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Check out these duds! From Maryland to Notre Dame (Beneficiary: The Miami Hurricanes)

 So, look what Miami is getting in the Notre Dame game. Not just The Irish, but the Irish with attitude -- compliments of adidas.

The Hurricanes got a dose of uniform wackiness at Maryland last season. I think I was the only person on the planet who liked those bizarre Maryland duds.

Here's the statement Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly made about the unis:

“The Shamrock Series is a great opportunity for our football program to play in an exciting venue located in an area with so many Notre Dame fans,” Kelly said. “This year’s game at Soldier Field will be part of an incredible weekend for the University in Chicago and will be a great experience for our team. The players absolutely love the uniforms designed by adidas for this game and they will help make it a memorable night.”

By the way, note that Kelly said "in an area with so many Notre Dame fans.''

Soldier Field is definitely NOT a neutral site for this game. (I changed that line for those of you who thought I even considered that Soldier Field is neutral.)

Maybe the uniforms will help give the Hurricanes an edge.

UM will be wearing its traditional unis, I'm sure to Al Golden's delight.

Addendum: Did you like when MIami wore its Pro Combat unis? Or do you prefer traditional?






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Those are H O R R I B L E
Just another reason to hate the domers

What are you talking about soldier field neutral?....

Are you smoking something suzie Q?

Chicagoland is irish country. Period end of story. Its only 2 hrs from southbend.

And how do you figure tht these horrendous eye sores would help the U?

And why in gods name did you post theses photos?

Im going to print these and wipe my dogs a55 with them

Neutral? South Bend is a 2 hour car ride from Chicago. No worries. Booked my room and flight. I'm gonna start my serious drinking October 1. Note to fans, get your rooms now. The Chicago marathon is the same weekend and rooms are going fast.

5>3>2 - you're an idiot. Read harder.

RichmondVaCane - thank you! Just ordered my tickets the other day, hadn't had any sense of urgency about finding rooms.

Just be thankful you don't have USC on your schedule

You guys are old news


Leftcoastswag u lame for worrying bout a team u hav no clue about. Step yo game up bra...yal got bigger problems than Miami. shout out to all da young guns on da team yooodaaaa!!!!

No need to rub it in leftcoastswag. All us Canes fan know that if we played against USC we would get roughed up. Meet us in a couple years.

those uniforms, like the irish themselves, basically stink.

i'm sure the canes are going to play beyond expectations this year. top ten by the end of the year, probably acc champions. this team is going to surprise everyone. it doesn't matter which uniforms they show up in, canes enforce their will on the opposition.

got some canes over here!!

woosh woosh...

To browardsolja

You should be concerned about bumping up your pay to $8.00/hr from $7.50 you G.E.D. having, honda civic driving on 5 year probation being tool.

Need I remind you that WE have TWO 1,000 yard receivers and TWO 1,000 yard rushers AND a HEISMAN candidate who threw for over 30 TOUCHDOWNS last year and over 3,000 YARDS! PLUS and ALL AMERICAN at safety and a florida boy we stole at CB.

I'm just here to remind you that CANE football is stuck in the past and DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO BE ONE OF THE BIG BOYS AGAIN


Enjoy going 6-6 and playing the LGBT Bowl sponsored by Glee.

A story about Irish unis....are you kidding? This is the worst paper in the country.

Those uniforms are absolutely pathetic. For the Canes, I'm still down for re-doing the old uniforms. Personally I always loved the stripes. The uniforms we had in the 90's were my favorites.


But left coast swag you are on a canes website tryin to make yourself feel good about your team. It would be nice you all could play some defense out in the PAC 12.

USC hit it boi it's all about the U still

U cares about uniforms, they dont when games. Also defense will be fine people remember the defense had control all spring just al little bump in the road. Injuries happen and we will be ready for start of season. Coach knows what he is doing just getting 110% outta everyone. He did say we are farther along than last year team was more experience, that ought to tell u something.

Go canes

Neutral? South Bend is a 2 hour car ride from Chicago. No worries. Booked my room and flight. I'm gonna start my serious drinking October 1. Note to fans, get your rooms now. The Chicago marathon is the same weekend and rooms are going fast.
Thanks Va Cane...I got to get my reservations.
Any word on where 'Canes fans are gathering Friday night or Saturday night to celebrate?

Who ever thought Soldiers Field was a neutral site Susan. Its one of the L I have penciled in already. It will be a nasty night for a young thin Canes team. I just hope we don't bet embarrassed by them again like we did at the Sun Bowl.

Hey fans, we'll have to get together at a Hurricane friendly bar and toss back entirely too many beers. For those who have never been to Chicago, don't get a car. There's no need. Parking is a hassle and there's plenty of public transport and cabs which are much easier. Also, I'm gonna whack a few Irish and hook 'em up to a rickshaw to pull us around town. At least they'll be good for something.

U wanna bet ?

some reason, I think that LeftCoast Hag, may be our Gaytor friend adding new personalities to his resume. I have NEVER seen a condom fan post on here, so it's just hard for me to believe that they have. I may be wrong though.

By the way Left Coast Hag (I was real close to adding a letter 2 letters before H, but I didn't want to get kicked off the blog), take advantage of this year, because even though you guys are recruiting well, you will fell those sanctions in next year and for
several years to come. Oh, and yes I do know we are going to get hit also, so save your breath nimrod

5-7 7-5 ?


u'll go 5-7

Gator's 8-4


Horrible, they look like a bad copy of Michigan's unis.

Hey guess what gatOr lady, gOt a new stOOpid way Of pOsting, cOurtesy Of yOu!!! It takes a big girl tO cOnstantly pOst GAToR CRAP On a miami blOg!! KudOs yOu wanna be techneck from garbageville...

Gator's 8-4

Posted by: U sUck more

^^^^^^Boy you really need to put that pipe down...Those clowns will be 6-6 this year.

DOn't yOu mean, "Boy yoU really need to pUt that pipe down..." gatOr grrrrl?


Some of you all our nutty as a fruitcake and never participated in sports ..IMO

Yeah the USC guy is likely a gator in disguise.

USC talking smack after 3 years of being no where is just as funny as gatoirs talking smack.

That said, a USC-Miami home away series would be awesome. USC is probably scrred to play the U. UCLA played us in 1998- When Miami was barely recovering frolm probation. We all know what Edgerrin James did to the #4 ranked Bruins. That said, USC and UM are similar in that UM will be smacked down with NCAA penalties and with Golden's base recruiting it wont skip a beat. Guranteed.

Susan- Apologize I read your post wrong. You are right Chi town is not neutral. Eudocimus- go f-- yourself loser of life. I made a mistake. so shoot me.

Tebow swallows!!

Kyle wright

nuff said

I like em

Seantrell missed practice again...dude is going to be on the bench real soon.

frosty paws is now adding to lies
No way paws will be able to keep building those lies and 2 weeks later be able to remember them
Let me guess, you could of been a college star if it wasnt for the coach hating you and that darn injury that held you back

Seantrell missed practice again...dude is going to be on the bench real soon.

Posted by: canesjunkie


Golden already has a nice spot on the bench for him all the way at the end. Redshirt Henderson for next season the Oline is doing fine without him.
He'll fit in nicely with

Hunter Wells(Fr.6'6" 300)
Taylor Gadbois(So.6'8" 310)
Ereck Flowers(Fr.6'6" 312)
Jon Feliciano(Jr.6'5" 320)
Danny Isadora(Fr.6'4" 345)
Jermaine Johnson(Jr.6'6" 320)
Jared Wheeler(Jr.6'5" 315)
Malcolm Bunche(So.6'7" 325)****
Shane McDermott(So.6'4" 290)
Brandon Linder(Jr. 6'6" 310)
****Malcolm Bunche might go pro after 2012 season. We'll see.

This Oline looks promising factoring in that Henderson will be a senior next season at 6'8" 340lbs. He should redshirt this season and move into the gym. If the coaching staff does this to him he'll become Bryant McKinnie for his senior year which will do wonders for his football resume when he enters the combine and then the draft. That's something that Brandon Washington and Marcus Forston should have done. Forston is looking great and playing healthy for New England now. Imagine if we had him now on the starting Dline next to Darius Smith...I still see us going 8-4 and possibly 9-3. Nobody knows what they will be getting from Miami this year. Get some!!!


Hi Susan,

Thank you for all the FREE content you provide us. I really do appreciate your hard work. I personally did not like the Pro Combat uni's. I'd much prefer a throwback uni at least once a season. I would like to see us permanently revert to the uni's in the 2000's. Those were great.

5>3>2 - loser of life?

Which one of us was a UM fan obsessed with the Florida Gators again?

UM needs to bring back the solid color throwback jerseys, those are awesome.

We are loaded at every position

Our scout team could beat you 1st team and you Cane rUffians know it

Does any one know where to get tickets for the Notre Dame game?

It's Friday 12:30pm... Do U know where Ur Right Tackle is ?


This is so bad it's absolutely hilarioUs !!!

Yeah Bro... Yo Bro... Exactly Bro... U know it Bro... Sup Bro...

Maybe the uniforms will help give the Hurricanes an edge.

LMAO! Just like they did in Maryland last season!
This is a great excUse for U when U get pasted in Chicago, it was because of those uggly uniforms!
Heck u can't use the rain or cold excUse all the time so here's a new one cane dUmmy.
So now U can also beat USC. World beaters U are. And USC is also afraid of U. DelUsional fools as usual.
Enjoy the rest of the summer your sorry reality will soon manifest itself once the season begins.
It really sUcks to be U.

When was the last time ND won a national championship? talk about living in the past?

Wow, obsessed troll listens to homemade blog radio shows about the Canes? And posts as me late at night?

Hint 1: We are not rivals, you can leave.
Hint 2: You have a Gator blog, you can leave.
Hint 3: You are not liked here, you can leave.

u write lefcoasswag we'all likes to go whea da folks speeks inglish an nos how ta spel.

Those uniforms are just about as ugly as Michigan's and Marylands. Personally I liked the first Nike Pro Combat jerseys that were all white and had the two toned colored numbers. The all orange with green helmet was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. The best Miami Hurricane jersey and Uniforms are from the 80's with the orange tops and white pants and white shoes or the away uniforms with the white tops and orange pants and white shoes.

CBSSportsline.com first college rankings for this year are out:

7. FSU
23. UF
32. UCF
35. USF
38. FIU
70. UM
118. FAU

Similarly, official USA Today/Coaches Poll rankings are out as well:
7. FSU
24. UF

Two HONEST sources have now confirmed what we all knew was coming. UM's dynasty days have been long gone, and that UM is now, and will forever be, the epitome of mediocrity.


32601 is wearing that copy n paste button out

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