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Golden talks BC, opener and says of weathering the NCAA storm "I feel like Lieutenant Dan in the Gulf on a shrimp boat."

We're only five days away from the season opener at Boston College.

UM coach Al Golden spoke for 25 minutes during a press conference Tuesday to preview the game and as usual provided a few memorable lines. Nothing was better, though, then when Golden was talking about the season in general and external expectations.

"If we're worried about the external we're in for a long year," Golden said. "Somebody asked me about the storm the other day. I said it's been storming for 19 months now. I mean that's the truth. I feel like Lieutenant Dan in the Gulf on a shrimp boat. You call this a storm? That's where we're at."

Golden was obviously making a reference to the ongoing NCAA investigation and impending sanctions heading UM's way.

Here are a couple of other quick hitters from Tuesday's press conference at UM with Golden:

> As expected, Golden said offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, who missed all of fall camp dealing with a concussion and the death of two relatives, and defensive tackle Curtis Porter (appendectomy) will not be making the trip to Boston College.

> Golden said the final position battles for starting jobs at receiver (Allen Hurns or Phillip Dorsett and Kendall Thompkins or Rashawn Scott), strongside linebacker (Thurston Armbrister or Eddie Johnson) and safety (Kacy Rodgers or Deon Bush) will decided by Wednesday night, which means we probably won't know who won the jobs until Saturday.

> Golden expects 14-15 true freshmen to play in the opener and more possibly down the road. Preston Dewey won the third string job over Gray Crow and will travel to BC.

> Golden said freshman running back Duke Johnson "will not carry the work load" Mike James or Eduardo Clements will in the opener, but will get his touches. He said to expect all four running backs and all four tight ends to play Saturday.

> Told his players have used the term shocking the world when talking to reporters about this coming season, Golden quipped: "I'd like to sit them down right where you are sitting and shock them... let's not talk about it. Let's be about it."

> Golden said the cast on the right leg of freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby was removed on Tuesday. He said he expects to know more about Kirby in the next two to three weeks. Golden has been hopeful since Kirby was injured in camp that he might be able to return this season.


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we will shock the world. That doesnt mean we will go 11-1 or whatever, but we will shock the world of haters. Take a seat. Watch and see.

Again, I reiterate,

Herbstreit went on ESPN and blew his --izzz while talking about the SEC talking about how theyve been the best conf in 20 years. Ok. Since you SEC necks always say we live in the past, heres my take on it:

1981-2011 (30 years)
# Nat Championships

#1- The U (5)
UF, Alabama (3)
LSU, USC, FSU, Neb, PSU (2)
UW, Clem, Gtech, Colo, BYU, Tenn, Mich, ND, Okl (1)

Nobody's close. Bow to the U. All of you haters.

Go Miami..i am so ready..just to see what we got.

I agree with U pseudologic. Screw the analysists. It's all about this U.


I wish Driskel was a proctologist.

He is dreamy you silly ClUcks. Right, ARty?

orale, joto!!!
living out your self projected fantasies
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Let's keep it real folks. I see next year as the big year for the U. Face it we have 18 year olds playing 21-22 year olds. There is a difference despite the fact these are talented players with great futures. I think this year will show that the U will be a force next year and will help in attracting even better recruits.

Alright!!!!!!!! Football is here and I'm ready to see the Canes kick some A%&. To all the Gator bums that be posting on the Canes blog. I have one statement to make with you. "Change your colors". Deep down inside your all Cane lovers so stop denying it. I wish I could of seen Ralpheal Kirby play this coming Saturday. I hope he will be back before we play Fl.State. Kid is good and I also wanna see him play live. Miami players please do not disappoint us.

I see now as a Chance for High Schoolers to step up in a College game and realize: yes it is faster, yes it has more schemes, yes it is huge hits, and the tempo of the game is out of this world, but we have prepared and studied, and are strong and ready.

After the first 4-5 games these guys will settle in with some wins and a loss or two and you will see the new face of the 'U'.
I see an 8-4 season and then next year watch out.

'Cane Football is hard work, trust in your group, trust in your team, trust in your Coaches, trust in your schemes, and trust that you will PLAY lights out on every play just like that guy playning right alongside you. You are family against everyone across the line.

The 'U' nation is watching and we have something to prove.

Believe me Coach G and his staff have reached these guys. Mentally, physically, and football IQ wise , they are tired of practice, they are ready to go.

We WILL surprise the Herbstreets of the world and they will eat those words.
The return of the 'U' has begun, but Coach G is quite rightly low keying everything, so that we don't blow out with expectations this year, and attitudes can make you loose as easily as missed plays. The reality of the NCAA is in the background, but that will not be a big scenario as portrayed.

No matter what comes down the line, and I understand that we are dealing with the unknown here, but whatever is served we will handle and be a team to reckon with..

Years ago after the 'U' had the Pell sanctions we showed USC how to come back and win a BCS Championship..Starting this year they are #1.

We can do this again, and are perfectly set up to repeat and win under Coach G, another BCS.

I know that we will be bringing IT.
Go 'Canes Always

gulf cartel vs zetas who wins

Manny ban this emilio guy talking about doing violence unto others. there's no place for that kind of unwarranted language on here. emilio is not right in the head and a possible danger.

Once again, I am not drinking the Kool-aid. Who is going to stop the run? Who is going to put pressure on the QB? And where is the next Roscoe, or Devin or Santana?

6-6 would be a good years for this group. Still 3 years away plus whatever time NCAA gives us.

Go Canes!
CaneOz Class of '89

Chick will do his thing. DT we will have to wait and see who wants to step up and make some plays.

new faces at WR so once again we just have to wait and see. how can you not like dorsett, though?

ohhhhhhh!!!!! THATS AN EASY ONE!!!! ZETAS. NOT. neither one one. that's brutality at its worst. cluster F$%@ of body parts.
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We know we are rebuilding the program. We know this program can rise from mediocrity because we've done it before, rebuild and win a Natl Title. What we're looking for is competitiveness and week by week improvement. We fans, opponents and prospects will be able to see if thats the case. Any one who knows college football, The U is a rising powerhouse for many reasons (locale, history and NFL success). Only USC Trojans can match the appeal of Miami in college football. They are lucky their other state teams are not as attractive to their states top talent as the state of Florida's top three universities. Trust me neither, FSU who I've always liked or the Gaytors, want to see the U have success because it will seriously limit their ability to get the state's top talent. There are alot of The U fans here in Tampa and Al's already got the three best D Lineman the city has had in years. If we don't get Armwood High players don't worry because they are highly overrated.

As far as Miami being back it's very premature to say such a thing because we don't even know what the sanctions are going to be. A slap on the wrist it won't be. But USC has shown that you can still play at an elite level and recruit very well even with sanctions dangling about. Miami would have to recruit like 'SC, Texas etc to still be able to hang with other teams. We need to continue to recruit the hell outta florida. if miami does this it will be top 25 even with sanctions. in my opinion

I'd like to see this program wins some tough road games and compete for a ACC title before i hear any talk about shocking the world or anything of that fantasy talk. canes have been in the doldrums for a while. we need to be consistent first before and aspirations of national title talk. top 5 even

To My doppelgänger, do you take the shadowy presence of my former murderous thoughts seriously? I don't. That was a long time ago. REFORMATION MAY BE A POSSIBILITY.

A delusional cane clUck warning has been posted for Coral Gables and Miami in approach of the 2012 football season.
Get your baseless predictions in now while U still got time before the losing resumes!
Why stop at USC go ahead and comprare your sorry program to the 1972 Fins or the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys or the current Miami Heat. All makes as much sense.
Baby canes against the world, chip on the shouder, surprise the doubters, blah, blah, blah
Al Golden feels like captain kangaroo on a raft in the middle of a tropical storm. But cane clUcks predict ACC ship.

It means recruiting guys and SIGNING guys like coley,cunningham and matthews which we havent so far. considering the dearth at LB how its it that matthew thomas isn't a lock for the canes? mr. barrow what's the deal??

emilio, time to go fry the tortilla chips
before you do that bring me a margarita on the rocks with no salt

4 more days I can't wait until hurricane Al hits BC

emilio- Go cut someone's lawn, holmes.

that was a typical reaction.

@fellow traveler i do agree with you about the wait and see approach but im confident in Al Golden..last year amongst all that turmoil..remember he had 4 sophmores starting(SM,LM,AH,WALFORD) tommy streeter and out of them SM is the only one who started(2 catches b4 last year) and the defense was who knows..and still played decent even though maryland wasn't that good..but i do have faith in Golden and staff..the strength and conditioning is a testament alone..i mean as a former athlete at 18 and 19 years old when you work hard the summer b4 the season you know it has paid off..its just how are they gonna react..but your right it is a wait and see game..but my feeling is they are gonna dominate BC..if its a 13-3 game with miami leading at the half i expect for the 2nd half for the Canes to jump all over them just bcuz i think Golden will make great 2nd half adjustment..i not worried about the offense..in all actuality we are more exp..headed into this game then last year..just because the majority of the guys playing on offense except thomkins and scott..also flowers..have had a start and played in a game

I'm ready to see Perryman knock sum heads off. Them Fat boys in front of him better play like someone stole their lunch money. Step up D-line!

Also another good point its the team 2nd year in the staffs playbook last time miami had that we went 9 and 4 with a bunch of sophmores coming off a 7 and 6 season..we will see

"""""""""""""""""""""""" The return of the 'U' has begun """""""""""""""""""""""""

what have you been waiting 8 years for ?

here U go again.

I hate to be negative, but to all you out there planning a bright future for the Canes, I feel sorry for you. The Storm hasn't hit land yet, the sanctions are unknown. Until they are the U has a very cloudy forecast . This year 7-5, next year is way off. So please contain your comment to THIS YEAR.

But that said I think we will beat BC this weekend. and get off to a good start. We are as of last night underdogs which is a good thing.

who cares about what the media says ...k state was ranked worst than um so was clemson last year.it's the overall talent plus coaching..@Bob you have been a debbie downer all summer..i'm glad the kids don't have the same attitude you have got..Canes 4 life

Fellow Traveler and others talking up USC, they're only starting there recruiting sanctions now. They cut a deal with the NCAA to do their bowl punishment first. USC has to win this year, because after that they will feel their sanctions big time. Even this year they have to be lucky because they are not deep.

I am glad that SHenderson is not making the trip. He is just one step ahead of RR Armstrong. It is time to cut ties with this malcontent who is not willing to put forth the effort to be a member of this UM team. Let him leave coach

14-15 true freshmen..Hope for the best,expect the worse...Hopefully BC is damaged goods.

Seantrel is lazy, I don't think he can help this team.

Going to have to watch a few games before I can make an opinion on what this team is. All I know is that the defense better stand up against the run.

God Bless everyone in New Orleans....I want my Canes to win....but it's football....

Yes......some sanctions are coming.Nonetheless.......the U will get through it.It s not a forever thing.Taking a long time ...yes.By next summer.....we ll find out.Then other schools get to go throw it.It s just a forever reality that the NCAA has incorporated itself to police all the schools.Easier to do that they feel than make real,logical decisions about more appropriate rules and having to change their dogma.

bob_bba70 THIS YEAR 8-4..
Catch a few lucky breaks and not many injuries beating ND and VT are not out of the question.

ND is highly overated every year at the start of the season, and the 'U ' has the tradition of playing them with an attitude... I have a friend who played against ND, and he has said that JJ hated those Domers over any team the 'Canes played because of their arrogance and mouthings during the game...We should go in there upholding our legacy so with a chip on the shoulder you never know.

VT 's offense is very young and defense can slow a game down but you have to put points on the board to win..So this year VT's offense has to prove themselves.Again we have a good shot at this game.

The speed of the game will be more routine by then for a lot of the freshmen starters, and adjustments by the Coaches will keep this game close.

Miami will surprise a lot of teams this year.
Go 'Canes Always

Al Golden is a desperation hire! He will always be a desperation hire! Flea in cali

J.Harris had four interceptions last year. Morris is a potential.
NFL player. Al Golden lost my respect when he played Harris over Morris.

J.Harris had four interceptions last year. Morris is a potential.
NFL player. Al Golden lost my respect when he played Harris over Morris.

J.Harris had four interceptions last year. Morris is a potential.
NFL player. Al Golden lost my respect when he played Harris over Morris.

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