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Seantrel Henderson story takes another strange twist

University of Miami coach Al Golden told reporters when Seantrel Henderson returned to the team Sunday after attending the funeral of a friend that he would likely need to go through a few days of conditioning before getting back out on the field.

Now, it looks like the guy penciled in as the Canes starting right tackle may need a little more time than that.

Golden said Thursday morning that Henderson has not been cleared to practice yet because he may have a concussion. Hard to imagine how Henderson accomplished that considering he isn't on the field and isn't supposed to be getting hit.

But this smells funny. Stay tuned.

> Golden said linebacker Gionni Paul, who had been running with the first team on the weak side, will only be out 2-3 days after injuring his knee during practice Wednesday.

"It was a Category Five drill and Gionni tried to tackle Duke [Johnson] and Duke spun out of it. And when Duke spun out, Gionni hit the floor and another player hit his knee. Duke kept going and then shook Larry Hope and thats when everybody went crazy," a player told The Miami Herald Thursday of how Paul was injured.

Is it bad? "Yeah," the player said. "I think so."

> Offensive lineman Cory White and linebacker Jimmy Gaines (ankle) were wearing yellow non-contact jerseys. Freshman defensive end Jelani Hamilton was in shorts and a t-shirt. He has a brace on his right knee -- the same knee he injured last season as a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High.


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Duke is showing his stuff..

Seantrel is getting ready for combat...He has procedures to be checked off before scrimmaging, and loosing weight is great, but conditioning is more important..he will be out and hopefully staying healthy this year...don't worry.
He has something to prove, and I know as a fan, that he is aware all eyes are on him for a good year.. The Coaches are expecting a lot from him, and a possible breakout year.

When Duke starts putting plays together I think we need to tighten our seatbelts and hang on for the ride.
This guy is going to be lights out.
Just learn the process Duke and play hard..Good things will happen and the 'Canes will be back on radar in the College World of football.
Thanks for the update Manny, Good job.
go 'Canes Always

What a mess!

UM will cave on the Ray Ray issue as well. If not, all that dirty laundry will come out in open court....talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

Santrell should be shown the door. He's much more trouble than his product dictates. And he'll be in trouble again. The U will be better off without him. And u jock smeller, quit defending this kid. He'll bring nothing but trouble to The U.

How could Seantrel have received a concussion ? In the weight room? Non-Football event?
While at home? Somehow, things don't seem to make sense with this kid at times.

Seantrel slipped and fell on a wet spot at club Liv- you know all them sweaty h-oes and stuff. But seriously,

#1 overall regardless of position recruit. Seriously. What has he done? Has he dominated the left side? Did Jacorry and/or Morris ever benfit from this 6-8 behemoth? Ithink not. Translation: BUST. Unless he destroys the next 2 years and single handedly impacts our QB protection, he will always be the biggest (literally) bust in the last 20 yrs.

Duke is unreal. But he will not be capable of carrying the load of 20-30 carries for 12 games unless he is 210-220. Like McGahee or Portis.

there is no way seantrel is coming back for his senior year, he's full of drama and he'd be stupid to wait to get kicked off the team his senior year

I think the Canes will surprise this year, if they can get pass Boston College and K-State to start 2-0, big thing will come from the season. K-State is going to be tough!

He was in a car accident the day he got back in town. Which would explain a lot why Golden wasnt upset about him missing practice.

Susan and Manny - stop talking about Seantrel Henderson like you have any idea what's going on.

Take your cue from Coach Golden, if he says it isn't a problem, it isn't a problem.

Some times think the fall practice period is too long and there is to much hitting. I have a feeling as the overall concussion thing plays out in the Pro and College game things are going to change a lot.

Re: Seantrel, When there are nothing but negative stories about you then they can't be all wrong. Somebody needs to sit this kid down and explain thats not the way you want to be perceived and that nobody is going to give you something. He's may not realize it but he's costing himself millions $ simply by a negative perception by NFL teams.

Everyday more Seantrel nonsense with no evidence or support or any idea whats going on. Lay off the kid.

This smells like a typical Susan controversy-stirring-with-no-clue post/headline. Surprised to see Manny's name at the bottom

Hey Susan,

Let's not worry about Seantrel's personal life. Let's just worry about the players that are on the field. Not the ones that are off.

Mountain out of a mole hill...


He was in a car accident when he was home secondary to the death of his friend. Sometimes things happen. Get off this kids case

fishy indeed

Hopefully, the cops didn't smell alcohol on his breath. I say brush under the rug and let's move forward as I am smelling an undefeated season with Duke leading the way with a Heisman trophy. Smell that 'turds??

I like the slipping at Club Liv excUse the best for his concussion. Either way Seantrell brings tons of drama and comic relief to your sorry program. For that reason alone you should keep him no matter if he ever lives up to his potential.
Duke looks good against your scrub filled secondary, wait until he faces a real defense.
And since when is getting past lowly BC is such an accomplishment? Must be a cane thang..............

Nice try "acc" if that's your real name. At least it's not Furman!

I don't know what to think when it comes to this kid. He was suppose to be the best left tackle we have had since Bryant McKinnie and to this point he has been nothing more than one soap opera after another. If the kid has a legit problem then that is one thing and is acceptable but he needs to get a better work ethic and prioritize his committment to his teammates. To this date he has been a bust when you consider all the hype that surrounded him coming out of high school. I would love to see him get his stuff together because the kid could straight up dominate if he would get his head straght. For some reason it seems that he and Ray Ray have been the only distractions for this team while everyone else is onboard with what coach Golden and CO are trying to accomplish. I hope he gets it together.

Seantrell is just controversy prone.Agree his play has only been average at blocking for Harris and Morris.Doesn t/hasn t shown pro potential yet.His size alone may help him get drafted someday but will he stick there?Nothin he s done yet indicates that.He s always been just a ho hum player.Too bad.

Wow Susan, you really need to stop and start being a reporter, You are causing chaos without checking your sources, This is not Journalism, and I should know cause I was a Sports Editor and Reporter in College.

I have seen on two sites that everything you reported has been refuted by the Coaches. Do your Job and get the facts straight stop trying to blow up your blog with misinformation.

Susan all you want to do is get everybody fired up..just please stop and simply talk about the players that are working very hard in practice. Period.

Hearing the reason Henderson might have a concussion is because he might have been involved in a car accident. I'm trying to confirm it for a reliable source.

dui? dwi? tell me he wasn't behind the wheel!

Wow its pretty obvious that Susan had some kind of agenda againts Seantrel

Lay of Susan and lay off the big guy. I enjoy reading about our canes every day and Susan provides information as she hears it. This late for practice thing is not a big deal either. He was excused. Case closed. As for his performance last year, he was coming off of back surgery and came back quickly as well. He fought through what had to be a grueling year when he started out behind in strength, conditioning, and practice. With the weight loss and offseason weight program, he should be twice as strong as he was last year. I'm rooting for the kid.

So, sounds like Seantrel was involved in a collision and got concussed. Most people under 40 recover fairly quickly from such an injury. The fact that he was doing conditioning drills is a good sign, and suggests that severe dizziness and headache pain are not factors.

I think everyone, including me, has high expectations for Seantrel. When things seem off track, it frustrates many of us. We hope for superior performance from him, and need a dominating O-lineman...

The fact that he is shape is positive. I hope we see a powerhouse at Right Tackle this year, somneone who lives up to his potential on a consistent basis. It is time!

Go Canes!

Agree with Tampa Cane. Seantrel has no idea how many millions of dollars he is costing himself in the long run. He will be perceived as a problem child. I sincerely hope he can turn it around. I would love to see him have two great years with the Canes and get drafted in the first round. He is pretty soft in the weight room but he has enough time to turn it around.

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