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Miami Hurricanes' first fall scrimmage in the books: Al Golden talks about it here, PLUS STATS ...

The first scrimmage of 2012 fall camp is over, and the season seems that much closer.

Here is the transcript I just did of WQAM's Joe Zagacki, the voice of the Hurricanes, interviewing UM Coach Al Golden after the scrimmage (thanks to HurricaneSports.com). I'll get the stats to you as soon as I get them.

Coach Al Golden’s post-scrimmage interview with WQAM’s Joe Zagacki, Voice of the Canes:

First scrimmage of the year. What’s your reaction to what you saw today?

“I think we’re going to learn a lot from it certainly. We had a good tempo. We’ve got to work on getting in and out of the huddle a little better – our cadence and our alignments and certainly our substitution patterns on defense. There will be a lot that we can learn from, certainly.”

You had some big plays today. The first couple of drives, big plays with Mike James, big plays with Allen Hurns and also Duke Johnson.

“We need that. We need some guys to step up. We lost a lot of our explosive players from a year ago in Street [Tommy Streeter], Lamar [Miller] and Trav [Travis Benjamin], so now there’s a void there and we need guys to step up, regardless of what there age is.’’

Mike James taking his game to another level in terms of physical play? He had a 51-yard run plus he was hard to bring down.

“We’ve been saying it all camp, he looks quicker, he looks faster. He’s always been strong; last year was a tough year for him, he was hobbled with turf toe all year. He just looks different this year. Hopefully Mike will stay healthy and give us what we thought he would be.

It looks like your quarterbacks had a good day. It looks like Stephen ended up with 22 or 23 completions?

“I don’t know what the final tally was but I thought he did a nice job. A couple of throws he rushed, didn’t set his feet but overall I thought they both showed command of the offense and hung in there. I think we just had the one interception late on the batted ball in the two-minute [drill]. But other than that, I thought we made a lot of progress at that position.’’

Good news, bad news was you had one turnover?

“Yeah. You know, we didn’t take it away on defense and we didn’t cause any fumbles, so it certainly is good news, bad new. The bad news is the challenge is going to remain that we need to intercept the ball and take it away more on defense. I don’t think that’s going to change. We need to be better than we were a year ago.’’

Your red-zone offense a year ago was very good. Today, it looked like your offensive line was starting to impose their will in the red-zone drills, and Duke had a nose for the football?

“Yeah, he found it. He has a low center of gravity and has a knack for diving and getting in the end zone, so that’s good. I thought Eduardo [Clements] ran really well today. He made a couple of cuts. A couple of other times he could have pressed it and hit it a little bit quicker, but he’s really doing a nice job. He plays really hard.

“The offensive line played hard. It’s a good scrimmage for us to learn from overall. We had a lot of young guys in there at linebacker because of some injuries, so we’ll get a look at them. We’ll regroup tomorrow night.’’

Tracy Howard got a good dose today of physical college football as well?

“Yeah, we got the ball to the perimeter a couple of times, so his play was challenged, as was all the corners. One of the things we’ve noticed is unselfishness on the perimeter with our wide receivers. They’re really blocking well and giving it up for each other on the perimeter.’’

Wieclaw hit one for 51 yards?

“The ball was spotted on the 39.. How far was it? I thought it was.. He bombed it. Bombed it. Unless I was wrong I thought the ball was on the 39. He bombed it. He was excited. He got a good leg to it. Overall, we made all our field goals today. So, that’s good.”

Some of your concerns on defense?

“Overall, I think our depth at linebacker is our first concern. We’re going to have to have some guys rise up there and we’re going to have to have some other guys get healthy, to be quite honest. In the secondary we played a lot of young guys, so that’s not really a concern. The fact of the matter is those guys are going to have to grow up quickly.

“We saw Deon [Bush] out there a lot, Rayshawn [Jenkins] out there a lot, Tracy Howard out there a lot, Antonio Crawford. So those guys are going to all have to grow up gradually. And then the defensive line, we’ve got to get one guy that can really dominate the game for us (inaudible).’’

Is this a depth-chart moving day?

“It certainly is. We’ll work on that tonight and tomorrow and we’ll reset, we’ll have another six days before Scrimmage 2 and go a little bit longer and basically we’ll have the team set. I’m not saying some guys aren’t going to come in the last week or so, but we’ll basically have the team set by.. next week.’’

Next week fans have an opportunity to meet and greet the Hurricanes and their coaches at BankUnited CanesFest, from 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, right after scrimmage No. 2.

UM opens its 2012 campaign at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 1 at Boston College. Thankfully, football season is not all that far away.



HERE ARE THE STATS (please keep in mind that these stats include portions of the scrimmage that were separate from the flow of normal play, such as a two-minute drill at the end of the scrimmage, etc):


Maurice Hagens 3 pass from Stephen Morris

Mike James 1 run

Duke Johnson 1 run

Dyron Dye 3 pass from Ryan Williams

Rashawn Scott 2 pass from Williams

Eduardo Clements 2 run

Jake Wieclaw 56 FG

Allen Hurns 29 pass from Morris

D. Johnson 37 pass from Morris

James 51 run

Matt Goudis 24 FG

James 1 run

D. Johnson 13 run

Scott 3 pass from Williams

Goudis 42 FG

Wieclaw 51 FG

Dallas Crawford 2 run

Phillip Dorsett 10 pass from Morris

D. Johnson 10 run



Mike James 13-137 3 TD; Eduardo Clements 10-55 2 TD; Duke Johnson 9-49 3 TD; Stephen Morris 1-17; Dallas Crawford 3-3 1 TD; Danny Dillard 1-7; Ryan Williams 3-5; Brandon Yosha 2-0.



Stephen Morris 24-36-1-193 4 TD; Ryan Williams 12-17-0-121 3 TD; Preston Dewey 0-3-0-0; Gray Crow 0-3-0-0.



Duke Johnson 3-44 1 TD; Malcolm Lewis 3-42; Allen Hurns 1-29 1 TD; Phillip Dorsett 3-27 1 TD; Davon Johnson 2-24; Rashawn Scott 3-23 2 TD; Kendal Thompkins 5-22; Herb Waters 3-19; Clive Walford 1-17; Eduardo Clements 3-14; Dallas Crawford 2-14; Dyron Dye 2-13 2 TD; Mike James 3-13; Jontavious Carter 1-10; Maurice Hagens 1-3 1 TD.



A.J. Highsmith 7-2-9; Tyrone Cornelius 6-1-7; Tracy Howard 5-2-7; Ramon Buchanan 5-2-7; Vaughn Telemaque 3-2-5; Brandon McGee 3-1-4; Kacy Rodgers II 3-1-4; Anthony Chickillo 3-1-4; Curtis Porter 3-1-4; Thomas Finnie 3-0-3; Denzel Perryman 2-1-3; Jimmy Gaines 2-1-3; Deon Bush 2-1-3; Gabriel Terry 3-0-3; Shayon Green 2-0-2; Nantambu Fentress 2-0-2; Antonio Crawford 2-0-2; Tyriq McCord 2-0-2; Jalen Grimble 1-1-2; Rayshawn Jenkins 1-0-1; Nate Dortch 1-0-1; Ladarius Gunter 1-0-1; Vernon Davis 1-0-1; Akil Craig 1-0-1; Earl Moore 1-0-1; Olsen Pierre 1-0-1; Luther Robinson 1-0-1; Jake O’Donnell 1-0-1; Dwayne Hoilett 1-0-1; Darius Smith 1-0-1.



Dwayne Hoilett 3; Tyriq McCord 1; Rayshawn Jenkins 1; Nate Dortch 1.



Anthony Chickillo 1-10; Tyrone  Cornileus 1-9; JaWand Blue 1-5.



Tyrone Cornileus 1.


Fumble Recoveries

Jacoby Briscoe 1.

 Field Goals

Jake Wieclaw 2-2 (56, 51); Matt  Goudis 2-2 (24, 42).


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Wow, nice performance by both QB's today. This may be one that is too close to call right now. In any event I believe Morris will be named the starter but he will be hard pressed to play well and keep Williams off the field. The offense sounds like it played a nice scrimmage but my concern is the defense. Hopefully they will get better and stronger as the season gets here.

Coaches statement regarding lack of a dominant defensive lineman concerns me. Thats where we have to be strong especially since we have lack of depth at LB and a very young secondary. Hopefully its because we have a very good OL, but generally the defense is usually ahead of the offense, but doesn't seem to be in this case which does not bode well. Ummmm?

Tampa Cane i agree with you... As much as i hate 2 say it.... Our offense is not strong enough to carry the load so our Def really needs 2 grow up in the next few weeks cause i see them getting "SHreaded" in a few games: kansas state, notre dame, florida state,va tech...hope they prove me wrong... GO CANES!!! National Champions 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001 & 2002!

Wow !!! We Scored 117 points !!! That's what I'm talking about !

The D will figure it out. We're so close to being BACK !

In GOLDEN We Trust !!! We GOT This !

I agree with Tampacane.
D-Line needs to step it up.
Lets hope the O-Line is that good. Other wise the Offense will need to score 30 or more points a game.
It will be interesting to see if the D comes out with a chip on it shoulder next scrimmage.
As always
IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love what I'm seeing so far. GO CANES!!!!!

Right on Canetillidie. It's going to be a fun year.

Lots of positives today. Morris will be a stellar QB, and Williams won't be far behind. Stephen can run well. Good news. Could be a great year for Mike James, and I am pulling for him! A great kid with a lot of heart and class. Clements may be getting there as well.

Maybe the O-line is starting to jell? Lots of size and strength there.

Need some dominant D line play, but should have strong backers. Front 7 must shine...

The Canes have great coaches. Coach Golden is a fiercely determined guy. I love it!

We are gonna have a good season, and may surprise. Let's start by bringing serious payback to BC in their house.

Go Canes!

Offense ... Beats up on a depthless non-playmaking Defense ...

Defense ... Gets hammered by a punchless below average Offense ...

So after today Ur 1-1... That's about right for U... That's fUn ?

It's Morris as the starter, what didn't you get from what was stated yesterday. It was his job to lose today. Sounds to me that he won it. I don't want this dragging out. The sooner the starter is named the better. More rep's better timing with the new receivers.

This dont mean anything. Seriously- if the Offense dominates and scores 20 TDs and one of the QBs has 300 yds and 5 TDs and one of the rbs has 200 yds rushing in the scrimmages is it that the offense is jelling or is it that the D is weak? similarly as in the sprin g scrimmage in F Myers, if the D shuts down the Offens is it because they are playing lights out or is it because we s-k at Offense? Golden says we need to get more ints on D - but thats sillyt becasue what if Morris was picked 3 times in a scrimmage like Jacorry was last year?

the real emilio

The defense creating turnovers is obviously something that would put us in a better position to win games, especially tight games. Miami hasn't been particularly good at it for a while, hopefully that can change once the young talent in the secondary we have now matures and develops quickly. Avoiding turning the ball over on offense repeatedly is of course key as well. I hope we can improve in that area also. I agree that both lines need improvement, especially in pass protection and on the defensive side, run defense. Miami simply cannot afford to give up 160+ yards a game on the ground. Hopefully we see some "go to" recievers step up and spread the field this season. A lot of question marks remain for this team but I'm cautiously optimistic. Even though we lost a good amount of talent at the end of last season, another 5-7, 6-6 or 7-6 season would be in my opinion unacceptable. It's sad for me to have to say this but 8 wins would be a good season for this team, being a realistic fan.

no stop lying to yourself

I also wouldn't mind to see play from the tight ends improve drastically. We haven't had significant involvement from a tight end since Graham. We have options at tight end with Asante back this season from being injured all last season. Walford is said to have shown improvement and I believe they moved Dye to the position. Someone at that position has to step up and play to the level players like Graham, Olsen, Winslow, Shockey, ect. did. It takes the load off of our running backs with a threat at tight end...just saying.

disregard everything i say. too much confusion on this blog. no more misinterpretations. everything is cool

@Emilio...I'm not lying to myself at all. I stated clearly that it's what I would like to see happen, not what WOULD happen this year. I don't pretend to know how the team will do nor forecast greatness year in and out. I just gave my opinion. You reacted to my post as though you have a crystal ball, yet I'm the one who should stop lying to myself??

Trolls are gonna troll, haters are gonna hate, and our Canes will be better this year. Not world beaters (yet), but from what I can read here, I am cautiously optimistic. Glad to see the Offense taking off - hope to see the D step up next time. All in all, though, Coach Al has them going in the right direction. Let's Go Canes, show 'em who we are and give them a preview of what we are gonna be.

no not you. the emilio at 8:34 is not me. i didnt even bother to read what you read until now, but i agree with what you said. my id was hijacked, you could say. thats enough out of me, i dont want to commit perjury of any kind.

*you wrote*

Sitting here with hardcore UM fan ahd ex-Ibis, and an alum. Looking forward to the upcoming season. We both believe the Canes will turn a few heads, in spite of skeptical buzz now ongoing.

* i've written *

i was correcting myself, doppelgänger "bother to read what you read.... " no more double entedres, my head hurts

stop playing with my head


Terry King,

Reasonable analysis. I hope you are right. That would be a sweet season!

Reasonable on what Planet ?

JesUs U guys keep sticking Ur heads through that hole and fail to notice that shiny razor sharp gUillotine abouve Ur empty heads year after year after year...

Try this Math... 48-40 the last 7 years with much better and experienced players and 13 new first time starters that are worse than the last years starters they are replacing... More Math U axe ? Try Vegas has U at Over/Under Wins at 7 barely and the HEAVEY early non delUsional nonblind "reasonable" betters are taking the Under and that Number will likely move to 6.5 by opening week... Or as one high profile Vegas oddsmaker puts it...

"In the Coastal Division, hello Miami ! I will bet the farm all day on under seven wins. How could I possibly do any worse than push that bet? They will not be able to go better than 2-2 out of conference this season with games at Kansas State and at Notre Dame in addition to their home game against USF. In conference, yes, they always play Duke but there would be toss-up type games against Virginia and Georgia Tech both on the road and then they'll be large underdogs against Florida State and Virginia Tech. Miami will have to beat BC in their opener to have a chance at 7 wins and they are only a 1.5 pt favorite in that one. Most all Preseason betting lines have Miami as an Underdog in only 4 games this season with a host of new and first and second year kids playing significant playing time 2-deep on both sides of the football. Miami under is where the smart money is this season."

pUt Ur Money down on the Over 7 if Ur so reasonable... bUt U won't.

They NEVER Cease to Amaze Arty... bUt's that's why the are so fUn to watch... Like that Train Engineer that keeps taking the wrong fork down the tracks over n over n over again...

Watch this Art... SerioUsly Cane Fan... What will be Ur 2012 Record ?


jUst had to read that Gem of delUded Wisdom again...

CoUlda... WoUlda... ShoUlda... Mighta... Maybe... Phhhhhhhffffffffffftttttt ...

Cane Thang ...

Relax clUcks... It's a misprint. Ur FAVORED to Win ONLY 4 Games this Season by Vegasodds... -1.5 B.C. ... -26 BethUne ... -7 USF ... -16 Duke ...

UM goes 9-3 this season, and may self impose a bowl ban again if the NCAA hasnt ruled by bowl season. Losses to K State, FSU and G Tech OR UNC.

Posted by: UranUs Canes ... | August 13, 2012 at 05:45 AM

How is that possible? No one has even seen this team yet. The scrimmage was even closed.

Damn you're a poor excuse for a human being.

Gotta love Al Golden !

but, surprised to hear that Seantrel Henderson is heading back to Minnesota for yet another Funeral in a couple days for a few days. Golden quote,"Hopefully it'll be an up n back trip and he'll be back soon." Arrrrggggghhh ! Hopefully ? Do we not get the exact travel plans if a kid is going to miss practice time? I mean every ticket has a depature and return date on them don't they? Kid has yet to see the field and the clock is ticking. Oh well, I hope Golden has this. I got 10-2 with an early growing pains loss at K-State and a split with either North Carolina and Va. Tech at Home midseason. But We and Coach Golden get that signature rivalry Win vs FSU to officially kick start the GOLDED ERA !!! Then since the NCAA will spin it's Wheels. Al will tell them F-U ! We're going to Win the ACC and go BCS Bowling Miami Orange style !!! This is the year we don't just make the steps towards Top-5 status. We will do it Triple Jump style and these kids will be the one to bring us back !


I feel the Offense will move the ball and put points on the board this year.
I feel good with which ever QB starts. I believe it will be Morris because of his arm strength, and mobility. Williams accuracy has been spot on this camp. Lets hope his reads have gotten better since spring camp. If Morris should start turning the ball over, I would feel good about Williams getting a shot.
On Defense we are young. I think that how the D plays this year will determine our record.
We have got to get some pressure up the middle to help the LB's,Corners, and Safeties with the coverage.
The K-State game will be a big game to see if the middle can shut down their QB who killed us last year.
I am looking forward to this season to see how the coaches do in their second year. The players all are stronger. Now the coaches need to put them in the best position for them to use it.
As Terry stated above. We were in a lot of close games we could have won last year. If they can get the players to cut down their mental mistakes again, and not beat themselves. I see no reason we can not win the Coastal.
As always
IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seantrel had better start getting it together, or he will not be even playing in the Bethune-Cookman game.

Buenos Dias Amigos y Pendejos

Definitely have to agree with a lot of what I'm reading today guys. I'm really impressed with the offensive play from both the WR's and RB's this past scrimmage. Our QB's were on point the entire time. One little tipped ball by Dwayne Hoilet to Tyrone Cornileous for the pick so there's a tip of the hat to the Defense. Nice tackle numbers coming from AJ Highsmith and Tracy Howard. Is it just me but JaWand Blue is MUCH BIGGER that previously reported?? He already looks (physically) like a Junior, that's crazy! Randy "THE DUKE" Johnson is exactly what they say he is, AMAZING! This kid jukes everyone out of their socks. Gionni Paul the other day tried to tackle him, Duke spun out of it like nothing, went down the sideline and completely juked Larry Hope out like it was highschool, amazing. Mike James is really showing us now who Mike James is. I figured, all of last year, that he hadn't fully recovered from his turf toe and I was right. Now this kid is balling, he just needed to be healthy and have the chance. With our run game the way it was on Sunday is any indication, our O-Line has finally come together, and without Henderson. Veterans are in their comfortable positions and teaching the baby Canes as they should be. Baby Canes are making some names for themselves ie: Ereck Flowers. Kendall Thompkins came up with most receptions for the day which is a far cry from his previous showings but this is his year to shine so go all as I would say. He has the tools, he just needs to put it all together. I was encouraged with what I saw out of him during the spring scrimmages making full stretched out receptions. I'm still waiting to see more out of the TE's but there's time for all of that. All in all it was a good showing of the offense all around. Man I can't wait to get my season tickets already. I really do see us going 8-4 and maybe even 9-3 with or without a bowl ban. We have the players, we have the coaches, they all have a year under their belts with this system, this is the year to show it off. Golden and Co can do it, I truly believe that.


Possible rumors that Henderson is back in Minnesota and that Ereck Flowers and Jermain Johnson will alternate at tackle. Honestly if Henderson is really the headcase that he's acting like then get rid of him and hand his scholly to someone more deserving. He's from the candy randy era and I'm done with those guys who simply came here thinking that they don't have to work to play. I wouldn't mind having a guy that big and talented but if his attitude is going to affect us in a negative way, so be it. Plus I'm completely opposed to having Ray Ray come back to the team for any reason. He's a walking violation waiting to happen. Given his three chances and he struck out three times. See'ya and thanks for that hit on DeMarcus Murray, that's it. Golden will clean house until the job is done. I'm loving it.


We have always been known as a maker of outstanding tight ends..

Who is stepping up in the tightend position and we need playemakers in order to open up games.
As a former TE I know that Coach G is tuned in to this.

Our D should play into a stronger positions as practices sharpen the edges, and our wide receivers are surprising in their growth and development among the the young 'Canes stepping in.

Our gameplans are now being set up and will be in place by next week for BC..
This will be the indicator of where our strengths are and what we need to work on..

Excellent Camp so far and barring injuries we will be finetuning these 'Canes.
I like what I am hearing.
Go 'Canes Always

I agree with several of my fellow posters here.
We will be better this season than last because IF we had only made a few more plays we WOULDA won more games.
Really we SHOULDA beat KSU if our O line only COULDA open a 1 yard hole for Jacory. Also we SHOULDA never layed down and get pummeled by BC.
Now even though we lost our two top receivers and top RB we will be a lot better cause we replaced them with freshmen who played better in high school than our guys did for us last year.
But the best thing to happen was that Jacory graduated and was not allowed to return for his 6th year.
Now with Morris and the reject, I mean transfer, from Memphis we are definitely better at QB.
The second best thing to happen is that our punter is a Heisman candidate and he will keep our opponents honest, or at least pin them down deep.
Freshmen, no Jacory, all star punter, we have the recipe for winning the ACC finally.

Now that the offense is set all we need to work on is the defense.
Here's hoping next scrimmage brings at least 3 picks from Morris and 2 more from Williams. That would be great for our secondary.
Here's hoping the front 7 step it up and stuff James and lil Duke for no gain and shut down the running game.
That would show all the haters out D is back!
Combined with the success the O had yesterday, we would have a complete team effort.

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