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Grading UM at end of camp: Defense, coaching

Here is the second part of my report card from the end of fall camp focusing on defense and coaching.

Anthony Chickillo
Anthony Chickillo is looking for three quality players to run with him on the defensive line
> Defensive line: Coaches were looking for players to emerge, but it wasn't a stellar fall camp for this group -- particularly at tackle. Redshirt junior Curtis Porter (6-1, 308), whose career has been riddled with injuries, has an off-the-field health issue he's dealing with and its uncertain when he will be back. Senior Darius Smith (6-2, 315), who started seven games last season, lost his starting spot. That's left junior Luther Robinson (6-3, 290) and sophomore Olsen Pierre (6-4, 300) -- with seven career tackles between them -- sitting at the top of the depth chart. Freshmen DeQuan Ivery (6-1, 303) and Earl Moore (6-1, 300) are their backups. The situation at end is a little less dire, even though sophomore Anthony Chickillo (6-4, 262) is the only pass rusher with a college sack under his belt. He had five last year. Juniors Shayon Green (6-3, 260) and Kelvin Cain (6-3, 245), a pair of converted linebackers, have been praised during camp. But beyond those three, only true freshmen Jelani Hamilton (6-5, 271) and Tyriq McCord (6-3, 236) have excited coaches enough to be listed on the depth chart.

Grade: D. Chickillo might feel like a one-man show at times this season unless some other guys step up here. UM ranked 68th in run defense last season, giving up 161.92 yards a game. The Canes also produced just 23 sacks, 59th in the nation. By the way, what happened to sophomore Ricardo Williams? Suddenly he's invisible on the depth chart again.

> Linebackers: The return of second-leading tackler and sophomore Denzel Perryman, who has moved over to the middle, should ease the loss of Steelers' third round pick Sean Spence. But there are plenty of questions at linebacker beyond that. Junior Jimmy Gaines (6-3, 232) has been battling an ankle injury from the spring throughout camp and hasn't locked down a starting spot despite being one of the most experienced players on the field. He's currently Perryman's backup. Fifth-year senior Ramon Buchanan (6-1, 228) is back and the starter at weakside linebacker, but it's unclear how effective he'll really be coming back from knee surgery. Meanwhile, a number of other young, inexperienced players are in the mix for playing time. At strongside linebacker, sophomore Thurston Armbrister (6-3, 222), a converted safety, and redshirt freshman Eddie Johnson (6-1, 238) are listed as co-starters. Johnson, however, may have bowed out of the race recently as it appears he could face disciplinary action. Another player in the mix for playing time, sophomore Gionni Paul (6-1, 230) still doesn't appear to be 100 percent healthy after sustaining a knee injury early in camp. It also hurts that true freshman Raphael Kirby, who had been impressing since the spring, went down with what appeared to be a season-ending knee injury. Freshman Gabe Terry (6-3, 215) could see some third down work as a pass rusher.

Grade: C. Without all the injuries, this group might have had a chance to be real good and deep. But there are a lot of questions now heading into the start of the season. If a converted safety all of a sudden is your starting strongside linebacker you have to be concerned.

Brandon McGee> Defensive backs: UM signed eight defensive backs in their 2012 class and one -- freshman Vernon Davis -- has already left because of how tough the competition is. While senior Brandon McGee (6-0, 194) was in-and-out of Al Golden's doghouse at times in camp, it appears he's solidified a starting spot at field corner. The other guys who will be at corner with him are all new arrivals with the exception of sophomore Thomas Finnie (5-10, 183), who is battling for the backup job at boundary corner. Junior transfer Ladarius Gunter (6-2, 198) has impressed coaches with his ability to break up passes in camp and is the starter there. Former Miramar High All-American Tracy Howard (5-11, 185) wore a black jersey for most of camp and appears as though he's worked himself into the top three at the position. Freshman Antonio Crawford (5-11, 188) has also flashed and is McGee's backup. At safety, fifth-year senior Vaughn Telemaque (33 career starts) will provide more leadership and experience than anyone at any other position. Junior Kacy Rodgers (6-2, 210) has run with the first team throughout camp alongside Telemaque, but has recently gotten a push from 6-1, 195-pound true freshman Deon Bush, an All-American out of Miami Columbus.

Grade: B. No position has improved more dramatically than the secondary. The results may not be immediate in terms of wins and losses because the talent is so young. But in the long run, Miami should be much improved in the coming years. UM ranked 95th in pass efficiency defense last season and produced just 6 INTs while giving up 16 TDs. My guess is the INTs and defensive pass efficiency rating goes up.

> Coaching: For the first time in a long time there wasn't a single coaching change on the staff at Miami from one season to the next. There hasn't been that kind of stability since the last national championship season of 2001. Having the same offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator two years in a row should help a lot. The question on defense is how much assistant Mark D'Onofrio will use a 3-4 scheme instead of a 4-3 scheme. Considering UM's problems at both linebacker and on the defensive line, it will be interesting to see what combinations D'Onofrio uses. Offensively, the Hurricanes should be able to try and stretch the field more with Morris under center and not Jacory Harris.

Grade: A. With all the Hurricanes have had to deal with in terms of the NCAA investigation, for Golden and his staff to still produce a Top 10 recruiting class and get so many freshmen ready to play in a short amount of time Canes fans have to be ecstatic. Golden and his staff have definitely opened the door up to real competition and position battles. The guys who don't like it have moved on. If Golden can improve on last year's 6-6 record with this young, injured team that still is missing quality players at defensive tackle, he will have done a fine job this season. 


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“We always talk about it,” he said, “because ultimately, if you want to be in the running for your conference championship in November, you can’t have a bunch of guys that got behind in school. You can’t. You can’t have guys pulling all-nighters as you’re coming down the home stretch. You can’t have guys that don’t take care of their readings or their assignments early in the season, or put things off — procrastinate. Now you’re sitting there trying to get them ready, trying to get them healthy, trying to get them rested, and they’re pulling all-nighters or falling behind in classes and they have to do extra work.

“We don’t want to do that. We just want to be methodical in our approach and take care of business every day.”


methodically 5-7 ... ?

damn, I miss the all-nite pullin Cane sUnUp at Dennys, B.K., Blimpies, Doughnut, Pizza corner @ Granada n Ponce de Jr. ... U ?

all U west of Palmetto Sweetwater Hialeah boys have no Gables idea...



don't care as long as the gators have a worse season then the U..

Really a D for the D line...manny cmon man....so what last year was an F huh...me personally i think the D line will be a lot better..we got better D ends then last year..and we have a lot more bodies..manny manny manny..we will see and hopefully you give a quarterly report with your old grades and compare

Frostdog, I completely agree. While a D may be fair for the D-line this year, Manny should, to be fair, point out that it's still an upgrade over last year. Given the injuries and suspensions last year, our D-line was a rag-tag collection of freshman, scrubs, and people playing out of position. We didn't have any DTs to speak of, and had to put Ojomo in the middle.

Issues at tackle might cost us a good season.

Well guess what your D line still is "rag-tag collection of freshman, scrubs, and people playing out of position." So is your linebacker corps. Your secondary is so green that no one will envy it.
Your whole team is worse than it was last year.

Hmm, coaching stability, versus a team whose coaches are jumping ship left and right up in Gainesville. Last year's team was in every game to the end, with no big losses, and this year's team is even better.

Open your eyes....what an idiot. Yes, the D-line is still problematic, but it's BETTER than last year's. The linebacker corps is overall better than last year as well, even with the loss of Spence. Perryman now has a full year of experience. Buchanon is back from injury. Paul has experience. Gaines has more experience. Overall it's a net gain. Secondary is MUCH better this year, no matter how green it is. Last year we had Williams who wasn't D1 material, and McGee who was inconsistent but got better, and then freshman Finnie, and a converted running back still learning the position. Now we've got Gunter, Finnie has a some experience, McGee is supposed to be better than last year, and no Williams. Plus some freshmen with limitless talent. So CB is an upgrade. We lose some depth at safety, but not much else. Ray Ray didn't play much of the season last year anyway, and when he did, he didn't play well, so compared to last year we lose nothing.

I disagree also about a D for the D-Line. A lot of these players got playing time last year, and are stronger this year. I am hoping that our O-Line is great, and that is why no one at the tackle position stood out. The Defense needs some pressure up the middle if we are to stop those long drives that hurt us last year.
Over all a fair assessment of the team.
Young with a lot to prove.
I am really looking forward to watching this team grow as the season progresses.
As always


Manny is a Clown!

I thought Al Foldin' was supposed to be a guru genius when it came to developing players? Ah. 3-9. Just shut down Hecht until Shalala leaves.

Ah ribbit, sad little gator who avoids dealing with the endless problems of his team, by making silly comments about the 'Canes. Please do point out where Golden has not done a good job developing players. The only issues we have at this point are with lack of depth and tons of freshman that still have to get playing time to develop.

8 Days away from some real action, damn, make that 9 days, am really ready to see these guys in action, heck, not like Boston College is having a stellar camp either , but these are the Canes, and other teams still get pump up when its time to play them, we cant forget this!

I see a 9-3 team, with the losses coming from Florida State, Kansas State, Virgina Tech, all of which will be in the top 20!

Honestly comparing last years team to this years..this years team pretty much blows last years out the water...strength and conditioning wise their ten times better..

Last year the defense was suspect. Let's hope the defense is more dependable this year.

This team is so much better than last year. We have stronger and more motivated players. We will surely win many weightlifting contests, I mean games, we will surely win more games than last year.
And our punter is awesome!

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Timmy tears....no dynasty....Meyer flees faster then Kadafi...Turds 6-6 last year....so much for 5* recruits.

I like the discussion of individual players and units, but it seems silly to me to apply a grade when when all you've seen is the first few minutes of practice each day.

I am a cancerous maggot. I should get cancer.

Mid-50s and I spend time regurgitating the same garbage on the Canes blog.

Tell us about the Key in the late 60's, Pig.

@delusional..buddy any sport you play you have to get stronger and have more stamina ..that why people say The Next Level...whateve..also just asked david mayer from bleacher report and another reliable source..they said that the eddie johnson stuff is non sense.....tell susan to go write for the st pete times or the orlando sentinel..if she doesn't like the team and they pick at her for looking the way she looks..(yo i have seen her on www.theacc.com interviewing the past two weeks) then thats her deal... but stop writing articles that have no foundation or merit to them..@delusional get off the blog already..oh yeah checkout bleacherreport and you will see i asked him about eddie johnson..the newest article on the sight

We're in trouble if we get more than our share of injuries.

delUsi you are stuck in the same groove...Don't become a fossil before our very eyes come up with some good stuff..

We miss the Classics...
Come on now don't be shy....delUsi we know you can do it. Gators are hurting( Us 'Canes know that ) so there is nothing to be positive on your rants?.Come ONNNN

Kickoff for the season is right around the corner we know that you should be tuned up ready to go.
Go to the next level will ya?...
Go 'Canes Always

The D-Line is always a concern, but we have to be better than last year! Sorry but Fortson was D-2 caliber, they couldn't finish games for not being in peak shape,relied on a DE at DT and backups weren't ready. I say C+ hopefully.

Am I the only one who thinks that we will have a 4-8 or 5-7 season. Look at the BRUTAL schedule, look at what we have coming back or lack there of, and look at the depleted O-Line and linebacker positions. I just don't see it. I have been a die hard Canes fan my whole life (28+ years) and this is the worst situation I have seen.

Coaching and secondary is where its at those are solid A's in my book BUT the rest is sad. Honestly - I hope I am wrong I just don't see it getting better this year.

But I still say GOOO CANES and I always will []_[]

I don't care what you guys say, are much better than last year. Better at WR, RB, and D line without a doubt. No matter that our best and most productive players are gone we are still better. Why is that you ask?
For one we are the canes and it's a cane thing. Secondly we have the Golden Freshmen. And lastly we have to most awesome punter ever.


Wishing a horrible cancer on this Pig.

Perryman will be our best Defensive player this year.

Doug you indeed are alone, a rational and realistic soul in a sea of delUded Morons.
Can't wait for the season to begin. Feel sorry for you.

My Handle is True. My facts you can't refute. It sUcks to be U.

I will agree that the coaching staff has recruited quite well.......considering the Shapiro distraction.However......the defense seems to have failed at improving significantly at the DT position.This does not bode well for the team in general.....to say the least.THAT is what IS continuing the Miami Hurricane mediocrity right there.This dismal revelation can only lead one to assume that Miami is still not attracting very good DT talent nationwide.Very unfortunate apparently to now see that this will be another year the defensive line will be underachieving and that Miami football coninues to demonstrate that the defensive coaches are "unable to coach-up" some of these defensive linemen.....Chickillo excluded.

@Doug Unfortunately I'm right there with U. Canes fan for 24 years but I don't see us having that great of a season either. On offense our only upgrade is at QB IMO. Miller was our offense last year, wish he would've stayed another year, although I'm glad he landed with the dolphins. Defensively we didn't really lose much other than spence but I believe Perryman will pick up the slack. Our secondary got better but outside of chick and Perryman our returning players still won't be great. We have great young inexperienced talent, this is a good year for them to gain a lot of experience and be a hell of a lot better team next year than this year. I see us having another 6-6 season potentially 7-6 if we win a bowl game.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | August 23, 2012 at 02:04 PM

No, no no, MY fact you can't refute.

You know, the fact that you're a complete loser who spends his time talking about a fake internet rivalry with other losers that has nothing to do with football?

The fact that you're posting about your fake internet rivalry all day every day instead of posting about your team (the Florida Gators) or your team's rival (the Florida State Seminoles) not their blog?

Forget about UM football, forget about college football in general, because your trolling has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with a fake internet rivalry.

At the end of the day, it sucks to be you, personally.


After reading your article we will be lucky to be 6-6. I still have faith that we have athletic talent on this team. 12--2 I believe is poosible!

mark what are you smokin? which one is it 6 -6 or 12 -2 ?
12 - 2 assumes a victory in the ACC ship game and a bowl victory as well. And you came to this realization just by reading this article? Just this one?

Answer this to all of yall saying we are worste. What game changers did we really lose last year. I looked at every game a hundred times and the ines who left were no game changers. Yes, lamar miller had great yardage, but what about when we need those one yard gains. Tommy streeter had a decent season but what happened to him at the end of games when it got tight. I dont even wanna mention travis b missing in action after a great game, he' go missing for the next three. Defence is way better than last years hands down. Other than spence, who was a main factor? The only factors that did something other than spence are still there, chikillo and perryman. I say 8-4, they will lose to fsu, kansas state, vtech, and have a flub game against usf. These boys are bigger and their mindsets are not the randy shannon mindsets anymore. Watch and see and study games more than just on game day before you speak, even you many. Stats are numbers but what happens in crunch time is what really matters. Just remember, every game we did lose last year were 8 points or less.

Could be aas bad as 4-8 or 5-7 - with most of those being close, like last year...or as good as 7-5 or 8-4; given that the coaching dynamic is taking effect.

I actually do believe in this coaching staff - even d'onfrio - past IS prologue.

What Golden and D'onrrio produced at Temple is undeniable, but took time. Fisch is solid and should stick around until we're more solid in the next few years and his stock is actually bolstered.


This is a year to get better and see the hunger grow; to parlay the low expectations into a sense of vindication.

I can easily see a VERY rough start to the season, with a LOT of caterwauling about the coaches, only to see a strengthening as the year goes on.

Can't wait. Go Canes!

I'm happy overall, but Golden should have done a better job with D-line. Having eight Defensive backs is too much. Chick is the only standout. D-line has to be the number one concern for 2014.

All you so called canes fans talking about going 5 and 7 ..6and 6 ...get off the blog already..if your not for the canes your against them so get off..

You must not be a long time football fan, every fan who understands the game knows that teams will always have some bad seasons, it's the way it is in every sport. Learn more about this sport before posting on a blog. I hope I'm dead wrong in thinking the canes go 7-6, I hope for a national championship, but I'm a realistic person...

don't know who said it, but I too believe Perryman is going to be stellar this yr, and remind us of some of our past MLBs...kid is big, fast, strong and hits, not just tackles...GOD Bless all of my cane fans and have a great weekend!

@ mark from ATL
Yea Perryman will be our best defensive player for the next few years, kid has a lot of heart and plays really hard. I think that has a lot to do with Golden, his recruits really seem to play harder for him then the Shannon recruits. Anyway, I'm from ATL too, hope to see you and many more canes fans at the Georgia tech game.

The D line and linebackers have been a weak spot for some time now. If they can't stop the run and get off the field it's gonna be same ol same ol. I'm hoping for 6-6 with a pass on a bowl game. More recruiting at those positions and more strength next year will make a big difference. Needs more depth!
That being said I will be rooting for them all year long.. just like I have since my dad took me to my first canes game in the 70's.
And before some of you knuckleheads start talking.. I've been to many canes games, every game between Miami and FSU in the 80's even a few in the 90's while I was in the Navy.. wide left, wide right.. you name it. Been to two NC games also. So keep that you're not a fan crap to yourself.

Perryman and Chick are very good players, how much noise can they make with double and triple teams. The rest of the front 7 are so weak that is what will happen.
All of you who say we are better than last year and all the kids that left were bums anyway are seriously in la la land and make belief world.
Don't you know that if Ray Ray, Spence, Forston, Vernon, Street, Lamar and Benjamin were here right now they would be starting. They would be the starters without a doubt. They are not. We have second best, we have to plug in the holes with guys that may not be ready and some are not to par with those who left.
Be realistic, it is not a sin. It is stupid to be blind. It doesn't make you a better fan to make belief it makes you an ignorant one.

I hope we can better .500 this year!!


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