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With freshmen Howard, Bush in the mix, cornerback figures to be most intriguing position battle at camp

Of all the position battles heading into the start of fall camp Aug. 3, few seem tougher to forecast than what might happen for the Hurricanes at cornerback.

Tracy HowardOutside of senior Brandon McGee, who made 12 starts last season, and Thomas Finnie, who played sparingly as a freshman, nobody else playing cornerback at UM has taken a snap at the FBS level.

Although that's somewhat of a scary prospect for defensive backs coach Paul Williams (at least he had seniors Mike Williams and JoJo Nicolas to throw out on the field last year along with McGee), he's also excited about the influx of incoming talent at the position -- headlined by blue chip freshmen Tracy Howard (5-11, 170) of Miramar High and Deon Bush (6-1, 179) of Miami Columbus.

In the end, Williams said, "we'll need at least six" cornerbacks to be ready to play.

While it appears almost certain McGee (38 tackles, 1 INT, 2 PBUs in 2011) will be one of Miami's starting corners, who starts opposite him and in nickel and dime situations could be anybody in a group of nine candidates. Although junior college transfer LaDarius Gunter (6-2, 196) left the spring as a starter ahead of true freshman Larry Hope (6-0, 175), none of the four corners who participated in spring football really blew Williams away.

"They got to get better -- even Brandon," Williams said. "They didn't finish exactly where we wanted them to. But was there improvement? Yeah. Do we have some talent there? Yeah. We just need to get them disciplined and to play our techniques the way we need them to play."

Part of that challenge, Williams said, is teaching them how to think and react like cornerbacks. Because so many talented athletes end up playing safety in high school (their coaches leave them as the last line of defense), Williams estimates "there is always less than 10 natural corners" available to recruit each year.

In UM's case, Williams said he feels like he got three natural corners in his last signing class: Tampa Plant's Antonio Crawford (5-11, 180), South Fort Myers' Nate Dortch (5-11, 152) and Howard. Williams considers Bush "a big physical kid that can play safety, but can be molded into a corner."

"I'm not going to say it's impossible for a freshman to start from day one," Williams said. "I coached Louis Delmas and E.J. Biggers [at Western Michigan] and they were four-year starters. They both took it over from the moment they walked in and didn't blink.

"But they key was those guys understood time management. They came in and we're in good shape. They handled it mentally. Not everybody can. Finnie wasn't ready to play last year. But we had no choice. If you can avoid [playing true freshmen], you avoid it. But in the end, somebody has to play for us this year. And we're going to need a few of those guys to step up."

Most are expecting Howard to be at the forefront on that list. But defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio warns that you never know when someone else can emerge.

"There are a lot of kids that can look at the game or look at a playbook and tell you something. But when they can truly envision it, having a casual conversation and talking about wrap concepts, coverages and they can see it in their head, that's when they can play fast. And [Howard] can talk about the game that way -- as good as any young, high school player I've been around," D'Onofrio said.

"That being said, right now he's in the same position the other six corners we signed are. You can't tell which guys are going to be the guys until you go out there and practice with them in August. I've been doing this long enough. Obviously we wanted [Howard]. He's a great player. The game is important to him. He understands the finer points of defensive back play. He's a fun kid to talk to. And I expect him to do well.

"But they all blossom at different times. There are some guys who are ready to go and others who it takes them their second year or third year. You can never tell until they get here. Jaiquawn Jarrett was a second round pick [Eagles in 2011], a safety we had at Temple. He was the last kid we signed in the class and he was starting by the fourth game of his freshman year. Who knew that would be that way with him? He just had it. You can't really tell until you go through eight to 10 practices and they're running around there that those are the guys who are going to make an impact."


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Just remember guys. What you did in High School means nothing now. You have to earn it all over again every day, and every year you are at the U.
Looking forward to watching you win this year.


trying to find a reason to get excited about Canes football but it's just so hard anymore.

Canetally you got it...It is not what you did in High School but everyone needs to step up to the Big Stage..

This will be an interesting position to watch as the season progresses..
I believe that these young incoming 'Canes will get the hang of College Ball and step up...
Believe me we need help at that position and depth throughout.

With the right mental attitude, and hard work freshmen can prove that they can step up.
These guys exude a sense of pride that reminds me of the 'Canes before them.

New year, new attitude, new commitment.

It feels GOOD to be a Hurricane..

Coach G fishing with JJ may need to feed some high octane protein from that super catch they had. These guys will need it as the season progresses, for keeping the motor running in the 4 th quarter and the last "5" Minutes to bring home those wins.
Let's get ready.
Go 'Canes


Hey look the little boy came up with a new handle.
You young man are amazing. NOT
Grow up.

Looking forward to the season like every other Cane fan.
I think we are going to shock some people.
Golden was not my pick, but I like what the man has done. Especially with all the crap he has been handed.
GO CANES!!!!!!!

Per Charles Robinson's latest expose, it looks like Al Foldin' isn't the savior everyone thought. Fire this fraud now. Death penalty.

It gets better and better.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Yahoo Sports is reporting that a former Miami football employee linked to one-time booster Nevin Shapiro helped members of Al Golden's coaching staff with recruiting, which could be another NCAA violation for the troubled program.

Citing unidentified sources, Yahoo Sports says former Miami assistant equipment manager Sean Allen not only contacted recruits and provided impermissible benefits, but did so with Golden's "direct knowledge."

Earlier Friday, two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press that NCAA investigators visited Miami for several days earlier this month as the lengthy probe into the Hurricanes' compliance practices continues.

The university did not have any immediate comment.

They should just give this team the max penalty and this over with.


Yahoo sports also reports urban was in the times square subway last night blowing tebow

Why is fat a55 Manny Navarro regurgitating a "Yahoo" report. Lets wait and see what the final report is. Manny Navarro sez, "its bad, very bad". Manny You are a fat p--os-- Stop with your melodrama. You sound like an FIU grad. Oh thats right you are. Gordote chancho!


Yahoo has it in for Miami. No question. They are so effen desperate to find something, because they know the stupiro story is a big huge exaggeration witout any credible support except the word of an already sodomize3d little pi55ant ponzi schemer


Buh bye... uM is done


I don't know about this either. Until more information comes out its hard to say. I know this I am sick an tired of this crap popping up every year. Al Golden and his staff need to address this publicly immediately. I have a hard time believing that he knowingly used this guy as is being reported. I just have a hard time believing that this kinda thing is not being used at some of the other prominent powers as well. I did hear the other day that Miami was contemplating instituting another bowl ban. This did raise my concern because they never said anything else.

When was the last time we had a great CB field? And it sure seems like someone wants to kill Miami and Golden.

I agree MH. Something is fishy with this whole thing. Susan and Manny, both of you need to be doing what both of you are suppose to do and that is get us answers. We don't care about these other dumb crap you two report on. We want answers now.

I've been trying to tell MY fellow CANES for MONTHS that a 2ND YAHOO story would come out, but noooooooooo! I really did, OK?

Now Golden lied to us by saying that HE DID'NT know anything. FSU and UF is killing us in recruiting and this will REALLY REALLY REALLY hurt. You don't have a clue....NOT ONE IOTA!!!!!

MY sources are incredibly, CREDIBLE!!! Can I sing for U?

Right before camp.
Plus, why is yahoo not parking a paparazzi reporter aka stalker at any other major program? Like this crap doesnt happen at auburn, uf, ala, fsu, usc, oregon, etc, etc? Please. Yahoo is desperate.
I cannot believe AG knowingly allowed this to occur, putting his future and rep in jeopoary, his family his career. No way. However, he hasnt said much of anything of late.

Gatorsam... You regurgitated the espn report. Youre a loser. Go hang yourself

never heard of you.

5>3>2, I have a hard time believing this crap too. I am not saying it did or did not happen but I find it hard to believe that an up and coming head coach such as Golden knew about everything and let it happen. I find that hard to believe. Why would he anyway unless he was mislead as to what this little turd really was.

Gatorsam, not a cool move man.

The media and this absolutely includes the trash heap called the miami herald is nauseatingly irreponsible. Behind the disingenuous guise of righteous indignation, they report what are merely allegations as if they were gospel truth. Shame on all of you hacks. All of you. Especially the editors who plaster these sensationalistic headlines.

AG has already reponded to this witch hunt, stating that the Yahoo report of these alleged ethical improprieties is patently F-A-L-S-E . False false false effen false

This is an effen witch hunt and i would look to countersue for libel

Hey dude where did you see where Golden responded to this.

UofM released formal statement in which Golden states that claims in Friday's Yahoo report are completely "false"...

I found it. Thanks anyway dude. And a shout out to Susan for getting a response back to us. Great work Susan. Thank you.

Ha, Ha, Ha, way to respond Coach Golden and F U Yahoo, ESPN, Mike Slive, and anybody else trying to screw with the U. U b!tch'$ are toast, when we get back to full strength! If U think Jimmy and the 80's were hell, U haven't seen nothing yet.
U Go Coach Golden!

UPDATE (10:15 p.m.) - Golden released the following statement:

I have been a college football coach for more than 18 years and I am proud of -- and I stand by -- my record of compliance over that span. As my colleagues and players on all of my teams can attest, I believe strongly in doing things the right way with the best of intentions. The inferences and suggestions in the Yahoo! Sports story that my conduct was anything but ethical are simply false. I, like all of us at UM, have cooperated fully with the joint NCAA-UM inquiry and will continue to do so, so that our program and our University can move forward.

Because the process is on-going, I am unable to address any specifics or answer questions on the matter.

JesUs H. Christ !!! U dUmb clUcks can't even get out of Ur own way when it comes to running any Athletic programs. Why don't U just shut down the program, start a Rugby team and try again in 10 years. What parts of compliance and Institutional control do U not understand ? Typical Cane clUck responses... Officer Barbrady Nothing to see here... Yahoo writers, ESPN and Manny n Susan are a bunch of hacks... The NCAA is picking on us !!! Wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Wwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ... God U Canes are the biggest bunch of crybabies. Face it, Ur Toast ! And Big Gay Al says it's FALSE huh ? Well NO sheeet ! It's not like any former Penn State Grad/Coach ever lied right ? He'll be singing a new tune after talking with Barrow and he tells him, "We use to do that all the time Coach. We just gave kids rides to n from campus, illegal tours n phone calls during recruitment dead periods, meals and Cane equipment. It's A CANE THANG Al... Chill homie."

God watching the ineptness of Ur Entire Athletic program is as entertaining as watching a pack of monkees humping a bag of footballs... or a Kardashian.

The hits just keep on coming huh ARTY !!! fU@kin HILARIOUS !!!

oh yeah ... this blog has something to do with C.B.'s ?

basically they stink as a group just like the last 10 years. No stars, depth, and a freshman that will get destroyed over n over again ... that is all.

and Ur still ranked 10th. in College Football least competitive Conference...

ACC Media Days (WOW 2 whole days) start Sunday !!! Should be exciting for the half dozen media members and watching Ur two faced, I didn't do it Coach squirm...

I stand with UM and Golden, he has not given any indication that he is not honest, he is by the rules and full of integrity. High School coaches would know if he wasn't and the ones speaking are saying different than the Yahoo story. Parents know what recruiters do and they don't strike me as ones that would let their kid go to the U if they saw anything different than what Golden is as a coach and as a person.

Maybe Yahoo has heard that a good many of the allegations in their first story haven't been verified and they are trying to save face.

According to what I read Pres.Shalala sent an E-mail to trustees saying this has already been investigated. Golden is still the coach and obviously was given permission to make the statement that this report linking him to any wrong doing is false. I stand by that and if Golden says it is false.....IT IS!

Nice rant soldy
I am willing to bet Golden doesn't squirm in front of the media.
Dannyboy. You are no Cane. Just a little boy with a bunch of handles looking for attention.

You trolls make me laugh every time I read your words of wisdom you give us. Your hate and envy of the U shines brightly.

Lets see if I have this right. Two former employees who were let go. One with known links to a criminal. The other hiding his or her identity. Say the coaches used a equipment manager to help recruit. Why would you use a equipment manager to recruit? Is he some famous name in South Florida that all the young kids would look up to?
Maybe just maybe he is a greedy little guy like Shapiro who dreams of being a big name. Who would lie to recruits and go to their Pop Warnier games on his own, and tell other employees how big he is and is helping the coaches out when really he is doing it for himself and Shapiro.

Whichever it is I doubt seriously that Golden would use a equipment manager to sell the University.

I wonder when this is shown to be a bunch of crap if you trolls will come back on and apologize, or Yahoo for that matter.
No I doubt it. That would require you being a man and admitting you were wrong. It is easier to just throw insults at things you envy, and hate.

Enjoy your weekend trolls and repeat after me


Posted by: canentally

Hate to tell you the truth but you and your minions are in denial. Ask yourself why are there so many people popping up with these accusations? You can't make up this stuff, there has to be some truth in them or Yahoo Sports would have been shamed out of existance long ago. You homers react the news by trashing the messenger. Whether it be yahoo, The Herald, Manny, the NCAA, Shapiro, and now the equipment manager.
Shalala and the multiple AD's in the last 10 years are ultimate responsible for all this mess.
That means you are in deep doo doo.

The level of immaturity by the majority of you people is unprecedented....This is Clearly what is wrong with Social media in this day and age...Yahoo is on a witch hunt and does so with impunity and hides their "Sources" as if they were witnesses in a high level Murder Case....Until the day where they(Yahoo) are held accountable for such misdeeds then they will continue to do as they wish...The U will overcome this as they have overcome other attacks...Keep the faith fellow Cane fans and we will be rewarded with our 6th N.C................

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Hate to tell you the truth but you and your minions are in denial. Ask yourself why you are so obsessed with the University of Miami? The Gators never play UM, their rival is FSU, as is UM's for that matter. And UM hasn't even been good the past 10 years, it's not as if you're jealous of their team.

So if it doesn't have anything to do with sports, why are you on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald every day of your life? Could it possibly be because there's a UF blog and not a FSU blog on this website? Could it be that you're such an internet nerd that you actually believe that the football team you supposedly follow has a rivalry with a team when in actuality you personally have an internet rivalry with other internet nerds?

Face the facts loser - you have no life.

Not that the football part matters, since you were here all last year and all summer - but we don't play UF next season.

Ask yourself if there's any chance that you'll get enough human interaction in real life that you won't be trolling this blog every day for all of 2012-2013.

The answer should sadden you.

For the morons who think Yahoo is like the quran or the bible: a perfect example of how the media is full of hearsay was the ABC reporter who professed that the CO shooter was a tea party member. Everyone was like ooooh ahhhhhh he is? Really? There were even hate posts placed on the facebook page of a dude with the same name. And gues what... It was all bs!

5>3>2: Why must U question the medicine that Manny is giving U? Ha? So what he went to FIU: That's a decent athletic program anyway U cut it: And stop protecting your boy "Goldy: The fact is, as a lot of us have known, 'Goldy is not completely innocent of a bunch of things. Let's see what happens and when it happens. U think the players don't know the real deal as to what's going on? But this is not a "Goldy thing. IT IS a Shalala thing.

DS has no concept of athletics. I respect her for what she wants to do academically, but that's not the full picture when it comes to UM.

5>3>2. I like your comments. But lately U have been VERY misguided, Sir.

U see 5>3>2> what U are witnessing is the downfall of a great program. It's just like the former world powers: The Dutch, the Spanish, the English once all ruled the world. The same applies to college football. Notre Dame, FSU, UCLA, USC were once all great powers. Where are they now?

It's all about philosophy.

What is up with Yahoo Sports and these jerk offs who want to see this program cease to exist? Its just ashame that the NCAA cant go after Penn State for allowing a monster from raping little boys but want to go after Miami for what,,,a few calls made to local athletes, a ride to and from the airport?

al- 100% omn the moolah

The NCAA has no knowldege of years and years of child rape on the PSU campus and locker rooms, by a fomer defensive coordinaor, football facilities and a cover up by the head coach, and AD, and now wants to get busy with Miami?

BAse on allegations by a federal prisoner?
I dont think so!!!

It doesn't matter that Al played at PSU under the Head Goombah{and I'm half Italian), doesn't matter that Big Al would have probably been the choice of that administration to be the next head coach. All I know is if Al says it, I'm believing all of it.

trying to find a reason to get excited about Canes football but it's just so hard anymore.

Posted by: nomorekoolaidplease | July 20, 2012 at 05:08 PM

Then don't read the articles.
Even better, root for Va Tech. A perpetual #10-#15 finisher with no NC's in sight.

I've been a 'Cane since pre-80's, through the mid-90's and now. I'll always be here.

If you're in, great. If not, get the ---- out.

The level of immaturity by the majority of you people is unprecedented....This is Clearly what is wrong with Social media in this day and age...Yahoo is on a witch hunt and does so with impunity and hides their "Sources" as if they were witnesses in a high level Murder Case....Until the day where they(Yahoo) are held accountable for such misdeeds then they will continue to do as they wish...The U will overcome this as they have overcome other attacks...Keep the faith fellow Cane fans and we will be rewarded with our 6th N.C................

Posted by: Cane by Choice | July 21, 2012 at 10:20 AM

I'm with you, CbC.
Enough said.

These allegations are bull...so they took guys to strip clubs, who cares!

3 year bowl bana and scholorship reductions. Just take the hit, we can survive that penalty.

And hire people who know how to keep their mouths shut.

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