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Barring a letdown in Sunday's scrimmage, expect Stephen Morris to be named UM's starting QB

Stephen Morris wasn't supposed to look this good coming off off-season back surgery.

Stephen MorrisRyan Williams was supposed to give him a good fight. That may still happen. But after 11 practices at the University of Miami, it's becoming more and more apparent Morris is on the verge of being named the Hurricane's starting quarterback.

And a solid performance in Sunday's first scrimmage of the fall (closed to the media and public) will probably lock it down.

UM coach Al Golden said he's going to give Morris and Williams equal reps with the first team. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said both quarterbacks have been throwing accurately "at a very high level of completion percentage" and "neither one is making a whole lot of mistakes or turning the ball over."

But Morris, who has the stronger arm and more experience, might just be better than Williams at this point and unless he has a setback in Sunday's scrimmage (closed to the public and media), expect the Hurricanes to announce the junior as the starter as early as Monday.

"I get a sense everyday just watching them," Golden said when asked Saturday if there has been any separation in the battle. "But they'll both get a chance to throw to the [first team] receivers and then we'll get it on film and evaluate it.

"I think they've been really competitive. I am surprised at Stephen's conditioning and strength level. I really thought -- and we all did -- there would be a gradual integration for him. But he's been all-in to every practice. His conditioning, his core strength is really holding up well."

Fisch echoed those sentiments.

"I think the biggest thing that caught me off guard with Stephen is just how quickly he's been able to be 100 percent. There is no drop off at all," Fisch said. "As a matter of fact, I think he's better. I think his arm is stronger. His feet are fast. And mentally, it's not even close. The spring for him was like a redshirt year and an opportunity to be with me and talk football the entire practice."

Fisch said Morris benefitted from taking UM's freshman quarterbacks this spring and coaching them up on his own.

"He learned how to be more demonstrative as a leader, learned how to be someone who is not afraid to communicate with the other guys and let them know what he thinks," Fisch said. "Physically, the fact he didn't throw at all in the spring made his arm more lively."

Asked what he thinks Williams needs to do to win the job, Fisch said: "We don't look at it that way -- with what someone has to do. We'll come up with a decision on who is going to lead this team and then everybody is going to be on board with it, including the quarterback room.

"But right now, they just have to be prepared. As we all know one play and the next guy is up anyway. Whether you are the starter or not, you have to prepare like the No. 1 guy and really what's going on is that they're both doing a really good job leading the team... now it's just a matter of who is going to give us the best chance to win."


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if stephen morris can elevate this team with solid play and leadership, our confidence will soar! If this young, but very talennted team can be lead by a good leader who can instill confidence we will be very dangerous!

I am exited about this team because they are young and it's no pressure. They remind me of some of the teams of old who didn't know they were supposed to be in a rebuilding year. Now lets just get this NCAA ruling out of of the way so the recruits can keep coming.

I never really doubted that Morris would win. He's strong and fast. All I ever heard about Williams is slow in the pocket with our line we can't have that. He will be a good back up to have this year. Hopefully one of the freshmen can be that next season. Barring injury I don't see Williams being more than a back up.

Good read, morris does have a gun for a arm and he is on target. The only real question I had was if the WRs,are going go get the balls. Is the offense going to be in synk? This could be a good year.

Coaches seem really confident in Stephen.
Excited for what this means this year.

This will be a good test to see if Stephen can handle the pressure of everyone expecting him to win the job tomorrow and then go out and do it. In fact it will be good pressure for both of the guys to see who can handle it and who will crack.

Morris has been the best QB Miami has had for the last 3 years.

Morris has been the best qb for three years isn't saying much. I'm not putting touch stock in this battle in camp I want to see it translate to the games. Maybe because I'm an old school cane I don't expect a whole lot from the qb. Dorsey was in my mind the best qb for our system. Kosar was my favorite. I don't expect Morris to be anything like them. What expect out of him is to be a leader and cut down on turnovers it's ok to punt and rely on our defense. In order for this team to be good every player at their position has to find a way to contribute in whether it's special teams, blocking or just a simple as focusing on the next play. I would like us to go back to rushing the ball 35 times or more, throwing to the backs and te's and playing blistering D.

Totally agree Tallycane. 100%

Turnovers (really, interceptions) have been the anchor on our necks for the last 6 years with Wright, Freeman, Marve, Jacorry and even Morris. The only excuse Morris has had is that he as thrown to the wolves as a true freshman under come-from-behind circumstances with few exceptions. athe main exception being the Maryland game, where he was horrendous. But against notre dame he nearly brought us back, and the same with others. But he always threw a terrible interception here and there.

I dont care about his dang arm strength. A Qb needs to!:

Manage the game. Punting is ok.
Protect possesions. Interceptions are not ok
Create long drives with accurate passing. Bombs are not always ok. They are nearly always low percentage
The most important attribute of a QB is between his ears. Arm strength means diddly. Ken Dorsey is a perfect example.

I like Morris's arm, he can throw. Against MAryland,
no fumble, we win and move on. This year, I just don't know. Have a pretty good oline but no backs yet. Who is Morris going to throw to? But whoever is out there will be better than last year. Widouts were TERRIBLE,
Our D has to be better than last year and we got a lot better with Armstrong gone. He just sucked.
I feel better. Go CANES

Howan you say we are better this year at wideout when our best two are gone? I don't care how talented the freshmen receivers are, they don't have the experience of Street and Benjamin. I cannot get so pumped from just potential alone. The freshmen haven't done squat for us yet, hopefully they will. But we are definitively worse off at WR now than we were last season. Same for RB. Maybe that will change in the course of the year but that is a big maybe.

Stephen Morris will be an outstanding and memorable QB for the Canes. He has all the tools and has matured. He obviously works hard. Great leadershp, Stephen!

It is good that Ryan WIlliams is on the squad. He brings a lot as well. Having 2 strong QBs is a nice change from the recent past!

Go Canes! Surprise some people!

Morris will be the surprise we have been waiting for! Last years start..2 days after 8 starters declared out, and one of them was the sissy Jacory. Golden had to start Harris to keep the other Northwestern recruits who came with stringbean in place..most improved player in the ACC this year...MORRIS,write it down!

Knowing the playbook and also working with Coach F helped Ryan see a lot of the innerworkings or the "process" as Coach G calls it..up close and personal.
Add to this mix, strength, and pushing out from a natural shy personality, and you have a guy as an emerging leader.. Thanks to the Coaches Stephen can now step up.

Ryan competing also helped to create the finish that he needs as QB.

Now Coach G will be tempted to utilize this ability, to change the tempo of the games, and know that his QB will be on the same play sheet.

Great job Stephen, and as dbc, and Papa Joe stated, this will be a surprise position going in with Confidence for the 'U' this season.
Go 'Canes Always

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