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Second and final fall scrimmage cut short because of lightning -- stats not provided by UM

   Had fun at CanesFest. Here's UM's release about Saturday's scrimmage. Practice resumes Monday morning, when we'll talk to Coach Al Golden about what he saw in the short time his players scrimmaged.

Please note that UM did not release any statistics from the scrimmage.


Lightning Cuts Second #CanesCamp Scrimmage Short

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The second scrimmage of #CanesCamp was expected to be a barometer for the Hurricanes, now only two weeks away from their 2012 season opener at Boston College. Unfortunately for head coach Al Golden and his staff, the team’s intrasquad scrimmage was cut short in the middle of the second quarter due to lightning in the area.

Less than a week after their first scrimmage, Saturday’s orange versus white match-up was less situational and more action-packed. Artificial crowd noise was pumped through speakers during every drive, signature third down music was played to rattle the offense, and referees enforced penalties on both sides to ensure the scrimmage on the Greentree Practice Fields replicated the intensity of a real game.

 Though offensive playmakers impressed in the first scrimmage, standout defensive performances from both the first and second team were the story during Saturday’s abbreviated action. Touchdown runs from Mike James and Duke Johnson, along with a sack in the endzone by Kelvin Cain for a safety, gave the white team a 16-0 lead before the lightning alarm sounded.

 After clearing the field and waiting nearly an hour for the lightning detector signal, the scrimmage was cut short by the coaching staff. The Hurricanes return to the field Mon., Aug. 20, for Day 16 of #CanesCamp.


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First C A N E S

Its almost time cant wait.

What's this crap we can't reschedule, we're so good we don't need the work. I bet Seban would have Bama out on the field today or tomorrow an finish ti up.

I bet bUbba bob is an idiot
By the way genious who is SEBAN????
I seriously doubt your even a sports fan

I bet "Gatornation" is an idiot.

By the way genius (don't misspell this word when insulting people's intelligence BTW), who are the Florida Gators.

I seriously doubt you're even a sports fan. I know for a fact that you're an internet nerd obsessed with an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

I can tell because you're pretending to be a Gators fan yet you're here reading about the Canes' practice (despite the fact UF doesn't play UM this year) instead of on the Florida Gators blog or on the blog of their rival, the team that beat them on the field and in recruiting last year, the Florida State Seminoles.

Where am I ?

On the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Like always.

TO COACH AL GOLDEN!!! Coach, my name is Ken and ive been a Canes fan since 83. I just wanted to say you're doing a great job so far and i really appreciate the emphasis you have put on the basics ie. "strength and conditioning",nutrition, & accountability. My only concern is practice. I coach little league football (a far cry from college) but the one thing thats universal in all football is the ol saying "how you practice it is how you'll play it". I wish you would have more scrimmage games. From what i hear youve only had two and the most recent one was cut short because of the lightning. Forgive me for saying it but i just think you should have at least two more! You should divide the team into two teams and play an entire four quarters with referees an all. make it a real game!! Remember, "how you practice is how you'll play"... practice makes perfect!! Thanks for listening, GO CANES!!


Have you heard of the injury bug. We have a lot players out cause of injury, and scrimmages (hitting all the time). Yes we need real time game situation but bc of the bug we are not fortunate to do this.

Randy Johnson scores again. Watch out college football

Its a U thang

I can here the fans now duuuuuke duuuuuke

Any news on Seantrel? Is he in?

Hello everyone

I'm still a blog racist and pretend tough guy over on the perverted lawyer skank website. We have three regular posters and they all agree with my sick racist rants against Jacory and Randy. There are about two posts a week over on that perverted site. You can also see the 800 pound recruiting expert predict we land a class with 100 recruits.

I really can't believe it. Canes didn't get a single vote in either poll. I know we will have to be better than 44th in the country- we gotta be better than northern Ill or Houston what gives? Have I missed something

No St.Pete you haven't missed anything, the real poll that has any meaning is in October, the rest is fluff and gives teams like FIU a chance to pretend they are better than the U, lol!

Just ask FSU, picked to win it in the ACC last year, how did that work out for them? Pre-season polls mean absolutely nothing, for instance, the Gators coming off a 7-6 season and Urban Meyer Bowl win over hapless Ohio State are 23rd, really! LMAO

If U were ranked in the Top-25, U'd be screaming how it proves that U were on Ur way back and how it mean't something hUge... bUt Ur ranked outside the Top-FIFTY behind such programs as Utah, USF, UCF, FIU, Cincinnati, Missouri, N.C. State, Houston, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi St. and N. Illinois... U may want to ignore that fact by saying, "oh that's nothing." But is speaks volUmes on a National scale as to what Coaches and people that know College Football think of Ur irrelevant little football program in terms as to where U are and where Ur heading...

Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see --- Canefan

Posted by: AnonymousCane

Are U among the thousands of AnonymousCanefans that go to No-Life stadiUm disgUised as plastic hefty bags covering up 40,000 seats ?

Did anyone see Adewale Ojomo literally sod....o...mize Tebow yesterday? Let me tell you, Tebow is bad. Real bad. He is proof how ,the media bambozld and guilted coaches and sports commentators into making them beleive Tebow was any good. good for Elway. He always knew he s...ked. But Ojomo destroyed that Jets oline and teblown was thrown around like a rag doll

Go canes

Go Canes.

Try paying attention to the current Canes that are going to be playing real games very shortly. I personally don't care what happens to Tebow or anyone in the pros.

st petecane - coaches are full of sh*t and the other poll doesn't take into account strength of schedule or conference affiliation.

Have I missed something

Posted by: st petecane | August 19, 2012 at 04:59 PM

Like all Cane fans, U've seemed to have missed the last 8 Mediocre Miami Football Seasons... But the Coaches know nothing. The Writers too... And Vegas, which has lines out for every game has U favored in just 4 games and Over/Under 7 Wins this season (wait til the Friday before the opener and the late money will drive it down to 6.5, so pUt Ur money where Ur BIG moUfs are)... bUt what do they know riiieeet ?

CAne cluck: Last 8 seasons?- Wrong again genius! I realize you can't count b/c of that Alacua county education:

2011-8=2003----> UM finishes #5 in the country after beating FSU in the OB

2011-7=2004----> UM finishes 9-3 after destroying the overrated Gators and Chrissy Leak in the Peach Bowl

2011-6=2005----> UM gets destroyed by LSU in the Peach bowl but still finishes 9-3

Get your facts straight loser. We realize haters like you like to say we live in the past but the past isnt as far as you panzies like to make it sound. Neither is our future. Get ready. Here comes the pain

Funny thing about that bowl game, it was after the gators had lost two games in a row to us, again, and dropped us from the schedule, again, and then it worked out that we got to face them in a bowl anyway, and they got beat down, again.

Some things never change.
1. gatorspammer trolling here day and night with his disgusting comments.
2. not a rival reminding him that he has no reason to be here.
3. 5>3>2 putting him in his place as his lies get exposed yet again.

poor no-life gatorspammer is a loser on all three fronts, afraid to meet up in person and afraid to move over to Gator Clause where he belongs.

let's talk some football....

I believe that Coach G is easing up somewhat on hitting because of the nicks and injuries.. The guys need to heal and not go out there performing at 50% because of injuries...

When they are not on the field they are studying film with the Coaches and learning all the nuances of their positions...

I do NOT believe that everyone packed up and went home because of the weather... They were setting up game plans for BC all afternoon and evening.

The other think enough of the Seantrel saga..just let it play out.

As far as practice as you play...yes for junior high and high school..when you get to College football you cannot ask Duke to go all out at practice..every practice.. it would not make sense...plus the simulation of a game is the closest reality to game conditions..there is nothing like the real thing..

Thanks for the update Susan..defense coming around, offense getting there...
Bring on some Football...Canes style.
Go 'Canes Always

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