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It's finally here: 2012 UM Canes fall football camp (just a tad later than expected)

Fall camp opens for the Miami Hurricanes at 2:10 p.m. Friday -- about six hours later than expected because of a school conflict with tests.

But your Hurricanes are bound to be fired up no matter what time they hit Greentree Field.

UM Coach Al Golden addressed the media Thursday, with quarterback competitors Stephen Morris and Ryan Willams in the audience (awaiting interviews).

Some notes going into Day One:

* OT Seantrel Henderson is excused from the first day of practice because he is in Minnesota attending the funeral of a childhood friend.

* Morris and Williams are expected to split reps until a starter is named.

* Some players who had good summers and emerged as leaders (among others), according to what Golden said he has been told: WR Allen Hurns ("fantastic"); OL Shane McDermott, Brandon Linder, Jon Feliciano; TE Asante Cleveland; RB Mike James; Morris and Williams; DE Anthony Chickillo; DE Shayon Green; DT Luther Robinson; LB Denzel Perryman and Raphael Kirby; CB Brandon McGee; S Vaughn Telemaque.

* The only player not expected to be full go at practice is TE Cory White (knee).

* Players were scheduled to be tested earlier tonight in conditioning. They were to run 14, 40-yard dashes in a certain amount of time. "That would simulate one of the longest drives you'd have in a game -- 14 plays,'' Golden said. "It's a test that's been around forever. I joke with the players that it's a test I made two years ago at Temple, so they better make it.''

If they don't? "They have to get up and hang with the parrots in the morning,'' Golden replied.

* Golden does not believe in a two-quarterback system.

* Golden has no qualms about playing freshmen.

"We're going to have some young guys on the field. Our team knows. We're not going to stratify this year at all. You're not going to hear me say, 'He's a freshman running back.' We're going to stratify by position but we're not going to stratify by year in school.

"..If we're putting them out there, he better play like a Miami Hurricane. We have a no excuse mentality right now in our building and I think it's gaining traction with the players. If you're out there playing, you need to perform at the level we need you to execute at.''

*Freshmen RB Duke Johnson and CB Tracy Howard "bring energy" and are "fun to have in the building,'' according to Golden. "I think they understand what it means to play for Miami. Both of them come in with the mindset they want to be the best."

Golden said "Randy Duke Johnson, he gets it. He looks at this and that [photo in the Hecht Athletic Center] and says, 'I want to be better than that guy.'''



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cant wait!! *Bart Scott voice*

Ppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttt ...

Bout dam time Football is back!

It's great to be a Miami HUrricane, baby!

University of Coral Gables fans are gonna be crying when Duke Johnson and Tracy Howard transfer to the real University in Miami after the sanctions come.

This id Duke's dream to put on that uniform! I love having kids like him!! I am pumped and ready for the 1st! Hope they can stay healthy!

The real university in miami? Which one is it? Enlighten us!

FIU lost to Duke last year, and Duke is one of the weakest team we have in the ACC. Till you beat Duke don't come here saying you are a better than Miami.

Just something to think about. The last time Miami played in a big bowl game was against LSU. LSU killed Miami with a first time starter QB. After that game, Miami has not been the same. As you know, LSU has been in the top 25 since that game. I think in order for Miami to be able to get back to the top Miami has to take LSU down. Just a way of returning the favor.It doesn't has to be LSU, but I would think a lot of Miami fans will agree with this. I just would like it to be someone from the SEC, and if I had to choose, I would pick LSU. What team would you want Miami to beat as a sign that Miami is back?

@ Norm
We will have to win two or three big games for the Nation to take us seriously. I do not think it will be this year. If we can win the Coastal this year. It would be a big step to next year.
Next year we play FSU, and UF. We win the state of Florida again, and we will be on our way back.
Yes I would love to for our bowl game to be against LSU.

it's great to be pumped about this coming year,we all are..a good sign,to me is we haven't heard "guys are flying around"..man am i glad i haven't heard that... seriously,this team is very young and not a lot of experience..this is a team that's maybe two years away..don't get your hopes too high...enjoy the season and hope for alot of surprises...go canes..

THE LSU GAME WAS ALL ON RAandy Shannon. His defense got destroyed by Joseph Addai and the QB running it down our throats and Shannon wouldnt adjust. The game started with the U sacking their QB several times and played great ... for 1 quarter. Um had a great drive but couldnt punch it in and settled for a fg- the only points in the game. LSU adjusted and UM didnt and the rest was history...plus, Kyle Wright is easliy the worse and most overrated QB UM has ever had. Worse than Jacorry. I watched the 2006 game vs FSU last night on CSS and I'm telling you Kyle Wright was the worse QB and Sam Shields was the worse wr at Um ever.

Some notes going into Day One:

* OT Seantrel Henderson is excused from the first day of practice because he is in Minnesota attending the funeral of a childhood friend.

Really ? Why ? The absolute only reason to leave and miss the first day and most important day of his life would be if an immediate family member had passed period. And Mom or Grandma ONLY ! This kid is all over the place when his sole focus should be totally on Football. Yeah, I'm insensitive, but F-IT, this kid needs to go the extra mile and then some. Want to mourn? Fine. Go to church, sleep there overnight and pray for your pal. Tell him, Bro love you but it's go time. RIP Homie and then be the first one in the lockeroom at sunrise ready to ball. Damn it seems as we have too many sensitive kids these days wearing the U instead of straight out ballahs in the past. I promise, Ed Reed and that whole crew would have NEVER left and missed the opening day of the most important camp of their lives. Even if it was a family member. His Family is that TEAM NOW ! And if Reed were Captain of this 2012 team, he'd of laid down the law before Henderson could have even asked Golden if he could be excused so Coach wouldn't look like the bad guy.

God I hope some hardcore no nonsense leaders will emerge on this Football team that's been missing for far far to long.

NJ Pauly Cane I understand where your coming from. But at the sametime bro u gotta understand if we was in his shoes what would you do? Seantrel is going to come back with a vengence bro. He's going to turn into an animal because the only thing that will be on his mind is his deceased homeboy. For all we know he might make the first team all american this yr. But I think he will be fine. Cane fans what's goin on y'all? I'm ready to see Miami go out and kick some ass this yr. @Norm I would love to see Miami play against Lsu this yr. I think they would put up a hell of a fight. And besides Lsu wouldn't take Miami lightly. And Kyle Wright was the worst QB that ever came through Miami. I thought Brock Berlin was our QB when we lost to LSU in the peach bowl. But all I have to say is that Miami is going to shock alot of teams this yr. If we can beat Kansas.St,V-Tech,G-Tech,NC.State,Fl.State,Virginia we're home free. But the nail in the coffin is if we beat N.Dame! If we can pull that off I think everyone will respect us.

That starting line up is going to change very quickly. Ralpheal Kirby is not going to be back up this entire yr. I can see him starting Tracy Howard,Deon Bush. Other players that's going to get plenty of playing time would be Malcome Lewis,Robert Lockheart,Jelani Hamilton,Earl Moore,Larry Hope,Vernon Davis,Duke Johnson. I'm telling you Cane fans I think Ramon Bucannon & Jimmy Gaines need to play backup. Well Ramon Buccanon will make a few plays here and there but Jimmy Gaines always get to the play late and I seen him misread plays and missed tackles. I hope like hell he improved because if not he needs to be on the bench.

Can you tell me the name and number of wins of the pitcher who holds the record for most wins while completing 9 full innings?
Posted by: cane68 | August 03, 2012 at 07:45 AM

So, do you want the record for complete game wins in college or in MLB? Of course, that record is going to be 30 or 40 years old, before they saw the benefit of relievers not just after a pitcher has lost it, but as a disruption to the batters.

Both sides are getting more conditioned, so the 1960s level of conditioning would get slaughtered today. Look at a picture of Tug McGraw or Wilt Chamberlain, they look weak compared to todays' better conditioned athletes.

Also, regarding your concerns about the weight lifting harming their overall conditioning, they still have the 14 * 40 to accomplish, as shown above, so they are not losing out on the running and sprinting aspect.

Let's just say we both hope you are wrong, but if you end up right and other teams out-speed us, I will be the first to admit you were right.

NJ Pauly Cane - not cool man. we all bleed orange and green but put things in perspective.

Anyways.......football is back!!!! Leggo!

Gators receivers coach Hill resigns; Pease and Hamdan to take over coaching receivers

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gators wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill has resigned for personal reasons.

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced Hill’s resignation Friday morning.

“Aubrey informed me he was resigning for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the University of Florida,’’ Muschamp said. “Aubrey didn’t want to be a distraction to our team and our football program and he thought it was best for him to move on.

“I have too much love and respect for this program to become a distraction as I deal with some personal issues,’’ Hill said in a prepared statement. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Coach Muschamp, a tremendous staff and great group of players. The future is very bright here and the University of Florida will always have a special place in my heart. Go Gators.”

There are reliable sources, that Hill has been contacted and is presently in contact with the NCAA which has been investigating the University of Miami for numerous alleged violations while Hill was the recievers Coach and a top recruiter there. It is now strongly believed that Hill could become a key witness for the NCAA when they rule on sanctions that are sure to be handed down to the Hurricanes Football and Basketball progams in the near future. Reports are that Hill is stepping down to avoid any conflicts and distractions with the University of Florida. Hill, who would be considered as a reliable and credible witness, likely would recieve little if any punishment in return for his testimony. The NCAA has no comment at this time regarding Hill but did say that the investigation of Miami is still ongoing and there is no set time table for any announcement.


Wow. This could be big. We just might be finding out whats going to happen much sooner than later. The NCAA might have just found their stool pigeon. There is no doubt that Hill knows probably more than anyone else what actually went on other than Hurtt. My first reaction is this cannot be a good thing for The U. But then again, I'm actually relieved. I say lets get this over with now. I just wonder what Hill will sing about. Any future job he wants in College Football, the NCAA now has in it's hands as well as Hills balls. Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

If I had to guess complete game wins in a season- Denny McClain.

It is probably best to wait and see what happens with this development.

Time to get this over and move on with playing and not worrying about sanctions.

Coach Golden has handled everything well so players should be eager to start the season and get back to intensive practice.

So let the season begin and let's all get behind Coach Golden, the team and me, a 61' Hurricane alumni.

Just saw where Susan Tweeted that the players said that all of them passed the conditioning drills last night.
I am so looking forward to the season.
Way to go team.


I think Sentrelle should have been allowed to go back home. You never really know the circumstances surrounding his situation. I look at it as Golden sending him a message by letting him go - Be thankful of the opportunities in front of you....be lucky and grateful your alive....and perhaps....come back pissed off and hurt and ready to destroy your opponant.

first kyle wright's backup in 06 i believe was worse. I forget his name. Miami used to be quarterback U but hasnt had a good college quarterback since gino in the early 90's. They still get some good running backs which they have done since james played there in 97. They are young but I think they will overachieve this year, and they will beat fsu. Look at a few years ago when they were really young and played florida great in the first half when they had tebow. The U will be back as long as golden stays. The U is so up and down and has been since the early 80's when I watched ol vinny slingin the ball in the mid 80's. When the U is up they dominate like no other. That is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Five titles... see Baseball Almanac... search complete games

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