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Friday's first 15 for Miami Hurricanes: Quick notes (including Eddie Johnson practicing)

Good morning everyone.

The Hurricanes returned to practice today and are getting into their normal routine for the season, which means they start practice just after 9 a.m. and quit after 11 a.m.

Offensive right tackle Seantrel Henderson wore a white jersey with the No. 74 on it, as opposed to his usual No. 77. But he was practicing.

The other No. 74: Left tackle Ereck Flowers, the true freshman (with the first-team orange jersey) slated to make his first college start in his first college game Sept. 1 at Boston College.

Also, linebacker Gionni Paul, who hurt his knee in fall camp, was in a red jersey today, which means no contact. I saw him run off the field near the end of our viewing period.

The good news regarding the linebacker position is that redshirt freshmen Eddie Johnson, around whom plenty of talk was swirling regarding his status, was practicing.

Wide receiver Allen Hurns, recovering from a head injury, slipped into a yellow (limited) jersey today.

We'll be back at UM in a few minutes to do some interviewing.



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Can you find out what's happening with Curtis Porter?

What ever happened to Storm Johnson?

Storm is at UCF. Too much competition for him at UM so he went where he could start right away

Sometimes they transfer because there are better players around, i.e. Storm and Vernon.

Sometimes it is because the coach is a janitor, the school is a dump and the town is a trailerpark, i.e. me and the other dozen decommits.

Curtis Porter had an appendectomy.

porter had an appendectomy..how long will that take to heal

First of all I am a U fan a U fan I was a fan before they starteed winning I will be if the never win another game I dont care who the coach is,I almost hate it when they started winning because it brought all these some time fans some that wanted to win at any cost.I wish they would go some place else like crimesville or dopeahassee.No one is expecting much from the U this year ESPN doesn't talk about them their isn't a helment on their set but what ever the U does I am a fan.

Susan, what color jersey was Eddie Johnson wearing?

Q : What do Storm Johnson and Arthur Brown have in common?

A : They both left a dUmp to play for a higher ranked team.

I hope our linebackers are ready to play and running backs dont get ball stripped or fumble, must not have anymore turnovers like last year. QB S need to respect BC backs they are good. I hope the total team isnt to vanilla on offense or defense, need to stunts and blitz once in awhile. A complete team effort and a complete team win, Go Canes!

Storm left cause he couldnt get play book, Arthur left to be near family and play with brother who was a dud at Tenn, POOR ATTITUTDE.

Me too. I left a toxic waste dump just to get a sense of decency and class. That trailerpark is a craphole.

UFailure suuuuuuuuccccckkkkkksssssssss.

Hey mowron: Arthur Brown could not even make third string at the U. He was a perennial special teamer. So he wanted to go back home b/c his little brother was there, and b/c he didn't like not getting playing time. Oh well. fact is, he was behind linebackers from Miami that eventually made it to the NFL- T Gooden is one. Colin McCarthy is another-Sean Spence is another. He won't beat them out in the pros either. So what exactly is your point?

Storm Johnsosn same deal. No way he was beating out Lamar Miller for #1, although he may have competed for #2 vs Mike james.

You see, trolls that come here spewing garbage are clueless, desperate, jealous and biased. Always the same desperate garbage. Never based on facts.

Robert Clark here. Me and Gerald Christian along with Joshua Shaw and Lynden Trail realized what a dump this place is. Toxic. Festering. We AUDI.

Coach Muscrap is a sweaty janitor who can't put two words together without spitting. This whole program is in steep decline. It's OVA. The pit stinks.

UFailure suuuuuuuuccccckkkkkssss.

corpus, don't get worked up about the blog Pig. That is what he wants. He knows that he is posting garbage. He just wants a rise out of you.

Don't take the bait. Let the Pig stew in his own fat juice.

Don't you know anything troll? Don't you know that Storm couldn't play at the U and that Brown is a terrible player and would be a 3rd stringer if he stayed. In fact every single player that leaves the U is a bum and is afraid to compete in the best squad in the nation playing in the best conference in the land.

Why do you stay here?

The University of Miami isn't UF's rival. FSU, which also has a blog on this paper, is UF's rival and beat them in recruiting and IN FOOTBALL just last season.

But you're here, because you're not talking about sports, you're talking about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Whereas players who leave the UFailure become Heisman Trophy winners.

It's something about that cesspool that kills careers. Isn't that right, DeBose, Jonathan Colon, Matt Patchan, Emmanuel Moody, and on, and on...

You're just as big a loser as the UF troll, reading up on the Florida Gators so you can go on their blog and talk about your fake internet rivalry there too.

No, they aren't. UM fans who aren't interested in fake internet rivalries that have nothing to do with football have no idea who those players are.

Here's my point. Florida State is our rival. Florida State is their rival. There are no posts on the Florida State blog. There are no posts about Florida State on this blog or the UF blog.

Because you nerds aren't talking about football and you're not talking about a football rivalry, you're talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

not our rival is actually a bot setup by manny to try and weed out trolls. He is incapable of typing anything but the usual. ignore the bot

U said that right NOT OUR RIVAL, I have been a U Fan since the 70s. I have never once gave a crap enough to read any UF BS blogs!!


Bunch of loosers that still live with MOMMA!


dave01 needs another year at the Public Diploma mill in trailerville to make a total of 7 wasted years. then he will have a useless UFailure diploma, get a dead-end job and walk around doing the gatr chomp.

That is all a UFailure edumucayshun is good for.

No chance is anyone gonna look at a link supplied by the sicko gatorspammer. Why don't you post that garbage on Gator Clause where it belongs, troll?

No chance you didn't.

A peek was taken. It was slightly amusing. Go back to your burrow, troll.

Your MOMMA IS CALLING GATRTRASH, ur spaghetti O's are done. Put away the PS3, LOOSER!!!

How's your shift going at Initech, Dave?

Should be clocking out any sec now, huh?

Say hello to the Bob's for me will ya?

thanks bub.

This blog is becoming a girly gossip corner, on both sides. Instead of talking about football, all the little girly men are gossiping about each others teams like they're auditioning for a spot on the "View." Your personal crap is not interesting.

i hate randy shannon, always will

Five Titles: even if you hate the SEC you have to admit that is an awesome video. The passion of the SEC is unmatched, the fans, bands, and the hot girls. And besides the spirit of college sports all of us have to appreciate that.

That video sucked.

What ever happened to Matt Patchan is he gonna be in
g -ville forever?

Ya see Susan...stop listening to rumors and jumping to conclusions...Eddie Johnson not being on the practice field doesnt mean something is wrong

Does anyone have a link to a coverage map for abc on the 1st?

dUh. Your name says it all. You obviously have no appreciation for college sports.

what do i do? Could that be rally you?

could that be really you?

I don't understand why Al Golden won't start Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, or Frank Gore. All three are solid backs who could contribute this year.

yo Arty... Satchel's next Friday.

U Canes figure out whether or naUght Ur gonna Looose 6 or 8 games this year yet ?

Posted by: Soldy | August 25, 2012 at 03:08 AM

Whelp, Friday night, time to go to the Miami Hurricanes blog to talk about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Definitely have to get some Satchel's next weekend, but Friday night need to go a little nicer. Maybe Mark's or 101 Downtown, then some bananas foster for dessert at Ballyhoos.

Let's get serious around here..

Just saw where VT Beamer said that they have a hopeful Oline in that their QB is very good (Logan) but the receivers are learning, and the running game rests on freshmen. (Oh oh)
This is the year when we play Tech even...Our team is young, the Hokies also..but we need to point out that Beamer ball is based on runnning the ball and special teams.. we have the more talented athletes and freshmen.

We match up very well..

I predict that we can win the VT game, and not only that, outplay them in Special teams..this win will be part of our 8-4 season.
I know we can do it.
Go 'Canes Always

Ugo- UM has always had better athletes than VTech, with few exceptions at key positions, but in the end, they have had our number because they have always been very well coached. Even in 2002 when we had Willis McGahee they played us man vs man till the very end till a batted pass in the end zone prevented them from sending the game into OT. I thought honestly that we had them last year- truth is our Defensive coordinator choked the big kilbasse by not realizing Logan Thomas was going to basically run it up our throats in that last drive. And he did. This year will be no different. They are going to run the QB as much as they can. Just like Kansas State.

A week from first game and nothing new on this site today.

5>3>2 I agree that Coaching was a factor..difference being last year we could have won that game if Thomas was prevented from that run. When we play their defense( and I give you that they are super and have always been tremendously Coached on defense) and the game comes down to minutes for the win.. we close out we win.

This year with limited chances of putting big numbers on the scoreboard the defense will have to carry them and then low scoring games and special teams come into play.

I guarantee that Coach G and the Coaching staff will be working overtime to throw wrinkles that will confuse the defense, and our D will be ready for their limited O.

When Beamer is coming in and a little worried I think the mind games start and the Coaching begins on Offense.
We will be looking for a running QB, but as you know, this is not a one man team if their receivers are not up to the task.

This game will be much closer than many prognosticators predict.
Go 'Canes Always

Great news about Gionni Paul running around, sounded like he might be done for the year.

Posted by: CanesFanForLife

LOL, but why stop there. We could really use some LB help, how about Vilma he will be available due to his NFL suspension.

Storm Johnson and Arthur Brown didn t have the most positive outlook.Brown could not pick up mentally the playbook.Storm kept getting in trouble/had discipline issues.Golden tried to keep it quiet and in house but common sense and a few facts did slip out.Good they both left.Only Canes I want to see are those who WANT to be at the U.Period.Trolls can come on and say what they want.99% of those that leave can t hold up to the HIGH CANE STANDARDS.PERIOD.GO CANES.

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