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Stop the presses: Faulkner just released an email saying Ray-Ray still has to be cleared academically


Just got this email from Faulkner assistant athletic director Doug Amos. The drama continues.(SEE PREVIOUS BLOG)

(Check out the last sentence).

"Ray Armstrong, the former safety at the University of Miami, has applied for admittance but has yet to be officially accepted by Faulkner University. His acceptance is pending the receipt of transcripts and other materials required by the admissions office. Once accepted, Armstrong will be allowed to practice with the Faulkner football team. Prior to competing for the Eagles this fall, Armstrong must clear the NAIA Eligibility Center.

Armstrong was initially listed on the football team’s roster but when it was realized he had yet to be recognized as a student by the institution his name was removed."




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A very sad story for RayRay. I wish him the best

If his girlfriend were just a dentist, teacher, stockbroker or runway model ... none of this would have happened. Instead of taking into account her status as a girlfriend, UM emphasized her profession to dismiss him. Of course it's unfair.

The kid is not insecure dating a successful business woman, but the adults are insecure he is dating such a woman. Being secure vs. insecurities.

Ray Ray hasnt done a thing at the U but take up a scholarship. He's more trouble than he's worth.

another 5 star bust...

best of luck...

Posted by: HurricanesFan

Posting on social media got him in trouble.

Thank you Ray Ray for not causing a circus. No need to force your way back on team. Best play you have made at the "U" in the last three years. Wish you would have played better and not fudged up all your chances.

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