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Freshman LB Kirby has hard cast on right leg; Golden hopeful he will return midseason

Freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby, injured in Sunday's scrimmage, was seen walking onto campus on crutches Wednesday morning. Kirby had a hard cast from his knee down on his right leg.

UM coach Al Golden said before practice that the injury will not require surgery and that he hopes Kirby will be back mid-season. 

Before getting injured, Kirby had been running on the second team at middle linebacker behind Denzel Perryman.

We'll have more from Wednesday's practice shortly.


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Sorry to hear that about Kirby, but he was a likely redshirt anyway.

Conference opponent on the road to start the season, because we are still one of the big draws TV-wise for the ACC. It is cool we don't get three warmup games at home the way some more cowardly teams do things.

Thats why depth and competiveness are so important. Not just to determine a starter, but to be able to plug the next guy in and not miss a beat. We should applauding Golden for all he's doing to restore this masterpiece from its Elvis velvet painting status.

I get it now! Manny Navarro is skreetz. 86 cane/soup/c
eo u are brilliant.

@Five Titles

Kirby had been slated to definitely get playing time this year. Back in Georgia, his home state, he transferred to a powerhouse school for more competition and ended up becoming the MVP of his team in year one. This kid has the goods. This is terrible for him but let him take his redshirt now, under these circumstances, rest up, come back strong and ready for next season. I was looking forward to see him on the field. Heavy hitter, has ball skills too. He had a couple of picks for TDs in his highlight film. Go to youtube and see. This kid has it. We have plenty of LBs in the ranks ready and waiting. There are a couple that are banged up but that's pretty much it, banged up. They can bounce back from that to be ready for the schedule. Got my tickets lastnight, damn I can't wait.


Spot on post, Canetillidie. Kirby was the real deal! And no, Five Titles, you are wrong, Kirby was one of the youngsters who was definitely going to see action and contribute this year; he killed it in Spring camp!! Like Cane said, this guy just had it, great physical package and a great football IQ. Tough loss, would have been a great sub/2nd-stringer for Perryman. Bummer.

The Real FiveTitles!

"one of the big draws TV-wise for the ACC" Who cares about TV draws? I care about wins, moron.


Kirby was definitely going to play this year. There's no way, other than injury, that he would have been given a redshirt. Some true freshmen will play even if it's only on special teams.

Well I'll be "bleep" we lost another one. First Josh Witt now Kirby? Come on fella's what's going on with all these injuries? Man I tell you we have to get better with this I'm serious. I just hope and pray that these incoming freshmen will be hungry to aim at some playing time. We will see and hopefully we can get it right during the season.

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