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(Expanded) Quick Hits from UM Canes Tuesday Practice

Biggest eye openers:

1. True freshman CB Tracy Howard wearing coveted first-team black jersey reserved for best and brightest. This kid is for real!

2. True freshman RB Randy "Duke" Johnson wearing red no-contact jersey (but still partaking in drills). Johnson suffers from occasional migraines and got a whopper a couple days ago. He doesn't get many, but when he does they can be nasty. Word is he was feeling a lot better Tuesday, but UM coaches were being cautious by keeping him in the red jersey for today, a source familiar with the situation said. Doctors are aware of the situation.

3. Sr CB Brandon McGee not in black first-team jersey (see 1). Not good for Brandon, a great kid. Disappointing, but it's still way early.

4. Four players in red no-contact jerseys: RB Johnson, TE Dye, DL King, CB Finnie

Note: Today is first day in full pads (Except for Seantrel, still in first phase of practicing)



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Posted by: Five Titles

" I set the rules on this blog and I can retaliate if you break my rules........blah, blah, blah..."
" Be afraid of me and the punter, blah, blah....... if you don't do as I say I will send CANETILUDIE...DH to go beat you up and then I will post on Gator Clause, blah, blah, blah..."

What a doUche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little richy you so silly

"Really dude yall suck last year. Wasnt yall like under .500 last year."

I know you don't know math, heavens forbid figuring out a percentage. We went 7 - 6 last year, trust me that is not under .500.
You went 6 - 6. Which sUcks more?

"Didnt your Receiver Coach quit,"

Yep, he sure did. That is bad news for you dUmmy.

"Didnt Tracy gave yall the middle finger"

Does that mean that the 20 something recruits we got gave you the same. Or that the hundreds of 4 and 5 star players who did not even consider your sorry program did the same to you?

" Didnt yall put like 7 people in the NFL,"

NFL? What has the NFL done for U? Please.

"Didnt yall have a Coach that quit named Urban the Liar,"

He retired, went to the broadcast booth and now is at OSU.
Randy was fired, no one called him in broadcasting, sued your arse for mo money, sat out a full year and finally landed a gig as a line coach in some backwater place.
Big difference, U be dUmb to bring this up.

" Dont yall have a losing record against the Canes, "

"Dont yall just suck."

"Dont yall wanna be our little brothers."

Yes, but we won the last meeting sumarily.
By our standards we have for the past 2 seasons but are still better than U.
NO. Not a chance. We are the big boys in Florida, you are the ones that are second rate on par with FIU, USF and UCF.
Little richy you so silly, and so dUmb

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