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Quick news from UM Canes Practice No. 6 Wednesday in Coral Gables

1. Coach Al Golden, as expected, did not comment on the Ray-Ray Armstrong situation, and basically said he'd let the administration deal with it.

2. Freshman running back Duke Johnson, who was wearing a red no-contact jersey yesterday after suffering a bad migraine Sunday, is fully back in practice, wearing his usual No. 8 white jersey. Note: Duke is wearing a heavily tinted visor to protect him from the sun for precaution related to his migraines. But that visor will soon increasingly become lighter during practice to get him ready for the season.

3. CB Tracy Howard is still wearing the first-team black jersey, which coaches indicated he earned because he is consistent and works hard every day. DB coach Paul Williams said former black-jersey corner Brandon McGee must practice in a consistent manner if he wants to earn the shirt back.

4. Some of the players in red jerseys yesterday wore yellow (limited) jerseys Wednesday: tight end Dyron Dye, cornerback Thomas Finnie, TE Cory White and linebacker Jimmy Gaines.

5. Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was not on the field practicing, but we could see him in the weight room through the window, working out. Remember, Coach Golden said he'd have to go through full conditioning testing, etc., to get back fully to practicing.

6. Linebacker Ramon Buchanan was in a gray U T-shirt with gray shorts today, working with the linebackers as a player-coach. Buchanan had been recuperating from reconstructive knee surgery, and he recently told us he was fine and ready to go. Not sure about his status. But I do know Golden is smart about not wanting to overwork or overtax certain players who are easing into situations. He used player-coaches a lot last fall

7. Quarterback Stephen Morris indicated to me he is looking forward to when the starting quarterback is named. He did not give his prediction on the winner in that derby.

8. Today is the first two-a-day session. However, we will not have access to practice or players or coaches this afternoon.

9. We were told Sunday's scrimmage is closed.





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Saying the same thing as far as Ray Ray goes, what he did wasn't that bad, especially considering UM's history, but because of the NCAA investigation he had to go. Too much at risk.

My only point is that there's no reason he shouldn't be allowed to go to the NFL now, it's dumb that he has to waste his time at a D2 school making $0.00 an hour.

There's no reason that all the players who declare late have to go through the same supplemental draft process when most of them aren't even claimed.

Send out an email to all 32 teams and let them know they can have Ray Ray if they offer the highest draft pick by Friday. Do the same for any upperclassmen who wants to declare late. Not that hard.

Almost no chance that all this nonsense isn't the same guy talking to himself but if there is a "real" Five Titles you can set up a twitter account and use that as the uncopy-able name in blue here.

I did it once, but when I upgraded the OS on my computer I got logged out and I don't remember what the password was.

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And Lead ALL COLLEGES with 13 Overall Medals which would but them 1 behind the ENTIRE Country of Canada ...

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Yet Another YAHOO Investigation with more multiple Illegal RecrUiting Violations...

Ray Ray Kicked off Team...

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John Morgan of Morgan n Morgan says info will come out that will cripple Miami's Football program...


U Cane clUcks...

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They have NO Evidence...

We dUh U, they Haters...

1 more bowl ban n 5 schollies for 3 years...

9-3 n self impose Bowl ban...

Then we will be back to ACC Champs n BCS Bowl Game NEXT YEAR !!!

You are posting here and not on UF's blog.

You are not a UF fan, you're an internet troll obsessed with an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

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Such a fun post! Thanks so much for sharing.

hey morons... leave it alone... the more you feed the gators the bigger they get...

Do y'all actually read all their posts? I can usually tell a troll by the first sentence and skip to the next comment. Argue with the ones that at least try to talk ball and ignore the idiots. And to the guy who compared UM and uf's schedule...Why did U pick & years to compare?...Oh , I see ... the only # to work in your favor.

sorry 7 years

LOL Five Titles, like we hang on your every word. Personally I don't much read the names of the posters here.

Give five titles a break.

he's not the one trolling here

someone jacked his ID and is posting as him bob boy

Eudo, Ray Ray had the opportunity to declare for the draft back in the early part of the year and he decided not to go, so thats on him much like the rest of this mess. I agree you cannot help what the person's occupation is that one is dating, but c'mon man. Ray Ray has been somewhat of a problematic player off the field since his sophomore season, so he had to go. He can do like Jenkins of Florida did and Greg Reid is going to do and go the D2 route, and then set his self up for the draft. But this crap he and his nimrod lawyer is trying to pull off is just going to hurt his draft stock even more. Heck I wish the kid had gotten his stuff together and things worked out for him here but in wake of all this NCAA crap, it is best that a player such as him is no longer a Miami Hurricane.

I will miss not seeing Armstrong out there but he could have had his girlfriend but he should not have left an etrail by tweet. I think he is fighting an uphill battle but he had every oppertunity to get himself together. I still think the defense will be good. If we can truly get 8 dlinemen out on the field and they make some plays our defense will be young but will do enough to keep us in games. I keep saying that our oline is the key. If we can run with James and Clements and find away to get duke the ball on third downs we will be very competitive out there. I would also like to see a more physical group of te's and wr's wearing down lbs and db's. If we grind the ball and limit our turnovers we can right the ship. I like when the rest of the world gives the U no respect. That is when we are the most dangerous.

Stop responding to the gators and noles because it takes to long to read through all the bs. I come on here to read information about the canes not beat a dead horse. At the end of the day we are still the standard of college football in the state of fla. we just have to start playing that way again.

@Tallycane: agreed

@My peeps(whether or not you know it)
i see now
everything is cool

Matt Patchan where are you?

morris may get the start,but it won't last too long...hope i'm wrong..

Ray Ray has been one of the players that had tons of talent but not much to show for it. No bite to the bark.

Clint Portis said " the day that Miami players think of themselves as the 'U' and not 'I' is the day that they will be back and winning Championships."
This from a guy who has been there and can tell these 'Canes how it was done and a roadmap to get there.
Easy....Put the team first and delay all the foolishness until you have finished the "PROCESS" as Coach G says so eloquently.

A lot of these new 'Canes will learn very quickly that success is earned in fighting for each position then things move to another level to maintain it. Morris, Howard, Johnson, Chick, and many others have sped up the practice tempo, so that the game slows down, and that is when you know that everything is covered, and you are in it to win it..

'Canes are ready for some excitement, and on the matter of posts that are redundant, as sidcane and Tallycane said, select your posts that are readable, to eliminate the nonsense.
Go 'Canes Always

Sanford duo as been a complete letdown

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