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BankUnited CanesFest on tap following closed scrimmage: from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

Canes fans can meet and greet their favorite Hurricanes athletes and coaches from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday at the BankUnited Center on campus in Coral Gables.

The football players will sign autographs, and fans can purchase single-game and season tickets for the upcoming season. UM also will bring out trophies from the UM Sports Hall of Fame, including the National Championship trophy and Heisman Trophy, and allow fans to take photos with them.

As usual, there will be interactive games and inflatables for the kids, and according to a UM release, "fans young and old alike will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run through the smoke.''

 USA Olympics coach Amy Deem, who heads the UM track program and earned some serious gold, will be in attendance.

Of note: The Miami Athletics Ticket Office is moving to the BankUnited Center and will offer fans one free ticket for the Sept. 15 home opener vs. Bethune-Cookman if they buy one. There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

Tomorrow's scrimmage is before CanesFest, but again, it is closed to family, friends, media and the public.

And unfortunately, don't expect any substantial statistics to come out of that scrimmage. I think Al Golden is going to withhold the stats this time -- except for maybe a few. We'll see.

Of note from Friday's practice: WR Allen Hurns (head) is still in a no-contact red jersey; DE Anthony Chickillo (sinus infection) was out of his limited yellow jersey and in a regular green one.

Have a safe weekend.






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2 weeks until the beat down up at BC can't wait I heard the funniest thing today somebody say we are going to be 4-8 big LOL
This is the U we will never lose 8 games so stop the hate'n

Yeah a creminole fan told me the the other day that we are gonna beat y'all by seventeen points an was serious. I think Fsu looks better on paper than we do and we all know how that is. Last year they had some him like 16 yards with like 5 minutes left in the second quarter. Last year was last year but I felt that we let Fsu off the hook by shuffling those qbs. Yeah they were two questionable calls that could have changed things but 16 yards after 19 minutes is a garbage offense. Their d looks good but if they can't get that oline together they are in trouble. They also had a backup cb that tweeted about killing cops. They have a freshman of moody that I believe will be good. Rhodes is banged up and so is Emanuel. I believe the big wideouts name is benjamin and he looks good but if they can't run or Manuel can't get away then they are screwed. The best thing about playin Fsu is we got them a little later in the year. Both teams should be who they are. What worries about them tis that try have some young dlineman that could come in and make a difference. I still think they have a bad cloud hanging over them because of the corner situation. I feel good about the coaches this year but I think one of the things they can improve on is playcalling. If anyone else has any insight or firsthand knowledge of our opponents lets talk about those things instead of telling them that our 5 national championships is better than have 2 or 3. It's starting to sound redundant. Let's talk about real things. Go canes

Forgive me we the typos I'm on a iPhone.

4-8 makes me chuckle. Easily 10-2 as we got rid of the guys who were me guys. In reading Sun Tzu? coach have boys read it or color the pictures

• The UM coaches have been making sacrifices to focus on their jobs. On Thursday, Golden mentioned that the coaches hadn’t seen their families in weeks, and Friday he said he was not able to watch any of the London Olympics.


U missed the 20 plUs GATOR Medals than Corch...

yeah U medals, nada ...

Can someone pick me Up at LAX ?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If no tickets are sold at CanesFest, did CanesFest really happen?

If no gators are released from jail, do they really have a team? In 2013 u wont be here anymore....that could be 4-5 straight loses to the acc by the gators.....then what?

Whew, 4 - 8 according to SI, 5th place in the Coastal Division, no AP votes. That is a dismal prediction.

It brings to mind "us against the world", and how motivating this has been for some past teams.

I hope this young team with a tough away schedule gets a large chip on their shoulder, knowing they can make a lot of "experts" wrong. I hope it motivates them to play harder, faster and tougher.

Because these predicitons are a downright insult. Make them shove it, Canes! Other teams have done it. Why not you this season?

fools g--olden: Miami alumns did win medals. Lauryn Williams participated in the 4X100 relay prelims just like your runt NFL undrafted boy Demps.

USC ranked #1 after 2 non bowl years amd multiple scholie losses. What does that tell you: The U will be ok despite the NCAA sanctions. Golden is making the necessary personal sacrifices. So the players should as well. My message to the players:

SUCK it up.

Tallycane- Good post. Ill tell you a couple of things that isnt about reminding the criminoles and Gayturds about our record:

EJ Manuel is the re-incarnation of Xavier Lee.

UF: Back to the 2 QB suystem. Neither Driskel nor Bisset have pulled away so Muschump annoiunced that both will play. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Same old cra-p from the gators. Prostyle didnt work ah baby lizards? Back to the goony goo goo offenses of thepast? DI Muschump spend some time up in Columbus with Urban the cryer to review his spread option? ha aha ha ha

No way UM loses 8 games:

Ga Tech- W
FSU, VTech, KSU- a wash. 1 win of the 3
Duke- W
UVa- W
Notre Dame- L

8-4 my prediction. Then the NCAA slaps us. UM will lose another bowl and 25 scholies, 5 year probation.

Gatorsam....I dont know if I feel sorry for you because your a turd or because you name is Sam....hmmmmmmmmmm

UF has 90,000 every game. And they still go 6-6 reg season. So what gives?


This will easily be a 8-4 9-3 season. Instead of fswho, VT, ksu for 1-3 I honestly see a 2-3 here. Here's the reason why I think this. Jokory Harris is no longer on the team. Now we have a real QB who will not under throw deep balls and actually puts zip on the ball to get it to his receivers. Our Defense is bigger and stronger than last season and our Oline is in perfect harmony without Henderson. fswho has a baby Oline led by an 18yr old true freshman. That line will crumble and EJ will be forced to scramble from the looming pressure. That's where all of his mistakes will come from. They have a good defense this year I'll give them that. Ksu has a good QB in Klein and a decent RB in Hubert. That and Arthur Brown on defense and that's all they have. Klein threw 13 TDs last season but rushed for 27 TDs. That tells me that his receivers aren't as good as scoring as he is. Dline will stack 4 up front with 3 LBs and lets see where he goes now. VT will be the team to beat. We let them slip from us last season. What killed us was the penalties. 9-84. We didn't fumble, we didn't get picked, we just made mistakes. Mistakes can be fixed.


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