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Ray-Ray Armstrong already on roster at Faulkner University in Alabama -- he won't file any legal action against Hurricanes

The Ray-Ray Armstrong saga has gone the way of Faulkner University in Montgomery, Ala., an NAIA school whose football team plays the likes of Bluefield College, Point University, University of the Cumberlands and Kentucky Christian.

Armstrong's dad, Albert, told me he is extremely happy and already is there.

"He's already in Alabama. He's very excited,'' Albert said. "I was surprised to see him as excited as he is. He's looking forward to playing football again. He sounds like a young kid ready to go.''

Armstrong, a senior safety, will wear No. 8 for his new program, which describes itself on its website as "a private Christian university'' that is affiliiated with the Church of Christ and was founded in 1942 as Montgomery Bible School.

Oh, and as far as any legal action Ray-Ray was threatening against UM -- forget it.

I got this statement from his lawyer, Matt Morgan, of Orlando:

"My co-counsel, Andrew Parker Felix and I believe that the University of Miami acted improperly in dismissing Ray-Ray from their football program and significantly infringed upon Mr. Armstrong's due process rights. However, despite the existence of several potential merit based claims against the University of Miami, Ray-Ray has decided to continue his education and college football career with another program that has welcomed him like family.

The fundamental inequities present in the instant matter are troubling for college sports and an individual's constitutional rights. However, we respect the decision that Ray-Ray has made and wish him continued success."

Said Albert Armstrong: "He's looking forward to taking his next step forward.''




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The statement from Matt Morgan embodies everything odious about the legal profession. Paid liars. Armstrong has done everything possible to sabotage himself and hurt the U, yet they repackage him as the innocent victim.

Can't wait for the highlight reel. He's one honey badger away from a national championship.

Presumably the NFL is wising up that the bad characters,eg, Moss, Ocho, etc., are simply not worth the hassle. Armstrong not in their same universe with respect to talent, but similar in that no one would want him.

Good luck Ray Ray. Because things did not work out at UM doesn't mean they won't at the new school. Sometimes a change of everything is needed. I'm not ruling out Ray Ray having a good football year. And don't forget to graduate.

As long as a player has talent some team out there is going to give him a chance. Chad will end up with another team as soon as they suffer a few injuries at WR. RayRay will find his way into the NFLU next year just because of his talent and the fact that some coaches believe they can bring that potential out of him

We had high hopes for Ray at UM...when he put that hit on that Sooner RB his freshman year, we thought that was the beginning. Too bad it didnt work out. He still has an opportunity at his new school. If he's good the scouts will find him. Good luck.

Heard his lawyers interview with dan sileo the other day and he was on UM about the way they treated Ray. He was relentless. Looks like he thought it was easy money and talked to UM and told Rat,I mean ray to drop it . He wont take a case he cant win. Ray wanted to play for the Canes and all of a sudden he is happy where he is at? Even Morgan found that he was an idiot!

Bad timing here at UM, sorry Ray Ray - best of luck getting through 2012 healthy and making it to the NFL.

Hope he's allowed back for UM's pro day.

Sanford duo not up to billing.

ray ray gone

dyron dye has to be the towel boy by now

Boo hoo hoo hoo, Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. Good riddence Ray Ray and Albert. Hope you grow up. I doubt you'll ever see the pros.

Ray Ray, good luck and glad you're gone. You are a walking violation waiting to happen. Nobody will notice or care what you do at that tiny church school you are about to attend.

U "could" have been great. It was yours to waste.


Tim Tebow is a punk!!


Sounds like a school UFelony would play, since they dropped Furman.

Play the freshman..... thanks I needed a good laugh!

Who cares about Ray Ray Armstrong...he is not on the canes roster. Why would you waste 2 seconds of your time reporting on an athlete from another team? I would like to hear more about our current football team. You must have other things to do...

It seems as though no one is concerned about the bottom line truth to what happened to this kid, WHY DID HIS FAMILY AND HIM DECIDE TO FILE CHARGES IN THE FIRST PLACE? Miami wouldn't release the kid to move on even after they sai they'd allow him do so. If you are a Miami fan or a idiot who's not concerned about the kids of course the truth wouldn't matter to you. It seems to me he has a strong family behind him who won't let him get taken advantage of, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FUTURE YOUNG MAN!!

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