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Seantrel's welcome wearing thin? Other news from Day 3 of UM Canes camp

As you no doubt know by now, offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson has missed the first three days of University of Miami football camp, and not many would be surprised if he were out again Monday for Day Four.

Al Golden seems to give his players chances to grow and learn from any shortcomings, but I suspect patience is wearing very thin -- and that has nothing to do with the funeral Seantrel returned to Minnesota to attend.

My updated story will be online later at MiamiHerald.com. No revelations. But coaches are obviously already making position shifts, or practicing different combinations, on the offensive line. I know Art Kehoe believes in doing that anyway, but I still think they're preparing just in case.

Golden said Jermaine Johnson is now playing tackle instead of guard (he's listed as a guard on the newest depth chart), and Jon Feliciano, who says he's still a guard, practiced yesterday at right tackle. Not sure about Sunday because the line just did blocking drills while reporters were there for our 15 minutes of viewing. Feliciano told us that freshman Ereck Flowers was practicing as the first-team right tackle.


I spoke with defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio today, and asked him to tell me the freshmen players who have really "jumped out'' at him.

"Good question,'' he said. "We have so many of them, which is good, and I'm trying to evaluate them all right now.'' Then he went on to name cornerbacks Tracy Howard, Vernon Davis and Antonio Crawford.

"Those three right now have stood out to me,'' he said. "The safeties have done a good job in Deon Bush and Rayshawn Jenkins, but the three corners have stood out because of playmaking ability, competitiveness and commitment. They are guys that really like football.

"I heard an interesting quote last night from Curtis Martin. He was talking about getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he talked about Bill Parcells one time questioning, and saying, 'Just be careful that you understand the difference between routine and commitment.' He always thought of himself as a hard worker and I thought that kind of hit home with some of these guys.

"Routine is when the guys step in and they go to the meetings and they go to practice and they do what they're supposed to do. But commitment is when they do extra. These guys are willing to do extra questions. They're studying their books at night. You've got to kick them out of the meeting room. That's what I've noticed early on.''


D'Onofrio, as well as Golden, want defensive tackles Curtis Porter and Darius Smith to take it to another level conditioniong wise. Smith already has dropped more than 35 pounds (to his current 324) from the beginning of last season's training camp. Smith said he'd like to lose at least another 10 pounds.

Porter, who had a severely injured finger last season, played in only the last two games.

"I think Curtis [Porter] right now, we're trying to see where he is conditioning wise,'' D'Onofrio said. "He has played a quarter of the season at most the last two years. He's a long way away from being where we want him to be and it's going to take a hard training camp.''

"Darius has gotten his weight closer to where we want him to be, but he's got another step to go. There are nine defensive tackles now in camp and they're all going to get opportunities. The picture is not clear there.''

Concluded D'Onofrio: "I need conditioning and the ability to make plays, those are the issues at the end of the day.''


Defensive end Shayon Green is wearing a black jersey that goes to first-teamers. He said "It symbolizes the starters and toughest guys on the team. It's unbelievable [to wear one despite] coming from two knee surgeries.''

* Outside linebacker Jimmy Gaines (foot) was limited again in practice

* Golden gushed about fifth-year senior receiver Kendal Thompkins, saying he had a great summer from a conditioning standpoint. "What I see right now is I see Kendal, who is a fast young man who is able to do that now for a 2 1/2- hour practice. That was never the case a year ago. ''









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I really think you need to hold back off of Sentrell he's a young man in College who lost a friend, We don't know how impactful that relationship is, How would you like it if one of your own kids was grieving the death of their friends and everybody was saying, he or she needs to get back to volleyball practice or soccer practice.

I don't think she's going after Seantrel. She's simply stating that she thinks the coaches' patience is wearing thin.
She's not question Henderson's morals or values, just talking from a football standpoint, and from the coaches' standpoint at that.
She should be reporting this because it's big news as far as the team is concerned. I appreciate the reporting.

Mixed feelings about the Seantrel situation.. Hopefully he's able to get back to practice soon. I'm more worried about the Wide Receiver position this year, Hurns is the ring-leader there, but those young guys, Malcolm Lewis, Lockhart, Herb Waters, J. Carter.. are going to have to step up.. Also, I have absolutely no faith in the team ambassador Mike James as an every down back.. Definitely will end up being by committee by mid-season.

Seantrel situation does worry me and I believe we will get a full understanding of the situation by Tuesday or Wednesday (whether he is with the team or not). Susan does a great job of bringing us information and it is truly appreciated by die hard fans of this blog. That being stated, ever since Seantrel transferred here from USC, Susan has had (looking for the right word here) a very deep interest in Seantrel and everything Seantrel. So while it truly is a story as regards his whereabouts (especially with the youth of this team and us needing veterans to step up), it does not faze me in the least that Susan leads each story with the Seantrel APB.

'As you no doubt know by now'.

Because Sue has written two blog entries and an article about it because she was offended Seantrel missed an interview she 'requested' with him.

Why don't you get a quote from Al Golden saying there's a problem before reporting it?


Seantrel's welcome wearing thin?

^^^^^^Are you saying her patience is wearing thin?.....WOW!

Everyone calm down bout big Henderson if he's not n camp by Tuesday or Wednesday then it mite b a problem. All wideouts must step there game up freshman or not. LET'S GO 2WORK & STAY FOCUS. DA U.......

Maybe he is transferring to Penn State?

Maybe he isn't a team guy?

Who knows? He has yet to show me a passion to win and play hard...

I have read several if not many of articles of Susan, over the years, she is a very good writer, I do think that a lot of writers are too pushy for one , I mean you have to build relationships just like Sales, some writers choose to bully athletes because a team has to give the Media 20-30 minutes to get their interviews.

What I see is laziness by the media , they continue to look for, the same people to interview, they never branch out for new stories, they forget investigating reporting, this is my concern, when I see writers like Susan, i see someone who is stressed out with her job capacity an doesn't have the fire of passion for a story.

I also notice that in order to get a story u have to search for one but seems like to me the media is just not the media anymore their competing with TMZ, just looking for Sensationlism.

What are you people talking about, are you deaf and blind. Henderson has been suspened at least 2 time, and has been rumored to have been suspended at least another time for being irresponsible. This is a time that he's irresponsible, he should the the very least called Golden about his absence. Susan is just reporting FACTS, if you don't like the FACTS, keep putting your head in the sand. This kid as been a problem since he got here. He's immature and irresponsible. There was no missed interview, and no agenda.

Good to hear that Seantrel has shown up for his team, and that he is in great shape. He has the coaches at UM to develop into a dominant player.

He must dedicate to team, and not self.

I wish him well, and may he show the passion for football that we all hope to see this year.


Agreed. I think Susan and Manny do a fine job, and look forward to their every column.

Go Canes!

Well here are the facts that Susan reported:

She requested an interview with Seantrel Henderson on Friday and he went to his friend's funeral instead.

She went up to the head coach to complain about it and he said, 'I don't know, he's excused, he'll be back'.

And from that we get two blog posts and AN ARTICLE lumping this in with Seantrel's previous absences, which were UNEXCUSED, basically saying that Seantrel is off the reservation.

Because he didn't give the mighty Susan Miller Degnan her interview Friday.

I don't think that Susan should be reprimanded for requesting an interview and not being given the oppportunity.
She is reasonable, and knows that a family emergency is just that. So I would not go there.
However I think that the way the article was phrased it included past transgressions by Seantrel which this just adding one more item to the mix..

What Seantrel needs to do is to work hard keep a low profile and really try to get on the plus side with all the Coaches... No more drama just play hard football.. This would soon be forgotten.

I think we are really making too much out of not much.
Go 'Canes Always

If a close friend passes away, you will call your boss for an excused absence. So you miss a few days of work. That's Seantrel. No biggie

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