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(Expanded) Quick Hits from UM Canes Tuesday Practice

Biggest eye openers:

1. True freshman CB Tracy Howard wearing coveted first-team black jersey reserved for best and brightest. This kid is for real!

2. True freshman RB Randy "Duke" Johnson wearing red no-contact jersey (but still partaking in drills). Johnson suffers from occasional migraines and got a whopper a couple days ago. He doesn't get many, but when he does they can be nasty. Word is he was feeling a lot better Tuesday, but UM coaches were being cautious by keeping him in the red jersey for today, a source familiar with the situation said. Doctors are aware of the situation.

3. Sr CB Brandon McGee not in black first-team jersey (see 1). Not good for Brandon, a great kid. Disappointing, but it's still way early.

4. Four players in red no-contact jerseys: RB Johnson, TE Dye, DL King, CB Finnie

Note: Today is first day in full pads (Except for Seantrel, still in first phase of practicing)



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I think Tracy is going to be a hybrid of Deion Sanders, Ed Reed, and Charles Woodson.


GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wheres devon johnson

Right its Tuesday Susan.

Tracy Howard along with some of these others freshmens Miami going to be hard to beat next year. I talked to Gino Torretta yesyerday on his XM Satellite show and he said UM was running alot of up tempo plays and those freshmens are for real. But he cant see Miami depending of 60% of their freshmans this year, its unheard of in College Football. He said he see a 8-4 team this year but next year team is going to be scary (look at what he has vebal commits from fo 2013).

The defense is going to be the good via internet sources and me being a fan. Year 2 in Marks system and stronger, faster, smarter(not thinking but reacting), and guys knowing that its someone just as good as them in their shadows.

The offense is Stephens. He is smarter than Jacory and not only is his arm stronger but he is a vocal leader. His its going to be hard to replace Lamar Miller so we will do this by committee. Duke Johnson is not small people he is 190 not 170lbs. The differences between Duke and Lamar is Lamar couldnt break tackles but Randy has a stiff arm outta this world. O-line is more comfortable every1 playing in their natural postion plus all have started aleast 3-4 times in their career. Receivers just going to be better trust me. They remind me of the 00' receivers when no1 ever heard of them.

Reminder 2nd year in Golden system and from a 6-6 season all 6 loses was a touchdown or less.

Scrimmage is Sunday

Leggo Canes

uncle Cane hold your horses next year buddy. lets be realistic. our schedule dont favor us

Cant wait.... the season is almost here! Lets go 'Canes! We have a doable scheduleand i think we can do it.

Thank you "adog" for setting me straight on the day of the week! Al Golden told us Sunday that he didn't realize what day it was. Fall grind. :)

rchy, great post!
There's no doubt this team is growing dominant bones. They are going to be fun to watch. Can't wait for the public scrimmage....


Offense: Stephen Morris.
Defense: Denzel Perryman
Freshman: Duke Johnson
Position Coach: Paul Williams

Posted by: 86Cane | August 07, 2012 at 07:55 AM

Just an FYI, Manny

why is Duke in a no contact jersey this early on? Is he hurt? I think he was hurt his senior yr of hs. If so, maybe he should redshirt? I guess its too early to tell. The season will depend on Stephen Morris. Period end of story. He needs to avoid stupid turn overs. Turn overs makes it harder on the defense which then makes it harder on t h O b/c they need to come from behind. That was basically Jacorrys story of his career. Imagine if we hadnt turned the ball as many times vs Ohio State in the first game, vs Notre Dame, etc etc. Wrs need to fight for the rock. Rbs hardly turned the ball over except for Damien Berry a couple of crucial times. Like on the 1 yard line vs VTech?

Good question pseudo. Perhaps Susan should have asked instead of her dig at Sentrel with obvious news about him.
Comon Susan get with it.

itcdolphin & pseudologic

Duke had a stinger and he will be alright. Reminder people he wasnt in camp with the rest of the freshmens. Him and tracy got their (enrolled)in the later part of camp.

Thanks rchy. That's the kind of information we should be getting from the Herald crew. But no we are stuck on petty stuff.

Why can't we start all the freshmen. After all they are Golden's boys, we don't need any of Randy's leftover lazy players. If we start all the freshmen they will get tons of experience and we will be a force for years to come. I say roll out an all freshmen team, except for our all star punter of course.
Go freshmen canes!


no problem dawg. Miami has haters everywhere even reporters. lol

Golden tried to warned reporters stop bring up stuff. yall the only one talking about it in his interview yesterday


lol u r delusion aint no way in hell he can do that. they can be part of the 2deep like last years freshmens and sophomores.

Thats why our defense going to be good this year because those true and redshirt freshmens gain tons of experience in each game. Trust me, they will be part of the 3 deep this year.

Delusional your funny lmao

What up richy boy! So you got some internet sources and me being a fan know how. Very impressive dawg!
You say 8 - 4 I say more like 4 - 8. My cyberspace sources say Morris is a bum, the O line is shaky, and we got no good RB or WR. We got holes in the D line and secondary. We need all of delusional's freshmen just to be average plus some prayer and hope.
Why don't ya ask Gino Torreta who's gonna step up in the front 7 to stop the run and press the QB.
Keep it real dawg, no wishful thinking crapola.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UFelons puts Miami on the schedule next year Sept7, 2013 at Sunlife Stadium. Yall going to findout again why your university tooks them Canes off your schedule. Its a Canes Thang and you wouldnt understand.

Lets see how those wack recruits fareout for yall, none of them will pan out like these Canes.

Compare this?
Freshmans that played last year and didnt disappt.

Denzell Perryman All-American
Anthony Chickillo All-American
Phillp Dorsett great spring (Devin Hester)
Clive Walford Lead TE recepts
Jon Feliciano started 6 games
Malcolm Bunche played in 4 games
Rashawn Scott played in 3 games til got hurt
Jalen Grimble plsed in 3 games injury
Gionni Paul played in 4 games
Thomas Finnie played all 12 games

Freshmens this year and wont disappt.

Deon Bush will be starting by end of season
Tracy Howard listed as starter already
Larry Hope nickle back
Robert Lockhart Jr. another sammie watkins
Dallas Crawford
Rayshawn Jenkins nickle back
Eddie Johnson listed as starter already
Dwayne Hoilett 2-deep
Dequan Ivery 2-deep
Jelani Hamilton 2-deep

Yall have no1 on your roasters like this lmao.

Next year we flying under radar, take that back UM is always hated they (reporters,espn) UF going to destroy UM. Reminder in 91 FSU was #1 played 1st game of season destoyed them 31-0 and went underfeated. So dont be suprised.
Susan im taking to you too!!!!!!

Posted by: rchy

Sorry to break the "news" to you, but the game you mention has been on the books for at least 3 years now. Ever since your sorry canes went to Gainesville in 2009 with the "great" Robert Marve at QB and were summarily beaten up everyone knew the Gators would play at No Life Stadium in 2013. Everyone, except you that is. I thought you were so well informed, guess not.
BTW, the Gator roster is much better than the list of pretenders you have. Even by crappy ACC standards none of your players impress. Only the punter is worthy of recognition. So you are going to punt the opponents into submission right?
Wake up and embrace your sorry reality.

internet turd

you say your a fan right, how? Do you watch football or Soccer. First of all, Mane everyone knows Stephen Morris is a better than average quarterback and not a bum. Secondly,The O-line was shaky last year injury cause players to play outta postion, this year they all moved back to their natural postions you bum. Third, the D-line is a strength matter of fact the Defense is our strength. We go 3-deep in the big line. We are not just big anymore we sre quicker and stronger. I give you the running backs but it will be by committee not one rb like last year. You put all 3 together you will get 1000 yards you bum. I'll give you the secondayit was a problem last season but we are better than last year in the seconday. Are we Alabama or LSU no are we Flordia why hell yea, we better.

Now take your bum case and internet source back to Yahoo Sports!!

All bout TheU

hey wut time is the scrimmage on sunday? and is it open to the public? i need to know fellow cane fans

1 - Stephen Morris is a better than average quarterback and not a bum

We will see, last year he had as many INTs as Joke-ory and was a very poor decision maker.

2 - the Defense is our strength. I'll give you the secondayit was a problem last season but we are better than last year in the seconday. We go 3-deep in the big line.

The "seconday" is like swiss cheese. The best two guys are true freshmen. Very scary for you, very exiting for the opposing QBs.
3 deep in the big line??? More like only 3 players in the D line are any good.

3 - I give you the running backs but it will be by committee not one rb like last year. You put all 3 together you will get 1000

Mike James slow and below average. Duke a knicked up freshman. Who's the 3rd fool?

4 - Are we Alabama or LSU no are we Flordia why hell yea, we better.

Why compare to the best if the SEC? You aint FSU, you aint Va Tech, you aint Clemson. You are a little better than Duke.

5 - Yahoo! Sports knows. You don't.

I will seeize you their at sun life stadiums home of the mighty canes who in case you aint no iz the only 5 time champs in da national nation.

All bout TheU

class ole'02 but i stayed in hialeah.

Go Gay-TA!!!

Wow, sure looks like the Gator fans don't care about their site, and WANT someone to troll there.

You guys had the chance to start fresh, but you CHOSE to drag both sites into the mud together.

Gator Clause was destroyed once, it can be destroyed again.

I think you chose poorly, but when the response comes to your site, don't whine and complain about it, you earned it.

Blog Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure looks like Tracy howard made the right choice. he could have been stuck on the bench in Gainesville where Muschamp ignores his freshmen.

Instead, he got a summer of high intensity conditioning and a fair chance at the starting job, at a better academic school.

The article says he is recovering from a migraine, rchy says it was a stinger.

Either way, it is nothing major.

That was quick, Tracy Howard is a starter! Add in this year's recruiting class with next year, the U will be back. Feel sorry for Devon Johnson what ever happen to him?


He ended up at Marshall, never getting offers from the big schools.

Our defense will be good this year. Pierre,Paul,Kirby and Johnson make good contributions to our defense. Howard,bush and hope will give us some good plays in coverage. I beleive highsmith will live up to his name sake and fill in a leadership role we haven't had there in a while. If one or more of our dlinemen man can come in and bring some energy and old cane agreesive ness it will be very interesting down the stretch. Dissecting the spring game I thought if we gang tackle and don't let teams beat us over the top we will be right there in every game. If our oline can have any type of consistent play we and some one (duke) can emerge and make some plays on special teams look out. They key will be for Morris or williams will be to through to the backs first and and make the defense respect the the te and then the wr. Not the other way around. We need to eliminate the to and we will be fine.

Posted by: Five Titles

sidcane and wow! have already posted crap at Gator clause so who are you threatening fool? You are the one talking crap about Tracy Howard and the Gators don't be a hypocrite.
BTW Howard chose the canes to stay close to his momma, good for him. The fact that it looks like he will start is a testament to how thin and crappy your secondary is.
Both schools are on par academically, only UF offers a lot more variety and a much better campus experience.
Only a fool gets his news form a bigger fool like rchy.
BTW, good looking punter you have. The rest of the ACC shakes in fear.

ACC: LOL you are the personification of a moron.

"summarily"? Serious? Who uses the word summarily?

First of all, you gator weenies and your 93,000 redneck-filled hillbilly dump was quite silent in the beginning of the 4th q, with the score 9-3. Miami had Timmy Teblown at 3rd and 15 or something and he heaved it and I believe Louis Murphy caught it out of bounds but the SEC refs gave the first down. That would have been a punt and the game would have been quite different. believe me I could hear the butt puckering going on between Sarasota and Ocala. That was wqith 9 freshmen starting. One of those freshmen, Sean Spence pounded Timmy (yawn) Tebone a few times. Guaranteed he wasnt poounded like that the rest of the SEC season.

That said- destroyed? summarily destroyed? sure- if you call Urban the liar (Mr esophageal spasms himself) calling for a gield goal up 23-3, with 1:30 remaining just to cover the spread, destroyed.

You all are pathetic.

We summarily were with in 6 points in the fourth quarter. I just checked all the UF games that year and Timmy(yawn)Tebone did not get hit harder. So by my summation we summarily won that game and the national title as well.

Posted by: 5>3>2

"summarily"? Serious? Who uses the word summarily?

Obviously you don't. Too big a word for you? Did you have to look it up?
Your post is filled with shoulda, coulda, wouldas, as usual. Must be a cane thing.....
Spence vs Tebow. Who had a better college career?
Who is having a better NFL career?
Shoulda, coulda woulda been Spence you say?
Of course reality says otherwise.
So the refs stole that game from you too, just like the Ohio State game.
Must suck to have all the refs in the nation be against you. Must be another cane thing......
Do you realize how petty you sound with all your excUses?
Dream on cane fan, you sUcked then and still do.
Lots of shoulda, coulda, wouldas. Lots of failure and mediocrity. Another one of those cane things.......

shoUlda, coUlda, woUldas is a Cane thang you woUldnt understand

Big difference in the comment that sidcane posted versus the trolling you have been doing on here for years. You don't know the difference between

"Or...he was doing something illegal at uf and they are covering it up by saying he is leaving for personal reasons. Unless he already knows he needs a show cause to keep his job. Better watch out , he may be taking y'all down too. Four weeks before the season starts? No other coaches are quitting thier jobs??? Barrow does not seem to be worried?"



One is discussing, the other is insulting and trolling. You don't want discussion to occur on tese boards, keep trolling and then don't complain when it gets ugly in here. You earned it.

when is the scrimmage this week? i heard its on sunday. is this true and if is wut time does it start. can some1 help me out?

I love the U, ride and die with the U, but it sickens me to see that were picked to finish just ahead of Duke this season. WTF! And I hate to see that FSU is going to wipe the floor with us this season :(

Clue - get a clue. We will go 10-2 and win the ACC FINALLY. Our dline led by chicks is up to task and I see Duke Johnson as a potential Heisman Trophy winner.


They ARE fun to watch this time of year Arty, aren't they ?

ActUally with what has gone on going for a decade and will continUe to so in Coral Gables, SMELT would be a better reward for to blinder wearing trained clUcks...

Cane fans
Don't lower yourself and go to Gator Clause. It is not like you are going to actually win something. You are just playing little Dick's game.
Dick does not care about Gator Clause. All he wants is a response of anger from you to bring you down to his level.
As for all of this talk about which is the better team. That will be decided next year.

Canes We can predict and talk among ourselves about the season, and players.
Just ignore Dick. He is just a lonely person.
As always

Thanks for proving my point LMAO

Wow they took out the trash.
Thanks Herald.

Acc Sucks

Really dude yall suck last year. Wasnt yall like under .500 last year. Didnt your Receiver Coach quit, Didnt Tracy gave yall the middle finger, Didnt yall put like 7 people in the NFL, Didnt yall have a Coach that quit named Urban the Liar, Dont yall have a losing record against the Canes, Dont yall just suck.

Dont yall wanna be our little brothers.



Yeah if the gators wouldn't have got that catch I believe Murphy were the ball bounced up in the air and they gave him a catch. The game would have been 3 to nine and fla would have had to punt at the end of third quarter. That game was tight till they gave you that first down. That was were randy Shannon messed up when he gave marve the starting qb job after he cought that charge in the grove. He should have made them compete.

Murphy's elbow was in with Ball control. ESPN showed it 10 times. Just like the Pass Int. Face shielding against OSU was correct... excUse U at it again. CoUlda, woUlda, ShoUlda... NOT !!!

canentally, we will try it your way at first. No attacks on Gator Clause until it is shown that the regulars there are also trolling here.

Gatorspammer and Reality Bites, this means you. Back off, take advantage of our courtesy, and enjoy your blog about the Gators while we enjoy ours about the Canes.

Dick, consider your Gator pals before destroying this peace. You might like trolling, but you might also like discussing the Gators on your blog more. Give it a try.

canentally, you are a man of class. Well Played.

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