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Injury report looks good for the Miami Hurricanes as they prepare to travel to Boston College for opener


The University of Miami injury report is out, and as Al Golden has been saying the past few days, the Hurricanes have made it out of fall camp relatively healthy.

In the first MIami ACC Injury Report just handed out to the media, there are no surprises.

Linebacker Raphael Kirby ("lower extremity'' -- that would be leg) and defensive tackle Curtis Porter ("upper extremity'' -- that would be appendectomy) are the only Canes listed as out for the game.

Actually, they're the only Hurricanes listed on the report. No one is listed as doubtful and no one is listed as probable, and no one is listed under the "Surgeries/Out for the Season'' category. Golden said he is hopeful Kirby returns by midseason.



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Go canes!!

BC is in for a world of hurt!



Tough test waiting at Chesnut Hill for the canes, this could make or break the season.

Last year I went to the Boston College game. My thoughts from last year: 1) Boston came out with a simple game plan- run the ball and win the time of possesion. They killed us in the time of possesion and ran well. We had a bend but do not break defense philosophy but could not stop Boston and get them off the field until they had used up too much time. Boston overwhelming won the battle of field position in the second half. Poor field position stressed an offense which was not playing well. 2) The hurricane running game was not very reliable. Lamar Miller got off two very long runs but other than that it was 3 plays and out for the offense. 3) Boston college quarterback had way too much time to throw and was extremely accurate . We need a much better pass rush. 4) Reduce the number of interceptions thrown. 5.) Our first two possesions of the first quarter were productive but then after that the offense faltered. We need more consistency from the offense

we're going to beat the hell outta boston college.

Can't wait for tomorrow. According to all the reports the team is a lot stronger so hopefully they will not be able to push us around quite as easily. I have a good feeling about the team and the Golden Route so I think we will come back with a win.

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funny....our canes only favored by a field goal....

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Posted by: Five Titles

Dude snap out of it. Don't answer the troll and he will go away. This crap you post is as dumb a his.

Sad state of affairs when there is so much trepidation to play a team like BC. We should be clear favorites with no doubt of victory against them.
Time will tell........

If we play all the freshmen and let our awesome punter do his thing then all will be well
Go canes!


Posted by: worried hurricane

So you saying last year you had no pass rush, could not stop the run, could not establish the run and your QB threw a bunch of picks.
What is different this year?
Your pass rushers are worse, there goes the pass rush Your front 7 are worse, there goes any chance to stop the run
Your best RB is gone, there goes your ability to establish the run
Your QB has more picks than TDs, same crap
At least you can lift more............
Five Idiot, before you call this hate, tell me where I'm wrong.


Your allegiance to the troll P.I.G. has been duly noted

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Stronger, Faster, 2 year experience in systems and better Endurance should equal better performance on field. Heck if we go 7-6 we can still brag about it. Those fans from that little town in north central Florida do.


If the Cane DT s show improvement from the get go......look for a much better team and record this season.THAT is the single most important key.Period.GO CANES.

7-4 WE WILL GO no doubt

Good stuff. See y'all in Boston.

Worried cane- you forgot Jacorry (I mean Japicky)'s 3-4 interceptions, one a pick 6 to NFL stud Luke Kuechly. Time of possession was because we kept turning the dang rock over!

I'd love to hear what current and former players say about Jacorry Harris off the record. I cant imagine how frustrating that was as a player esp an offensive player.

But I agree they coulndt stop the dink and dunk of BC. But recall, they had a great rb and WR. Both are gone. So is Kuechly.

Miami 35 BC 7.

Five Titles....the real WOW! Is reporting for duty sir! Lmao.

Hey its me you never answered the question why? I mean to sit back use mine and someone else name and than start arguing back and forth why? I read it to everyone they think it's funny but asked me the same question why does he do it? I personally could careless what your opinion are I just want to know how a person could waste time posting on blog that he doesn't even like. Unless you did at one time. What gives? Please keep posting though. You and whoever argues with you make me laugh. Although I come here for CANE football content.

Your allegiance to the troll P.I.G. has been duly noted

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Are you out of your mind? My allegiance is to the Canes. You sound just like the troll you complain about. I'm gonna send Not Our Rival to set you straight since you don't post anything about football either.

1981-2011 UM 5

You make good points and I hope you are right.
It's time to stop the talk and walk the walk.
Let's go Canes!

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Let's beat BC with good D, strong QB and RB play, and TEAM effort and passion!

Go Canes! Start it off strong!

Let's get it!!! I expect Perryman to knock somebody's helmet off on Saturday, Dorsett to take a kick back, Duke to have one amazing run that will make everybody say who is THAT kid and just an old school display of physical Canes football........let's get it!

Do U believe, I believe!

Fake internet personalities that has nothing to do with internet football rivalry


any predictions?

0-1 to start the season

boo hooo

Funny how Manny & Susan got onto Shannon for the extrimity report, but since it's a white god-fearing american releasing this report, its all good.

And I don't even like Shannon, so what does that say about Manny & Susan's subconscious?

Lay some wood boyz!! Go Canes!! Always remember, Robert Bailey, TAKE THE FIRST GUY OUT! That's Mia Football!


Miami 28 BC 17. Cane's win with a strong second half.

Is it just me or does today feel like Friday.
Wishful thinking on my part.
Can't wait to watch the team play.


read below

read below

UM 35-7

plus, don't forget moron,

UM 5
UF + FSU + USF + FAU + FIU + UCF + JU + BCU + FAMU= 5

Plus in the last 30 years UM 5, Alabam 3, UF 3

Sorry. You lose. I'm sure youre used to it. "L"

grow a brian you moran

u lose 44-14

5 titles has 5,000 IDs and not one of them make any sense. By far the worst blogger on here

grow a brian????????????????????/
You must be a UF grad.

This has been greatly exaggerated and simple untrue

I will be there and I expect the 'Canes to be businesslike and get it done. I see them squeak out a win that gives them a real sense of how good they can be. If they can manage a decent lead on BC it's over. They are a more physical team this year and that's really all BC has got - and playing really dirty of course. Good Catholic boys!

If you go to war look in the mirror not at the screen.
What does that say about you, I don't want to know.

Funny again I do not want to argue with you but dude how come you dont answer me. I've read for the last four years and posted a half dozoen times. I always see you and whomever the cane fan is that go round and round truly it makes me laugh. I just want to know why? Someone once said you were Nevin Shapiro(Highly Doubt It) but it make sense. I mean who else would be that bent about a School other then Sanduskys victims towards PSU.

Vanderbilt would beat 60 percent of the teams in the ACC. 90 percent in basketball and close to to 100 percent in basketball.


I guess you are not watching college football you must be watching dancing with the stars or some talent show. Typical Miami fan.

Whom do you speak of antcane ?

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