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Injury report looks good for the Miami Hurricanes as they prepare to travel to Boston College for opener


The University of Miami injury report is out, and as Al Golden has been saying the past few days, the Hurricanes have made it out of fall camp relatively healthy.

In the first MIami ACC Injury Report just handed out to the media, there are no surprises.

Linebacker Raphael Kirby ("lower extremity'' -- that would be leg) and defensive tackle Curtis Porter ("upper extremity'' -- that would be appendectomy) are the only Canes listed as out for the game.

Actually, they're the only Hurricanes listed on the report. No one is listed as doubtful and no one is listed as probable, and no one is listed under the "Surgeries/Out for the Season'' category. Golden said he is hopeful Kirby returns by midseason.



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I DO happen to like dancing with the stars. I am a sheeple. Gladly so. I like to follow orders, sir.

Puff pass

always remember this

More of the usual on the site.

Will the nonsense tune down or ramp up once the U season begins.

stay tAuNeTd cane

Took a break from watching football and found out that
ExcuseU, delUsional, and Reality Bites are all the same poster, same garbage..BUSTED, BUSTED, BUSTED................

Ignore those posts from the above, and let's talk some 'Canes football.

Good flight and good weather awaits our 'Canes, and we will be waiting for our 3:30 appointment.

Our 'Canes are ready to go..

Good luck guys ..the 'U' nation is behind you and are ready to enjoy a little payback on BC..

Go Get 'em.

Go 'Canes Always

antcane needs to take his meds soon
visit the gator site and ask for gatorsam
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That guy that always post Iknow about gatorsam but the other one why does he always post. Not our rival you pretty much just to say ignore him he'll go away well I have and hasn't stopped so I would like to know why? ive been asking since tuesday follwing him from blog to blog asking why? Who did what to you? that makes you hang out every blog trying to fight I thunk he got his arse kicked good by a U fan. I got some FSU friends that got thier beatdown from some U fans and they don't even get like this. However I do have a retard bro in law that likes UF hates the U and his sons children 7 & 9 say we hate the U they hate the dolphinsthe heat all miami so maybe he is one of those kids all grown up. Just some one who is ignorant don't starting not to care. Besideds he would never say this to mine or anyone elses face so repeatedly. Or maybe he did and got beat up so thats why he has to post here. He won't give me a legit answer anyways.


Huh ?

Yeah, bro. Please take your MEDS and try to make some sense

huh ?

F it every real cane fan quit with the papers blogs They talk canes football on canespace. You don't have to sift thru this somtimes comical fulltime idotic comments. Why in the world would anyone take this guy seriously and take his comment to heart. I don't like the rascit things he has said belive me the bryan pata thing not even close to funny but calling randy shannon captin Clueless common he was as a firt time head coach. RS is the man and will be a great headcoach somewhere.

C'mon. My bad.... I gues I should proofread.

Took a break from reading about football and found out that
Antcane, and emilio are the same poster, same lunacy..BUSTED, BUSTED, BUSTED................

Five Titles and CANETILIDIE are both gay...
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Ignore those posts from the above, and let's talk some 'Canes football.

Posted by: UGoCane | August 30, 2012 at 08:37 P

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/08/injury-report-looks-good-for-the-miami-hurricanes-as-they-get-ready-to-travel-to-boston-college-for-/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Emilio is what keeps this place lively

please don't go

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'member that?

Guys here want to know why I am the way I am, but one reason is watching some of you constantly living in the past. Our last NC was over 10 years ago and we really haven't done much in what 6 or 7 years. Can we stop yelling about our NC's they are ancient history. Stop woofing at the trolls here about the past and start concentrating on the future. You all sound like a bunch of 4th grader, trolls and Cane fans alike.

NASA just released drawings of a new concept space plane. The drawings were apparently done by someone associated with FSU but "The U" logo is visible on one of the engines and partially visible on the left side of the fuselage. Kinda of crazy. I hope it is sign that the Canes will be flying high this year. Kudos to whoever it was from Canesville who stuck that on there. I have already downloaded a copy to my computer before NASA takes it down.


1 day and 14hrs till game time.

I'm saying it again, BC is in for a world of hurt!!!

Canes lead this series 23-5 and 8-3 in fuknut hill. J12 isn't around to help them out this time. We have a real QB now. Get Sum!!!


call me maybe?

UM 31 BC 10

UM 24 BC 21

No Fan of any team, Urs, theirs, mine, friend or foe likes to hear or make light of what happened to Sean Spence tonight. Simply put, so sad for a fine young player about to embark on an NFL career being dealt such a tough blow. The good is that this is not something that is tragic. He's still young and with todays medical wonders, I for one will pray and cheer for him to make a fUll recovery and have the opportunity to resUme his NFLU dreams as soon as possible... I've no doubt that anyone, ALL Canes, Gators and Noles players and fans alike that watched him as an home fan favorite or opponent, will keep him in ALL oUr thoUghts... Damn that sUcks.

Please, if we beat BC lets act like it is what it is. BC is no power house, we are favored. It will just be a great start to a long season of success and heartbreak, nothing more. As soon as the gun goes off and should the U be on the winning end we have to start preparing to go on the road to play a very good team to which we will be an underdog. This will be a season of baby steps for a rebuilding program.

Fake internet prognostication that has nothing to do with internet football rivalry

I thought that the Alachua County Detention Center was closed , I guess I was wrong since I see some Gator trash on this board. Go give Tebow another kiss on his a..., and get Urban Meyer to show you how to do it.

Yeah, tough what happened to Spence today. He will overcome it and be back with a fury though. Kid always played tough even as an undersized LB.

As far as Saturday up in Chestnut Hill, 'Canes will surprise and come away with a W.

No idea how this game is going to go, but excited to see the Canes on the field again.


hey Bob why you go around downplaying the BC game and our 5 titles? If we beat BC we will react like good cane fans do. We will claim that we are back, that we shocked the world, that we will go undefeated and win another NC. And why would we do that after beating a 4 - 7 no good team? Cause it's a cane thing!
And cause we got 5 titles!

Watched SC vs Vandy last night. If SC is the 9th ranked team in college football then college football must only have 2 good teams. No way we can be as bad offensively as either of those teams. SC QB couldn't hit the mall from handicapped parking, SC is not composed of, shall I say, 4 Star elite recruits! Vandy bless their hearts are small and will be pushed around by pro set more powerful teams with balanced running and passing attacks.

Ok my point. Morris is a better QB than SC's. Our O-Line is better than 9th ranked SC. DL, well that remains to be seen. But I saw saw nothing that an unbiased person would say make them believe the 9th ranked team in the nation is far superior than THE CANES. Just being real about it.


By the way Vanderbilt would still be same in the ACC, but without the excuse of being the only, shall I say only, high academic requirement institution in that football conference. Let say they would still be equal to Wake Forest in football and behind NC, Duke, Syracuse, NC St, Pitt, Wake Forest and Miami (now) in basketball. Sorry Charley, Vandy is still Vandy no matter where you move them.

Any Kid who would cut and paste a post because they
are called out and retaliates by posting junk under anothers name needs to be examined...That is called FRAUDELENT

You really have major head problems...

You did it to Canetillidie, 5 times, 5>3>2.
We are really getting through to you..
Our 'Canes will do fine...Seek medical help for yourself. Good luck.
Go 'Canes Always

IS this the same Vandy that gets pounded by Wake every year?

So Carolina top 10- team? FRAUD.

It is a two team league. The rest, most notably the Gatr Trash, are Over Rated. Just like every year.

Let us hope Golden is a good modivator, a key factor in any game.

DelUsional cane clUks get your baseless predictions in, only got one day left before the losing resumes.
Vandy pounded Wake last season, but why let facts get in the way of your delUsion.
And then there's the Moron who says Morris is better than Connor Shaw, that the sorry cane offense is better than SC and that Vandy and SC are worse than the dregs from the ACC. DelUsion at its best.
Lattimore vs James............what a choice
Let's go clUks, show how knowledgeable you are, who can best the Morons Tampacane and Same old story. Surely another one of you clUeless clUcks can do better. Only got one day left.

Reality bites is typical SEC trash. Under-educated.

Oh, well. The world needs people to fill dead-end jobs, gomer. That UFailure diploma will take you far at Costco.

Reality bites is a good chap. A man of decency and cunning. He serves your right with rays of truth. Wash yourself in it and remove the stench U have.

Posted by: Reality Bites | August 31, 2012 at 10:50 AM

And you have the rest of your life. To live on this website and talk to other nerds about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Like you say, only a few days now until actual football starts but we all know that you're not going to be posting on the blog of the team you 'follow' or on the blog of their rivals, the Florida State Seminoles, who they actually play this year.

Because you're not interested in football, you're only interested in your fake internet rivalry.

Tampa Cane. You are exactly what I talk about here, your stupid in saying we are better than Vandy or SC. They have proved themselves on the field. Why don't you let the Canes before you start talking about who we are better than. How many cans of beer did you have while you watched the game. If we were playing either of them last night they would have schooled us big time, especially if we were on the road. So hot stuff let tone down the nonsense an beat a few people before we say who we are better than.

Fake internet assumptions that have nothing to do with internet football rivalry

That antcane dude really needs to step up the dosage on his meds. What in the heck is he rambling about????



ignore the fools

And posters like five titles, not our rivals,ugocane NEED TO STOP ADDRESSING THEM AND PROVOKING THEM and instead post about miami football.

grow up

Canes will squeak out a close one. Win by a FG.

It helps that BC best rusher now plays at temple.

Fake internet assumptions that have nothing to do with internet football rivalry

Posted by: Not our rivals | August 31, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Even when you try to troll me you still have to say "internet football rivalry".

It's too painful to admit you're wasting your time talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football. Too painful to admit you just like trolling to get a rise out of people and don't actually care about Florida Gators football or any of the teams they play.

Fake internet clarifications that have nothing to do with internet football rivalry

Coach Golden said "Block out the external, let us get back to internal consistency". " No excuses!."

Good words of advice.

We who love Cane football at the 'U' are solidly behind our 'Canes and look forward to a good win tomorrow.

Go 'Canes Always

If Clint Eastwood likes speaking to empty chairs, he should give a speech at a Canes game.

23 hrs left!!!!!!

Leaving in one hour for Key West for some night fishing and Duval St. tomorrow to watch my Canes whoop that a55!!! This game won't even be close! Even Coach Spaz said himself in a video interview that Boston isn't ready for The U! At least he was being honest.

This will make the series 24-5 and 9-3 at fuknut hill. GET SOME CANES!!!!

C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

Big game tommorrow against top ranked Bowling Green. They should be preseason top 5. We back down from nobody and will play anybody

Cease this nonsense at once!

My Florida Gators are the greatest. All our players become great pros

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