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Al Golden on radio this morning: Quarterback decision could come Monday afternoon, plus Henderson news & lots more

Just listened to Al Golden being interviewed by Joe Rose on WQAM:

Some key points:

*The quarterback decision between junior Stephen Morris and redshirt sophomore Ryan Williams could come this afternoon.

Golden: "The players are off this morning, we're in the middle of reviewing the tape and getting our grades and quality control and everything done. The players will be over here in that 1:30 to 4:30 range, so if we're going to have a decision today it's going to in that time frame. I don't want to do anything without sitting down with [offensive coordinator] Jedd [Fisch] and the staff and then certainly the student-athletes.

"It's been really close. What has made it really close is Ryan William's accuracy in camp has been superb. I think he has been 78 percent in camp. And clearly Stephen has not even a hint that he had back surgery in spring. Really came back in great condition. His core is solid. His velocity has been excellent, so we're pleased with the direction that's going.''

Rose: "So we could know something between the next 24 or 48 hours on the quarterback position?"

Golden: "We could. We really could.''

*On OT Seantrel Henderson:

"We're trying to get him back. He's 12 practices behind, which is difficult. He has a funeral he has to attend this week, so hopefully that will be an up and back deal, for someone in his family. Hopefully we'll get him out here.That's the biggest thing right now. We're losing time and in his absence -- we've already talked about Ereck Flowers -- Jermaine Johnson has been playing probably the best football of his career. and Ben Jones has really done a nice job. We've got to get Seantrel to the point where he has some consistency to be the same guy every day.''

* On freshman right OT Ereck Flowers, who is right now slated to start at right tackle, where Henderson was expected to start:

"When you think about it, he wasn't one of those four or five star guys. He was kind of under the radar a little bit. He was a basketball player that ended up being a football player. But  he's strong -- 24, 25 reps [at 225 pounds] as a freshman. He's 315 pounds [and 6-6]. He's got excellent feet. You have to be smart and you have to be really disiciplined to be the starter at right tackle as a freshman for 12 practices and play the way he has played."

*On freshman cornerback Tracy Howard wearing the black jersey of a starter:

"I'm not surprised because of the way he competes and way he studies. He talks the game. He's in the hallways talking the game, asking questions about the game. He brings energy. He is the same guy everyday. If you're at his position, you better bring it everyday or you're going to get beat out."

*On how many true freshman Golden can see getting playing time at Boston College opener:

"There's going to be a lot. In the first game I'm sure there is going to be 15 or more. As the season goes on it could be 18.''

*On freshman running back Duke Johnson:

"He has been good. [Running backs coach] Terry Richardson said it best. He had no idea Duke was this serious about football. Duke is very humble but he's kind of a prankster when he's not going and he's got that smile. But man, oh man, when he crosses that line he's just one of theose guys. He works so hard and prepares. We had no idea that he was like that."

*On the positions that concern him most?

Linebacker certainly because we're not as deep there as we need to be. Josh Witt had to retire [concussions] earlier this summer which hurt our depth, and our experience wasn't great there anyway. We need to stay healthy there and we need some guys to come back and help us out." Golden said Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul have been injured, "and Thurston Armbrister was having a great camp and then he got a finger in the eye and was out three days. But I think he'll be fine.

 "Other than [defensive end] Chick [Anthony Chickillo], right now that defensive line needs to really take shape. Chick is playing at a high level and Shayon Green has been doing a nice job but we need some inside guys to step up and say, 'You know what, I'm the star, I'm the guy. You're not going to want to take me out.'''

*Who did Golden vote for No. 1 in the Coaches' Poll?

"I don't even know who I have. I can't remember. It was either USC or LSU. I can't even remember. I don't have it in front of me, but I did it two weeks ago. My mind is on nothing but camp. But the first one is a tossup between whoever has the most talent coming back and that kind of thing. And obviously USC with their quarterback -- he's a difference maker.''

* On kicker Jake Wieclaw, who hit field goals of 51 and 56 yards in scrimmage:

"Last year I told him we'd have to get inside the 32 or 30 for me to really feel comfortable and then yesterday the ball was on the 39 and I called for him right away because he has just been banging them, and it would have been good from 62. A really nice job from Jake.''









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it's hard not to get pumped up in the hype, but reality is we have not been very good for a long time. so while i love reading this stuff, and can't wait for BC, i'll just be pessimistic, that should keep the expectations low, and hopefully we will all be surprised. GO CANES

If run stopping defensive men can do thier job, I believe Miami overall talent will beat BC come 9/1. BC lost some good letterman.

Mike, that is the wise move at this point. No need to get too up or too down on this team based on internal scrimmages. After all, the 2001 team had some terrible scrimmages, and some awesome scrimmages, but in the end it is how we do against OTHER teams that matters.

Still, Golden and co. are giving the fans proof of measurable improvements from last year's team, so we should be better than last years team. That doesn't mean we are title contenders this year, but that we are going in the right direction.

Henderson has to attend another funeral out of town?

Something wierd is happening here.

agreed, let's just support all them CANES...and let them prove to themselves and us fans they are ready and willing to go 4 quarters. ***Flowers - already stronger than some of our JR/SRs...let him play...Sentreal...work the personal stuff out, condolonsces on the funeral. GOD bless all my cane brothers and sisters!

Seems that O-Line has more talent than the D-Line and that the LB depth is a problem. Yes the "U" is young and blah blah blah. The truth is we won't now squat until the Boston College game. Two weeks or so and counting. I do wish that the NCAA would make their decison already. That way the "U" can take their lumps and just move on.

Hard to think Morris won t be pegged as the starter....whenever Golden decides.Can t think of 1 reason he won t start actually.The guy moves up in the pocket to evade pressure plus he can take it and run as he s very quick and nifty with his feet.With his speed.......he can get numerous first downs if the pocket breaks down.That s his style of play.Naturally....everyone knows the kid s got a rocket arm too.Now that s what I m looking forward to seeing......all year round now.Offense excites me but the defense concerns me.The defense will determine HOW GOOD of a football team this new Canes team will be.Did D Onofrio improve this defense?Did he/could he coach them up???????That will be seen up in Boston in a few short weeks.GO CANES.

"Receivers coach] Terry Richardson.. "

You mean [Running backs coach] Terry Richardson???

child please...

Sad we are comparing our play against Boston College and are really questioning whether we win this game. We have falling far! Come on Golden and Staff... Take us to the promised land of milk and honey!

What are you talking about ranger came??

I can understand why ranger cane feels that way about bc because we have been on the lower end of the totem pole as of late. Historically bc has been a tough match for us because of there style of play. Those teams from up north are slow and very physical. They run the ball right at you and that depreciates the speed factor that we are so accustomed to. I like this game for two reasons this our first and most important game which will set the tone for the year. Secondly what better team to start the year off to measure how much stronger we really got and that we will have to face a similar team in notre dame. It's important that we win this first game of the year. What's up championships and ictodophin and all the others I forgot. Good to be a cane.

Well said Tallycane, BC is a valid measure because we saw them last game at home, and winning this game on the road would prove that we are better than last year.

Our whole tempo from last year has to go up two or three notches.
We cannot walk out for this game flat, and start slowly, or make mental positional errors as we did against Virginia.

I know as a fact that when you are in good condition you are ready to go out and fight with the added advantage that as the game progresses we tighten the grip.
That is the process that Coach G is talking about.
It does not matter whether you are Georgia Tech, BC, or the Hokies...It is Bring on your game.

I really think that this group of 'Canes are serious about making a statement, to the doubters and all who sell them short.
They have something to prove, and the defense will be stronger, more assertive, and hungry.

My take on BC is that they will not know what hit them, and the tempo of the game is going to be Supersonic...that is what Morris has in mind.. he also has something to prove..

Bring them on.
Go 'Canes Always

It's hard for me to worry about BC! But than again we have been getting beat by everyone!

TallyCane: I agree wholeheartedly with everything U said, except the part about the teams up north being slow. I don't know about that. Rutgers isn't a slow team.

I'll give U the fact that it's a southern players game. But hey northern players can get it done.

Also, if U really want to measure physicality, the north zone might be the weakest. I think most, I said MOST, northern teams rely on speed and finesse, as opposed to, again, the southern teams, which have "flyers" and "posts." U agree?

All of you have missed ranger's point so far. The point is that BC sucks and has always sucked. The point is that comparing the caners to BC and measuring them according to how they fare against BC means that the canes also suck. The point is ranger cane knows your reality and is sad and laments your sorry state of affairs, your sorry reality. Point taken. Except by all of you delUsional fools who still don't get it. If you beat BC, big deal another pansie you are supposed to beat. If you lose, you are the bigger pansie.
It sUcks to be U.

^^^^^you finally get someones point????^^^^^

Last year, we saw Jacory'a career thankfully end with a 4 Int. performance against BC at home. Pathetic. We saw our defense make yet another mediocre QB (Virginia QB for example) into a star with underneath passes to the TE or RB. We saw the defense fail to put serious pressure on the QB, and we saw LB Kuechly et al shut down the run. We saw the vaunted Lamar Miller unable to make a stnkin' one yard for 2 straight downs!

This year will be more Al Golden's team. We will see a different intensity level and quality of play. We will see some young guys who mean business and are hitters. A lot of me-firster deadwood is gone!

We should take it to the Eagles.

I can't freakin'wait!!!

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