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Canes freshman CB Vernon Davis has sought release; expected to transfer

Hurricanes freshman cornerback Vernon Davis has requested to be released from his scholarship, The Miami Herald has learned, and is expected to transfer to another school as early as Tuesday afternoon.

A source said Davis, a former standout at Miami Coral Reef, let UM know of his intentions on Friday.

Reached by phone, Davis' mother confirmed her son was considering transferring from the program, but didn't want to elaborate on where he might be considering going.

"Nothing is official yet," Theodofia Davis said. "I'd prefer you talk to him about it."

Davis wasn't listed on the Canes' most recently released depth chart Monday, but remains on the team roster. He was one of eight incoming defensive backs the program signed between January and February.

A UM spokesman said that as of 10:30 a.m. Davis was still on the team. But obviously, things can change quickly.

A three-star recruit according to Rivals, ESPN and Scout.com, Davis was an All-Dade First Team selection by The Miami Herald as a senior.

Stay tuned.


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But why? Do people really not want to work for their position?

saw this coming, surprised Larry Hope or someone else hasn't decided to do the same thing, we have way too many corners.

too much competition huh?? sad

Virginia Tech bound

Did he think he was going to beat out the #1 recruit. Miami needed a lot of CBs, and wouldnt habe taken him anyway in most years. Dont go to a big school if u dont want to compete. Have fun at UCF

We have plenty of corners for the next couple of years. Sorry to see hometown boy go but he has to carve his own path in his life. If it's with some other team then so be it. If he goes to VT then he'll have to deal with us every year.


This has nothing to do with playing time and everything to do with upcoming sanctions. Smart kid. The ship has sunk. Death penalty.

All the hater about to come out now ..
Ah he gone ball where he going .. I know competing
ain't the problem cause he was handle business

Not smart you $ICK, if he was, he would of waited until the actual sanctions kicked in and he wouldn't have to sit out a year!!!!

Nothing to see here. Kid didn't want to be here him leaving frees up a ship. Get your education young man.

UM not going to win anything anyways you worrying about him you need to about Florida state burying them they better hope they go above .333 they recruited Larry hope lol get out of here

Sorry, Charles. Miami may get hit hard with sanctions but there is no way they are getting the death penalty. If a football program covering up decades of child rape doesn't get you the death penalty, nothing will.

To the clown posting as Charles Robinsoon from Yahoo! Sports...First of all, how much of a loser are you to post under the name of a sports writer instead of using your own or at least some made up pseudonym? I highly doubt the real Charles Robinson would be trolling and posting on a Miami Herald message board/comments section about UM. Secondly, Miami has not even received a notice of allegations from the NCAA just yet so any sanctions wont be coming at least until sometime after the season (I'd say possibly before the start of the 2013 season). Lastly, UM will get some type of punishment, but it will NOT be the death penalty. Go troll somewhere else so I and other CANES fans dont have to waste time reading your crap. As for Vernon Davis, this just makes me shake my head, do kids not want to compete anymore?

It's Robinson, not Robertsoon.

Either way, U'll wish U were dead after the NCAA gets done with U...

Hey Next Best Thing,
Focus on trying to beat Wake Forest this season, or maybe scoring on them for starters. You guys are always saying "this is the year", and guess what? It never is. You are an annual 8-4 team after being in the preseason top 10, knowing you don't belong there. You were fortunate to beat us last year, and we were in turmoil, so don't get too cocky. You haven't won anything.

If someone wants to transfer then it just opens up a scholarship for someone else who wants to complete. Next.

Davis looked at short term and long term...if the playing time was not there then the best time to move is now. This frees up 1 scholie for some good walk on's that Cocah G talked about who surprised the Coaches and deserved to be on the bus travelling...

Good luck, and I know that Davis will look back on the 'Cane experience as Special, but it did not work out for his position and playing time. He got a taste just being around these guys.

That happens in many programs..this is not unique to Miami...

Sanctions, SMANCTIONS, this has nothing to do with a player wanting to move for more play time...

Everything that occurs at Miami there is some Clown that throws in junk about the NCAA..think of better things to comment...After sanctions are imposed they will have nothing else to throw in the debate.

The 'Canes will be fine ..THANK YOU.
Go 'Canes Always

The only way I would wish the program were dead was if it was UFailure.

Those dumb 'billies are just stinking up the SEC LEast. I heard LSU and Alabama want to push UFailure out of the SEC for ignorance, apathy, jorts, mullets, horrendous campus and the most disgusting fan base in college sports.

Good luck to Davis where ever he decides to go. Shame on all the losers on this blog putting him down and saying he doesn't want to compete. Players transfer for a myriad of reasons you fools should not take it personally or as a slight.
Then to say "if he goes to Va Tech he will have to deal with us every year" is really really dumb. Or haven't you noticed Va Tech has beaten us for the past few years.
Either way he is gone, we move on with what we have and don't look back. No need to be petty.

I am a lifelong Canes fan but some of the posts here by supposed Cane fans are symptomatic of the modern sports fan. Just awful.

Most likely, 20 year olds with no clue. Too much Grand Theft Auto.

Good luck to the kid. I agree Miramarcane. Who knows, maybe the kid feels as if he is not able to compete w/the guys on the roster, so he is seeking a fresh start Or it could be something totally different. It's funny how folks discuss things as if they know what is going on.

Columbus cane tell the U to win games when the last time y'all beat Florida state and they got smash last year watch football lol

NBT, You just proved my point. FSU 'smashing' us is 4 points, 23-19. Ha ha. YOU watch football and try getting a clue while you're at it. You guys choke every year, and this year will be the same. Wow, you've beaten us TWO whole years in a row. Try checking some stats. I guess that IS one of your biggest streaks so I understand why you're holding on so tight. Dumbo Fisher can recruit and that's it, because you guys have yet to win anything with all these supposed top recruits. It's U envy, so I understand. ha ha.

I'm just mad ole girl name is Theodofia....sheesh.

Looks like Seantrel wants out of Miami to be closer to home. Reports leaking that he's to transfer to Minnesota or a JuCo, sit a year and then transfer out. Makes since. Kid just doesn't seem happy here with all that's happened to him in just the last 30 days. Be interesting to see if he baloons up towards 4 Bills if so. Should be official anytime now. Unless of course he changes his mind again which seems to be his m/o and what he's consistant at. Probably best for all envolved. Wonder what his next call to Golden will be like, if it hasn't already happened. Al will handle it and completely erase it from this teams psyche no doubt.

We had more yards and Offensive points in that game, y'all won by 4 points and you were at home, and you bragging...That lil brother syndrome will get you every time...smh

Golden continues to clear out the guys who can't cut it.

Love it!!!!!

Good riddance!

The creminoles had 16 yards of total offense with five minutes left in the second quarter and that's something to be happy about.Lol

good luck Vernon, you're a home grown talent and I wish you the best....ignore the people who couldn't survive ten minutes in your shoes

"OhioCane", just as with "MikeB" before, noody is reporting that, so unless you have a link, you are spreading misinformation.

Vernon was probably 3rd or 4th team. UM has corners coming out of their ears. We all wish Vernon well.

jamal carter already said he talked about golden and the sanctions...we already know it will be another bowl ban and scholarships..davis i believe is leaving bcuz of the competition and he didn't make the Travel Squad and he probably got teased from a couple of fresh man who did ....straight up bcuz you know golden came and said who would be traveling and who wouldn't today..so he transferred

So waht- good luck to thekid, butthe truth is the truth. Kid was probably unhappy because he went form being All-dade to 4th string. Remember the kid was a 3-star, and now he's acting like a 5 star who is bitter. Come on man! Just know that Miami on sanctions is better than FSU, UF, FIU, FAU, UCF and USF on no sanctions. Why? b/c its a cane than and a cane family. Lets see, I'm a cane player 1st , 2nd or 4th string. in t he summer I go to the Hecht and start doing some benching. In comes Ray Ray and Ed Reed, and Devin Hester. Where else who you see that? Hmmmm. ray RAy vs Brandon Spikes. LOL. No comparison.

Don't know what's goin on with Vernon D but I wish you well lil homie. Sad to see you leave because you looked like you would be something to be talked about on Espn. Well where ever you go I wish you the best my friend.

i means it his choice ..there is no reason to be salty but, i wish he would have stayed..but realistically at his position ..esp with artie b and jamal carter coming in also ..if he left bcuz he wanted playing time at another school its his decision..but i would have stayed just bcuz of the comp

What will happen when Veron transfers to VT/ Ole Miss/ vanderbuilt/ etc doe she think he will walk right in and start or if he is 3rs or fourth string and not make the travling team he will seek another transfer, mybe he needs to go toa D2 or 1AA school were he might be able to start

does anyone no what happen to the kids from gville who transferred...they made a bad move last year by transferring they all would have seen playing time last year

I hope he decides to stay. Wish him the best if he goes.

Thanks Vern for opening up a ship for a more qualified player. I guess stars really do matter!

The U is clearly underrated

FSU, UF- and Ohio State- Grossly overrated/ Who rankz these teams? Some braindead zombie? OSU lost to UF who was 6-6 at the time adn OSU finished with a losing record. Miami beat UF, who got destroyed by FSU in G-ville whle Miami lost by 4 at Tally. What gives?

FSU was just picked to win the Nc vs USC by Craig Herbie of ESPN.

herbie: When will you learn? Recall herbie picked Miami to win the NC in 2010. ha hahahahahahah. Sure they went 9-4, and lost to Wisconsin in the Orlando Dump bowl

I wish they would get this done and deal us our sanctions so we can get past this already. Dragging this on and on is torture enough, The NCAA should drop all charges for time served for pain and suffering.

pseudologic, aka pseudointellect, U gotta be the dUmbest blogger here and there are more than a few block heads on this blog.
So U know more than ESPN, SI, the AP, USA Today and the coaches combined just because it's a cane thing.

Is it a cane thing to be stupid? Every single team U lissted in your 2 idiotic posts is ranked higher than the canes. All of them! Except FAU.
But you know better because it's a cane thing?
Cane "fans" like U are responsible for making your program a laughingstock.
Get a clue you dumbbutt.

Next best thing

Wow it looks like you need to actually do some homework before posting anything. Let's look at the REAL stats from last season's game.

Net Total Yards
Florida State: 259
Miami: 383

Florida State: Pass TD (1), Rush TD (0), Return TD (1), and Field Goals (3)
Miami: Pass TD (1), Rush TD (2), Return TD (0), and Field Goals (0)

Also who's the "little brother"? To answer that let's ask a few more questions. Who has more National titles? Who has had more draft picks, and specifically more first round draft picks? Who owns the all-time lead in the series? Who has been to the more recent title game? Wait, I think there's a pattern here. The answer all boils down to two words: Miami Hurricanes.

So before you come on here spouting off about "smashing", and trying to bring up "facts" you might want to look them up first. The ONLY thing that got FSU the win last season was special teams. Let's see how many points did the specials teams make up for directly? All but 6 you say? Why that sure sounds like offensive "dominance" to me. LMAO & SMH.

Best of luck to the kid. Hopefully he'll find a place where he fits in. I won't say with any certainty that he left because he didn't want to compete, but I also won't entirely dismiss it. It wouldn't be the first time a player came in with certain expectations, and have been turn all horribly wrong in the player's mind. I wonder if that four star corner commitment for next season had anything to do with it. I wonder if Golden, and his staff, talked about moving him, and he decided it wasn't for him. Regardless of the why I wish him luck.

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