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Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong dismissed

Ray-Ray Armstrong is no longer a Miami Hurricane.

The senior safety and former top recruit in UM's 2009 class was dismissed from the football team Wednesday morning -- about a month after he reportedly discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter.

Although UM has yet to explain why he was dismissed (InsideTheU.com reported Armstrong's interaction with a booster), the school did say Armstrong can continue to be enrolled as a scholarship student to complete his degree, or the university will grant him a full release should he elect to transfer to another institution.

Last season, Armstrong was a candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of the season for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

Armstrong was later suspended in November for game after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

He played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft after the 2011 season, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes. But he decided to return.

Earlier this month, Armstrong was named to the preseason watch list for the Bednarink Award, given annually to the nation's top defensive player. In the spring game in April, he had an interception and a fumble recovery. He finished the spring listed first on the depth chart.

Defensive backs coach Paul Williams said in May Armstrong had shown improvement this spring, but still needed to be more disciplined.

"Just run the package, that's what I tell him," Williams said. "Every now and then he wants to be too aggressive. He just needs to run the defense. But he's gotten better. Looks like he's bought in. We need him to step up and be a leader."

Armstrong played in 30 games in his career at UM and finished with 134 career tackles, two forced fumbles, six pass deflections and four interceptions. He finished third on the team with 79 tackles in 2010 and was named All-ACC Second Team.

Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior at Sanford Seminole High in 2008.

With Armstrong gone, the Canes will likely turn first to redshirt junior A.J. Highsmith, who switched to safety last season after serving as a backup quarterback his first two seasons at Miami. Highsmith, the son of former Canes legend Alonzo Highsmith, finished with 12 tackles in 11 games last season. He was listed second on the team's depth chart at free safety behind Armstrong.

Fifth-year senior Vaughn Telemaque, who has started all 25 games in the last two seasons, is the team's other starting safety. 

Other returning veterans include: Kacy Rodgers (6-2, 213, Jr.) and Andrew Swasey (5-10, 205, Sr.).

UM recruited seven defensive backs in their 2012 signing class. Former Miami Columbus standout Deon Bush was the top rated safety in the group. He was ranked sixth overall at his position by Rivals.com.


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Everyone's talking about how good some of the teams in the SEC are.

Only, you aren't in the conversation, Gatr maggot. We'll find you down around the Kentucky/Vandy/Missy States of the conference.

Sucks to be Gatr trash, don't it?

As an African American I am tired of the frequency of young black males,inability to adjust to language standards, social, professional and the educational norms we all have to live by. We dominate the sports media for legal and organizational violations and we have to some way get them to adjust to the educational and professional norms! Its not so much about sports but the missed opportunities to gain an education and the possibilities for financial success. Next he'll give a phony apology, promise to graduate and how he is going to work out and try to get a professional contract. Bet on it! Will the young professional black men out there in college grab one of these collegiate thugs and show them the way in a world already dismissive of us? Please!

Posted by: TAMPA CANE | July 18, 2012 at 02:46 PM

This is one of the most pathetic post i've ever seen in my life. This is a classic and spoken like a true house negro! Trying to pass judgement on the field hands. If you're that tired, are you out their in the communities you look down upon trying to help people "adjust" as you said it. Everybody will not adjust to what you're calling the "norms". it's obvious ray ray made decisions that ultimately ended up with him in this situation, but many of you want to name call and make statements about adjusting, but look at your own post.

Most in here are expecting and placing high expectations on young men 22 years old and down to be mature, your own post show your own levels of maturity, most are at a pathetic level. ALot of yall are hypocrites, had ray ray been a top 10 pick, most of yall would be singing a different tune, but since not many know where he'll be drafted, and say he's not that good, it's the 'let's kick em while he's down mentality" running rampant.

Thank goodness the internet wasn't around back in the 80's, cause most in here want to beat their chest and brag on the 5 championships and this and that, but have no idea of the mentality and mindsets of the players from the 80's and the 90's and what actually help to produce that type of dominance over that long period of time. Most UM fans are disgraceful, but it still shows the real mental divide.

As someone posted earlier, how about all you who are so tired, go personally to ray ray and display the same amount of disdain and disgust yall are doing on this blog, a mofo bunch of cowards!

TRASH- Alabama is actually going to play somebody in Michigan this year out of conference for a change but the SEC teams never play home in home with the teams of substance out of conference. Read what I said nimrod, Did LSU go to Oregon and play in Autzen Stadium? NO. The SEC will not play anybody at their stadium out of conference at the opposing teams stadium unless it is somebody like a Georgia State, or Furman or Louisiana Monroe where it is a cakewalk. The reason why is their commissioner knows that the great Alabama, LSU, Florida, or Georgia would possibly lose an opportunity to play for a NC or it may damage this phantom belief of their supposed greatness. Go to Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan or Texas and play in their stadiums and then you get respect. Not playing at Cowboy's stadium which is like an SEC team playing in the Sugar bowl. The SEC didn't want LSU to play oklahoma State last year so they come up with all this crap about how Bama was more deserving to play for the National Title. HOw? They played and lost at home to LSU. They had their chance and kudo's to them they got another and made the most of it. But look at what Boise did to Georgia in the Georgia Dome last year. Imagine what Boise State would have done to them had the game been played in Boise. Ouch! The Bottom line is they are good but not as good as those stooges at ESPN make them out to be. Why do I say that you ask. Well other than they don't play anybody of substance out of conference, ESPN and the SEC have a huge contract and ESPN over promotes and embellishes every good thing they can for the SEC and you hear very minimal about anything bad they do because of money.

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Prove me wrong or right """"""""""""""""""""""""""

O.K. U soon to be Dead and void of all Cane ENTHUSIASTIC DelUsional Cane Fan... I've sat back long enough listening to U and the other idiots go at it. Chew on this.

"A fan of Who U ask?"

ANYONE bUt U and Ur WashedUp has been Notre Dame, Temple n Harvard of the SoUth FUtball Program !!! U've talked the July n August Talk only to be confined to a wheelchair come November n December year after year after year after year after year now...

Please, I'm begging U... Tell us ALL about that dominate Defense again ?


2 Deep Depth Chart

Corners ?

B. McGee
T. Finnie
L. Gunter
L. Hope

Safety ?

V. Telemaque
A. Highsmith
K. Rodgers
A. Swasey

Linebackers ?

D. Perryman
R. Buchanan
J. Gaines
E. Johnson
R. Kirby
G. Paul
T. Cornelius

D-Ends ?

A. Chickillo
R. Williams
S. Green
K. Cain

D-Tackles ?

C. Porter
D. Smith
L. Robinson
O. Pierre

WhU ?

(here's where U go on n on about the upside of all these nobodys that no top schools offered rather than giving an objective scouting report as to just really what type of D-1 Football players they truly are)

That's what's going to Dominate on the Defensive side of the football for U ? U have two, just TWO names (Chickillo n Perryman) there that would even sniff the field for any Top 25 Team... That's exactly why Ur Ranked anywhere between #45-#70 in the Country U fool. All of those 2 n barely 3 Star scrUbs that will see significant playing time will show why they, combined with other 2 n barely 3 Star scrUbs around them, will prove to be a clUsterfu@ked human Sieve on Defense... Now U'll go on n on about how dUh U is notorious for developing 2n3 star kids right? But what U fail to realize is that those kids were sprinkled in with a majority of 4-5 Star Former Cane Studs from yesteryears long gone by... Wake up Dorothy, K-State now is ranked far ahead of U and will continue to do so...

(other than Chickillo n Perryman) R. Williams, D. Smith, L. Robinson, C. Porter, O.Pierre, S. Green, K. Cain T.,R. Williams, D. Smith, L. Robinson, C. Porter,O. Pierre, S. Green, K. Cain, G. Paul, T. Cornelius in the BOX ?

Over the Top and on the perimeter V. Telemaque,
A. Highsmith Finnie, L. Gunter, L. Hope, K. Rodgers, A. Swasey ?

That's Ur below average Top talent now minus Ur Two good but not certainly NOT All-American or even Nationally average All-ACC Players Chickillo n Perryman after losing Ur Top 6 Players on an Average 2011 Cane Defense that was ranked #45 Over-All last season in the Nation ? Dominant ?

********************* 2011 TOP COLLEGE DEFENSES *********************


Notice Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, FSU are ALL TOP-10 OVERALL Defenses with the ability to truly Dominate unlike U and Ur delUded wet dream that U even have the capability to do so, like the rest of Ur crap Conference's D-Units (Va.Tech @ #12 then next closest Virginia @30)

This is where U will now go off on a blind rant about how all those 2012 33 Freshman will fill the void right ? Hamilton, Howard n Bush are about the only kids that will give U even any semblance of TRUE Freshman help on the Defensive side of the ball. But if U think that they will come in and have anything close to an impact, which U do, Ur be slapped in the face with reality just like U have the last 8 years. Yes, good players all, but not even remotely ready to play at the HIGHEST level the entire year... Sure they'll make some plays, but they'll make 2-3 mistakes for every good play they make because they'll be combined with a lack of true talented Defensive play makers around them.

Bottom Line... U HAVE NOTHING THAT COMES CLOSE TO TOP TALENTED DEPTH TO BE DOMINANT ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BALL... Now U'll tell me how Ur young and will build depth over time... Wasn't that Ur go to excUse when the 2008 Northwestern Bullsheeet Class hit campus? And how Shannon's "gots this" ? And by 2010 U'd be BACK winning 'Ships ? Well, start that empty talk up again. It'll give U even more practice come time the NCAA nails U with 30-40 Schollies over 4 years and another 2 year Bowl ban... U'll be right back to where U were the day they Torn the O.B. down until 2016 and U'll be yoUng all over again... De Ja vU U

So, back to the point... How is the University of Miami's 2012 Defense going to be a Top-10 Nationally ranked Dominating one again ?

We'll discUss later how U think Fisch's Offense, now that it's been installed for two years , will light up the scoreboad with Morris and Duke making All-ACC, even without last years Top 3 Linemen and 4 Playmakers... 8, 9 or 10 wins possibe if U don't looose the close games like last year.


HOLA ARTY !!! 2 weeks til 2 a-days ... HOLLA !!!

oh and 5-3-2-Zero ... Shut The Fu@k Up

Remember, Thugs don't choose to attend a college or university, and play a sport. Thugs rob, steal, torture innocent people, etc. (You no other things that they do that as well. I commend brother Ray-Ray for moving in a positive direction, when you look at our inner city neighborhoods and see young men that don't even make this type of step in life (most end up in jail or in a grave). Reflect before you speak. I know, grwoing up in Chicago, which is a gang infested City; now completing my second doctorate degree, and working in academics--while pastoring a church. Don't condemn; find a way to reach out and find a solution to prevent things like this from taking place.

Be real about it!

Tally, I agree with all of your points and they were all on point. Personally, I don't think any D1 school should play teams at the D2 level as part of their schedule. And this whole 4 team playoff committee crap is nothing more than SLive continuing to be able to influence who and how many of the SEC teams that will be a part of it. He can't influence a computer nor can ESPN, unless they have a hand into how things are formulated. I have a solution to the whole playoff thing that would make the most sense and be fair.

1. All 5 or 6 conference champions are included.
2. 2 at large bids.
3. Notre Dame must be either in a conference or win enough games to be one of the at large bids. They should not be treated any different than anybody else just because of their name or history.
4. Cut the regular season down to 10 or 11 games for everybody. Each team plays 8 nonconference games and 2-3 non conference games against teams from each conference in a home and home basis and then rotate to another team.
5. NO team plays all of their nonconference games against just one conference. example- miami could not play oklahoma, texas, and texas tech as part of their nonconference schedule. They would have to play one from the SEC, Pac 12, Big Ten, Big 12 or Big East
And do so on a rotating home and home basis that would be comuter generated so that cupcakes like Duke, Ole Miss, or Washington State would not be used just to get by like Alabama did.

6 Conference Strength of schedule would be taken into account as well as out of conference games strength of schedule would be taken into account as well to determine who got the last two spots should a team not win their conference.

7. Head to head matchups would be taken into account. Example Alabama and Michigan are in position for the last playoff spot, and both have the same record but Alabama, is ranked just ahead of Michigan But Michigan beat Alabama at the beginning of the year. Michigan gets the spot and bama plays in another bowl game. This way they had their chance and do not get another.

8. The Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta Bowls would host the games on a rotating basis as well as the National Title game instead of the game being bid out to Jerry Jones every year.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, CANETILLIDIE...DH....Told you, this is my 3rd and final post. Bottom line I won the bet, you my friend have a big L on your forehead. I guess you are used to that big L, because your team the "Uaint" has been doing alot of L in the last few years, and will continue to do so.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, Yeah, sure you own your own company. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your team stinks and will never be back. Your the new Notre Dame. The U is nothing, and will never be nothing but your grandparents team. BTW, get ready for probation....Hahahaha, NEVIN SHAPIRO...HAHAHAHAHA.

BTW, i am a high school senior that goes to St.Thomas Aquinas. I actually play volleyball, and am looking to go to UF, or Ohio St, so yes you are right. I live with my parents, but at least im not a fat, balding, cubicle sitting looser, who still thinks UM is good. Face buddy, your team is blows, and will always blow.

Have fun enyoing your 4-8 season. Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Posted by: "I dont like the Canes, so what?"

Dude, you must be an awful student. UF or Ohio State? As bad as UTrailer is, tOSU is one of the worst academic institutions in the country.

A bit of advice: Don't gloat about going to either of those two schools. Once you get out and have to find a job where you need to actually know something and apply some skills, you will realize why.

I guess Aquinas isn't as good academically as it used to be.

"Go Gatah."

I do own my own bizness. You are too old to go to the clubs but I and my staff provide the necessary fragrances and breath mints to the club patrons in the men's rooms. I do have time in between my customers to read about my team, THE U. Remember that on your way to trailerville with the other red necks and other toothless ones. Good luck finding a REAL job with that papermill diploma.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, CANETILLDIE works as the guy who passes out breathmints at the strip clubs. Have fun smelling pooo all day you jackass. Do you work at the same strip club were Nevin used to take the Uaint players? The one where the stripper got an abortion, who in their right mind has unprotected sex at a strip club, shows you the kind of players the Uaint has. Have fun being 7th in the ACC.

First let me say Miami's 5 titles are a tremendous accomplishment and I give Miami all the credit in the world for those championships. But to continuously comment that based on that alone no other program comes close to Miami diminishes the accomplishments of other great programs. Since 1980 Nebraska, Florida and Alabama also have won multiple national championships capturing 3 titles each. Yeah I know its not 5. Additionally, during this period Miami has won 3 more football games than Florida, but Florida has been to a bowl game every year since 1991 (second longest streak in the country) and has not had a losing season since 1979, Miami cannot make these claims. Also while I give credit to Miami for the 5 titles, 3 of them were won as an independent and 2 of them were won as a member of the Big East. While still deserved ask yourself honestly if Miami were in the Big XII or the SEC and had to play a championship game in additon to a real conference schedule plus FSU how many titles would they have captured?

Also someone please explain to me why Florida playing FSU every year doesn't count as an out of conference game for UF? I didn't know FSU was in the SEC! It is one of the most difficult opponents anyone can face year in and year out.

"Also someone please explain to me why Florida playing FSU every year doesn't count as an out of conference game for UF? I didn't know FSU was in the SEC! It is one of the most difficult opponents anyone can face year in and year out."

Well gatrsam, make up your mind. Either the ACC teams all suck, or they don't. Why doesn't it count? Well, it is mandated by the legislature so UFailure can't get out of it which I am sure they would like to. And travelling 115 miles is barely OOC.

And FSU has been bad for almost as long as Miami. The real teams in the SEC play a national schedule. UFailure not so much.

As for Aquinas boy, don't you have chores to do? Shouldn't you buy your books and get a shiny new backpack? What a tool. I am sure you will be real marketable in 7 years when you are looking for a job.

I dont like the canes (or which ever personality you want to go by)
So how are your mighty Gators going to do this year?
You keep telling us how our team is going to do. Rub those little crystal balls of yours together and tell us what the Gator's season will look like.

How do you feel about all of the arrests that have happened at your school? If you go there will you feel safe?

Who will be your starting QB, and how do you think he will fair?

Just a few questions to start you off now that your tirade is over.

Hey Trolls
Seems Mike James is up for the Doak Walker Award.
Funny there doesn't seem to be a Florida player listed. Must be a typo.
Let the insults, and predictions fly

Championships is all that matters,

I like you analyses the majority of the time.

But, hey, take it easy on my Washington State Cougars. We got Mike Leach and watching a Saturday game in Martin Stadium in Pullman is truly a great experience. Hopefully, the Cougs will put up a few more W's, and as a double diehard, I hope my alma mater Canes do as well!

Gatr Sports:

I guess in your mind South Carolina - Clemson, Kentucky - Louisville and Georgia - Georgia Tech are also not out of conference games because they are less than 120 miles from each other. And if you read your state history it is a myth that the legislature mandated that UF and FSU play. There is no such law on the books in the State of Florida.

dbc, how's it going man? I didn't mean any disrespect toward the Coug's, they have just had a tough go of it the past few years. I like the hire in Mike Leach to them and they should see immediate impact and improvement this coming season with Leach. I like the direction we are going in with Coach Golden in that he will allow a player to learn from his mistake but if he does like Armstrong did, then the player is gone. I really see us being a pretty good team this year. The thing I was most impressed with the Canes last year is the players fought the whole game, whether we won or lost. The prime example is when we went to FSU and gave them all they wanted. FSU was a veteran team and we had alot of youth. I am ready for the season to start.

Gatorsam, Miami played everybody who was any good those years as an independant as part of their schedule. In the 80's Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida State, were all top 5- top 10 teams year end and year out. Miami would have won all 5 of those titles, plus the Canes would have won the title in 1988 and 1990 had we had the current format and given the chance like Alabama did this past year. If the Canes played in the SEC they would have destroyed that conference. Do you honestly think the SEC could have handled the Canes when they were on top? The SEC didn't really become good until, the last 8-10 years. Remember what we did to Florida in the Swamp in 02. Like I said before play somebody out of conference that is really good in their house and win and then the boys from the SEC will truley have the respect the Canes have. We play anybody, anywhere, anytime and once these young players are matured and this whole Shapiro crap is over, the SEC, ACC,and rest of the country will fall in line directly behind the true great ones and champions of college football, The Miami Hurricanes.

wait til October

mike leach

There is no no doubt Miami played many great teams. I don't have time to review each of their schedules. But to play 3 or 4 big games a year as opposed to play in a conference and play the same teams year in year out and have several rivals where everyone knows your tendencies is extremely difficult. Beating Kentucky 26 years in a row the longest streak in college football is no easy task no matter what you think of uk football.

I agree that playing within a conference does give teams a sense of familiarity that can make games difficult. It also has a flip side to the coin in that it can make things easier because a team knows the others tendencies and what they have. When you play teams from other power conferences like Miami has throughout its history like, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and the list goes on and on, there is not that familiarity which makes the game planning much more difficult. This is why I say that the SEC doesn't play anyone of substance on a consistant basis out of conference, and thus until they do, they have not proven that they are any better than any conference in the country. Yes they have won a string of titles but when you don't play anybody outside of your conference at their stadium, then it is pretty ridiculous for ESPN and anyone to promote them as this great conference of teams. They have two maybe 3 good teams and then really a bunch of above average teams. Play somebody really good and win at their stadium on a yearly basis and then I will agree with you. Until then these teams are just getting an unfair advantage given to them by the press.

Hey shameless UM homer, call a sports radio show...any radio show in the country and read the transcript of your post to them on-air. (You can start by calling Joe Rose's show tomorrow A.M.) When you (on the delay) and the rest of the radio-sphere hears what you are communicating, all will laugh until they cry. That is the stupidest logic I've ever read. Do you really believe that or is this some wild stab at rhetorical satire??

If it was just ESPN you might have a point. But look at all the mags, all media that cover college football, the NFL Draft, the NCAA stats that rank the toughest schedules and look at the recruiting rankings. The SEC dominates each and every list with multiple teams not just 3 teams.

I have read the magazines that are put out by Athlon, Phil Steele, and others. I agree that the SEC has grown as far as getting some of the best players in the country and there are some good teams there which are highly ranked but they still do not play anybody away from their home stadium unless it is a psuedo neutral site like LSU played Oregon at last year at Cowboys Stadium. Alabama is getting some of the best players now because of Saban, and LSU gets many because of Les Miles. They are good coaches and players like to play for good coaches, but they are not what they being ESPN making them out to be aka GOD LIKE figures. The SEC right now is a bandwagon and many are getting on the bandwagon rather than point out the obvious. Which is the SEC doesn't play anybody out of conference that amounts to anything at an opponents home stadium. I don't care what some nimrod yes man at ESPN says ala Dari Nocco, Trevor Madich, or that crooked tooth arse bag Reece Davis, nor a magazine, to know that playing Furman, Jacksonville State, Georgia Southern, Troy, is not a tough schedule. As I said before I don't believe any D1 team should play any D2 team at all as part of their schedule. It serves no purpose at all in determining who the real National Champion is or who should be playing for the title. I will give it to your team in that at the very least they do have the guts to play FSU every year, which is a good out of conference opponent but they for what ever reason have Bowling Green, Jacksonville State, and Louisiana Lafayette scheduled instead of the Canes or someone of merit.

Hey Coward, I could care less what a nimrod laughs at. I got balls enough to say that to anybody because it is the truth. Obviously you are drinking the kool aid or are not a very bright individual as to what makes up a challenging non conference schedule. And laugh all you want but the Canes aren't afraid to go to Ohio State, go to Oklahoma, or Kansas State or any other opponents house and play but the Alabama's and LSU's, and resto of the SEC's teams are. When your teams can do that then they will have respect.


No problem! I know you are a righteous guy and a true Cane, and I always enjoy your analysis and your fire!

Yah, the Cougs went 9 - 40 under the last guy, and there was a local controversy about firing him.

But with the mad pirate, we shall see improvement and some balls flying around Martin Stadium. Hope he stays with us. Go Cougs, Go Canes!

dbc, cool man. I appreciate it. Maybe Leach will stay with the Coug's and build them back up. I know there aren't too many people out there on the west coast looking forward to playing them. I kinda think Leach will stay for a while there because he likes building programs up that are down on their luck and beating the traditional powers of conferences. Good luck to the Coug's and the Canes.

Nice to read a true debate on here about college football. Thanks championships, and gatorsam.

I think you both have fine points.
Like Championship. I too feel that you get more credit for going into someones backyard and beating them. Such as LSU did last year to Alabama. In my opinion Alabama should not have been in the Championship game.
Until the other conferences start beating the SEC teams in these neutral site games there is no reason for them to play a home and away series. Just like Alabama told Michigan no to a home and away series this year.
I do not blame the SEC for this practice, and yes I believe it takes away some of the credit for the win.
The SEC is in the drivers seat right now. Until some one beats them out of it. This is the way it will be.

Still waiting CANESTILLIDIE ...

Please, enlighten us all as to how dUh U will have a Top-10 Dominating Defense this season.

I have been travelling on business and just got a chance to read and review many of the posts.

If we cut to the chase here it is.

The 'U' has rules and regs like any Corp. and when you sign on, it is with the stipulation to work within those perameters..Same with our Team. It is Coach G's way and he is in charge.
Break any and you are warned, break again and you are reprimanded, and one more time it is the highway.

Ray Ray is on the highway.

He knew what was expected, and the consequences so hit the road and good luck.

The 'U' does not cater to mollycoddling or babysitting.
Everyone is an adult and treated accordingly.
Good luck and grow up Ray Ray .

In addressing another issue.
When a high school kid get's on a rant about our 'U' we know that he hasn't a clue.. I smile because he wants us to pay attention..
Kid the 'U' is bigger than you and me, but our 'U' stands tall over all the drivel that your high school fingers typed on the keyboard..so my comment to you would be you just don't understand..
Read some posts from Canetillidie, 5<3<2,canetally and experience what real fans are all about.
Maybe you will get there someday.
Good luck.
Go 'Canes

Hey Coward, I could care less what a nimrod laughs at. I got balls enough to say that to anybody because it is the truth. Obviously you are drinking the kool aid or are not a very bright individual as to what makes up a challenging non conference schedule. And laugh all you want but the Canes aren't afraid to go to Ohio State, go to Oklahoma, or Kansas State or any other opponents house and play but the Alabama's and LSU's, and resto of the SEC's teams are. When your teams can do that then they will have respect.

Listening to WQAM, still haven't heard your crackpot SEC conspiracy theory on the air yet. Did I miss it? It's early, only 8:30, I'm sure you're in the queue. Be sure you mention the awesome SOS the Canes have with their scheduling prowess.

Not surprised one bit. If they want to skip college and go pro, let them. Hopefully, he uses his brain and gets that degree.

They'll learn real fast, after their 4 years of playing, that money that stops coming in, dries up real fast.

NFL isn't all that unless you know what to do with that money. Giving it all to your local reverend isn't a good idea either. Just ask Marcus Dupree. ;-)

Ya I saw that. Have you seen that pic of the Defense from ITU? Our D will dominate this year and more to come. Pisses me off that the "under achievers" took off to the NFL. Imagine Streeter, Washington, Miller, Forston, Vernon with this team that Golden and Co. have put together...DAMN!!!

Streeter, Carter as the big men at WR along with Hurns, Waters, Dorsett, Lewis, Scott and hopefully Thompkins will make up for the last 3yrs.

Miller, Duke, Clements, James at RB.

OL will be led by BWash with Linder, Henderson, Isidora, Bunche, Feliciano, McDermott, Lewis, Flowers, Gadbois, etc..

Then at DE you would have Chickillo, Vernon, Hamilton, Pierre, McCord...

Also, pending injuries, Marcus Forston could have done something this year as a veteran on the DL and boost his draft status that never came to be.

I realize that this is a wish list that will obviously never come true but I can only imagine what would or could have been.

But that was that and this is now. Golden and Co. have done a job that I doubt anyone would have been able to do regardless of the circumstances. I don't see him going anywhere.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 05, 2012 at 06:26 PM

I definitely see our defense being our strong point. Specifically our DL and LBs. I would love to see what the DBs will look like once the final roster comes out. I'm not worried about our OL as much as many other people here might be. I'm pretty confident after hearing the numbers that these guys have been putting in the gym compared to last years numbers. I'm much happy with our RB situation with Dallas Crawford and Duke back there along with Clements and James. My jury is still out on the WRs but I think we're going to be pleased with Herb Waters, Macolm Lewis, along with Allen Hurns and Phillip Dorsett. I'm really looking forward to Jontavios Carter(6'3"200lbs) and D'Mauri Jones(6'4" 190lbs) who will be the big men lined up against smaller DBs. Hell, Hurns is on the roster at 6'3", never realized that he was that tall. Either way they'll fill in that spot that Tommy Streeter left open for everyone.
I don't want to make any predictions when it comes to the season but I definitely know that we will surprise the hell out of everyone. I agree that we will win the Coastal and I'm certain that we will be in the ACC game against VT again. Now that we have a more disciplined defense, VT will be in for a wild night.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 09, 2012 at 02:21 PM

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 05, 2012 at 06:26 PM

Not bashing just asking. After losing our best LB, Corner, D.End and two tackles along with most of the D-Line depth, I'm hoping for a steady and improving Defense as the year progresses. "Dominating" is an aweful strong word. On paper in a few years down the line maybe, but I'm still not sold on Cain and Gaines but believe they could be overtaken eventually by Freshman. But there will be major learning curves for all of those kids stepping on the College football field for the first time. Chick will be solid. Perryman can be special. Howard on one side will have growing pains at times but could be that lock down guy in the future. It's the enigmas like Ray Ray n Telemaque that will be the key to this team. They MUST be leaders ! And I hope they have improved on their run support angles and ability to grasp, wrap and mangle tackle. And then there is the one factor that controls and can change a teams or Units identity in a matter of seconds. That's injuries. And they WILL come. Every team incurs them every year. And they will happen like other teams will. That's why not just numbers depth, but true talented and ready to play at a high level depth is the difference between a 5-7 to 6-6 to 7-5 team compared to an 8-4 to 9-3 to 10-2 team. We are looking at a defining season that will result in one of those records. And it can be a matter of just a couple of handfuls of plays that will determine that record. Bottom line. The preseason odds are out and basically we are favored to win about half our games. We NEED to win the games that we are favored in ! No bad loses. And then we need to win 2 or 3 of the games that we'll be a slight underdog in. That should equate to a solid 8-4 year. 9-3 at best, but also 7-5, 6-6 at the very worst if these kids under perform like they have recently. I just want to see some old school U D. The difference now between the LSU's n Bama's in that those teams have ridiculous Defensive depth that is comprised of stone cold, nasty, malicious ballhawkin-rippin bandits and theives. You know, like we always had in the past ? Now the other two areas of the game will be key. We are soooo much more improved in our Special teams which can win a game or 2 every year on their own. The offense will be a mystery but will be in good hands with Fisch running the show in his second year. They will be methodical. BALL SECURITY, winning field position, punt n play D is what they will do. It's going to be a different look on Offense. The kids there now are trained and want to be College fooball greats. Not future NFL get paid bonus babies. And it will ALL be determined by one guy running the the show. Always has and always will be. The Q.B. Mr. Morris had better be up to the challenge.

Once again, not bashing. I love the enthusiasm. But I'm going to keep it tempered tell the results meets the expectations. I do believe Golden has this thing heading in the right direction and know for a fact that he's the guy to get us through whatever the NCAA has in store for the program. But I implore all Cane fans. "Take the pain" when the growing pains hurt. And temper the success that will no doubt come in spurts. And then be ready to move on because getting too pissed or happy over things could effect the future that will be right around the next corner, play, quarter, half and game.

Posted by: ChrisH.U'88 | July 09, 2012 at 06:18 PM


***** I don't want to make any predictions when it comes to the season but I definitely know that we will surprise the hell out of everyone. I agree that we will win the Coastal and I'm certain that we will be in the ACC game against VT again. Now that we have a more disciplined defense, VT will be in for a wild night.*****

For someone that "doesn't" want to make predictions, U sure do make an awful lot of stUpid ones... So not only do U think dUh U's Defense will Dominate, now U have the CandyCanes to win the Coastal Division and playing Va. Tech in the ACC Championship game...

Seriously BRAINDEADTILLUDIE, get a reality check and try to be a little more sensibly objective like Ur Cane pal ChrisH. Atleast he's living in reality and not DelUded CandyCaneland.

Now, tell us all about how Miami's D. will Dominate and they'll Win the Coastal playing for the ACC Championship after a 5-7 season ? I just love Fantasy Fiction and U are a master of it BRAINDEAD...



Imagine Streeter, Washington, Miller, Forston, Vernon with this team that Golden and Co. have put together...DAMN!!!

Streeter, Carter as the big men at WR along with Hurns, Waters, Dorsett, Lewis, Scott and hopefully Thompkins will make up for the last 3yrs.

Miller, Duke, Clements, James at RB.

OL will be led by BWash with Linder, Henderson, Isidora, Bunche, Feliciano, McDermott, Lewis, Flowers, Gadbois, etc..

Then at DE you would have Chickillo, Vernon, Hamilton, Pierre, McCord...

Also, pending injuries, Marcus Forston could have done something this year as a veteran on the DL and boost his draft status that never came to be.

I realize that this is a wish list that will obviously never come true but I can only imagine what would or could have been.


Some of Ur Best psycho babble ever.... Wow... Imagine ... Ifs... BUts... WoUldas... CoUldas... ShoUldas... Maybes... Mightas... If Onlys... ExcUses... De Ja vU U Thang.


This D-bag needs a woman. Lots-o-free-time to hate on the Canes. Probably a 35 year old zitty 300 pound blubber with posters of Minka Kelly.


Nice analyses of the Canes and our upcoming prospects. Always appreciate the commitment, brother!

Isn't Virginia Tech also in the Coastal Division? If we win that division, FSU and Clemson would be likely opponents in a title game. Hey, a nice problem to have, no?

SEC school's don't have to schedule to satisfy the wishes of Hurricane fans. The schedules are tough enough. According to Phil Steele: 2011 Most Difficult Schedules Rankings For The SEC and ACC: 3. Auburn 5. Mississippi 7. Tennessee 15. LSU 17. Alabama 18. Miss. State 19. Florida 24. Maryland 28. Vanderbilt 31. Boston College 32. Clemson 36. Duke 37. Arkansas 38. Kentucky 40. North Carolina 43. Miami 47. South Carolina 52. Georgia 53. Wake F. 60. Virginia Tech 63. Virginia 64. FSU 71. NC State 80. Georgia Tech

For 2012:
2. Mississippi 5. Florida 8. Texas A&M 9. Miami 10. Kentucky 13. South Carolina 17. Auburn 18. Arkansas 19. Missouri 28. Alabama 29. LSU 33. Maryland
35. Duke 38. Miss. State 39. Wake F. 41. Boston College 44. Virginia Tech 46. Tennessee 47. vanderbilt 48. Georgia Tech 49. Clemson 51. Virginia 61. NC State 70. FSU 72. Georgia 85. North Carolina

OK Cane clUcks... Time to cover Ur Blind eyes. The ACC Pre-season predictions are coming out and Milian of the Palm Beach Post is the first to say what U cannot admit and fire a torpedo into Ur sinking ship... Hope Susan, Manny n the SEC at the Sentinel with be forthcoming and not try to kiss UrCandyCaneA$$e$... 5-7 here U come.

Good luck with that NCAA Football 2012 Miami vs Va. Tech Fantasy Championship game BRAINDEAD.

My ACC preseason ballot: Hurricanes will finish fifth in Coastal Division

by Jorge Milian

I’m heading up Saturday to Greensboro, N.C. for the ACC’s 41st Annual Football Kickoff where media members converge for two days of meetings and interviews with players and coaches.

Part of the event includes media voting on the predicted team order of finish, the preseason All-ACC teams and individual awards. Here’s my ballot:


1. Virginia Tech
2. Virginia
3. Georgia Tech
4. North Carolina
5. Miami
6. Duke


1. Florida State
2. North Carolina State
3. Clemson
4. Wake Forest
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

ACC champion: Florida State

Soldy: The fake one and the real one: Shut the eff up you blowhard puke with your long a55 posts that nobody nobody cares to read.

reverend: You brothers need to wake the f up./ The Chicago gangland murder rate is worse than Iraq. Black on black. Black young men being mowed down by black young men. Your pastoring aint doing sheet!. No community organizing by Nobama or Rev Wright aint doing crp! yet black men continue to murder black young men.Why dont you all fzace the reality; Stop having illegitimate babies and fess up to reality/ Get a job and stop thugging

The U OOC schedule... @Kansas St, Bethune Cookman, @Notre Dame, South Florida

FSWho....Murray St, Savannah St, @South Fl, Turds

Turds...Bowling Green, Louisiana-Lafayette, Jax St, @FSWho

Really Turds? Really? 3 Powderpuff Powerhouses all at home???? Oh so you go to Tally, big effin deal!!! So do we!! Plus 2 Road games against 1 Top 10 ranked team and a possible Top 25!! Are you kidding me Turds??

So I've tried for perhaps the last two football seasons to explain to Soldy, Arty or whatever name he goes by these days the irony of consistently reading and posting on the blog of a team he supposedly hates.

Since I don't speak Alachua County pigskin trailer-trash talk, can somebody relay this message for me.

GatorSam, I never said the SEC teams had to do anything to satisfy a Cane fan. What I did is simply state the obvious, which you know is true deep down, in that the SEC teams play weak non conference schedules against D2 schools and want no part of traveling to play a real team such as Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Florida State, OKlahoma, Texas or Oregon or Miami, in an opponents home stadium. I could care less what some magazine selling igit dick says when it comes to who has the toughest schedule. The eyes don't lie and Georgia State, Furman and Jacksonville state tell us all we need to know about how strong and confident the SEC teams really are.

I will say this, however, it is and has been as a poster said earlier, fun debating this topic with you in an intelligent thought provoking manner. Take care Gatorsam

Ahhh man this is great I don't even need to come online anymore since I got a punk in highschool doing all the copying and pasting for me. While you're reading this, I'm currently on my boat fishing. Kid you a private school punk who plays VOLLEYBALL F'ing VOLLEYBALL, wait I'm still laughing because there are people that consider that a sport lmao. Any moron with a computer can copy and paste but it takes someone who is truly confused and who most likely has a mental disorder to use someone else handle and have a argument with yourself to make yourself "feel" cool. Man with every post you put up here, you prove to us, real fans, how pathetic you are. Honestly stick to what you know, apparently that's volleyball, don't screw up so you can finish school and get out of your parent's house because I'm sure you are an embarrassment to them, and attempt to do something productive with your life.

It amazes me that when I'm not online, you simply can't contain yourself and have to start a random conversation with yourself, one of the many multiple personalities you have and my handle. Your attempts to upset me on any level are not even feeble. Like I said earlier, you are comparable to a little brother that I keep at arms length while you swing your little punches wildly in desperation but fail constantly. Good luck in volleyball because I'm sure it will get you very very far. Volleyball, good lord what a waste. Hit those books.

GO U!!!!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/07/safety-ray-ray-armstrong-dismissed/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

Now lets see how long it takes for you to use my handle, copy and paste, and attempt to upset me. You have yet to succeed at that let alone playing a REAL sport. Volleyball is for picnics and days at the beach, not competition, sorry. Might as well put on a tutu and dance ballet. Oh, and tell your dad to come and pick up his last check, he was crying so profusely that he left without it.


Championships: Take UF out of it because that brings too much emotion into the discussion. Randomly lets look at South Carolina's schedule. They play East Carolina, UAB and Wofford. But before you fall on the floor laughing they also play at #2 LSU and
at #25 UF and at home against #6 Georgia, #9 Arkansas and #18 Clemson. So you want them to add Texas or Oklahoma or Ohio State why? No AD in the country would do that. There is no need to do that. Plus add Tennessee and Missouri. It would be suicide.

reverend: You brothers need to wake the f up./ The Chicago gangland murder rate is worse than Iraq. Black on black. Black young men being mowed down by black young men. Your pastoring aint doing sheet!. No community organizing by Nobama or Rev Wright aint doing crp! yet black men continue to murder black young men.Why dont you all fzace the reality; Stop having illegitimate babies and fess up to reality/ Get a job and stop thugging

Posted by: corpus | July 20, 2012 at 12:11 PM

AMEN CORPUS CANE !!! A Cane that gets IT !


btw- U read every word. It's just the content full of facts that rubs U the wrong way.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | July 20, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Dominating Defense and Coastal Division Champs ?

I'm waiting


Picked 5th. in the Coastal here too ... Starting to see the REAL Picture yet ?

Should be a great battle between U, Duke, Maryland n B.C. for LAST Place.


Ding Ding Ding ... yUp, picked 5th. in the Coastal here too...

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