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The many faces of Lieutenant Al Golden

Here are a couple of fun pictures from fans of UM coach Al Golden aboard Forrest Gump's boat -- The Jenny.

Golden spoke to reporters Tuesday in anticipation of the Boston College opener Saturday and talked about feeling like he's been involved in a storm for the past 19 months (amid an NCAA investigation and coaching the program) and made a reference to the infamous Oscar-winning movie.

"Somebody asked me about the storm the other day," Golden said. "I said it's been storming for 19 months now. I mean that's the truth. I feel like Lieutenant Dan in the Gulf on a shrimp boat. You call this a storm? That's where we're at."

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Last year's 6-6 team competed!! Don't forget that. Our boyz did not lose a game all year by more than one TD. This year's team will be better and we will win 2-3 of those lost games. 8-4 is not what were used to but it will certainly set the plate for 2013!!!

I will be in Boston, how about U?

Will be there also. In the U section

Nolekiller I hope this years team is better also. And thats all I'm gonna say about that(Gumpism) We had a lot of guys go pro as y'all know. Al Goldens coaching is in for a big test. We know he's a great recruiter. GO MIAMI HURRICANES!!!

Coach Al looks cool and relaxed..

Looks to me like Coach G is using his own philosophy.

Fiction becomes reality.

Experience, hardwork, and dedication meets Opportunity Equals Success..

That is the philosophy of the 'U'.

It is called "THE PROCESS"

We are with you Coach G, go get 'em.

Go 'Canes Always

If our DLine can develop, I agree with an 8-4...If not; if we have a lot of LB and DL injuries, 4-8. I did take notice that we fought til the end of each game last year and think we will se improvement this year on that front. I have a lot of confidence in Golden's process.


David Mayer "Bleacher Report " called it a 9-3 year if all the pieces in our puzzle play out...and that would be a good year..

Watch out VT ad FSU there may be some surprises.
I agree.

Go 'Canes Always


JesUs H Christ, are U really so desperate as to qUote a Hack Cane Homer Blogger from a rag like "Belcher Report"?

David Mayer Bio :

Growing up in North Dakota, I never had a chance to cheer for a big time local sports team. I basically had to choose between Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Denver. So i did what every North Dakota sports junky would do. Pick a Miami, FL team to cheer for!

I have now been a devoted Hurricanes fan for over 27 years. Don't get me wrong, I am not your typical biased fan, I respect college football as a whole and when I had an opportunity to put together a Bleacher Report top 25 poll, I gladly accepted.

How do U think this Cane Clown is going to see it? Just another DelUsional Cane ClUck that's hoping and praying for anything positive to come out of that Gables dUmpster Fire like the rest of U sad sad Cane soUls...

Oh, and don't U miss David Mayer's Fantasy Fiction article... Miami Hurricanes Football: 'It's a Canes Thing, U Wouldn't Understand'

F'ING HilarioUs Garbage !!! DelUsional Drivel


""""" Just wait until the Hurricanes win championships again. Heads will swell and people across the country will be throwing up the "U" like they are part of a gang.

Don't understand what I am talking about?

It's a Canes thing, U wouldn't understand."""""


this is why everyone around the Country just shakes their heads in amazement and laUghs at U ... Just like Notre Dame 20 years ago.

That's Ur TrUe Cane Thang U dUmb ClUcks...

5-7. This comes around to coaching on both sides and player usage. UM has the players.

That's UM goes 5-7. Comment not aimed at poster, who moniker obviously mirrors the upcoming season.

yeah... ALL those Pre-Season ALL-ACC n ALL- American picks riiieeet ?

All-ACC - Punter

1 Position Player with ONE Vote and THIRD TEAM Pre-SEASON ALL-ACC O-Lineman Linder...

THAT'S IT ... bUt U have the players riiieet?

4-8 you bd a fool

I rock turtlenecks

There goes DeLusional and Dick and all his other pseudonyms (Doubt you would understand) who lives on this Blog...

Get a life and please go find SOMETHING to do..

Now you are 5-7.

Keep this up and we all will put you on IGNORE..
You even have the quotes down,from Bleacher Report; sure David Mayer would like the exposure (Yeah)...
Good for you..

Now go think up another name to ramble on..

Go 'Canes Always

Where can I get tix for the Notre Dame game?

This is the time of year you love if you are a Hurricane fan. Was in Boston in 2001 when Ed Reed ran it back for a TD . Will be there this year for a great game . Go Canes

This is the Miami Herald? I think I am done with this sad rag. You guys are terrible! I am better off on message boards.

I agree with nolekiller69...

I am expecting an 8-4, and anything better than that will have me with multiple hard-ons..:-)

Posted by: 5-7 | August 28, 2012 at 07:05 PM


You f*cking loser! You're researching the bio of a reporter who said something positive about a team YOUR TEAM DOESN'T EVEN PLAY!!!

Reassess your life brother, it's gotten out of hand...

Cool cat is a d...mb arse

8-4. Possibly 9-3

This is a rebuilding year. We said the same things in 1999. No way anyone thought that in 2000 wed beat that juggernaut #1 fsu with weinke and anquan boldin and such. And we did. We rocked the world... And even the gators with their golden child rex grossman were like deers in headlights when they saw all that speed.

Believe me guys

2012- 8-4
2013- 10-2
2014- 13-0 ncs

3 days
14 hrs

And college football will find out what Golden and Co have done with The U. What he did at Temple was a flat out miracle. Mix that recipe with State of Miami talent and you have a deadly combination. No more "me first" players, everyone is accountable, and the weak have been weeded out. There are no more "stars", just players that are hungry. Whole new team, Golden's team. Our secondary is definitely improved from last year, all of our Dlinemen are huge compared to last year as well. Sophomore DT Olsen Pierre came in at 6'4" 260lbs and got into the backfield plenty of times. Now he's at an even 300lbs and is one of the stronger guys in the gym. Watch out offensive backfields! Chickillo and Green will destroy from the outside closing around BC's QB. Our Oline will allow Morris to do whatever he wants and James will have holes to run through. I would love to see him go for a nice long run like L.Miller used to. Can't wait for our special teams to smoke everyone for a TD. BC doesn't have it.

THE U 35 BC 7
U goes 8-4



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!

2012- 8-4
2013- 10-2
2014- 13-0 ncs

Posted by: 5>3>2

I'm with you brother. I completely agree with this time line.
I'm changing my score prediction. 40-7 Miami, BC's defense will not be able to hold us back and I feel that we'll have a special teams score, a defensive score, and the rest will come from the offense. I'll be in Key West during game time on Duval St. partying with family and friends and then some night fishing. Damn I wouldn't mind being in BC for this but 5hit storm Isaac screwed that up for me this past weekend. 3 more days Canesfans!!!!!


go see pbpost i think he posted there too don't get it. The stuff he says is fuuny but the fact he does it over and over and over and over and over and over again and again damn thats alot of ands but you get my point. Since it seems youlike to post here more I'll ask here why? Who did what to you?

Michael Casagrande‏@ByCasagrande

A lot of background chatter at radio show with Al Golden on mic. For those asking a/b differences with Bama, that's a big one.


Typical drUnk, dUmb, stUpid, rUde, social misfit Cane ClUck Fans...

i think you misread a quote.

Antcane, he is trapped in a wheelchair in front of a computer and his bedpan is changed only at irregular intervals, so he has a rash and an irritated personality, and so he trolls the Post apparently, the Herald, and probably even the Sun Sentinel at all hours of the day and night, since they haven't banned him yet.

Someday, his caretaker will forget to feed him, and we will be free of his obsessive hate.

Can someone PLEASE slip his caretaker a 20 and make it happen?

I'll be at BC. Is there a U pregame party!?!?!

Better yet a 5 will do just as well..doesn't take much.

According to BC they have some injuries coming into the game, and they will have some wrinkles thrown in with the additions of new Coaches to their Coaching staff, from last years game.

Should be a great game for the 'U' to kick off the season.

Miami will win and still hold things back in not showing everything for future opponents.

Great way to start the season.

Go 'Canes Always.

emilio wants all of Driskel dribbled over him.

You guys think UM is going to win a national championship in 2014 with a first year quarterback?

that was unbelievably gay

Will be there also. In the U section

Posted by: ltcdolphin


Lucky, enjoy the trip and come back safe. I'll be on Duval St.



Duval Street? MMmmmmmmmmm, emilio has many memories of Duval Street and toys.

You guys think UM is going to win a national championship in 2014 with a first year quarterback?
Posted by: Not too bright... | August 29, 2012 at 09:14 AM

You mean like in 1983, when Kosar replaced Kelly?
You mean like in 1987, when Walsh replaced Testaverde?
You mean like in 1989, when Erickson replaced Walsh?
You mean like in 1991, when Torretta replaced Erickson?
Or to use some non-Canes examples:
You mean like in 2009, when McElroy replaced Wilson?
You mean like in 2010, when Newton replaced Todd?
You mean like in 2011, when McCarron replaced McElroy?

At least you admitted in your latest fake ID that you are not too bright, stupid obsessed troll with mother issues.

"This is the time of year you love if you are a Hurricane fan."

Indeed it is cane clUcks, the end of the Summer. The anticipation builds!
Baseless predictions of glory galore!
Get your predictions in before the losing resumes clUcks, time is running out.

Funny pictures of Golden, lost at sea, lost as a coach, wish he were back at Temple.

Posted by: Five Titles

So Einstein who will this first year phenom be in 2014? Is he in the roster already or is it a savior yet to come?
You are delUsional beyond any hope.

Poor obsessed troll, got proven wrong, AGAIN, so instead of admitting I was RIGHT, tries to attack the messenger.

Fool, nobody in Auburn thought Cam Newton would be their QB in 2010 back in 2007, so WHY would I know who that future QB will be? It doesn't matter, and that wasn't the point made, your stupid troll point was that first year QBs don't win titles, and you were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Nothing in my statements of truth were delusional, your ASSUMPTION that teams don't win titles with first year QBs was delusional, sick troll with mother issues.

Go tell your caretaker that you have another gift for him in yor bedpan, invalid obsessed troll.

Don't respond to this idiot. You know, and he knows, he posts utter garbage such as:

"Tracy Howard is All Gatah."

Right, Pig? Dumb, wrong, a virgin and odoriferous.

It all makes sense.

Reality BIte (me)- Please. You've been had. Go away. he (five titles) made you sound like his bee-octh. Put your tail between your legs and go somewhere else because you have been put down

I'm the king of the woooorld....

Wow. The Reality Bites Pig has been


I haven't seen a b@tch-slapping that bad since Nebraska owned the Gatr Trash in the Fiesta Bowl.

You are dismissed, Pig. Five Titles crushed you. Be a man and leave. It is what a man would do.

Fake internet ownage that has nothing to do with internet football rivalry

Coach Golden is a good recruiter.He has quickly proven that.However.......the jury is still out on him being a real good coach in a real good conference playing real good teams.Until Cane teams beat quality teams consistently...like old Cane teams.....no one will yet be able to say the U has begun to turn things around in a very positive way.Having a talented but very young team is very challenging to get them to compete with much more good and experienced teams....like our second game.After the first couple games.....reality will have reared it s head.Let s hope it will be smiling down on all Canes and Cane fans.

That's too funny, even when you're using my handle you just can't bring yourself to admit it, you have to call it an "internet football rivalry", can't face the fact that your internet rivalry has absolutely nothing to do with football.


Five Titles you the man
You really owned him
You so clever
Way to go
Blah, blah, blah

Sounds like a bunch of losers congratulating each other over nothing.
You got to toot your own horn to make yourself feel better. Pathetic.

Fool, the post about the first year QBs wasn't mine, I just responded to your answer.
Guess you have blind faith that such a savior QB will show up in the Gables, hasn't happened in a decade but who's counting.
Teddy Bridgewater was supposed to be such a savior
What happened to him?
Keep living in make belief land dUmmy, you and your minions keep congratulating yourselves to make you feel better.
Reality will soon hit you in your uggly mugs once again.

Absolute best case scenario: 7-5
Likely scenario: 6-6
Possible scenario: 4-8

This team is rife with holes. The depth chart is scary thin and even the starters are lacking experience. Morris had yet to show much and I gave watched Golden get out coached. All that weight room stuff means nuttin.

Let me begin by stating that I've never been on the Miami Herald's FSU or Gaytor sites. Get my point visitors?

I love the reseasonable optimism exhibited by we true Cane fans. As I stated many times, given we win against the teams we beat last year and win the couple we could have won as well, ie, VT and K State, it is logical that an 8 win season is very possible. Do they not still teach logic in college? Snitz is going to hit the fan at Gaytorville because there QB play will cost them big.

Alabama's QB was a first year starter. Tebow was a first year starter and The Great Record setter Cam Newton was a first year starter. All won Natl. Titles. Why are the Gaytor Trolls so obsessed with our dedication to The U?

No one is "obsessed with our dedication to The U"
We are amused and tickled to death with your delusion, your constant baseless predictions that never come true.
Your stUpidity and general ignorance about the game.
Your constant living in the past, stuck in the 1980s and all the NFL pro bowlers, while your team continues it's mediocre slide.
Your constant posting on GatorClause and trying to trash talk much better opponents.
Not obsession, just comedic relief and amazament of how blind, ignorant and delUsional a bandwagon fan base can be.

Fake internet retort that has nothing to do with internet football rivalry

Not our rival, is you retarded?

Are you capable of typing anything original or coherent?

stop constantly repeating yourself ass clown

you're an embarrassment to your parents

and to this country


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