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Anyone seen Seantrel? He wasn't at practice, necessitating (temporary?) position switch for teammate; And congrats to Cortez!

We all were looking forward to seeing Seantrel Henderson out at practice for Day 2 of fall camp. At least I was looking forward to it, as I requested him for an interview.

But Seantrel was not at camp Saturday morning.

Taking Henderson's place Saturday at right tackle: Jonathan Feliciano, who is listed on the current depth chart as the first-team left guard. Feliciano, if you recall, played tackle during the season but was switched to guard in the spring.

Taking Feliciano's place at left guard: usual backup Jeremy Lewis.

Delayed flight? Coach Al Golden was asked.

Golden: "I have no idea what... again, when I told you guys Friday he'd be  back... I have no idea what his schedule is, but I think he's supposed to arrive back today.''

Golden said Friday that Henderson did not attend practice because he was in Minnesota to attend the funeral of a friend. But he also said he'd be back for Saturday morning's practice session.

This wouldn't be more than a blip on the radar if there weren't a track record here. The 6-8, 340-pound Henderson, a junior, has been the subject of controversy a few times since he arrived at UM in 2010.

    He was the 2009 USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year, the only lineman to ever win the award.

    He's polite and candid when we talk to him. We just don't hear from him very often.

   Golden suspended Henderson the first weekend of spring practice in early March, 2012, for violating an undisclosed team policy.

   Golden said during our one-on-one interview two weeks ago at the ACC Football Kickoff that Henderson was "absolutely not'' suspended after showing up "significantly late'' to the start of a summer session. "It's not a function of anything else in the summer other than missing class and being accountable to your teammtes and the university,'' the coach told me. He then went on to say that Henderson was "doing great'' despite being punished internally for arriving late.

  Golden reiterated during our interview that Henderson was showing "a sense of accountability on his part that he hasn't displayed or exhibited in the past, and I think it shows maturity and it shows signs of adhering to a process, a discipline. I'm hopeful.

    "We're like everybody else on the planet when it comes to Seantrel,'' Golden said that day. "We want to maximize his ability, we want to maximize his talent and give him the skillset, the discipline, the strength, the explosion to be the type of player we know he can be.''

   Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. Either way, I received word from UM that he will not be available for interviews until further notice.


   Way to go Cortez! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

    He will be officially enshrined at 7 p.m. Saturday (ESPN and NFL Network).

   I remember nearly four years ago when I called Cortez Kennedy to ask him about his reaction to learning he was one of five UM greats selected for the UM Football Ring of Honor.

  "I couldn't believe it,'' Kennedy, a former defensive tackle, said by phone from his Orlando home. "I'm in the Seattle Seahawks' Ring of Honor, and this has even more meaning to me. Just think of all the UM greatness that came before and after me.''

   Kennedy, now 43, was the MVP of the Hurricanes' 1989 national championship team.

   "I respect every player that came through the U, because we sacrificed so much on and off the field,'' he said. "It was hard for me to even tell some of the former players I was selected, because so many of them deserve to be in that ring.''

 Kennedy registered 58 sacks and scored one touchdown on a fumble recovery in his 11-season career with the Seattle Seahawks.  

 I'm sure he'll cherish the moment Saturday, and all Canes Fans will be right there with him.




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I heard Miami couldn't deliver on the recording contract they promised Henderson's father with any of the local recording studios so Henderson is officially a holdout, NFL style.

Hopefully the big man had a delayed flight and will be in this afternoon. Move on without him today and see how all other positions and players look. If he is not at camp tomorrow, then we have a problem.

Is it just me or does Seantrel seem like alot of work???

why no mention of cortez kennedy?

@ gatorsam....Are u kidding me? How old is his dad?? He needs to grow up and get a life. It baffles me when i see 35 -40-45 and 50 year old men listening to rap music. GROW UP!! On another note... if any coaches are reading this please in the future do not hire anyone that has ties to any of our rivals (aubrey hill)...

Doesn't sound like he's accountable to let anyone know of his whereabouts, or why he didn't show yesterday. Do we have another Prima Donna on our hands?

I knew this would happen. What ? MSP X-Port snowed in ? This kid didn't earn the right to miss any practices unless for a death IN the family. Hopefully we get some upper classmen team leaders in the future that will straight up tell kids like Seantrel, "Nope, you aren't leaving." So Coach Golden doesn't have to be the bad guy.

I can just see in the Coaches meeting when they discussed that Henderson was taking time off, at the opening of Camp, to fly home for a "friends" funeral. Lots of rolled eyes n shrugged shoulders.

Too bad we don't have the depth at Tackle where the Coaches could bury this kid to 3rd. team to teach him a lesson.

It seems we better prepare for life without Seantrel cause he is undependable. I guess he really wanted that LT position and is taking this whole RT thing the wrong way. It's a team philosophy. You will never make it to the NFL if you cannot function as a team. I know there is a big difference in playing at RT than LT for an NFL team, because you get paid a lot more. However, no team will even consider you if you cannot take pride in playing for your team regardless of position. It is more important to make it in the NFL than to pout at the current position you are now playing in. Get mad and totally dominate and I promise you you will get your LT position when the opportunity comes. Do it for the man next to you wearing the orange and Green.

You cannot tell anyone how to deal with the death of a loved and close friend. Let him deal with it by showing his support to the loved ones family. However, he cannot forget that he has his own life to live and other people are depending on him. The world does not stop because we have lost a loved one. All the responsibilities will still have to be addressed and the longer you wait the harder it will be to meet those obligations especially as the days go by and yesterdays responsibilities become last weeks or last months responsibilities. He is young and needs to grow up fast cause the real world is as tough and hard on people as some of you Hurricanes fans are on team members.

What I am curious to know is what is Mike James thinking about Seantrel Henderson? He lost his mother and did not attend the funeral because the U was his family. I guess Seantrel is made from a different cloth than Mike James because he was a five star recruit and everyone wanted him to play for their university football team.

I just hope he does not have a big head cause that is almost as cancerous as a five star Willie Williams. If that is his attitude then he will be living at home with his parents and look back five years from now how different his life could have been if he learned how to respond to criticism properly. I can see his future if this is the kind of kid Seantrel is. ... Drafted in the fourth round by the Minesota Vikings and kicked off the team. Goes to three or four different teams like Maurice Clarrett from OSU did but never doing much with his life but low life crime. Pride comes before a fall and the fall of five star recruits to nothing is great. I hope and pray that Seantrel is not like the other Prima Donnas listed. I could go on and on but I won't. I'm done venting. He has an opportunity and this opportunity can make him millions going up against some of the best pass rushers in the nation every week. You can take a horse to the water but you can't make a horse drink.

Kid is the pure definition of procrastinator. No doubt he's been geetting away with it is entire life. Just such an unneeded distraction.

There is something going on here that Golden's not coming clean with.

Delayed flight? Coach Al Golden was asked.

Golden: "I have no idea what... again, when I told you guys Friday he'd be back... I have no idea what his schedule is, but I think he's supposed to arrive back today.''

I have no idea? How can the the Head Coach excuse a starter right before Camp, knowing he'll miss the "first day only", then say I don't know when the kid will be back? All Airline tickets have a departure and return arrival. Unless it was a one-way or open-ended ticket. How in the hell can Henderson be allowed to leave without giving his Head Coach specific details as to his travel plans ? I hope this kid isn't sitting at home sulking because he's not starting at L-Tackle and a second teamer is about to take the R-Tackle spot.

Something isn't right with this whole scenario.

Gatorf@g i mean sam... Why are you even here you d oosh?

What a horrible non-story, Al Golden said he thought Seantrel was getting back Friday, chances are he did get in Friday, just not in time for practice.

Here's a hint: if the head coach is fine with it, maybe you should keep your personal insult of players missing interview requests to yourself.

I am sure Seantrel knew that he would not hold onto his starting spot by missing practices.
Hopefully the problem is something minor like cancelled flights, or missed connections.
If he is upset about where he is playing? Hiding at his house is not going to change that. Lets hope the problem is not his back again, but something minor.

First things First: Congrats to Cortez Kennedy. I remember he rode the bench when he first got here, that's how genius JJ was. He stuck around, stuck it out and did OK in the NFL.

As for Seantrel, don't hold us back. I'm not sure what the deal is, maybe some personal stuff or something, but U only get so many chances, I don't care who U are.

If he's hurt, then OK. But if it's something, else....

And I just saw Kennedy on ESPN during the induction ceremony pay a lot of respect and gratitude and thanks to RS, which is exactly where the respect should go. RS is flat-out one of the best DC the college football world has seen. And then he gets fired in 3 years. lets see, I mean let's really see. RS's record every year. "Goldy's record every year.



GO CANES!!!!!!!

Guys , he had persmission to miss Friday and was due back saturday practice. who knows, maybe since practice was friday nite, maybe henderson thought sat practice was night? not an excuse. but he was excused for a friends funeral..so lets hope he made it back today. we need him . He has 2 good yrs to show why he was the #1 recruit in NATION..... Do u all realize how highly regarded this guy was? it seems to be the U's luck since 04/05. Randy had based on espn, A #1 class, I think 3 top 10 classes, golden had #8 class on espn last yr, so lets just hope they finally show up. We have underperformed totally and not gotten the right stuff out of guys

Give golden credit. top 10 class in feb. On espn, 5 or 6 espn 150 players already. On rivals, they go by points, but if U click average stars since we only have 10 players, we are #6 based on talent golden is bringing in. We are GETTING LOADED AGAIN, and I sure trust goldie more than shannon and coke man as an evaluator.........WAY TO GO AL... Landed #1 cb last year and #1 rb IN THE NATION , duke and tracy howard. has 5 of espns 150 in August, with 10-12 spots to go. NICE JOB GOLDIE

And think Matt patchan is a redshirt junior

Reports are that Seantrel Henderson has quit the University of Miami Football team and will petition the NCAA to transfer to the University of Minnesota and be immediatly eligible to play this 2012 Season in exchange for telling all that he knows about Miami's alleged Major violations.

You know I am a Cane fan but why the heck when any one questions or points out issues that a indeed exist, they become enemies of the program? Face it Cane fans some tough years lie ahead for this program. No one likes it but don't delude yourselves into believing things are not in disarray and may be that way for some time to come.

The way some Cane fans react to reality is downright "Gatorlike"......Stop it!!!!

??? how can the 'Canes be in disarray when all the other 'Canes are stronger, motivated, and ready for practice but because Seantrel is late everything is in turmoil.

Give credit to the Coaches,and trainers in preparing the team, which should not be hurt or predicated on the actions of one person.

What Coach G is trying to do is to get Seantrel to talk the talk but also walk the walk..not skip around to his own tempo.

Co-ordinate with the team and play lights out and this will be long forgotten Seantrel..
'Go Canes Always

@ ?????
Sorry with a name like ?, and this is the first time I remember seeing that name. No I do not know if you are a Cane fan or not. Besides Dick uses so many names plus other peoples names, I just go by what is written. The words you used, and the way you used them. I would guess your Dick. You just didn't use the capital U everywhere.

I do not believe we are going to win a Championship this year. I hope I am wrong and we take the ACC Championship.
No matter what happens. I am happy to see the players getting stronger and better conditioned. It might be the difference in winning and losing the close games this year. Which could mean the difference in a 9-3, or 6-6 record. A shot at the Coastal division, or ending up where they predicted us in the Division.

At the begining of every season I cheer for the Canes to go undefeated, and take it all. I know a lot of Cane fans who feel the same way. If we lose all I ask for is that the other team beats us, and we do not give the game away with turnovers, and stupid penalties. If the team plays with heart the whole game I will be happy with the effort.
I call that a Cane thing.
Certainly not Gatorlike.

Win or lose

Wow! This squad is being put together with spit and baling wire, and the sanctions haven't even come down yet.

The kid is obviously looking and reevaluating his options. And can you blame him? He went from leaving USC because there was trouble brewing to coming to this place where it's been nothing but trouble since he got there. I'm sure if he had it to do all over again he might have just gone to USC. Would be willing to bet he isn't coming back.

gatorlike is UNDESERVEDLY beingranked 10-25 and barely beating Furman and coming on here and talking trash to the fans of a program that has been your daddy for 50 years.

gatorlike is having a poster of a shirtless Tebow, even after he leaves the program

gatorlike is flashing carboard posters durning games saying " I have a mancrush of Tebow"

gatorlike is not respecting the program that has beaten you more times despite being a much smaller college

gatorlike is always cheering for the SEC even if UF s-ks a55

gatorlike is forgetting how you all were on serious NCAA probation in the early 90s and come on here to make fun of UM's NCAA transgressions

gatorlike is faking a heart atrtack only to leave the program and then 1 year later, joining a rival program that hates your guts


cool cat- Wrong again, rocket scientist. Randy Shannon was never the best DC in college football. Or else... you are going to 'splain why LSU beat the living crp out of UM in the Peach bowl and Shannon couldnt adjust woth a dang-- or maybe youcan atone for Shannon's horrendous player development- one after another of his recruits has failed miserably. I guess we'll see how he does at TCU My guess is TCU will get pasted.

It would really behoove Li'l ol' Seantrell and his daddy to try and get a copy of former Patriots and Jet's running back Curtis Martin's Hall of Fame acceptance speech on Sat.Aug. 4th. As a football player if that couldn't inspire you nothing could. In fact I would suggest Coach Golden show it to all the Hurricanes. It was easily the best speech I've ever heard from an athlete...by far. People sat in stunned silence and tears as he described his childhood with just he and his mother. But it was not a speech of pity but one of hope and love. There is just so much more to it than I could ever describe but I would recommend anyone get it if you can. You will thank me.

Really Sue?

Seantrel Henderson bailing on an interview with you was not only worthy of the blog but it's own article?

Grow up.

This is a true, reliable Anonymous source coming from the Henderson Family Camp. The kid's not happy in Miami and wants out as he is now trying to bargin with the NCAA to get an immediate release to be eligible to play this year at Minnesota by telling all he knows about the Yahoo allegations that Miami commited Major recruiting violations. But if the NCAA won't grant him that release, he is very liable to come back to Miami reluctantly. It's just like he and his family did during his recruiting process, his dad really thinks he's holding the cards.

Ap you are about as reliable as jokecorey was a good winning qb.

Gator Sam.

Why do you have a hard on for a team that you dropped from playing annually? I can count how many times I've been on a gator site in all my life... never, because you guys are irrelevant to the Hurricanes. You probably wish you were a Canesfan but don't have the swag needed to be a real Hurricane Fan.

We will see you guys on the field next year. As for now consider yourself a celebrity because everyone is talking about you on this website. You probably get the most responses from everyone; man you must feel awesome. I bet I could be as cool as you if I went on a site for gator fans talking about the U and how bad UF sucks, but I won't do it today. I will wait for that day when I have no friends or anyone to talk to and then I will do the same thing you do just to develop sense of importance based on how many responses I get.

Man, it's hard to judge someone like Seantrel who has been undependable. I just hope whatever it is that he gets it together and finds healing therapy playing football. If he is upset about his homie passing then he can dedicate this entire season and his career at UM to his fallen homie, but don't quit or give up.

Two wrongs don't make it right.

Never do two things wrong at the same time, because a little progress is better than no progress.

Praying for you Seantrel as a man not a football player to figure this out.

EK, Excellent question. One that can be asked of many college fans in regards to your school. There are many great rivalries in college football. Many are hated. The SEC is filled with them. But they all have one thing in common. There is an underlying respect no matter the hate. Even Auburn - Alabama, Ohio State - Micihigan, USC - Notre Dame. But read the stuff on this site that Miami fans say about UF, listen to the callers on the local radio stations. No respect. Miami fans just don't get it. They don't act like typical college fans who support their schools come win or lose and they have no respect for the sport of college football. For years they have c&@ped all over the game we all follow and love.

Posted by: gatorsam | August 04, 2012 at 04:06 PM

gatorspammer, you have NO RIGHT to tell a Canes fan on a Canes board, who was discussing the Canes, to STFU, when you are trolling with your sick comments 24 7 on the WRONG BOARD, you stupid obsessed troll.

Take your sick, venom-filled, hate-ridden, obsessed, and diseased trolling to Gator Clause where it belongs.

He's polite and candid when we talk to him. We just don't hear from him very often.



- Miami Herald / Susan / Manny

This is not your team... You'll be allowed to speak to him, when the folks are responsible for him feel the time is right...

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