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Hurricanes 'kick the hell' out of once dreaded summer conditioning finale -- then open fall camp

   Coach Al Golden predicted it would happen, and turns out he was right.

   On the eve of the opening of fall camp on Friday, every one of his Hurricanes passed the once dreaded yearly conditioning test.

    “To be honest with you, they kicked the hell out of that drill last night,’’ Golden said of Thursday night’s test, which requires each player to run 14 consecutive 40-yard dashes (with a short amount of time to jog back to begin each dash) in a specified time. “A year ago that drill killed us.

    "They put the time in. They put the energy in. They made sacrifices. They had the discipline to go out there and do that. Everybody that has ever been around that conditioning drill – you can’t do it alone. You can’t do it without energy, without the support of your teammates and obviously without unity and I think that proved it last night.’’

    Linebacker Denzel Perryman said there were "a lot of hoo-rahs" during and after the test. "The big guys were the last ones to run through and pretty much when they were coming back on the last one almost half the team ran back with them. When they crossed the line they were jumping around."

   Perryman said 6-3, 295-pound redshirt junior defensive tackle Luther Robinson "crushed the time'' in his first attempt after failing the test in previous years. "We had people run next to him to push him, standing there to make sure he didn’t give up.

   "He did great.''

   As for his own strength and conditioning skills, Perryman said his bench press went from 375 to 400, his 225-pound reps went from 24 to 30 and his squat went from 495 to 515.

"It’s all just hard work and a mental thing, going into the weight room with a great attitude,'' he said. "I feel like this team can be really great. Everybody is out here ready to go. everybody is locked in in the playbook, talking to coaches, watching film, doing extra work.''

 Safety A.J. Highsmith said the conditioning test "pumped up" Golden. "He was excited about it. He loved the energy we had and the way we attacked it. You have to attack it the same way you do it in a fb game -- just come out and start swinging. Don’t wait around. Take advantage of it right away.''


Sophomore defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who had a team-leading (tied with former Cane Marcus Robinson) five sacks last season, is intent on causing havoc this season.

"The game has slowed down a lot for me,'' Chickillo said. "I know what teams are trying to do. I'm ready for a big year."

 Added Chickillo: "We're tired of losing. That's something we're willing to say. We're tired of losing. We're going to have a good team this year and we're going to be ready for Boston College."

  Chickillo did not want to discuss the recent Yahoo! Sports article that alleges he took improper benefits. But he did seem confident in saying he didn't expect to be declared ineligible by the NCAA. 

   Practice on Saturday is bright and early: 7:30 a.m. interviews followed by 8:20 a.m. practice. It is closed to the public.




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We got Some Canes over here

Ur House of cards (dominoes) is crUMbling ...

U are wat U are ...


Phase one of Al Golden is complete. He wanted a physical big conditioned team and this is what he got. Now let's see if we can execute his playbook.

Defense should be a lot better in year two. Let's see if the game slows down for everyone on defense. Perryman is jacking up 225 thirty times.... Now that is NFL caliber ready for the draft.

Look at the hater's coming out already. They say the one with loudest talk, is usually the one that is most scared. U see what it is...U see the talent....basically, U know what it is!As the Redman song goes "time for some action"....Go Canes!

The U had devolved into a team that felt success was simply given to you because you are at Miami. Which of course is anything but the case. Golden now has them understanding that for success you have to literally sledgehammer it to the ground. This team's weakness will be its youth but its strength will be its intensity and focus. Once youth turns to experience, the sky's the limit.


Run a chainsaw through your neck.... all the way through.
nothing to hide. NO GRASP ON WHAT GOES ON. Nothing is never what it seems. That's a personal guarantee. YOU DIG


no-life naysayers get the machine

thumbs up to my real peeps. WORSE COMES TO WORSE...you know the rest

The 2012 Hurricanes will show all the signs of a program on a return to it's prior glory!


You got to love it how focus this team is regardless of what's going on. Hill was never a Hurricane, and I don't trust his actions. This seems very shady.

2012: The Year of THE "KICK ASS" CANES!!!! Everyone: KICK ASS, and NEVER look back! FORWARD!

I don't understand where has conditioning been since Butch. Why has it taking so long? We use get help from Miami's hot weather and UM's players, to wear down teams late in games. That combination contributed to UM's home win record. A lot of people are saying that after we left the Orange Bowl, UM hasn't been the same. Now, I'm wondering, is it the stadium? or is it our conditioning? that has caused our decline.

I agree with Georgia Cane. Ever since Butch left our team has been pretty soft. We beat teams not just because of speed but because we were tough as nails. I guess it took a rocket scientist (Al Golden) to figure out that conditioning leads to toughness and toughness wins games. I can't wait for our D line to get back to the glory years. Our great defenses of the past were loaded on the D line.

Go Canes, beat BC.

U communications teams should ban any beat writers and/or reporters who for Yahoo Sports. I wonder what Yahoo sports would write about if there was no more sports...I just dont get it, like they cant find anything else to write about, do they actually believe the U is the only getting kids who are disadvantage, poor, and may need some help from time to time?

I know everyone is expecting a bad season, I am not. The hard work this team is putting in is going to win those games they lost late in games. I love how Golden is getting these guys working hard and understanding what it takes in the off season to be a champion!

Any building is only as strong as it's foundation.

In football if you can move the opponent and throw them off their game..you win.

This is what conditioning is all about..

The next phase is repition and study of the playbook and film... Coaching.

The last phase is execution of what was learnt in a game.

We have passed through the 1st phase.
Moving now into the hardest phase.
Ready and prepared.

Look out for Chick...he is mad, upset, and thoroughly motivated so look for a monster year, and with the unknowns and surprises of Duke, Tracy, and other 1 st yearers the 'U' will get us excited this year.

To all the Coaches ..GREAT JOB.. in prep..

Now let us move to the next phase and remember the legacy of the 'Canes.
Go 'Canes FOREVER.

We are on the path to success- but we are very young- our toughness and conditioning will help us some this year- but will pay off next year and all the years to come

wow...14-40 yrd dashes....Now I'm beginning to realize why the Canes have fallen off so far since I played for them in the late 90's under Butch...our end of summer conditioning finale was 16-110's.....to this day it is the hardest thing physically I've ever had to do...

oh, yea...and we did it at 11 am.....when it was very hot and humid....and from my understanding at the time we didn't condition as hard throughout the year as Jimmy and Dennis had their Canes do...I'm just saying....we used to wear teams out physically with our athleticism and conditioning....

i can already see this championship caliber team in the making it will be ready by 2013 but this season we will see if they really did improve on the field. it all sounds good i really hope to them winning most games.... LETS GO CANES

dennis. You tell em. 14/ 40's is puss work. At Miami Edison, ran 10 100's just about every day after practice and sometimes the coach let us take off the pads.
why is it that so many do not give credit to D.E who is clearly one of the greatest coaches ever, anywhere and he let us up close in practices, none of this closed crap.
By the way, what is your take on weight lifting as a means to increase football performance?

To my friend asking about the source of stats regarding complete games...Baseball Almanac..search complete games and see any response fro dennis

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