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Will Ray-Ray Armstrong file injunction for reinstatement?

 An attorney representing former UM Hurricanes safety Ray-Ray Armstrong told me he plans to file an injunction to reinstate Armstrong to the team.

The Orlando-based attorney, Matt Morgan, sent me a tweet tonight, saying "We do not agree with the way they have handled Ray Ray. A very talented athlete's career is at stake.''

I then talked to Morgan by phone, and he said, "Here you've got Miami making a decision on its own to kick him off the team without the NCAA telling them to. You ask why? I believe it's because they're under investigation by the NCAA.

"We're saying Miami is offering up a sacrificial lamb in Ray-Ray.''

Armstrong was dismissed from the team recently for an undisclosed reason, though his father told The Miami Herald it was because Armstrong initially lied, and then told the truth, to UM officials about being at a Miami Beach hotel with his girlfriend -- the owner of a public relations company that represents professional athletes. 

"The underlying issue is Ray-Ray was at a hotel with his girlfriend, the girlfriend picked up charges to her personal credit card, so there is no NCAA violation,'' Morgan said. "They're thinking an agent is putting him up in the room but it turns out to be his girlfriend. You can't avoid hanging out with your girlfriend, just because her occupation happens to be a PR person."

Armstrong was suspended last season in connection to the NCAA case involving UM's relationship with former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro.

Armstrong's statement, provided by Morgan: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the University of Miami. I hope they reconsider their decision and allow me to play football as a Hurricane this season.''

Chris Freet, UM's associate athletic director for communications and marketing, told me UM had not heard from the lawyer as of Tuesday night, and that he had no other comment.

 Morgan said the injunction is "three-quarters of the way completed'' and that he intends to file it by the end of the week.






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Come on coach. It a national apology for lying. Its obvious just ray didnt want to get in trouble again so he held it back, and in return, it backfired........COME ON BACK RAY --come on coach

I hate to see a young man's career lost by something stupid or silly. I hope and pray that this is one law suit Miami loses. For that matter I just hope that a law suit is not necessary and he is reinstated as long as he did not break any rules.

No room on this team for someone who is going to repeatedly break the rules while we have the NCAA and the eyes on the college football world on us at all times.

Disgraced #26.

I agree....if he lied....he messed up....and I am all for him fulfilling his obligation at The U and playing his senior year. With this info...perhaps UM should consult with the NCAA on this one a reconsider if they give the green light.

It's not like he's been deprived of 2nd and 3rd chances

If its not a rule to have a PR for a girlfriend well its all good.But i think its deeper than that, and Miami is being nice by not telling.And if iam Ray Ray i would take my case to COURT!!

If he takes it to court and the Judge decides in his favor and orders Miami to reinstate him, then what happens during the year if Ray Ray is not on the field as much as Ray Ray would like? Is the Judge going to then play coach and decide when Ray Ray should play and when there should be a substitution for him?

I do not know what the reason was for the dismissal. If it was really the dinner, that was dealt with last year and it seems a bit late and harsh to dismiss him at this point. If there is more, then the idea that discipline is within the realm of the coach's responsibilities would make it seem to be a decision that should be Golden's to demonstrate to the other players that they will be accountable to Golden and the U

now we have our former Safte ty sueing Us

U know why U can be sued ?

gUess who'll be a new NCAA witness ?

Geez...I didn't realize that college football players could receive "tenure" and gauranteed a spot on the team. Let's see, both he and his dad admitted he lied. Golden is trying to create a team that promotes individual personal responsibility (ie, "buying into the program for the benefit of the TEAM"). Some posters want him back on the team just because he has the POTENTIAL to be a great player. All accounts on that area are that he has not lived up to his "potential" for the last 3 years. I don't know about you, but give me someone who works hard to be the best he can, even with a little less physical talents over someone who doesn't work as hard as he can and potentially better talents. Time for Ray Ray to take his "talents" elsewhere... And that has nothing to do with the NCAA investigation.


Hobie n Marine Stadium was something back in '69 huh ?

I think Ray Ray n his "Girl" put a downpayment on a Key Biscayne Sonesta Condo...

Gotta get paid

Orange Bowl too ...

Alonzo Highsmith's comments on his sone AJ:

"...But I didn't send my son to college to be a first round draft pick. He isn't there to buy me a home or help the family financially. He is there to enjoy college life, become a man, and develop a work ethic. That's all I ever wanted for him because whether he ever became a good player or not, he would be prepared for life. You have to earn everything out here. Accountability. Work ethic. That's what I got from Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson. And now I am seeing that Al Golden has brought that back to the program. "

Gosh, wouldn't you like Ray Ray, his attorney or his dad to be saying the same thing? My congrats to Alonzo for "getting it"!

Ray Ray is a idiot, he knew what was at stake and he got more than enough chances. besides the fact you guys make him sound like an amazing football player, he's completely overrated and has a "I dont care about anything" mentality. Plus he's a pot head, look how that worked out for Storm Johnson...

Dick you are busy this morning. Thanks for the laughs.
Since I do not know all of the facts I will leave the decision up to Golden and the U.
One thing I do know. If you need some PR work done? Do not use his girlfriends firm. She gives some bad advice.
Keep on hating Dick and remember
IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Shannon sues Dah U for back pay
Now Ray Ray sues to be reinstated
Who's in charge here?
Dah U is the laughingstock of college football
Get your house in order fools
Oh wait the NCAA will do it for you
It sUcks to be U

Goodbye Ray Ray. Too many screw-ups.

You hurt the team by not doing what was asked. Now you're hurting the team again with a lawsuit and another distraction. Well done, good job.

So, here come the lawyers!

I respect Coach Golden for holding the line.

But, I would like to see this kid have a chance at playing his last year.

Maybe setting out clear and precise guidelines as to do's and don'ts. If you transgress, you are gone.

Ray has never stopped seeing himself as an NFL prospect first, and a hard-working Cane second.

He did come back this year, and that might be worth something.

Still, give him a shot at redemption before court garbage forces you to. That would be real uncomfortable for all.

Sometimes, a little forgiveness goes a long wazy. Sometimes, not...

"No room on this team for someone who is going to repeatedly break the rules while we have the NCAA and the eyes on the college football world on us at all times."

Spot on comment, Shawn!

Ray Ray needs to move on. Surely he can transfer to a program like UTEP and make an immediate impact on special teams.

You had your chances. "U" blew them. Now just move on and get ready for the NFL draft. If "U" stay out of trouble and work hard "U" have the raw talent to get drafted in the later rounds. Currently "U" would not be an asset to this program. "U" have underperformed for three years. The "U" needs DB's that make plays and who are not always in the wrong coverage/position.

Okay here is the issue; Ray Ray should have known better then going to a hotel then posting Tweeter pictures about it. Last year he got in trouble for tweeting pictures of $30 chicken dinner she bought, so what did he think was going to happen for tweeting about staying in SoBe hotel. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result, I believe is part of the definition for insanity.

As for as the lawyer's argument about the GF, she met Ray Ray when she was an intern then started her company as PR agent for athletes. Which apparently she is not very good at, since she is always getting Ray Ray into situations that could jeopardize his eligibility. NCAA states ANY impermissible benefit, and she is most likely grooming Ray Ray as a her major client if he had become the top 15 pick many thought he would be.

Also scholarships are renewable annually so UM could have just cut him off, but instead they want him to get his degree so they gave him the chance to stay in school.

Ray what do think NFL teams are going to think of you after this latest episode, double check your advisers on this one, buddy.

Also Ray ask yourself why is Morgan & Morgan coming to your aid given that they are Huge Bull Gators (donating north of 6 figures annually to Univ of Florida), the whole family has attending u of Florida. An Ray your particular Attorney attended UF the same time as Corner back Janoris Jenkins who was kicked off the UF football team for 2011, an had to attend a FCS school for his final year. But where were the Morgans when he needed to have someone defend his eligibility against UF?

Come on Armstrong Family smell what these people are shoveling to you.

This kid just does not get it! Nor his family! He has had plenty of chances! He can play elsewhere! If the court makes UM take him back then Coach Golden should sit him & grab some bench for the season! These "fans that support this kid" just don't get it either! When does this behavior effect the atitude of the rest of the team! If there's poison in the well don't drink the water till the poison is gone! This kid is poison to himself and others! Until HE sees it this kind of I'm entitled behavior will continue! He's young go somewhere else for a year and work on your life not just your football!!!

Why didn't Ray-Ray sue UM last season, when He got suspended for the FSU game...hmmmmm...BECAUSE HE KNEW HE WAS IN THE WROOOOONG!!! And with these NFL owners facing all these lawsuits with the concussion issue, the LAST thing they want to do is to draft a kid who's sue happy. Do yourself a favor Ray Ray, drop your lawyer, drop the lawsuit, and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

THis is simply ridiculous. Ray Ray has been talked to over and over again. The University is under investigation for the Shapiro thing and he has to know that its not whether you are actually doing anything wrong is the issue but how things may be percieved that is the issue. Coach Al Golden is making sure that there are no issues that could be viewed as violations and that is what we have to do. I wish Ray Ray the best, but it would not be in his best interest to return to the U or the U's best interest to have him on the team. He has all the tools but the most important one which is brains he hasn't shown yet. Even if a lawyer can somehow manage to get him back on the team, (which I doubt) that doesn't mean Golden has to play him a down. And I wouldn't if I were Golden.

Coach Al Golden is making sure that there are no issues that could be viewed as violations and that is what we have to do.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | August 08, 2012 at 01:18 PM

Exactly, that's what they call STREET SMARTS, another "smarts" that Ray Ray lacks much of. In the streets, the term is "we hot right now". And when you're hot, it's certain things that you can't say, or do, or people that you can't have around. I hope Ray Ray completes His education, because if He ends up on the street, IT'S A WRAP!!!

Couldn't agree more, CaneRock

hay ray ray get a life three strikes and ur out! u were an asset to the program the key word is were there is no I in team thats one lesson i guess ur father never tought u one player does not make a team the program will get along without you so move on to some little school that has no chance for an NCAA title thats where all self centered players belong. by by ray ray

Damn Ray Ray just get your 5hit together already. If you're told not to do something then don't do it. Stop lying to those who are depending on you, especially your coaches. I wouldn't want a player on my team if he kept lying to me. I can't trust someone like that and neither can anyone else. I had such high hopes for him when he came to The U but all he has done is hit DeMarcus Murray in the mouth and since then nothing. How many times can this kid strike out, honestly???? He was suspended for accepting improper benefits at the beginning of the 2011 season, he was suspended again for going to prime 112 for a chicken dinner no less with a person (don't care it's his GF) and tweeted about it while The U is under a microscope, and finally he was caught tweeting again about information that he was told explicitly not to discuss and talked about it anyways. 3 strikes and you're done man, how many do you want? Sacrificial Lamb??? REALLY?!?!?! Sacrificial lamb would have been kicking Seantrel Henderson off of the team for being late to a practice. There is nothing sacrificial about this case at all. He messed up 3 times!!! He's the only one that's messing up in case nobody else has noticed. He has truly disappointed me. He did nothing to respect his number or his colors. There are times when you just simply have to cut a man loose. This is one of them. I honestly wish it didn't happen but it did, so actions were taken and the Hurricanes move on, it's that simple. GO CANES 2012!!!!


People have to remember that this guy has had so many chances to get it together. like Aldarious Johnson...this kid thinks its all about him,no its"All About The U". Golden or this program can't allow things like this to go on. We are under attack as is. I say it is sad,but... He lied. Whats ment to be shall be.

I'm not usually in agreement with ole "Goldy. Goes back to the QB shuffle against FSU and not properly putting Ray Ray in position to stop the VT QB.

But I'm with U on this one: Ray Ray had his chances. It's over. He made too many bad decisions. This is not high school. This is the big time.

CANESFANATIC: Don't put AJ in this: Totally different situations. RS was knowledgeable of the AJ matter. Ray Ray was sort of "undercover" or trying to be. AJ was too, to a degree, then the Shapiro thing broke.

The real joke is that AJ, one of the best to come out of Miami, is off the team. Meanwhile, DS, check in hand and smiling with Shapiro is still around.

CANETILIDIE: Well said. I don't like it either, but U got to take personal responsibility at some point. The thing is, though, who at the U reached out to help Ray Ray, U know give him some counseling.

My guess is that RS wanted to, but he had his own set of worries.

The team acted correctly I'm afraid. Remember Dallas Cowboys WR from Ok State was suspended a whole season for lying about an association with Deon Sanders although they only had dinner. This is the problem! Nobody knows what to do re the NCAA rules because they are so arbitrary and don't make any sense of reasonability. Again who gets punished....The Kids! NCAA is runing the lives of these kids for greed.

Man, all of Shannon's five star recruits are complete Pieces of Sh$t. Forston a fat tub of crap. Brown brothers now wait tables and pawned-off their recruiting swag bags. Seantrel is pure garbage. Ray-Ray is a lazy extrotionist.

I think Reggie Bush told the NCAA that Kim Kardashian bought him a car and his parents a house, did not work for USC.

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