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Former UM receivers coach Aubrey Hill resigns from Gators; implicated in Yahoo! Sports report

Former University of Miami receivers coach Aubrey Hill, a Miami native, has resigned from the same position at the Universty of Florida.

Hill's last season at UM was in 2010.

Hill was implicated by Yahoo! Sports as allegedly being involved in impermissible recruiting activies in the UM-related case involving former UM booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro, and Shapiro's alleged accomplice, former UM equipment manager Sean Allen.

"Aubrey informed me he was resigning for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the University of Florida ,'' Florida coach Will Muschamp said in a written statement. "Aubrey didn't want to be a distraction to our team and our football program and he thought it was best for him to move on.

"I appreciate Aubrey's efforts and wish him the best moving forward. He will always remain a Gator.''

 Hill played at UF in the early 1990s.

 "I have too much love and respect for this program to become a distraction as I deal with some personal issues,'' Hill said in a written statement. "I'm thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Coach Muschamp, a tremendous staff and great group of players. The future is very bright here and the University of Florida will always have a special place in my heart. Go Gators.''

  Florida announced that UF offensive coordinator Brent Pease, a former receivers coach at Boise State, will work with wide receivers along with graduate assistant Bush Hamdan.



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Should never have let that gator in our program.. ;)

Susan as a Miami fan, I hope that you or one of the press will ask Golden if this means anything but I doubt Golden will say to much not his style to comment on things. But man seeing this early this morning has me super nervous if Barrow resigns them I am really really nervous.

Resign my a55....

Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ... Tick ...

Gators receivers coach Hill resigns; Pease and Hamdan to take over coaching receivers

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gators wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill has resigned for personal reasons.

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced Hill’s resignation Friday morning.

“Aubrey informed me he was resigning for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the University of Florida,’’ Muschamp said. “Aubrey didn’t want to be a distraction to our team and our football program and he thought it was best for him to move on.

“I have too much love and respect for this program to become a distraction as I deal with some personal issues,’’ Hill said in a prepared statement. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Coach Muschamp, a tremendous staff and great group of players. The future is very bright here and the University of Florida will always have a special place in my heart. Go Gators.”

There are reliable sources, that Hill has been contacted and is presently in contact with the NCAA which has been investigating the University of Miami for numerous alleged violations while Hill was the recievers Coach and a top recruiter there. It is now strongly believed that Hill could become a key witness for the NCAA when they rule on sanctions that are sure to be handed down to the Hurricanes Football and Basketball progams in the near future. Reports are that Hill is stepping down to avoid any conflicts and distractions with the University of Florida. Hill, who would be considered as a reliable and credible witness, likely would recieve little if any punishment in return for his testimony. The NCAA has no comment at this time regarding Hill but did say that the investigation of Miami is still ongoing and there is no set time table for any announcement.


The GATAH Gonna Gets U !!!

Laz I hope you are righ on this.This is why you should never bring in a coach who is an alumni from a big rivalry team. They will destroy the program from the inside. Screw this GAYTOR Aubrey Hill!!!

Nothing to see here ... Move along... Keep moving along... Nothing to see...

Exactly....we need to be careful about letting coaches who have worked for our rivals in the Hecht.....you never really know what their motives may be. Just as well....he was probably asked behind closed doors to resign so that they did not have to fire him....my feeling is that the NCAA is getting close to letting us know what are charges are.

* Are these nUmeroUs, mUltiple MAJOR Shapiro allegations trUe ? *

"YES Mr. NCAA they are ..."

* Thankyou, Ur ALL Free to go. Ur ImUne ... *

U clUcks only have Urselves to blame letting a trUe GATOR in Ur oUt of order cheating HenhoUse...

Randy Shannon getting hired at TCU AFTER being interviewed by the NCAA will tell you all you need to know. It went no higher than assistant coach's who are no longer at UM and they are looking at a show cause.

Hurtt and Stoutland are on deck......

Yawn. Another Gator coach quits, and Dick tries to tie it into a negative for the Canes.

Guess what, it is a negative for the Gators, that just before their season starts, one of their coaches QUIT, under suspicion of impropriety.

Dick gets exposed to reality, again.

"under suspicion of impropriety" Where was this done at?

The recent allegations by Robinson was old news. The NCAA already investigated it hence Barrow still coaching at UM. There was nothing to see. What was not new news were the phone calls between Hill and Allan AFTER Hill left to coach at UF.....

UF is my next target but I wonder if it will be as much crap and a vendetta as it is for UM?


Multiple Improprieties that occured at MIAMI over years n years U Immense and in total in denial FOOL ! What will the GATORS be charged with ? JesUs U really just don't get it do U. Arty n I have told U what's going to happen for well over a year now. All Hill is doing is basically self-imposing himself and FULLY cooperating with the NCAA for immunity, telling ALL which will be far more damaging than U could ever comprehend. The NCAA got the ONLY Witness they need to RULE... What about that do U not understand ? Just with Hill's 2008-2010 testimony alone, the NCAA will have far more than enough to nail U. Add that to many other recruits that were named that didn't sign or did that have since transfered no longer having any loyality to U and there is now 100x's the amount of evidence implicating U than than there ever was with Bush at USC. And the real kicker that none of U even realize is that the NCAA can absolutely gUT U because U'll be guity of violations within a 10 year period since '98. That makes U HabitchUals. The NCAA is grumpy and they will make an example out of U. They could careless if Golden drives blind kids to church every Sunday. The NCAA is gonna disembowel the University of Miami and it's entire Athletic program. Not Ur Golden Boy who will do and say ALL the right things after the hammer falls, stay through next year, pack up the Family and leave tire marks outta Dade County and never turn back...

Wake Up Canes. The NCAA won't kill U. They'll just mame U to the point that U wished U were dead.

Yeah 5 Titles... This is a bad mark on the Gators... He's all Ur Cane fans.

Posted by: SOLDY TOLD U SO

BAWHAHAHAHA....... Why didn't uf get rid of Hill a long time ago after he talked to the NCAA to begin with? These new allegations are not new. The NCAA investigated them months ago. Barrow was mentioned yet he is still coaching. The ONLY thing new to come out was Hill and Hurt BOTH talked to Allan AFTER they left UM. We will get sanctions.....no doubt. It will be NOTHING as bad as you hope for though. BOO....HOO!

Randy coaching....Barrow coaching.....Hill is NOT. Hurtt is next....

Unfortunate we have to lose Coach Hill because he lost his moral compass during his time in Coral Gables. Anyway for those Miami fans trying to blame Aubrey Hill for the violations because he was a Gator and making idiotic statements like "we shouldn't hire rivals." You do realize Jedd Fisch is a Gator.

Posted by: Deny Deny Deny... It's All U Got.

We are not presently on probation. Nor were we on probation when these latest allegations occurred. You know who was though? UCF....and their AD new about the violations and played the dumb card. They really got hammered didn't they. The cost of the benefits our players received that was proven are FAR less also and it only went up as far as assistant coach's (Randy at TCU) Like i said we will get hit but not anything close to what you would like :)


HA HA HA What a fool!

Posted by: Charles Templeton


gatorspammer, with all your sick ids and ideas, take your lies to Gator Clause where they belong.

Hey fool........There's n NCAA Storm a Brewing and It'll Be a Cat-5 Years n 40 Schollie One...

It's obvious you edited that last paragraph yourself since "receiver" is spelled wrong but wasn't in the first part of the article. Since it is mis-spelled it is also obvious the you went to the Univ. in Florida.

You are one funny guy.
When Hill was let go and he went straight to the gators. He was already named by Shapiro.
Maybe the Gators figured out what we found out. Hill is not a good coach.
Our receivers never improved under his coaching.
Streeter's only good year was after he left.
Come on Dick is that the best you got. LMAO
As always

Last shot U incredibly dUmb clUck Cane... I'll go reeeeaallll slow so even U can understand.

*** on December 20, 1995 the NCAA announced that Miami would be subject to severe sanctions for numerous infractions within the athletic department. The Hurricanes were forced to sit out postseason play for the 1995 season and docked 31 scholarships from 1996 to 1998***

Got the Date ? 1998. If the NCAA finds that dUh U commited ANY Violations within that 10 year period from 1998 to 2008, the NCAA can then deem said Violator as a Habitchual offender and then levy far more severe sanctions as a result. That means MIAMI NEVER went through a period of 10 years clean from the initial probation. The Shapiro handouts started in 2002 and ran through 2008. CAN U ADD ? That's within the 10 year period and the NCAA can and will rule as a repeat offender. YES the findings came out in 2012 and verdict will come in 2013. But the severity of the sanctions will be rolled back retroactive to when the violations occured which is even within a 5 year period of coming off the 1998 probation. U DO NOT have to be on probation, violate during that probationary period, to constitute as a repeat offender. This isn't the State Judicial system geniUs where once a criminal like Ur self goes off probation Ur clear. This is the NCAA's sandbox and they're just allowing U to play in it as they and only they see fit. And U will be dealt with as a short term repeat offender. I know that's hard for U to understand and comprehend Cane Fans but those are the facts. U really need to stop with the face painting and foam finger waving and edUcate Urself as to what the NCAA rules are. If U would, U like Ur NCAA law breaking, lack of any institutional controlled what so ever Habitchual Football program wouldn't be in the mess it's in...

And here's what awaits U ...



NCAA Committee Endorses New Penalty Structure In Wake of PSU...

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Nearly a year after promising to impose harsher sanctions on the most egregious rule-breakers, NCAA leaders endorsed a proposal Thursday that would make schools subject to the same crippling penalties just handed to Penn State.

The measure includes postseason bans of up to four years, fines that could stretch into the millions and suspensions for head coaches. A final vote on the sweeping overhaul will not occur before the board of directors' October meeting.

The plan calls for changing the current two-tiered penalty structure of major and secondary violations to a four-tiered concept, increasing the size of the infractions committee from 10 up to 24 in an effort to speed up the enforcement process and holding coaches individually accountable for any violations that occur in their program.

But it's the penalties that will make school leaders take notice.

A program found to have made a "serious breach of conduct" with aggravating circumstances could face postseason bans of two to four years. In addition, the program may have to return money from specific events or a series of events or the amount of gross revenue generated by the sport during the years in which sanctions occurred - fines that could cost a school millions of dollars.


U starting to see the real picture ? U can rest til October when the NCAA passes these new measures Cane Fan. But rest assured. The NCAA has U next on their Docket and dead in the middle of their crosshairs to try out their new rules. U'll be the poster child and example that will send shock waves through the College Football World... But they have no evidence U say ? They can't prove anything ? Ahhhhh, we'll they have the one and only witness they need. A GATOR fall guy Coach n recruiter Perp that had his hands in the scandal at The Recruiting Coordinators command that's ready to comply, cooperate and tell the truth and nothing but the truth to the NCAA Brass so help U God. And that is all they'll need. And there won't be a thing U can do about it except, whine n cry how nobody likes U and Ur getting picked on by the Man

U go right on and Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny...Then it'll be Well Be BACK !!! Well Be BACK !!! Well Be BACK !!! Well Be BACK !!!

maybe... bUt not til after 2020

No Dicky
They have you. You are the one hanging on every word.
Me I say bring it on. We will take what is coming and move on.
What will you do when it is over, and you have nothing to try to scare us with. LMAO
We will find out who is right as the season is played out.
Enjoy your little world Dicky boy. Keep those crystal balls rubbed bright and shiney so you can predict our season, penalties, and what ever else you can find in Little Dicky's world. LMAO
Remember Dick

I do not think that we should rush to judgement and indict Coach Fisch just becasue he attended U of F.

In many ways winning with the 'U' will probably make him more of a Cane than someone passing through in a job situation..
You have to look at the total package.
Look at the team Coach Golden has put together.


Cover Ur Ears ... It's Gonna Be LoUd...

You heading to the bathroom Dick?

what time is practice scheduled for tomorrow?

LOL canentally!!!

Hill knows he'll be punished by the NCAA and be out of coaching for at least a year so why not get the penalty out of the way as soon as possible. Wait till you see what happens to Clint Hurt!

Dicky gator is soooooo scared and desperate. Lol....... Your fear of the U is obvious with all your posts.

Piece of advice mr anti chik fila?: never show your fears and emotions. You have shown yours. Over and over.fear. Fear is a very scary thing.

Fear us gator boy. Fear us.

this is u are wat u are

Other than wasting time...effort...ink on predicting what's going to happen, I choose to wait and see.

Anyone who ventures to predict what's going to happen is truly an idiot. It's all speculation.

That being said, it'll be a fun year with a lot of ups and downs with this young team.


Yahoo said the NCAA was going to hammer UCF,they didn't. The coaches and the AD got the hammer. The same thing will happen at Miami.

What a shame, on a day when great cane is in Canton,no mention of cortez kenedy anywhere.

Or, he left Florida because he knows the NCAA can't force him to say anything if he isn't working for a school. So he decides to keep his name clear, give no testimony, and the NCAA can't force him to rat out UM.

just speculating

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