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Fisch not scared to start Flowers at right tackle 'or any freshman who deserves' it

CORAL GABLES -- Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch only called on one true freshman to start for him last season -- receiver Phillip Dorsett, who did it once in a 6-3 win at South Florida.

Erick Flowers
True freshman Ereck Flowers (74) continues to work with the first team with Seantrel Henderson out.

Fisch's second season at the helm of the Hurricanes' offense could feature quite a few more starts from baby-faced Canes -- and former Under-Armor All-American Ereck Flowers (6-6, 314) of Miami Norland could be the first in line.

With Seantrel Henderson now listed as day-to-day according to coach Al Golden and it unclear when the 6-8, 340-pound junior will be back following his car accident and concussion, Flowers continues to run with the first team. And he continues to impress.

"He's doing great. I'm really impressed with him. He's running with the ones everyday," Fisch said. "There is no hesitancy. You wouldn't think he's a freshman the way he's playing. He understands the system. He's next to Brandon Linder everyday and he can communicate. I'm really proud of the way Ereck is playing and all the potential he's showing us. He's strong. He's physical. He's athletic and he really seems to enjoy the game. 

"I don't have any apprehension at all starting any true freshman that deserves to be the starter."

Flowers, a former basketball standout who didn't begin focusing on football until his junior year at Miami Dr. Krop, was known best at Norland for his run blocking and opening up holes for fellow Canes freshman and Mr. Florida football Duke Johnson. But so far at UM, Flowers' pass blocking has also passed the eye-test according to Fisch.

"I think his pass [protection] has been excellent," Fisch said. "He has great feet and he's been doing a great job with us there."


> As expected, linebacker Jimmy Gaines returned to practice Friday morning after missing the first week with an ankle injury he carried over from the spring. Gaines, the only linebacker with starting experience at all three linebacker spots, dodged a question about whether or not he's 100 percent.

Golden said he would bring Gaines back along slowly and reiterated that he probably won't play in Sunday's scrimmage. Gaines said he spent the off-season studying with former teammate Sean Spence and continues to talk to him on a regular basis.

"I'm ready for him to start flying around again," teammate Denzel Perryman said. "He adds a lot. Jimmy knows all three positions. If I ever get stuck on anything, I can just turnaround and ask him or somebody else can turnaround and ask him and we get the answer."

> Golden said he expects sophomore linebacker Gionni Paul to return on Tuesday. "Gionni was doing good [before he was hurt]," Golden said. "We need Gionni to step up, not just at linebacker but as a special teams player. He's a physical run and hit guy for us. We need him back."

> Golden said sophomore linebacker Thurston Armbrister was "banged up" Thursday, but didn't elaborate how long he would be out or limited.

> Sophomore receiver Rashawn Scott, who broke out this past spring, said he spent the off-season studying Giants receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks and former Hurricane Andre Johnson and the way they create separation. Scott is working mostly at split end. He said his improved grasp of the Hurricanes playbook has really helped him play a lot faster. Scott played in a wildcat offense in high school.

"I couldn't play fast last year," Scott said. "Now, I know exactly where I'm supposed to be and where everybody else is supposed to be."

> Running back Mike James said he hasn't had to humble freshman Duke Johnson at all. 

"Duke is humble. In fact, I have to tell him, let it hang out, don't hold back," James said. "There's a difference between confidence and cockiness. I told him if you make a play, celebrate it. Let everybody know. It's alright."

> Redshirt freshman Ricardo Williams, listed as the backup to Anthony Chickillo at defensive end, has gained 35 pounds in the past year, going from 220 to 255. Williams said it has helped him improve tremendously on run defense. 

"I feel like I still got my speed and my quickness," Williams said. "I'm at 255, but you don't really see it."

> Kicker Jake Wieclaw said his focus in camp has been trying to get his kicks up higher and quicker this season. Wieclaw said he had two field goal attempts blocked last season.

He's also adjusting to the new NCAA kickoff rules. Starting this season, teams will kick off at the 35-yard line instead of the 30 and the kicking team can’t line up for kickoffs behind the 30-yard line -- a move intended to limit the running start kicking teams have during the play and potential injuries.

Another significant rule change affects touchbacks, which will now be moved to the 25-yard line instead of the 20. Touchbacks on other plays, such as punts in the end zone or fumbles that go out of the end zone, will remain at the 20-yard line.

"It's kind of a trade-off," Wieclaw said. "The 35 is a little bit shorter field so it's easier to get it out there. So hang time is something we're focusing on. We don't always wanted to just kick out of the end zone and let them have it at the 25."

Last season, Wieclaw booted four touchbacks. UM ranked 13th nationally in kickoff coverage defense, allowing just 18.58 yards per return -- 2nd in the ACC.


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canes are ready to surprise a lot of people. can't wait for Sept 1!
go canes

Florida State has a blog on this website now.

So if any of you nerds are done talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football, you could theoretically go troll your actual rival, UM's rival and UF's rival, the team that beat UM and UF in football and in recruiting last year.

Just kidding. See you tomorrow. And every day after that. Nerds.

The CANES should be at least 11-2. No excuses. Just WIN!!!

LOL! Yep, they will be here daily. I took yesterday off, and today I see their desperate cries for attention were even worse.

Glad to be a man instead of a desperate internet nerd.

Go Canes.

there can only be one emilio. other fraudulent individuals, go home, recheck your lies and try again. "nadie sabe" ....

Let me throw this out there Manny and you touched on it.
With changes in Special team rules, do you think the kicking game will be a crucial part of our package this year, and if so how many games will our kickers play a significant role?..

My thinking is that this will be around 3 or 4 in close, tight games.

With the defense stronger, and more agressive, we may have some low scoring games where our kicking game will be the clincher..

Tell Botts and Wieclaw to stay warm and get um straight and high. We are watching..
Go 'Canes Always

They gotta big playmaker on their hands "Duke"

i love all these culeros talking hard.

i'll capoeira you maestre

fiu comin up

I would rather start Jermaine Johnson or Ben Jones at tackle.

hahaah five titles got his panties in a bunch

THE U is no more you ass clowns

MOVE ALONG NOTHING to see here!!!!

Good stuff on Ereck Flowers. This kid has a shot a greatness. He has the attributes to be a team guy, and a lockdown player at RT. Watch...

So Seantrel Henderson gets cited for

1.) Running a Stop Sign.

2.) Suspended License.

3.) Expired License.

On Wed. August 1st. when he's supposed to in Minnesota and there is no story about it ? Did he get in an accident ? Was he concussed and then few to Minnesota which is dangerous ? Did he not go to Minnesota and was hiding out until over the weekend ? Why from Friday until Monday did Al "Golden" say he had NO IDEA where he was ? Someone got some 'splaning to do. But then again, like all things with the Canes...







for U Canes that can't figure it out. Copy n past the above website to Ur browser. Click on Citation #. Enter above citations. Enter.

Any More Gator GOLD today ?

U even with Latvia yet ?

The oline dlinemen and lb's will have to carry this team to where we gonna go. We have to play the best man and hope we have a back up on his heels trying to get on the field. Duke has to get on the field on third downs and kick off and maybe punt return. I think Clements will have a good year hopefully give us some Lamar out there. With Howard and and others pushing for time this d that I talked bad about last year will be dangerous. Gang tackling will be the key. We very much so need Paul to be healthy. Go canes

You are googling UM players' tickets.

Isn't gianni Paul the kid that went out and got a tatoo of the u as soon as he was offered a position when he was in high school. We need guys like him. Get well soon.

gatorspammer, your life must be really sad to constantly attack a blog all day and night like that.

Really thought you would want to save Gator Clause from retaliation, but it is obvious you have no desire to do so.

Still waiting for you to get me banned, troll. But it won't happen, cause you are NOBODY, troll.

Flowers to start as a freshman. Excellent, bring on the all freshmen team! We will rule the ACC at least for the next 4 years with our Golden Freshmen. And the ALL ACC punter.
Fear the freshmen. Fear the punter!

Seantreal is one fat dumb SOB. Just get rid of him already

Posted by: delUsionalcane | August 10, 2012 at 04:59 PM

You will "rule this blog". Forever. Because you have no where else to be.

Redshirt freshman Ricardo Williams, listed as the backup to Anthony Chickillo at defensive end, has gained 35 pounds in the past year, going from 220 to 255.

I remember when guys use to take 3 years or more to add this muscle bulk. Now the guy is big enough to contribute. Olsen Pierre was a good guy at DT last year but at 265 did not have the bulk..he is 300 now.

The freshmen are getting good teaching and learning as they can contribute right away...of course they are extraordinary talent

Can we get Telemaque to pack his bags along with seantrel? Long beach needs him more than we do

Henderson, get your stuff together body. You have a talent people wish they could have. Do it for you own good, and nobody else. You'll regret it later if you don't.

6 n 6 gaUreenteed

Rick I beleive Paul was the lb that came from the school that ray ray came from. I could be mistaken but I beleive he won the state in wrestling. Yes we definitely need players like this at the U. Keep them coming godly.

Goldy excuse me

Freshmen! Freshmen! Golden Freshmen! If not now, when. If not us, who. If not here, where.
All freshmen team, except for the awesome punter, lets go freshmen canes!!!
If we play all the freshmen and our great punter we will rule the ACC and play in the BCS finally.
Fear the freshmen. Fear the punter.

Something is going on with Henderson. HIs head is not right. Everyone wants him to succeed. But he's been dinged for not following team rules, he gets into an accident, has a concussion, he's driving with a suspended license, and doesn't call his coach to tell him when he'll be back. His head is not right.

Coach Fisch as part of the Coaching Staff is very realistic..

His task from Coach G is to motivate the freshmen to step up. Study and practice to speed up the game, and also work with their heads to let them know they can go in and win, multiple games.

Tallycane you got it...Our destiny is predicated on a Super strong d, and with Special teams and Duke in strategic situations we will be surprising a lot of people in the quality of the product that we will deliver...As Coach G says let the process show itself and the wins will follow..
I agree 100% with your post..
Go'Canes Always

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