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Boston College coach Frank Spaziani talks about the 9/1 opening game against the Miami Hurricanes

Just got off a teleconference with Frank Spaziani, the coach of Miami's first opponent, Boston College.  

Spaziani knows Al Golden quite well. Golden was the linebackers coach at BC from 1997 to '99. Spaziani has been at BC since 1997. Spaziani was the running backs coach in 97 and 98, and the defensive coordinator from 1999 through 2008. He became the Eagles' head coach in 2009.

Here are some of his comments. He made sure not to talk about anyone specifically from Miami, except for a few comments on quarterback Stephen Morris.

On Stephen Morris:

"Stephen is a very big league quarterback with skills. All you do is have to go back and look at the Maryland game he started last year. He didn’t skip a beat as far as their offense. They moved the ball and scored very well. I know the situation that they had last year was obviously a new situation in handling everybody, but he has all the skills and I’m sure with a whole season with the system under his belt and now an offseason and a preseason, we’re expecting an accomplished quarterback in there, and somebody that albeit hasn’t played a lot of plays, but has been in games and been around and I’m sure he’s going to be well schooled."

 Is it better to have the whole offseason to prepare for a team without having seen a lot of the opponents’ new faces, or having seen them on film in game action without as much time to prepare?

 "The positive is some of our guys have had experience and been on the field with them; they’ve got that to carry over. In openers for everybody throughout the country the motto is expect the unexpected. We know they’re well coached, everybody is going to be enthusiastic on both sides of the field and they have got great athletes, so expect the unexpected and take care of our own business and see what we have."

 How possible is it to put together any semblance of a real game plan for week 1. Is it more about you week 1 than opponent as opposed to other weeks where you can game plan more specifically?

 "Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It’s just natural the more you’ve seen people going into the season, it’s a better beat you can get on them. But those guys on offense and defense over there do a good job of keeping you off balance. You have to draw from something that they’ve done in the past. Everybody has something they hang their hat on and they’re going to put some new wrinkles in." 

  "That’s where experience comes in and helps you get through those things.  As I said, earlier, the best motto to go by is expect the unexpected. There is going to be things in that game that we haven’t seen on both sides of the ball and in special teams and certainly there is going to be stuff that they haven’t seen and it’s just a matter of who can adjust and who can handle it. That’s the excitement of a first game, really. It’s tremendous for everybody."

 Playing Miami the last game of last season and first this season, does that present an interesting dynamic? Does that change things?

 “You know, not really. I don’t think so. It looks like there should be some interesting  dynamics in that they’re back to back games but they’re back to back nine months apart or 10 months apart or whatever it is. They’re two different teams. A lot of things have changed from that game. The atmosphere, the psychology, the teamwork. they’re just two different teams. I could speak for our team and I’m sure Al would say the same thing.’’

 Is opening with a conference game a good thing?

 “I don’t mind it, because it’s the same for both of us. Miami is the same as us. There is no game earlier or they didn’t have any extra practice time. So, you have to play the game so why not get them going? That’s the way I look at it. It’s one week. Every week is an individual season. Conference game or no conference let’s find out who we are.’’

 Anybody in particular from Miami that stands out?

 “I cannot identify them they’re so fast. They have some very good players on both sides of the ball. Obviously their skill people and their size and their quickness. That’s an athletic football team with some good players and they’re well coached.”












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typical generic coach speak.

Charlotte Observer predicted Miami would finish 4-8 WTF???

I have read 4-8 a couple different times on several different sites.

Miami, go prove them wrong!!

Let's go Canes!!!!

That is your reality cane clUcks. To an impartial and independent observer your team has serious flaws. To a delUsional cane clUck living in make belief world you will go 8 - 4 or 9 - 3 and win the ACC. Even a game against lowly BC is full of danger for you. Know that BC sucks and you should beat them without a problem if you are any good. But you are not.

Only saving grace is that the U will win more games than Muschumps squad!!

reality bites is a paid member of the Miami herald to keep the blog going...No person in their right minds would stalk the same blog 4 years and counting. Think people. This guy is probaly the biggest Cane fan ever sitting back dying laughing because the stuff he gets outta you guys..If you guys go away he will be out of a job.

Go U. Will be there to see you??

Thats why they play the games and predictions have no bearing on outcomes. The important thing for a rebuilding team like us is to be competitive and have the chance to win each and every game. Only that crazy dilutional Auburn fan predicted they'll win the NC with a better than Tebow Gaytor reject and junior college QB a couple years ago.

Just saw Univ. School play and DT Marquedius Bain looked fat, slow and lacked power and endurance. Not impressed. Never saw the WR Cunningham. Not sure why. Was very impressed with the DB Wilson whose dad played at UM. He is tall for a DB, had very good coverage skill and a little swag.

According to the BC Coach, we'll be contending for the National Championship.

Pretty neutral interview by the BC Coach. Smart. But, if last years's humiliation doesn't psyche the Canes up, who knows?

Hope we play hard, smart and score lots of points, with some D middle emerging. Anything but another game of dumping off passes to the BC RBs and TE.

Let's see a young team emerge with strong desire!

Let's start the year off with a W! GO CANES!

fake internet reporting that has nothing to do with football


9-3 easily....


4-8 means losses to usf, nd, fsu, vt, nc st, ksu, nc, gt, wins against bcu, duke, bc,,uva

Lol. Lets bet bc then

I wouldn't worry about what those nimrod predictionist say about us. They are all down on this team because we are young but what those people fail to understand is that we have a starting QB with experience, and talent for a change, as well as a new appreciation for off season conditioning. Are we young yes,but are we going to make fools out of these so called experts, without a doubt. Can't wait to get the season started.

I think 7-5 will be our record when all is said and done. BUT, if we lose to BC it could get Ugly.

We need to beat BC soundly and not be worn out against KSU by playing a 4 qtr war against BC. Get on em early and go deep, bet they have no speed outside like always!
No Turnovers!! We Win!! The INT machine is gone.

fake comments from fake posters that have nothing to do with football

Hey, if the numbnuts say we should finish 4-8 or whatever, that means that opponents will be overconfident against us so FACK 'EM!!!

4-8...haters gone hate. But we gonna give them player haters plenty space this year.

Talk about a waste of time

Once again. Who cares what everyone else thinks our record will be.
I can't wait to see this team play.
I believe we will beat BC. The K-State game will tell us where the team is at. If the middle of the D-Line holds up, and shuts down the K-State QB ( who I saw was on the Heisman watch list). Then VT, FSU, and GT are all beatable by shutting down their mobile QB's.
Here is to a great Hurricane season


Losses to KSU, FSU, VT and either ND or UNC

1 more self-imposed bowl ban, and then the real fun starts with this group of kids becasue most if not all of Shannon's kids (Morris excepted) will be gone next year.

So, if the obsessed gatorspammer troll is wrong and we beat BC, do you think he will admit it and finally go back to gator Clause where he belongs?


Come out come out all ye delUsional cane clUcks!
Summer is almost over, the real deal will soon begin.
Get your baseless predictions in now while the going is good. Why settle for 10 2 and coastal champs? Go for 12 - 0 and ACC champs. U got nothing to lose now.
Summer is the best time to be a delUded cane clUck.
BC is chump change for the "powerful" canes. The BC coach is very afraid of the All ACC punter. Morris is an experienced and very talented QB, where was he last year it don't matter cause we be delUded!
Canes against the world, with the Golden freshmen and the Golden coach and all the weightlifting we will be unstoppable!
We will surprise all the haters cause it's a cane thing. That is why we will also go undefeated, just because it's a cane thing.
Man do we love the Summer!!!

Buenos Dias Canes fans and TPOS.

BC will have another crap year and this time they won't have J12 to give them 4 INTs for the go ahead win. Nor will they have the previous senior class and those who left early give up on the team simply because they were told before the game that they would turn down the bowl game. I could care less that BC they lost their top defensive player or the best RB or that they just lost their top WR to injury. They're going up against a team that has ridden itself of the "me first" players and have hungry players ready and waiting for the first game of the season. Honestly I'm figuring 30-7 here and I'm being nice with the 7pts for BC. They just don't have enough players that can score for them IMO. Our Oline will give Morris all the time in the world to do whatever he wants which will give time for the WRs to do whatever they want. Our WRs will open up the field so our run game will take off. Mike James is going to show us what we didn't get from him last season (he played the whole year with turf toe). I also believe that Hurns will score the first TD to open up the season. Would be nice to see Dorsett or Duke run back a punt. On defense, Chickillo and Green are going to wreak havoc in their backfield. Our DBs are going to show us what they're all about with this first test. I'm only concerned with our LBs getting healthy. Man I can't wait for Sept.1st.


Funny, even when you steal my handle and pretend to be me you can't admit that the "fake internet rivalry" part is 100% true.

Too sad, huh?

@ Five Titles
Little Dicky, as I like to call him, will not run away. He can't. The U owns him. We are his life. Without us his little world becomes even smaller. I know, it is hard to believe anything that small could get smaller. It is just the reality of his life, and it bites.
When his world crumbles as the season playes out. He will come to the light, and become a Cane fan.

IT" GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canetally I agree, pathetic when on the 4 th post
Reality bites and DelUsional who is the same poster has to jump on here and post.
Proof he posted his little litany as "Reality bites" instead of forgetting his usual post of "delUsional"..or did delUsional retire.
Where is "Dick"????

Canetillidie I agree that the offense will do well and Chick will have an outstanding game.
My call 24-10 - Miami win, and one td run from Duke.
Morris will have a controlled and commanding game and you are right Hurns, James, Howard, and Green will have outstanding games..
I adjusted the score considering it is an away game, first game, settling in..
Win for the 'U'
Season 8-4
Go 'Canes Always

We be Gatr Trash.

We win the NC every February.

All 5 stars.

We don't win jack in the Fall.

No Quadda-backs, No RBs, No WRs, No OLine. Muscrap is a janitor. Transfers and decommits. That is the state of this miserable program.

The worst part? Trailverville. Stinking cesspool.

Reality Bites: A belief that is not based on reality is called a delusion. Reality to you is something you and republican would vote against. Your comments are delusional or better known as a mental disorder.

"Reality Bites: A belief that is not based on reality is called a delusion. Reality to you is something you and republican would vote against. Your comments are delusional or better known as a mental disorder."

" A belief that is not based on reality is called a delusion."

Agree 100%. A perfect example is your claims every Spring and Summer that U are back and you will win the NC and all sorts of nonsense for the past decade, while the reality is that you still suck.

"Reality to you is something you and republican would vote against"

U got me there clUck. This is mumbo jumbo. However, reality is you suck and have been doing so for a decade now. Nothing to do with Republicans.

"Your comments are delusional or better known as a mental disorder."

No, no my delUded clUck. It is U who are delUsional and have been now for the past decade.

I would add the definition of insanity is doing or saying the same thing over and over while expecting a different result each time.
Like saying we are back every Summer, and believing it, while continuing to suck.

DelUsional and Insane, it's a cane thang.........

"So, if the obsessed gatorspammer troll is wrong and we beat BC"

U are supposed to beat BC dUmmy, just the fact that there is a question about that outcome shows how low your lowly program has fallen. This is a no win for U, if U win U were supposed to, if U lose your season is over.

We be Cane Trash.

We win the NC every Spring and Summer.

All 5 stars in our pea sized brains.

We don't win jack in the Fall.

No Quadda-backs, No RBs, No WRs, No OLine. No Defense. Goldencrap is a janitor. Transfers and decommits. That is the state of this miserable program.

The worst part? None of us ever set foot in Stinky Gables. MDCC rejects or GED wannbes.
Pathetic losers.

I really beleive this gatorspammer is an invalid. he probably has no legs, but has no ability to push himself forward like the paralypics athletes do, so he sits in his chair, day and night, his caretaker brings him food and changes his bedpan, and since he has no idea how to get out the front door, this is his window to the real world.

Think about it, this guy cannot even get to the level of a facebook account, playing minecraft, or even getting on a political blog to rant about the 2012 election, his caretaker sets him up on the canes blogs, and he goes from tab to tab to type in his repetitive drivel. He cannot even read the responses, but seeing any response makes his day, as he waits for the next change of his bedpan. That is why he avoids all offers to meet in person, he cannot get out of the trailer and his caretaker doesn't want to be bothered taking him outside.

It really is sad, but it gives you empathy for the poor deluded and obsessed creature. If only his caretaker would put his page links to the gator sites, his life of trolling would be over, so don't blame the poor victim, blame his bedpan changer for the cruelty of leaving him here for attention.

It is a terrible thing not to have your bedpan changed in a timely fashion. Or to not have a facebook account.
Should have done it when you could.

Can you have legs and still be an invalid?
Or does to sun rise every morning?

Fake internet responses that have nothing to do with football.

The cane beat downs are about to resume. Good times indeed. When BC makes U nervous, there is a SERIOUS problem. bUt the clUcks had reading assignments this sUmmer so that shoUld be enough to reach the ACCCG. Plus they have better bench presses now, which is nice. Forget about the fact that they were pathetically weak prior to Camp Goldens PX90 regimen. I've got these guys at 6-6 again. But once the injuries hit, this depthless bunch of pansies will fold like a wet paper bag yet again. They had the 75th WORST defense ( look it up u clUcks) last season. They will probably drop below 90th this year. Just a sad sad state of affairs for the delusional fans of the once proud U. Can't wait.

My double wide was flooded out recently but i'll be glad to challenge you to a mud fight art !

come get some.

Fake internet non non sequitur that has nothing to do with grammar in football.

Hola Soldy!

Hola Arty!

You really need to pretend that you have a friend on this blog? Sad times.

Non sequitur - in formal logic, is an argument in which its conclusion does not follow from its premises.

In other words, a "Gators fan" who posts all day every day trash talking the Miami Hurricanes, yet ignores the Gators blog and the blog of the Gators' rival, the Florida State Seminoles.

But the logic makes perfect sense when you realize that you're not talking about sports, you're talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Hence your own Gators blog and the blog of the Gators' rival FSU aren't of interest to you. They nothing to do with your fake internet rivalry.

fake internet comeback that has nothing to do with football

Stop using your fake internet horse weave that has nothing to do with real human internet rivalry hair.

Name steal - 10 internet points for you! You're on fire with your fake internet rivalry today!

Nice comment by Howard Schnellenberger on the Canes. In 56 years of coaching, he says it is the best looking team from a physical standpoint he has seen.

High praise from Howard. Maybe this will be a surprise breakout year for us. Let's start by smacking BC down.

Go Canes!

I also said FAU would be a contender.

This won't be a breakout year, this team is too young.

Stephen Morris is still a pretty inexperienced QB. Now we start paying the bill for Jacory Harris starting last year.

It's going to take time to get back to the top.

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