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Injury report looks good for the Miami Hurricanes as they prepare to travel to Boston College for opener


The University of Miami injury report is out, and as Al Golden has been saying the past few days, the Hurricanes have made it out of fall camp relatively healthy.

In the first MIami ACC Injury Report just handed out to the media, there are no surprises.

Linebacker Raphael Kirby ("lower extremity'' -- that would be leg) and defensive tackle Curtis Porter ("upper extremity'' -- that would be appendectomy) are the only Canes listed as out for the game.

Actually, they're the only Hurricanes listed on the report. No one is listed as doubtful and no one is listed as probable, and no one is listed under the "Surgeries/Out for the Season'' category. Golden said he is hopeful Kirby returns by midseason.



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is my handle

Nobody wants to talk about my great Gators today????

Almost 24hrs till kickoff. I can not wait .
Think the score will be 24-17 Canes.
Everyone have a safe weekend.
Even you Dicky, but damn son you need to get a life.

As always


At least lets talk about the great recruiting class Will is bringing here. Either that or lets talk about how fast players are looking to get out of here

Yours truly;

Alot of great posts the last hour

Real gatorsam here. If you're going to steal my name and post; at least make the post clever, sarcastic or critical of Miami (the athletic teams and/or the university). Otherwise everyone will know the post is a fake.

By the way just got some inside info from a high level Miami trustee that they are considering moving all future home games after this year back to Friday nights, like in the 60's to boost attendance. Apparently Miami feels they will not have to compete against Saturday televised college games and the Dolphins have asked that they do this so that stadium staff has more time to convert the stadium on weekends when both play at home. Miami also feels they can draw larger crowds and make the games a Friday night City of Miami party atmosphere in the hopes of selling more beer and thus making more money in order to pay Miami coaches better. The trustee also stated Miami doesn't want to compete on Saturdays against the ever growing popular FIU program for colege football fans.

Hahahahaha, that's "clever"?

You must think you're the best fry chef at McDonalds too. You're not, Consuela is better.

Clemson is next ...

So CaneClUcks... Tell Us ALL about how the ACC's 4th. best Football Team gets drUbbed by one of the S.E.C's weak sisters ?

I don’t only see light at the end of the tunnel; I see a blinding, bright light in 2 yrs. And (unlike the “other team”) I think we can enjoy the ride watching these kids grow and mature as this young team learns to compete. Al gets it, U’s brand is respected everywhere; we just need the trend to be winning and the goal of NC attainable. Compared to the other team in the house, there is no question; the U is going in the right direction. Look out all you haters, THE U IS BACK!!!




The Sun has barely even risen on the opening 2012 Saturday and they're already beginning to Red Line the DelUsional RPM Meter...

[]_[] n Real ...


Satchels... GO GATORS

Pictures of the field look beautiful with the Gator head now on the 50 yard line. Cant't wait to see it.

"If Clint Eastwood likes speaking to empty chairs, he should give a speech at a Canes game."

Man this is another classic you cane clUcks are fortunate to be the recipient of such great wit and originality.
You are welcome. Enjoy.

Tampacane says that lil Duke is a better RB than Marcus Latimore. And UGoCanes says Golden is a better coach than Spurrier.
Keep it up clUkcs!

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