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Relief, joy for Canes: big Seantrel Henderson (looking trim) is back with team and at practice

The ending to the newest Seantrel Henderson saga is a good one for the University of Miami and its football fans. Henderson, UM's 6-8, 340-pound right tackle, returned last night to the team and addressed his teammates.

He's out there now on Monday at practice No. 4, and looks really good -- as trim and fit as I can ever remember seeing him. He can't wear pads yet, but he was doing blocking drills this morning for the 15 minutes of media viewing -- and sprinting from drill to drill.

His teammates seemed genuinely happy to have him back, and the offensive linemen are relieved as well.

"It's good to have him back,'' said UM coach Al Golden. "We'll see where he's at in terms of going through the acclimation process and then we'll go from there. He's got to go through helmets [and shorts, without pads] for two days.

"You guys are the only ones talking about it. There's no one else talking about it. He was away at his friend's funeral. He came back yesterday, went to all the meetings last night and now we're moving forward.

"Again, we're just trying to improve. He started two games and played 200 plays last year. That's like a lost year. We're trying to improve on what he did last year."

Golden said Henderson has to go through all the conditioning tests that his teammates recently conquered. "This is not the NFL where you just show up and go out and practice. You gotta do two days in helmets, you gotta do compliance items, you've got to fill out all these different forms. That's why we take a whole day to process everybody. It's going to take a while for him.

"We got a lot done yesterday, now we've got to get him transitioned here.''

"Just to have him back and see his smiling face always makes us all happy,'' said guard Jonathan Feliciano. "He brings us up. It's going to create a lot more competition."

Fifth-year senior receiver Kendal Thompkins called Henderson "a real big part of the team.

"We know the talent he brings to the team, and his personality, man. He's a cool guy and he's a funny guy to be around. Just to feel his presence again is a good feeling.''




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Good to have Seantrel back at camp. My condolences for the loss of his friend.

Hey Susan you did hear what Golden said you guys are the only one whose making a big deal, Hey you might want to not go Sentrel way, He doesn't need your negative vibe, but you might want to join UM in conditioning.


Just to recap - Susan Miller Degnan requested an interview with Seantrel Henderson and he wound up going to his friend's funeral instead.

Susan Miller Degnan got so bent out of shape she wrote THREE blog posts and an ARTICLE basically saying that Seantrel Henderson was off the reservation, like his previous two UNEXCUSED absences.

This despite the fact that when she went to the coach to complain he said, 'I don't know, he's excused, he'll be back'.

And just to wrap a bow on this completely self-serving and immature hack job, she asks the coach about it AGAIN after Henderson's back and AGAIN he says:

'You guys are the only ones talking about it. There's no one else talking about it. He was away at his friend's funeral'.

Thanks for that Sue.

^^^ LMAO, she needed a story man. LOL a bit of a reach though.

Chicken Little, by far, is my most, favoritest movie. Lol

I wish the Miami Herald would hire someone that's a fan of the team....

Leave the negative slant to the opposition for goodness sake.

Miami Hurricanes, Miami Herald...

Its a shame when I have to read other publications from other cities for better stories on our MIami Hurricanes.

Get your minds right!

The fans want to hear good things aout their team

Hey Big Sonny, Michael and Shame on you Susan:

You people are acting like clowns.

Susan's doing her job, writing about the team. You are reading what she's writing. For free. And then you complain and insist that she write something biased from a "fan of the team" perspective."

That's so unbelievably stupid. If you guys don't want rah-rah no-news coverage about the Hurricanes, then read the Sun-Sentinel.

This was a legitimate story to cover. There was a concern about Henderson. Get over it. Or better yet, get over your petty selves.

Looking for a story, reporting the truth and beating a dead horse is a little hacky. She knew the truth the whole time and still looked for the 'sky is falling' angle instead of just reporting the boring truth. She is a good journalist but the reporting of this story was off, especially as an 'insider'.

I don't want "rah rah" news but I DAMN sure don't want a reporter's personal perceived slights behind THREE blogs and an ARTICLE worth of negative print about a player who did absolutely nothing wrong.

There was no story, period. That's out of the HEAD COACH'S mouth.

This is so much pettier than being "for or against" UM, it was just completely personal.

Big guy has slowly had his mojo zapped from him. Lets just say his college experience has not been what he thought it would be. All the committing and de-committing from USC, Ohio State and then the "U". Coaching changes and average football seasons at best. Sanctions looming are not helping either. Big guy just seems unmotivated. He needs to play well this season and get his butt to the NFL.

He still has plenty of talent, but if he cannot get motivated by the death of a friend to show him how quick and uncontrollable life is, then he is not worth all the attention anyway.

Seantrel, time to take your game up to the level your hype once said it would be.

Seantrel was at a good friend's funeral. Lay off! May he rest in peace. A thinking person would understand the funeral was probably scheduled for Saturday Morning, or, at the earliest, Friday evening. Minnesota is not a hop, skip, and a jump from Miami. It takes all day to get back. If he got back in time for meetings Saturday night, then all should be well.

DA U..........

This guy is a Lane Kiffin loser. Who cares if he was at a funeral and the writer got it wrong? She is right about his other issues--lest we forget. The hold-outs, the pageantry, his choosing then retracting, then going to USC(after refusing to sign the LOI), then going to UM. He wanted to live in Hollywood because he thinks he's a star already. Why not with everyone all over his nuts. I still haven't anything from this never-was that makes me think he will amount to anything.

It's all about character. Or in this case, a lack of it. I knew that immediately when he chose to go to USC with Kiffin, the con-man, liar, and rat-fink. Says a lot about a kid and his family when they get snowed by the clown-show.

None of it matters anyways since UM will suck this year as well. Don't even get me started about the sanctions...

Seantrel Suspension # 3 coming ...

Seantrel with all his pecadillos is well liked by the team...It seems that everything he does is magnified and blown way out of proportion..

Would it not be in our best interest as fans to really listen to what Coach G has said on this?...
He has been straight up and forthright, if you followed closely his comments, we as fans, and the press, are looking for something where there is nothing.

Practice has just started and we need to give these 'Canes as much of a Positive vibe that we can muster. So "forgetaboutit" and push for the team to get in great condition, get strong, learn plays, and follow the principles laid out by Coach G.
Go 'Canes Always

MIAMI's BEST College Football Team Now Playing on ESPNU !!!

Yes....too much about nothing....stop making it seem like it's bigger then it is.

Last year he was at 400 lbs at the end of the season. I hear where he is around 330-335 now.

GO CANES!!! Call them the YOUNG CANES, sounds better than Baby Canes!!!

If a replay the 2001 Canes team is playing on ESPNU, that's great news! Is it the Rose Bowl game where they dominated #2 Nebraska?

Thanks for the info!

Yeah, they're "Miami's Best" alright... Got BLOWED-OUT "20-10" by an extra weak Marshall team in that game. If i were you, i wouldn't have even MENTIONED that this game was being replayed on TV att(Because as a TRUE FIU fan, you should have already known they LOST this game, but evidently... you didn't) so everyone could see the "BEST Jr College Football TEAM IN MIAMI"... get Whipped.

Miami's Practice Squad would have no problem beating FIU... heh, heh.

Dear Coach Golden:

Glad to hear everyone has now reported to camp. Business has been slow this summer, so we've been waiting to see you and the team. Got some great deals, if you know what I mean. Remember we have evening hours and our clothes are much better quality than that garbage sold by Austin Burke.

Your friend and supporter.

Shelly Bloom
Fashion Clothiers
2650 NW 5th Avenue
Miami, Florida

Posted by: gatorsam | August 04, 2012 at 04:06 PM

gatorspammer, you have NO RIGHT to tell a Canes fan on a Canes board, who was discussing the Canes, to STFU, when you are trolling with your sick comments 24 7 on the WRONG BOARD, you stupid obsessed troll.

Take your sick, venom-filled, hate-ridden, obsessed, and diseased trolling to Gator Clause where it belongs.

Oh, and the manager at Shelly Bloom already told the NCAA that nothing happened, fool.

Muschamp has 1 final year to win 9, or he's gone, and Gator trolls are coming HERE?

Glad all is apparently OK in Henderson-land. I'm sticking with "apparently' till he's in the starting lineup game 1. Sure hope so.

They still don't have anything. You can't be punished over allegations. Keep your head up man!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | 08/06/2012 at 01:40 PM

Ohhhhhh silly BRAINDEADTILUDIE ...

Deaf, Delusional, Dumb and Blind...

See No, Hear No, Speak No ...

The NCAA does as they please. They are the Judge n Jury... U have no idea, but U shall see.

The "Nothing to see here" routine is old. The NCAA has TONS of evidence from the mouths of multiple witnesses.

Once again... Deny, deny, deny, but U shall see come October, when the NCAA announces their new stricter punishments policies... And U will be their poster child.

UR stupidity is beleiving that we will lose 40 Schollies, moron, that was what they handed to PSU. Of course, you figure a total of 5K in illegal benefits equates to 20 years of hiding sexual abuse, but the REST OF THE WORLD sees it differently, gatorspammer.

I personally see no reason to discipline or suspend henderson. He was at a funeral. It happens to everyone in everyday life.

Henderson is probably the smartest guy on the team. Trust me, he can go Shakespeare one minute, nuclear physics the next, then nursery rhymes like it was nothing.

As far as living up to the billing, the guy is about 6-8, over or near 300 and has good feet, and is strong and fast. I don't know about U, but I'm taking all kinds of chances and giving all kinds of second chances with a player like that. I think "ole 'Goldy thinks the same.

Ur StUpidity is.......says who...Tons of witnesses???? were you there??? No and No.....Deny deny but all your thoughts are innuendo and conjecture..

I don't know if you would understand, but your post to detract from the 'Canes board is going nowhere, so with all that being said , you have to wait just like the rest of us..

In the iterim, the 'Canes are working hard and using your suppositions to motivate. One more reason to study film, lift, condition, and work harder than ever before.
Thank you,
Go 'Canes Always

The story could have been put to proper context since the coach informed he was excused to attend a funeral. Instead it became, "Seantrel Is Absent", watch. Which was irresponsible journalism point blank. As far as the Gaytors they are the "We Are Entitled" program, but have little regard for the reality that they have been an average football program for the majority of their existance since the 80's.

We done been average since 2002.

From Wikipedia:
First season 1906
Head coach Will Muschamp 1st year, 7–6 (.538)
All-time record 669–385–40 (.630)
Conference titles 8
Postseason bowl record 20–19
Didn't win the SEC from 1906 till Steve Spurrier got there!!

If this gives you Gaytors bragging rights then my fat chicks are 10's

Five Titles and EK you know I didn't tell EK to STTFU. Someone is posting under my name again. I hate miami. But that is not my style. Five Titles and 543 you guys know that. So EK sorry for the fool who may have said that but it wasn't the Real Gator Sam. The Shelly Bloom letter was mine. Now that was funny.

Lets be Fair to our publicly financed fantasy team from the woods off I-75. Lets end the foolishness:

The U!!!!!(per Wikipedia)
The program began in 1926 and has won five AP national championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001).[3] Miami is ranked fourth on the list of All-time Associated Press National Poll Championships, tied with Southern California and behind Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Alabama.[4] Two Hurricanes have won the Heisman Trophy and six have been inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame. Miami also holds a number of NFL Draft records, including most first round selections in a single draft and most consecutive drafts with at least one first round selection.[5] As of the 2011 National Football League season, UM had the most players active in the NFL of any university in the nation, with 42.[6]

Stop the Gaytor Foolishness Finaly:

They have played 53 times from 1938 through 2004. Florida has won 25 times and Miami has won 28.

As a plea to Gaytor fans please realize that your football program is not superior to any in your conference or in the state of Florida. As a USF grad I beg you to stop making public university education in the state look DUMB. Please refrain from your fantasies of superiority. The facts do not support your position.

what happened to Matt Oatchan- a gator forever? I thought he was long gone but I see he is only a redshirt junior- gimme a Sentreal anyday
just opinion

I agree with some that Susan is just doing her job..

You guys should lay off Susan for a moment and think about this. If this was just him going to a funeral, what was the purpose for him addressing his teammates? If he was just having travel problems, why didn't Al Golden know about it and just come out and say it. Wouldn't you think you would know the extent of the situation if you were the head coach? This isn't your third string punter we're talking about. Its one of your starting linemen. Its all water under the bridge now and not worth much more discussion than we have already done, but come on guys layoff the reporter on this one. She was in the right to question something that didn't seem too much on the up and up. My two cents....Go CANES!

gatorspammer choosing which items to claim as "his" based on which ones get him ridiculed.

Then he jumps to another ID to do more of the same.

Take it Gator Clause, troll, your lies aren't wanted here.

Of course it's important to be apart of the meetings and all that but lets not forget he had a back injury that could have kept him out longer. He worked his but off and came back before he was expected too. He has some flaws but is a warrior. If keyhole can get the oline right we will be straight.

Tallycane you know that Seantrel has had issues in the past..
some medical, others just not making intense effort..getting by.
That can only take you so far until the guys and fans start calling you out..

Seantrel has bought into Coach G's program I give you that but he now needs room to show us that this is the real stuff.

He needs some space to show us this year and possibly next year that he is a warrior and a fighter..and I think he will. Not an individual but a TEAM guy.

Last years line was weak and faded in the 4 th quarter..this year intensity throughout..hungry intensity..

Keep this level up, and as Manny predicted in an interview - best case scenario we would have a 8 or 9 win season-..go to a decent bowl and continue from there.
The 'U' will surprise teams this year..Mark my words.
Go 'Canes Always

I have every right to say what I want about Susan, I think if the fans speak out more we will finally get the attention of the Editor, Something clearly needs to be done. Susan can do better by searching for a story that is worthy, I'm not doubting their was concerns but lets be real, You are driving a point with a guy who is going to a Funeral.

I for one know their are like 105 players on that team, you are telling me she can't find anyone else to report on.

This is the problem when we as People except anything that is given to us and don't question it, you tell me what was John Adams doing, he wasn't just saying to England we will pay the Taxes on everything cause you guys said we must.

Just like we hold the athletes accountable to their actions, I remember when News Editors held the reporters to a Code, so you just throw that out to, I don't think so.

True CANES, Stop worrying about things we can't control; support The U, take our punishment, play hard, regain our winning ways, let winning dictate our destiny, because in the end, The U will rise again. Go Canes!!

My source who is handling the tropical park petition believes we will only get a slap on the wrist.


Tampa canes... Good posts. Just an update. We ate 28-26 vs the turds.

One more fact: The U has played every single team in the SEC since about 1970 and yes, has a winning record vs the sec overall.

Our the NCAA is going to come down on us because we ruined the reef.

The U will rise again as soon as this season we will win the inagural ACC championship game in 2012.
We have played every SEC team since 1970 and have a winning record against all of them.
In 1972 we beat a PAC 10 team and in 1969 we beat a Big 10 team, so we are better than those conferences too. We won many bowl games in the 80s and 90s and sent a ton of those players to the NFL. We have more pro bowlers than the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs anf Jacksonville Jaguars combined so we are the best NFL team in Florida.
Fear the U, fear the Tie, fear the Punter!

I don't see the big issue with Susan. Sentrel is back to protect the QB...let Susan do her job. No one is holding a gun to your head insisting that you read her articles (I don't think). If she didn't write anything about Henderson's whereabouts, you'd crush her for that. Wow...I'm wasting keystrokes on YOU.

Shame on you Susan, and Michael, I'm a Cane fan, but I don't bury my head in the sand when issue arise around the program. Shame here are the fact; Susan called the kid and his dad for comment on his absence, not for an interview. There's a difference between the 2. Both the dad and the kid did not respond to repeated phone messages. What I just said is undisputed unlike your version. Susan did not complain about the kid. She ask Al for a comment about his absence, and Al gave her one. Now for what happened. As long as Michael and Shame continue to coddle and condone immature and irresponsible act by him, the more he'll be a second string right tackle instead of where his talent should carry him to as a starting left tackle. The more you say there was no story there the more he'll continue to act like an immature, unthinking , irresponsible 12 year old. He was excused for Friday's practice only. When he didn't call Al to tell him that he wasn't going to be at Saturday's practice it became a story. Not calling Al to let him know when he would return was irresponsible of the kid. He is responsible for the story getting bigger that it should have been. At the very least his dad should have called. I knew at 12 that is I'm going to be absent from a job or school to call in. I guess he never heard that. So Michael and Shame keep making excuses for the kid, see where that goes, probably another suspension or 2.

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