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Quick news from UM Canes Practice No. 6 Wednesday in Coral Gables

1. Coach Al Golden, as expected, did not comment on the Ray-Ray Armstrong situation, and basically said he'd let the administration deal with it.

2. Freshman running back Duke Johnson, who was wearing a red no-contact jersey yesterday after suffering a bad migraine Sunday, is fully back in practice, wearing his usual No. 8 white jersey. Note: Duke is wearing a heavily tinted visor to protect him from the sun for precaution related to his migraines. But that visor will soon increasingly become lighter during practice to get him ready for the season.

3. CB Tracy Howard is still wearing the first-team black jersey, which coaches indicated he earned because he is consistent and works hard every day. DB coach Paul Williams said former black-jersey corner Brandon McGee must practice in a consistent manner if he wants to earn the shirt back.

4. Some of the players in red jerseys yesterday wore yellow (limited) jerseys Wednesday: tight end Dyron Dye, cornerback Thomas Finnie, TE Cory White and linebacker Jimmy Gaines.

5. Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was not on the field practicing, but we could see him in the weight room through the window, working out. Remember, Coach Golden said he'd have to go through full conditioning testing, etc., to get back fully to practicing.

6. Linebacker Ramon Buchanan was in a gray U T-shirt with gray shorts today, working with the linebackers as a player-coach. Buchanan had been recuperating from reconstructive knee surgery, and he recently told us he was fine and ready to go. Not sure about his status. But I do know Golden is smart about not wanting to overwork or overtax certain players who are easing into situations. He used player-coaches a lot last fall

7. Quarterback Stephen Morris indicated to me he is looking forward to when the starting quarterback is named. He did not give his prediction on the winner in that derby.

8. Today is the first two-a-day session. However, we will not have access to practice or players or coaches this afternoon.

9. We were told Sunday's scrimmage is closed.





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canentally, we will try it your way at first. No attacks on Gator Clause until it is shown that the regulars there are also trolling here.
Gatorspammer and Reality Bites, this means you. Back off, take advantage of our courtesy, and enjoy your blog about the Gators while we enjoy ours about the Canes.
Dick, consider your Gator pals before destroying this peace. You might like trolling, but you might also like discussing the Gators on your blog more. Give it a try.
canentally, you are a man of class. Well Played.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 08, 2012 at 08:47 AM

Just passing it along to the other threads. Ignore Dick as he steals IDs for a bit. Let's see if conscience wins over the troll.

BTW, sure looks like Howard and Morris are improving not only in the weight room but on the field. That is great news for the Canes.

Ray Ray should just follow in the footsteps of Aldarius Johnson, and get his degree and wait for the combines. his career here is over, thanks to his lies. Why lie especially when you did nothing wrong to begin with, unless you are an idiot.

No judge can force a team to accept a player, play a player, or start a player, that has been proven time after time.

And I am glad to see Manny and Susan back to full speed, with plenty of Canes fans commenting as well. Unlike some unnamed blogs that lost their bandwagon fans after their team lost six games, Canes fans are loyal. And in case anyone thought the 11-0 prediction was mine, we play 12 games this year, so it was obviously by the sick loser in a dress known as Dick.

Did Ray Ray think before meeting this alleged agent, even after all of the Sharpiro allegations surfaced. Something should have told Ray Ray, I shouldnt be here, or better yet, I shouldnt meet this person, not now!

Ahhh the sounds of training camp. I am fired up gentlemen!! I cannot wait until the season gets underway! I believe that our d-line will really step it up this year and be a major force in the road back to our dominance. I was watching some of the tape lat year and Chicks is on his way to becoming the next great U defensive lineman. I strongly believe the ACC title is ours this year and am not worried about the fake sanctions coming our way. Manny/Susan any update on the Tropical Park locale?


PS My pots and pans are on standby for the next great U Championship

No Excuses Just WIN BWABY WIN

I feel for johnson, i suffered from migraines when i was a kid. I know what they can do to u. I hope he doesnt get one on gameday. Cant wait to see what this kid has in the tank.

Five Titles is the dumbest loser in the history of this blog.

I am just trying to defend THE U's turf on the blog. It's a Cane thang you wouldn't understand.

Hey Canety.

I'm just doing my part as a member of the U. I have had season tickets since '89 my father played for them. I'm a legacy. back off gatorspam.

Only gator fans would want to read a canes blog! Why would that be , I have no interest and dont give a damn what the turds are doing.

Boe. It's my job to defend THIS house! I don't need you doing it for me. Back off nerd. I'm gator huntin'.

Attorney Matt Morganof Orlando is none other than a son of John Morgan of Morgan "for the people" Morgan. If I am correct they are all UF graduates, and huge UF supporters. That in and of itself should be enough for Ray Ray to be barred from ever stepping foot in Coral gables. They are also all personal injury lawyers, which according to a recent poll is the profession which is held as the least respected somewhere between a bank robber and a used car salesman.

Great find corpus. If this is true his exile should be indefinite.

Nothing wrong with ballin at alabama state for a year

It is unfair that players like Ray Ray Armstrong and that great 7th year CB/return man from FSU can't just go to the NFL, why not have a rolling supplemental draft system - if any players declare late then they get their own personal supplemental draft. Someone can give up a pick for them or else they're free to sign as free agents

Eudo, first of all Ray Ray and Greg Reid have been treated fairly by the systems that are in place. They chose to make the same dumb mistakes over and over again and for that they are getting what they deserve. There doesn't need to be any rolling supplemental draft for them or anybody else. Those two gentlement inparticular need to take some time away from football and reflect on the gifts they have naturally and get their heads together. If not they will be just another Pac Man Jones, with money and alot of loose wiring in their heads.

Yawn, I bet nobody was tricked by the fake messages, Dick.

But the fact that you are obsessing on me at least means the others here can dicuss the Canes without your interference.

Says the fake five titles.

go blog on sun sentinel


The post of the year was someone finally telling Five Titles to STFU. Maybe just maybe he will take the hint and get off this blog. Its not like hes even a Cane fan. Hes a true fan of my Gators

He tweeted twice about his girlfriend, you can't be a fan of the Hurricanes teams of the '80s and pretend to be outraged about Ray Ray Armstrong.

Why shouldn't upperclassmen be able to leave school whenever they want to play in the NFL?

Great tradeoff for UM though with no Armstrong and no Reid this year.

@ Five Titles
Thanks Five Titles, I just felt it was worth a try.
Seems like Dick is not going to give the peace a chance.
He is working extra hard today.
I am sure he is on Gator Clause with other names getting them all worked up.
I do not believe he even has a team in the fight. He just lives off
the hate.
Have a great day and as always
IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are all Cane fans really as dumb as the bloggers here???? Just wipe this site clean of these clueless morons and get back to talking about sports. canentally you also need to STFU and go find a new place to blog unless of course youve been banned on all the other Cane sites

Thanks canentally, it's a shame that Dick/gatorspammer doesn't believe in discussing sports, but would rather insult Canes fans one by one hoping to kill off this blog the way he killed off Gator Clause.

Of course, Canes fans are smart enough not to fall for his stealing of the CANETILLIDIE, E K, and other IDs. But I sure wish Manny and Susan would do an IP ban on whereever gatorspammer is posting from to delete his sick comments forever.

Five Titles, once you stop stalking me and just keep the topics on sports everything will be just fine. Its obvious you only care what im doing. Take your dumb comments to another blog please. Your act has grown weak and tired on this site. Try Palm Beach Cane or Gator blog and maybe they will accept you being clueless about sports. STFU

Whats the matter Dick? Hit a nerve?
Sorry Dick. I have better things to do than trade insults with you.
You would win anyway Dick. I don't hate you. I pity you.
Let the hate keep you warm Dick.

wtf??? That's it dude

watch for the signs hombre

enjoy finishing last in the acc coastal

You have been told for the last time to STFU Five Titles or I will make sure you are banned from here

Good luck trying to ban me, gatorspammer, your sick comments get deleted, they know I don't write the sick stuff you write, so you will have NO CHANCE at getting me banned, you sick obsessed troll.

Fellow caners stop responding to the morans!!

Ignore them and keep it classy

Why isn't matthew thomas outta booker t have miami as his top school?

local kid too whats goin on here?

I've reported you to the proper authorities gatorsam

enjoy limbo troll

Yeaaa im soooo excited to go 6 and 6 agin. Whooppptty do the Canes are back, cant wait to get to a BCS bowl game with a 6 and 6 recored. Many of you were excited about Fatson(Fortsan) Jacory Harris, Aldarius J, etc etc. What do they all have in common BUMS. Until Duke or Tracy prove something on gamedays all of you over hyping them as usual STFU!

Last 7 Seasons...

dUh U - 48-40 - No Conference 'Ships - No Bowl Wins.

GATORS- 72-21 - 2 Conference and National 'Ships - Multiple January Bowl Wins.

not what your mom said,

Posted by: Five Titles | August 08, 2012 at 09:52 AM

Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ...

It's going to be waaaaaaay to mUch fUn watching U clUcks implode this and the following Season's after the NCAA hammers U while the GATORS play Top-10 SEC BIG BOY College Football... We got U right where we want U.

U candycanes started this a back in 2008 and U will continUe to pay the price.

Lets Go Canes!!! UM ready for the season baby. Put in the work then we can back it up on the field.

not what your mom said

emilio stop responding to the trolls

your better than that that

keep it classy canes fanss

We're Going To Nail U Worse Than The NCAA ...

Not that I need to remind anyone here that you're all a bunch of pathetic losers talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football, but...

I just saw that UF's blog is back up and running with updates. No talk about UF football, those couple 'UF fans' are just here. Talking about their fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football with other internet nerds.


Well said not our rival

keep it classy canes fan

whats the deal with matthew thomas?

John Morgan has U dead in his crosshairs... And it's gonna be U.g.l.y.

Any updates on who stacey coley or jordan cunningham have atop their leader boards?

Did Five Titles really just post that he went and told on someone that he was being bullied?
Thats the same guy that has no idea about Miami football and would rather post about wanting to beat up someone in a blog room.
Why dont you just head on over to the Palm Beach Post and use your 5th grade education over there
You are an insult to every Cane fan that comes in here

Dan Sileo
Very funny post. A tip of the cap to you my friend

There is some sorry dude talking to himself with stolen Ids on this blog. I believe gatorsam and 5 titles are one and the same. Feel sorry for him.

What's wrong with Ray Ray, how can you sue the team to be brought back. Give me a break. Must be too many underemployed lawyers out there lurking. The NFL being sued for "traumatic injuries" and now this with Ray Ray. What a mess. We need less lawyers for sure.

Some lonely troll has been posting under MY rightful ID to cause strife and division.

If a post seems rational it's the real FIVE TITLES

If the post seems slightly irrational and HIGHLY erratic then you have yourself the FAKE FIVE TITLES

If youre that caught up in stealing IDs or claim someone is stealing yours then simply register your name through one of the options above the comment section. Your whining about everything is becoming very boring. Please just stop acting like a little child looking for symapthy. Use one name and stick to it!!!! Try acting like an adult for once in your life

Eudo, I am going to assume your statement was directed at me. The teams from the 80's were what made me a Cane fan. I wish those days were back when teams and players could celebrate on the field and have fun. Those teams truely were entertaining to watch. The problem I have with Ray Ray is that we are under a microscope by the NCAA, Media most notably Yahoo, and ESPN because of this Shapiro thing and thats when you have to play your cards as straight by the rules as you can. Ray Ray has got to be one of the dumbest players to ever play for this team. Why do I say this, well the dummy already got caught once, did a suspension and hurt this team and then goes right back and does something stupid again. He has been a problem since Shannon was canned and now he is and will no longer be a Miami Hurricane because of nobody else but himself. He could be a great player but until he gets his brain together, he is just going to be a waste of talent. Oh and I don't know who is advising this young man but if that dummy thinks that his lawyer and a lawsuit is the way to impress the NFL scouts then he is a bigger dummy than how he has played the last two years. This is really going to make his draft stock more valuable. He won't play another down for the Canes so it would be in his best interest to go ahead and transfer.

Do the canes get hit worse than penn state or same?

thoughts anyone

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