this month, Armstrong was named to the preseason watch list for the Bednarink Award, given annually to the nation's top defensive player. In the spring game in April, he had an interception and a fumble recovery. He finished the spring listed first on the depth chart.

Defensive backs coach Paul Williams said in May Armstrong had shown improvement this spring, but still needed to be more disciplined.

"Just run the package, that's what I tell him," Williams said. "Every now and then he wants to be too aggressive. He just needs to run the defense. But he's gotten better. Looks like he's bought in. We need him to step up and be a leader."

Armstrong played in 30 games in his career at UM and finished with 134 career tackles, two forced fumbles, six pass deflections and four interceptions. He finished third on the team with 79 tackles in 2010 and was named All-ACC Second Team.

Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior at Sanford Seminole High in 2008.

With Armstrong gone, the Canes will likely turn first to redshirt junior A.J. Highsmith, who switched to safety last season after serving as a backup quarterback his first two seasons at Miami. Highsmith, the son of former Canes legend Alonzo Highsmith, finished with 12 tackles in 11 games last season. He was listed second on the team's depth chart at free safety behind Armstrong.

Fifth-year senior Vaughn Telemaque, who has started all 25 games in the last two seasons, is the team's other starting safety. 

Other returning veterans include: Kacy Rodgers (6-2, 213, Jr.) and Andrew Swasey (5-10, 205, Sr.).

UM recruited seven defensive backs in their 2012 signing class. Former Miami Columbus standout Deon Bush was the top rated safety in the group. He was ranked sixth overall at his position by Rivals.com.


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a world already dismissive of us? Please!

Posted by: TAMPA CANE | July 18, 2012 at 02:46 PM

Obama loves U and loves to take whitey's money and give it to the exact people you are denegrading... What's the incentive to gain an education for possibilities for financial success ?

Bruther puhlease!

I was surprised Ray Ray came back for his senior year. I had hoped he would have learned from last year. I guess not.
Good luck Ray Ray.

"But if you really have a problem with him, walk up to the 6-4, 225lb Ray-Ray Armstrong and tell him how you really feel. don't hide behind a key board"

I would if I didn't think he'd do exactly what you're implying. But how does his physical stature or ability to beat the crap out of me have anything to do with the truth? That he disrespected UM and the opportunity to play ball there.

I would actually tell him what I think to his face if I was somewhere with TV cameras around so he couldn't try to pull physical intimidation (and just how is physical intimidation any braver than "hiding behind a keyboard?")I'd love to hear his answer. WHY on earth did he continue to brag about gifts and meals on twitter?

I simply am in shock that he told us he came back to help the team and get his degree. He lied. What a person does is infinitely more important that what he says. Go Canes!

RRA proves there is no common sense among man on planet earth. Greed and obstinacy has robbed us of such.

"I would if I didn't think he'd do exactly what you're implying. But how does his physical stature or ability to beat the crap out of me have anything to do with the truth? That he disrespected UM and the opportunity to play ball there."

Exactly it's easy to sit hear at a keyboard and spew righteous indignation, but are you really willing to give him a tough talking to? No you're not. As a basic rule you should never say on a message board, FB, or twitter what you wouldn't say to a mans face. I'm not excusing what he did, what he did was stupid, and he's paying the price. But I see this constantly after a lost, or even a win but a player has a bad game. criticize his game, point out that he made a mistake, but don't make the attacks personal. That's all I'm saying. He's one kid out of what.....80 some odd kids on the roster, and you have folks on this message board and in general painting all athletes as thugs. Newsflash the majority of athletes don't mess up, but the ones who do get all the attention. One kid at Miami, Ohio State, USC, etc. does not define all D-1 athletes.

No, but 40 gators almost do^^^^^^^^

U see. Now I hope Ray Ray learns: It's called hustle and thinking about things: It's like a chess game, life is. He's still got a chance to get his degree, so go get it. It's just like that humongously overrated Larry Bird said" There always somebody better than you waiting to take UR place.

UM is loaded at DB position and there are at least four to five players that can play right now, like Finney.

Telemaque: Take charge. We know U are smart now show US something new.

did dante phillips ever make a trip to um?i saw on espn where he is gonna commit to tennessee.

Forget the football team for a second. All I can think about is what happens next to Armstrong. You have to grow up sometime; what better time to grow up than yesterday?

"Exactly it's easy to sit hear at a keyboard and spew righteous indignation, but are you really willing to give him a tough talking to? No you're not."

I'll say anything to a reasonable man's face. Or in a safe environment absolutely, but you make it sound like you're somehow less of a person if you aren't willing to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Or that you're more of a man if you can act like an immature child but you're physically blessed enough to be able to physically intimidate someone...

Alas, I'll probably never get the opportunity to find out how he'd react to me.

Seantrel Please Finish what you started. Don't run or ruin what God has blessed you with. I am praying that the light bulb turns on and you can see. Sometimes what you need to do isn't what you want to do.

Sad day!! Good luck Armstrong. When one door closes God has another door waiting for you to walk through. Be humble not proud and learn from this mistake as you plan on walking through a different door of opportunities. This door has closed and I am sad because of it. Grow Up and succeed in life. Don't be what people expect you to be. Instead be who God created and planned you to be.

Tampa Cane well said.Canespace.com is the place for good info annd comments.

we can't catch a break

So...ted is saying that no man can criticize any athlete unless he is willing to take him on. That is plain stoooopid!

So, all dudes in barber shops take notice... You all cant criticize rampage jackson unless you are willing to step into the octagon

Man you silly

We have the write to complain about any U athlete who was given not one, not two, but three strikes and he kept meseing up. He let his brothers down. He let the U fans down. He let himself down. As a fan, i am sick of tne stupidity and the sense of entitlement. Typical of Shannons 2008-2009 recruits.

Cool cat there you go again you racist blowhard what does larry nird have to do with this? Larry nird won how many ships? Clyde Drexler won how many? Are you really calling a hall of famer overrated you racist malcom x wannabe?
Go suck obamas teet you black panther you,, and stay off this blog with that garbage

I'm ready for these seniors and juniors to kick rocks

First time in his life someone has held Ray Ray accountable?
My guess is yes.
Has to hurt, but this is how you learn; being held accountable.
Hate to lose my favorite player.
Love to know that there are rules, and that all our players from here on out will be exemplary.

Gotta say I really respect Al Golden. Tough to dismiss a talented (but definitely under-achieving) player. But he did what he felt was right, damn the ramifications. We love & support you Al!

You can criticize what he did, but stop making it personal. The name calling is unnecessary.......i wish I never made a mistake like most of you on this board, or only one mistake, and yes if you can't say to a man's face what you're typing here then keep it to yourself. Criticize his game, say what he did was dumb, but stop making it personal.....that's all I'm saying

There is no I in team Ray-Ray. You let your team down again. Good luck to you. The U will be fine with AJ Highsmith. He is competitive, works hard, shows leadership and does things the right way. All the things you did not. For every hard hit, you took three bad angles and missed four tackles.

My concern with Ray Ray is why he was kicked off while the NCAA investigation is still ongoing. I think we are screwed and will not sniff a post season for the next two years because of repeat violations. NCAA takes agents/boosters seriously. Nothing to do but to support the players who are here working hard!
Kicking a player off a team for wrongdoing IS exhibiting institutional control.
Ray Ray was cleared of wrongdoing for the dinner. This time he was not. If he were allowed to stay on the team there would be a lack of control.

Coach Golden and rest of the team trying to accomplish something as a team, and this moron gets caught A THIRD TIME doing the same stupid ****.

It's always one step forward, one step back with these boneheads, and their lack of good judgment hurts the team as well as themselves.

All I have heard is about how the academic standards are so high because of Shalaber and what a great job she has done. This is a prime example of Donna Shalaber at her best. This MORON hasn't got the mental capability to digest between his ears that his dumba$$ has been in caught twice, served a suspension that hurt his teammates, was allowed to remain with the team this year and then he being Armstrong, goes out and does the same STUPID crap again. Once is a mistake, twice is just being dumb, and the third time is a young MAN not a boy acting like a little entitled brat. That dummy just hurt his draft stock even more now. I for one am glad he's gone. He coudn't play pass defense and was too dumb to help our team. From a physical standpoint the young man has all the tools but from a mental capacity, his brain is stuck somewhere between floor 2 and 3 on and 12 floor building. This is a blessing that he's gone. All his potential was a waste of a scholarship and space that was holding others back. What a pure dunce.

For the love of god would someone please tell Dari Nocom or what ever is name is to quit sucking Mike Slive's gameCOCK! He' gonna suck the poor old man's guts right through it. I am all about calling things like they are but I have never seen a Network such as ESPN, which is suppose to be unbiased journalist, make a conference out to be so unbeatable in all my life. Are there good teams in the SEC? Yes but they make them out to be better than the NFC East or the New England Patriots for godsake. They hardly ever play anybody out of conference that is any good, and if they do they never go on the road in a home and home situation. All they want to do is play Georgia States, Furmans, or some body like that. If they are so good go play teams like Oklahoma, USC, Ohio State, Nebraska, Texas and do it in their house and then we will see how good they really are. Let LSU go to Autzen stadium and win, or Alabama go to the Big House and win or for that matter let them come here and play the Canes or go to Tallahasee and play the Noles. Florida is too scared to play us and FSU kicks their tail pretty much every time but all you hear from those SEC croch sniffers at ESPN are excuses. Play somebody that counts away from your friendly confines and then those statements will be facts. And for god sake get that little Arab Dari off of Slive. The boy is going to suck himself to death.

Gone but will B 4gotten.....all he wanted 2do is tackle
stayed out of place on da back end so now let da young
thundercats play.

Championships u forgot that the league turns a blind eye when an sec team gets in trouble. How does msu pay 300 thousand to cams parents and cam didn't even play for them. Ala bama had a texbook scandal going on that they never even discussed. Sounds like the pel grants to me. Lol A lack of institutional control is fla with all those arrest. I wonder how much auburn payed that line backer to decommit from ala. how does Calipari get to coach at Kentucky after putting UMASS and Memphis on probation. What about pertrino at Arkansas . Georgia has had six off season arrest and had three last year. Are they in control? And your right it they claim to be the best conference then they should be more than willing for each team in the sec to play at least an average team in one of the bcs affiliated conference for a two game serries every year. If they do that and come out unscathed then if they are the best they will have to prove it. Your absolutely right Tulane,g st. And Furman every other week. What they seem to forget is ole miss and vandy and then there about 4 other teams that are average at best who don't scare anyone. They have three above average teams every year but if they played some real out of conference teams maybe their record wouldn't look so good. If one conference can get the majority of slots for bowl games they can play some real games at the start of the year.

MrUMCane, and CANETILLIDIE...DH; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I feel real sorry for you guys. You guys have no life at all, just to prove it, look at how many times you have posted on this blog. You respond to everything that someone says about the Canes. I guarantee everyone that CANETILLIDIE responds to my post. First of, F-you. Second, the "U" is nothing and will never be. You dont even have your own stadium, your program is falling 4th behind USF, you are scared to play FIU, you have yet to win an ACC title, you are like the Miami Dolphins....living in the past. Your program is dirty, your program will soon be on probation, your program is not in the top 25, your program facilities are worse than FIU's, your program is a fraud, your program is the past, your players arent that good, your coach is overatted, and you only think your coach is good because he has good hair, UM will never win a Championship again, nobody is scared of UM, the stadium you play in is not yours, the stadium you play in is half empty and looks like an old school Marlins game, your team will soon be on probation, your team is going to go 4-8, you have a true freshman starting at tailback, your talent on your team is no good, 90% of your fan base did not go to UM or graduated any university, your program is corrupt, your ex-coach Randy Shannon is suing your team for back pay, your players are fake thugs, your team is overatted, your team is no good,.....

I feel sorry for you both of you. Both of you are most likely middle age men, who are stuck in a cubicle, if you have a job, and you are living in the past. UM is the new Notre Dame, a program living on it's past glory that nobody cares about. BTW Notre Dame wooped your team, speaking of that? When was the last major victory for UM? Enjoy your 4-8 season, and keep hoping that one day the "U" is comming back, keep hoping and praying, because the "U" is the "Uaint". F-you again.

Can't wait to yell Duuuuuuuke after he breaks off a 60yd run!!!!!!!!.....Is the season here yet, can't wait!!!!

I don't like UM. So what?

Whew, you are angry, dude. Maybe it is a 4 - 8 year, maybe it is a 7-5 year coming up. A young team with a tough schedule. All we can ask is that they play hard, minimize mistakes and use their talents.

I believe Golden will turn out a tough team, without big egos. If you watched Temple film, you see that his teams at least showed up and were hitters.

So, I wouldn't write of UM for all time, in fairness. And, yes, it's tough to have been a great chanpion and then struggle with mediocrity and underachievement. And we DO need our OWN STADIUM!

Tally Cane, you take on a politically incorrect topic. But you raise important points. While many African-American kids do well and have strong character, the screwups tend to be in that group.

Why? The 72.5% illegitimacy rate for black babies born today is disheartening. How well can many kids do without a father? Who is their role model? God bless the mothers and grandmothers who stand by their kids. However, this is a negative trend for society as well as athletics. Where are the voices of outrage
and compassion for these children?

If that rage can be focused in athletics or any kind of goal-oriented endeavor, it is a positive. If not, a kid will act in self defeating ways, and potential is sadly wasted. Like never before, a coach is a father surrogate to many, and I think the Canes have got a good one!

Who's Ur Daddy ?



South Florida



is whU

U have ONE preseason position player nominated for ANY postseason performance awards for the 2012 season...

ONE !!! Allen Hearns ? WhU's he ?

bUt Ur roster is Full of talent riieeet ?

Please tell us tell us all about how Ur Defense will DOMINATE again this year CanesTilUrBraindead.

Relax Cane clUcks... The loss of Ray Ray only dropped U from 48th. in the preseason polls to 64th.

"If you watched Temple film"

Ummm...I'll pass as I have to watch paint dry. Where does one acquire the Temple film?

You Trolls crack me up with your predicting, and insults.
You boys and girls just don't get it.
Cane fans could care less what you think of our University,or sports programs.
Every year (like fans of every team) I get excited for the season to start, and cheer for my team to win it all.
That hasn't happened in awhile, but guess what. I am still a Cane fan. Win or lose. Always will be.
Do you really thing that by you coming on here and showing your anger, and hatred for my team is going to upset, or hurt me and my fellow Canes? Not happening.
If anything I pity you and your shallow life.
So keep your hate fires burning, and thanks for the laughs. Looking forward to chatting with you once the season starts.
Here is an idea. Why don't you tell us how your team is going to do this year since you are so good at predicting the future? I am sure some of you do not even have a team. You are just on here to try and get someone to talk to you. For you just pick a team and we will talk about your team. Sure there will be some Cane fans that will just throw insults at you. There are small people everywhere. You prove that every time you insult us.
I will talk football with you. Lets talk about your team. Just let me know which one it is.

Steven Spielberg,

Go to the Temple University website. Go to Rivals, Espn or Yahoo and search Temple under teams. Try youtube. Go to their recent bowl appearances. Look at their recent first round DT's film. I think his name was Muhammed something or other, a lightly recruited kid out of high school who developed at Temple.

It ain't paint drying. We can argue about the level of play in the MAC (by the way, they had a large number of pro bowlers last year). If you get intensity level in football, you will see that Golden's teams played focused and tough. That has been missing for the Canes for several years. Check it out.

U have ONE preseason position player nominated for ANY postseason performance awards for the 2012 season...

ONE !!! Ronald Powell? WhU's he? He be hurt.

bUt Ur roster is Full of talent riieeet ?

Please tell us tell us all about how Ur Defense will DOMINATE again this year BlogPig.

Well since I or anyone else doesn't know who to respond to since either multiple (or just one person with multiple personalities filled with hate for everything) comes on our blog talking pure garbage. So pathetic that one or many come here to spew crap everywhere when their teams haven't done what The U has done. You(or the rest of your personalities) call it the past most likely because you're haven't been living long enough to enjoy each and every championship, undefeated season, control of the series against every school in your state, control of the NFL draft, oh and did I mention heisman's, etc etc... That would mean that you're a little kid plain and simple. You mention that some of us here probably work in a cubicle for some corporation. Well there's nothing wrong with that at all. People have to earn a living somehow. Beats living off of food stamps and still living with your parents referring to them as your roommates. I can't speak for anyone else here but I personally own my company and have employees do jobs for me which grants me time to waste how I please looking online about everything and anything about my favorite team. I guess you don't have that much time to spend on your team because you're obviously spending that time here with us, hiding behind your computer just like a little kid. Sorry man but my life isn't sad at all. I own my home, have a business, have cars, have my fishing boat and just started my family. What have you done with your life that has been so productive other than vomiting on this blog? You spend a lot of time here waiting for me to type something only to respond with some copy and paste job and then throw in some garbage that you have been repeating over and over again. Why don't you come up with something new for a change or is that too radical of a move for you? You try to get me to argue with you but my maturity simply won't allow that to happen. If you would like to meet up face to face then we can have a nice conversation outside in the parking lot. I'll begin it, you'll try to put something of substance in the middle, and I'll end it. Sorry man I'm simply not afraid of anyone, especially someone hiding behind a computer.

Now I'll bet this punk will return with another post using one of his million alias's. I guarantee it. Prove me wrong or right but at the end, you're still a punk and The U is always going to be better than your school.



Ok. Ray Ray is gone. We don't truly know what the infraction he committed was. However, seemed like every time he did something on the edge of NCAA regulations he turned around and posted it on facebook or twitter. It doesn't take a genious to know that the compliance department is monitoring these sites. If he had kept his trap shut, who knows? Maybe he would still be on the team. Sometimes,especially in the midst of an NCAA investigation, the seemingly look of impropriaty is as bad as the real thing.
By the way, Alabama has played FSU and other teams home and away, so it's not all SEC teams playing nobody all of the time.

I got so carried away with my rant I almost forgot - please sign the petition for the stadium at Tropical Park - we are only a few john hancocks away from making it a reality.


I'm sorry to tell you but I just fired your dad. I hope that Obama keeps his word (never has) and gives your family the help that they need so that you can keep living in their basement fighting the world from your computer. Keep the fight alive, one day you might just amount to something.

GO CANES 2012!!!!

I'm going to put together some tape of Jim Brown, Christian Okoye and the Zonk and then send it to Mike James with my own personal R.B coaching tips (remember, I was a 5-6 220 lb. backup R.B. at Gulliver)... After multiple viewings, by mid-season he should be a good as any of them... Make 1st. Team All ACC, ALL-American, Heisman invite and 1st. Round Draft Pick on his way to being an All Pro and future Hall of Famer...

I'm sorry, I was wiping your father's tears off of my desk. What was that again? lol

How about this, man up and claim you school right now for all of us. We all here proudly claim The U as our team, school, and colors. You simply come here and run your mouth from behind your computer screen...UHHHH big man huh, only one here who's 5'6" and 220lbs is you fat tard. Good lord how many pimples have you counted so far. You're so much fun to toy with, it's like having a little brother that you hold off at arms length while he swings his little punches with all of his little might.

Claim your colors or keep hiding behind every one of your multiple handles. You're weak and pathetic.


Look Cane fans… U made the news !!!


I guess you chose to hide behind your multiple handles. The move that a weak person would make. Good for you pu55y.

GO CANES 2012!!!

Yo cane trash

Man LOSERTILUDIE.........DH, that was a long arse post just to say nothing, keep it simple stUpid.
How's that Tropical park gig working out? What a doUche!

championships is all that matters so Dah U hasn't mattered for well over a decade and counting. Dude are U really so dense? A "fan" of a most mediocre team in the most mediocre conference whining about the SEC? SEC do play good OCC teams every year and they play the best OCC team in the nation at the end of every year for the past 5 years. The result is dominance by the SEC. Even mediocre SEC teams like Vandy dominate their couterparts in other conferences like Wake.
U r just a delUsional cane fool who cannot recognize reality. Ur argument just proves how blinded and stUpid U r.

And enough with the sour grapes and name calling regarding Ray Ray. Deep down all U girls know that it aint good to lose an experienced player like him. Ur sorry team will miss him, Ur sorry team just got worse.
No matter how many freshmen U got, none of them r proven and even if they r good they will have growing pains. Which means lots of losing, or loosing for those of U in the Gables.
Not even Ur Golden Retriever will be able to fetch more wins this year than last. Maybe U should give him another extension.............
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

canetrash 11:58 am- YOU are the loser. Nice rant. You made no sense. Are you pleased now.

Now lets get back to business.

Additionby subtraction.

UM doesnt need selfish overrtaed underperforming players like Ray Ray.

At least he didnt beat his girlfriend up ala AC Leonard of gaytors who was kicked off the team.

Typical UF: Bunch of pu55ies/

When did UF play ooc oo state? No, FSU dont count.

UM and FSU play Oklahoma, or Michigan or BYU, or Ohio State. Auburn went and played USC a couple of times in the 2000s.

When aside from a bowl, has UF gone OOC OO state?

Please refresh our memories!

Very well said Tampa Cane. I also agree with the Reverend, Corpus, and Canes 5 Rings. Life coaches? I think it's called parents. Ray Ray is a product of his upbringing. There was no accountability for things outside of football. Tampa Cane: I like your idea of mentoring these young athletes but it's too late at the college level. They need this mentoring at an earlier age. They need parents (both mom and dad) holding them accountable not only for football but for class work, societal issues, faith, etc.... I'm glad to see the coaches let him go. He was given a fair opportunity to be a cane. Let's wish him the very best in life.

Those UF pansies don't play anyone out of OOC or OPP yeah you know me. The cower behind the SEC schedule. What has the SEC done lately? All I know is that I just pulled up my roach coach to another cement factory here in Hialeah and everyone is talking about THE U. Like U gots an empanada, U gots a fanta, U gots a green card. It's ALL ABOUT THE U


I am thinking really hard. Let's see.... last time Mississippi, Mississippi State, Vandy, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, or Texas A&M won the national title. Can you help me troll?

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