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Seantrel Henderson was involved in car accident before returning home for friend's funeral

Seantrel Henderson was involved in a car accident last week in Miami before he went home to Minnesota to attend the funeral of a close friend, a source at the University of Miami confirmed to the Miami Herald Thursday.

According to Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts records, Henderson -- projected to the be team’s starting right tackle -- was cited for three infractions by the Florida Highway Patrol during an accident that took place Aug. 1. Among the infractions Henderson was cited for according to public records: driving with an expired driver’s license; disobeying a traffic sign; and driving without a license unkowingly. He has been fined a total of $484.

It's unknown if there were any other people injured or involved in the accident. 

UM coach Al Golden told reporters before Thursday morning's practice that Henderson had a medical issue, which he believed to be a concussion, and that the 6-8, 340-pound offensive lineman has yet to be fully cleared to return to action.

Henderson returned to the team Sunday night from Minnesota and did conditioning drills Monday and Tuesday at Greentree Practice Field. But he hasn't been on the field for practice since.

USA Today was able to speak with Henderson's father, who told them it has been a rough few weeks for Henderson. Besides his friend's death and the car accident, an aunt on his mother's side recently passed away from cancer.

"He's probably going to miss some more practice because of the injury," his father, Sean Henderson told USA Today. "I think he's strong enough to get through all of this. He's done some kid stuff, but he's maturing. I believe he's understanding his role as a junior to be a leader on the team. His grades are good, his back is fine. I think he's in the best shape of his life right now."


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Is this really news? The best you have? Very weak reporting so far. How can the Sun Sentinel do a better job on The Canes. Pretty weak!

Hey Z(it) if you dont like what the Herald has to say then why are you always here checking every minute of your sad life
Move along moron

I have to admit, i find Susan and Manny pretty light weight for covering what is suppose to be a big top Football program.

Then dont bother coming here and whining you big baby
Why dont you get off your bloated arse and find out the inside scoops
Youre just another Cane bandwagon fan that has no idea whats its saying

It doesn't matter that Seantrel went to a friend's funeral and was involved in a car accident which explains his delay and his current med status. The original stories and jumped to conclusions are all that's important. Remember, accusation v. UM football are always much more interesting than the facts themselves.

Thanks for the update Manny hang in there..

If not allowed in practice yet, what do some of you fans want from Manny..
He can only call it as he sees it..

Lay off the guy, he is a good reporter; knows 'Cane football, and far from light weight..Name the heavyweight alternative.

Give the guy a break, and don't blame him for news.
Go 'Canes Always

Embarrassing...watch video of reporters online...bumbling goofballs...feel sorry for coaches and players...redundant Qs, last second mic placements, poor enunciation...ask a question the fans care about..

Yea well he and Susan could also weigh the comments of the head freaking coach before jumping all over the kid.

Like Golden said, they're the only ones talking about it.

Eudocimus isnt it time for you to take your pills?????
Yo only dream of being close enough to interview someone so shut your yapper and let the reporters work you ignant hillbilly

Well, good thing Seantrel's alright, it could've been worse.

These reporters did a terrible job with this story.

Five blog posts and a weekend article, all painting Seantrel Henderson as going off the rails when Al Golden had squashed that theory repeatedly saying, 'it's not a problem, he was excused, you are the only ones talking about this'.

Nothing but trouble with this dude

way too much drama

Well if the reporter did a little digging. On the Public Miami-Dade Traffic Clerk website, it says Henderson was ticketed on 8/1/2012, by Florida Highway Patrol for driving with a suspended license, a expired license and for disobeying a traffic sign/signal. Wonder what else the reporter is missing. For those interested on Miami-Dade Traffic Clerk Website look up tickets 9803WIT, 9804WIT and 9805WIT.

Also didn't the Herald print a article that quoted someone as saying he was out of town during that time period? If so this is really fishy.

Why do U fellow Cane fans continue to bury Ur head in the sand and hide what you're seeing with this Football team ?

4get the Henderson naysayers. Fact is, if he has a good year he'll qualify for that prestigous OL line trophy. What's it called again? the Outback, er, Outland, er....

Golden said Gunter, who is the starting boundary corner, has made a big turnaround at camp.

"Ladarius started off really poorly, I mean really poorly. So much so that by day three, he was third team," Golden said. "But he did not give up, he just kept studying, kept preparing, had a great attitude. I think anybody around the program would say the last three practices he's been really, really good. So hopefully he'll continue; he'll develop some consistency."

So let me get this straight. We have a guy that recieved offers out JOCO from only Indiana and N. Texas that plays "real poorly, I mean really poorly" to open camp at 3rd. string corner and within 3 days is now our starting corner? Continue to develope? He's a 20 year old Jr. for Gods sake. I hope I'm wrong, but what else are the Coaches going to say. "Developed" Depth looks like it's going to be a nightmare with this team and at many more positions other than D.B.. That's what makes me cringe more than anything. This team has a way to many holes at other positions as well I'm afraid. Sure there's talent. But hell, everyone has talent. And many teams with much more. I really, really hope we are lucky with no injuries and suspensions during camp and the season. If not it's going to be a long year. And all teams get injuries and have kids screw up.

Go ahead and rip me fellow Canes, but I know what I see. It's not a disaster, but we aren't even close to being what we need to be (thank you Donna Shalala). And F.U. you U.F. wannabes for taking what I say out of context and riding what I say about my team honestly like you've ridden Miami's Football Legacey coat tails since '84. I like Al Golden andthe Coaching staff compared to what we had, but just not excited about our overall talent level that WE AREN'T ALLOWED TO GET ADMITTED INTO SCHOOL compared to past teams to many years ago. I, like all Cane fans want to believe that these kids that we have now, will turn into the type of kids we've developed from '85 to 2002. But facts are facts. A few will, but there just won't be a full 1st. string of them or much less 2 n 3 deep like before. Sure the Coaches will pump it up and spin to the positive to give kids confidence. That's what smart coaches do. The reporters will then fluff that info and many fans will buy it. Sorry Canes, I'm not doing that anymore. My continued 6 year doubt has over taken my unyeilding faith. No more. And I would tell Coach Golden that to his has face, shake his hand with great respect and tell him "Show Me."

7-5 if we're lucky. Solid 6-6 possible. But if we get beat up and have to play all those Freshman 5-7 or worse. And hope next year gets better.

And before you fellow Canes all go psycho on me. I've seen the practices. Yes I have access. I earned that right before Howard came and built it.

Henderson will have a average yr enter the draft get taken late 1st round and go on to be a 10 or 12 time pro bowler.

So let me get this straight, you're blaming Donna Shalala for a JuCo transfer starting instead of the head coach who recruited him and decided to start him?

Hey MarcAnthony since when is going 6 - 6 a "solid" year?
That would be another wasted season and a terrible start to the Golden Era. Guess what, AG is already counting on more than a few of those freshmen to contribute off the bat. In reality this team has little depth, who are you going to blame? Shannon or Shalala? How long will Golden's scholarship last? If he goes 6 - 6 again the honeymoon is over.

I'm saying overall, we just aren't able to get boredline kids into school to stack our depth like we did before and teams like LSU, Alabama, USC and many others are able to turn a blind eye and get many of them in with the bare NCAA minimum requirements. We allow almost no "learning disability" kids entrance, where other schools allow them max. Donna doesn't want to go that route for fear of lowering Miami's Academic status. That's not an excuse, it's an absolute reason and fact. So yeah, I'm blaming Shalala that we have our hands tied to stack top talented depth at all positions. Many of those ridiculous ranked 2 and 3 Star kids that our incredible Coaches developed back in the day, would never get in today. Think of all those studs we had on Defense from the mid 80's to 2001. Many of those kids wouldn't qualify under Miami's and Donna's much stricter admission requirements in place now. Kehoe and Soldinger were two guys that were very vocal about that back in 2004 and Donna didn't like it one bit and then she bit back and here we have been since. And if there's one thing that makes D.B.'s look great, it's 7 in the box blowing up running plays and assulting Q.B.'s with borderline criminal intent. And then bringing in another 7 just like them after going up by 28 points with the D. scoring 14 of them. That's exactly how we Won 58 straight in the O.B. fellas. We just don't have those and can't get those kids anymore. We just don't, in mass rotating numbers. Sure we can watch games and hope for it but it's not there. Sorry, it just isn't. The Top teams do and that's why they are Top teams year after year. Those kids are out there, but we can't get them in quantity. Sure we have a few good ones. Just not enough over a full season. That's why at times we take so many steps forward and then a few back. And I'm sick of it. Everyone asks what's wrong with Miami Football ? Try starting right there. No players, no Wins. No BadA$$ Bucks, no Buck Rogers.

To those that say we are an Academic school first and Football Factory second and should be. Well, within a short time, that Factory will no longer exist. I'd rather get back to the days of letting more kids into Miami to "Major" in Football. Win Big and rake in the Cash and Trophys again. Winning cures all. But that's just me.

Oh white heron the ds lover, that must be you walking so close behind her on campus people laugh at you. The answer this year as it was last year, it's her fault, she leads from behind and with you back there that's going some, but ultimately she is the one in charge.

You're flat out wrong.

Go ahead and research the top recruits that have been turned away by increased academic standards, the list is about 3 players long.

UM's academic reputation doesn't enter into the football team - not 5% of those players could get into UM without football.

As to the "learning disabled"?


A 4th round pick because of his single digit Wonderlic, if Lamar Miller can get into UM the academic requirements aren't eliminating many.

Put it this way, if you think the problem is the lack of talent how do you explain all these NFL stars who played on crappy teams coached by Larry Coker and Randy Shannon?

She's a scapegoat and an easy answer for fans who have no idea how colleges or college football works.

ltcdolphin is one of those.

If the '78 indicates MarcAnt went to UM then he should know that football teams go as coaches go, not university presidents.

With all the talent and experience last year finishing 6-6 was a let down. Having to play a roster of nearly 2/3 Freshman/Sophs and Redshirt Freshman/Sophs many with ZERO Game experience this entire year playing Major D-1 College Football and break even at fifty/fifty would be solid and considered a step forward. The next steps will determine our direction. I've no doubt Golden and Staff can do it philosophically wise. The question is will the team be able to physically. And I don't mean throwing weights around. I'm talking BadA$$ Football players.

Golden has as long as he wants. He's got a Hall Pass through the end of his extention. Of course all depends on the NCAA. Who knows what will happen there. Whatever it is, it wasn't his doing and can't be viewed as a positive if it's less than we expect no more than being crippling if it's less than anticipated. It'll take time either way. Sure Golden got dealt a blow with all this garbage last year from years past. Is what it is. Deal with it and move the F on. But, we all knew this thing was festering before he was hired. He and his Agent should have better vetted that. But you now move on. I hope he stays a longtime. To many Coaches use Miami as a pit stop towards the Pros or other loacations they'd rather be. But that said, with our new Academic status as a University, We can year after year be a 8-4 9-3 Penn. St. type program challenging for ACC titles from time to time and playing Post New Years Bowl Games. Which is Good... But not Great now is it ?

I just want Great. Shoot me. I'm out. Later C.A.N.E.S.

What was Randy Shannon's Northwestern class if not Bada$$ football players??? UM has yet another top 10 recruiting class this year.

Nationally recognized top rated recruits. And watch what those underachievers do in the NFL - guarantee you Marcus Fortson sticks with the Pats.

If you want to blame Shalala you have to also believe that Larry Coker and Randy Shannon were great college coaches who were held back by their university president.

Everyone says I support Shalala, I just recognize that the head coach of the roadrunners and the linebackers coach of TCU sucked leading UM's football program.

MarcAnt ~ One word..WOW. A Div 1 Institute if higher learning...admitting criminals, thugs and idiots.??? The glory days had players on full rides stealing bikes, and generally terrorizing the campus. Kids of color played then couldn't get a job if they graduated. Wow...

Posted by: Eudocimus | August 09, 2012 at 09:42 PM

points taken. No disrespect. Yes, we do get a few in. Locals mostly. Yes we have a few that we do offer and don't get in. I'm talking about many of the top kids, and they're dozens upon dozens, that when we evaluate them right off the bat they are eliminated because of their lack of Academic status. Yet those same kids have standing offers from many of the Top Schools that you'll see constantly in the Top 20.

"UM's academic reputation doesn't enter into the football team"

You're entitled to your opinion. But with what and whom I know and have within the program since the Elliot and Saban days, right until I was asked what I thought about Al Golden 18 months ago by Mr. Dimare and other Board members, I'll just disagree respectfully.

Fair enough but it's not really an opinion or subjective, and you are mistaken about "dozens" of "top kids" being NCAA eligible but not eligible for UM. Go look at the "top kids", call it 4-5 stars, and find a dozen in the past decade that haven't been eligible to go to UM academically. They just aren't there.

"Academic reputation" only means graduation rates, hence the worthless humanities majors and sociology degrees for every single player.

You can't deny the fact that for the past several seasons UM has placed many players in the NFL that did nothing for the school. Underachieved in a massive scale while at UM and then went on to play well in the NFL. Coaching, or lack of, was to blame. Coker and Shannon.
IMHO the jury is still out on Golden. I agree he had a veteran team last season and could only muster a .500 record, not good. On the one hand Jacory had one of his better seasons up until the BC game. On the other hand the whole team gave up for that game and Golden is responsible for that. I am not too optimistic about this upcoming season due to the lack of depth at most positions. We will see what happens but another 6 - 6 season would be too tough to swallow.

"like gosh"..... pathetic. sorry try again

Three infractions? Expired license?
Wow. This guy doesn't get it.


He is S-P-E-C-I-A-L, no?

And spare me the "young kid" crap. All late adolescents do not break rules and act without regard for the law.

The Canes don't need this kind of stuff...We have some fine players and this team is looking real promising.

Time to cut our losses and move on.

Let mr. bunche take all the reps now and if you decide to keep seantrel second team him

C'mon people....he did not get arrested for weed or stupid bs....the kid was in an accident.....plain and simple....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it truly is Great to be a Florida GOLDEN Gator !!!

45 Gators are Representing THE University of Florida at the 2012 London Olympic Games... And as of today, with a Grand Total of 18 Medals, the University of Florida GATOR NATION would be #11 in Country Total Medal Standings right behind Italy by 1 and in front of the Netherlands by 2... And if U count Future Gator and 2 time Gold and Bronze Medalist Gymnast Aly Raisman that would be a total of 21 Overall Medals and a Solid Top 10 Finish in the Overall Standings for the Country and GATOR Nation of the UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA...

U ? ZERO... ZIP... Nada ... But look on the bright side Cane Fan... Ur only 1 Medal behind the Country of Latvia... So U got that going for U.

Truely the white heron is back with all his nonsensical supposedly insider knowledge. As Gen Oneray said many are stuck on stupid and white heron is a prime example.
There were at least two players this year that had to go to prep schools and some went to other div 1 schools.

gators like to cheer about being #11 in the medal count. You go lizards. Thashats all you have left given your 55,000 student diploma mill. Lets talk football:

Youbarely beat Furman with the Gatorade player of the year at QB.

Here's a Novel idea Cane fan... Get Urself a Glass cutter and a dozen empty Schlitz Malt LiqUor 40's. Cut off the bottoms, strap a ribbon to them and pass them out to Ur not so World Class Cane Athletes and play the cUban National Anthem...

Come on people
Seantrel had a aunt die. A friend die(I think I read somewhere that another friend killed herself). Then a car wreck.
It must be nice to have been 19 or 20 year old , and have never made a mistake. For myself I made plenty at that age.
The young man has worked hard to come back from back surgery. He is in the best shape of his carrier.
I am sure he knows he is falling behind and will probably not start the BC game.
I think he will show you were wrong about him as the season is played out.
As always

The Nation Of The Gator Nation. You beat me to it. But I decided not to post that info. Everytime I brag about our minor sports accomplishments the Miami fans diminish them as who cares because it's not the big 3. Maybe now that these world class athletes are representing our country the Miami fans will sit up and take note of the amazing skills and difficulty that these so called minor sports require. One would hope anyway. Funny thought, if the Gators were a country, you know there would only be one person who could be president. That's right! #15!!!!!!!!!!

oh so now gator nation and his grilfriend gatorsam are joining forces to cheer on their #11 (inmedal count turd athletes?)

It is that ridiculous arrogant and desperate attitude that makes the whole world hate your gator chomp, your gator "nation", your former gator coach (Urban the liar), your former gator players, and your entire redneck hillbilly town aka Gainseville.

Yes, you are deperate, coming onto a UM blog to chant your gator athletes, who by the way are american athletes, and by the way, yuou are a silly little girl for forgetting that.

But if thats the way its going to be, I'd rather see a Taliban playing beach volleyball beat a gator. I'd rather see an Iranian and a Russian beat out two gators than see you gloat like that. Why?

Because a true sportsman DOES NOT rub it in when a competitor is down, nor do you kick a competitor when he or she are down. UM is down, and you and your pathetic little desperate minions come on HERE to talk trash, despite the fact that in football and baseball (the only da-m thingthat matter to us)the U has dominated, destroyed, disemboweled, de-flowered, de-masculinated and de-nuded the mighty gator nation in what matters most: Numbers of National Championships.

The question I have is for the Florida State Trooper. You ARE supposed to be arrested for driving on a suspended or expired licence and he had both. Is the State Trooper a Cane fan? Does this violate NCAA rules? Manny/Susan - please look in to this. The kid should not have been allowed to leave the state.

I knew the typical Miami fan would pull against the USA. There you go.

"gators like to cheer about being #11 in the medal count. You go lizards. Thashats all you have left given your 55,000 student diploma mill. Lets talk football:

Youbarely beat Furman with the Gatorade player of the year at QB."

Man you are so dense! No that is not all we have left. We also have a perennial top basketball program. In fact we have the best all around athletic program in the whole nation. Only a jealous Moron like you and your kind would try to diminish that.

Let's talk football. We did beat Furman. A win is a win no matter if it's by 1 point or 100 points. If we had lost to Furman then it would make sense for you to bring this up. You are so stUpid you don't get it.
You bring up Furman. A win for the Gators.
What would be similar for the canes? A win against Bethune, maybe a win over Duke? No how about a loss to Maryland, a 2 win team. Or a capitulation to BC, a 3 or 4 win team? Those are embarrassing. Only an idiot like you would not understand. Give me Furman all day, no problem, just another win.

"Because a true sportsman DOES NOT rub it in when a competitor is down, nor do you kick a competitor when he or she are down"

See 1991 Cotton Bowl





Posted by: corpus |

Dude take a chill pill it's only a blog. Are you really so angry you would cheer for the Taliban or the ruskies? Get some therapy.
I would venture to say you are the one with the wrong attitude. And really only pretenders like you hate Urban Meyer no one else does. Same for hating former players, Gainesville, etc, etc. If you want to talk hate, well maybe just dislike, hate is too strong. Your canes have been voted most disliked team( maybe it was hated) on two different occasions.
So only football and baseball matter in Miami? That means Miami has not mattered for a long time now. Really it is football, where we have done much better than you lately, then basketball, do you have basketball at UM?, then baseball, again we have dominated you 11 straight times, and then a host of other sports, where your school doesn't even show up.
Don't hate. We just be talking sports.

Posted by: emilio

You are an idiot, stay in your mother's basement. Idiot!

Posted by: David McWilliams

I was thinking the same thing. Hypocrites!

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