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Thursday camp notes: Golden not pleased, Chick in yellow, Hurns in red, few in black

The question was fitting, especially if UM Hurricanes Coach Al Golden needed to light a fire under his weary troops.

"How do you think you guys have done up to this point? Are you guys hitting a wall?"

"They've got to fight through it -- the proverbial wall. There's no light at the end of the tunnel right now. We've got a long way to go. We've got two today, one tomorrow, and then the scrimmage, so we've got a long way to go. We have four next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then we'll break camp.

 "We're not where we need to be right now..."

Golden was asked if this is the hardest part of camp. Fall camp opened Aug. 3, two weeks ago Friday.

"This is it right here,'' Golden answered. "This is the hardest part, this is where teams can get divided with that self-preservation mode set in. Two today, one tomorrow, and then a scrimmage, so we're trying to fight that. We don't want to just survive this portion of camp; we want to thrive, unite and rise above it."

Golden said that "everybody's going through it and we've got to get that selfishness out of our locker room. There's no place for it. It's hard on everybody. It's hard on the coaches, who don't see their families for these two weeks. It's hard on the players, it's hard on everybody that supports them. Having a bad attitude or being negative -- the negativity -- we have to get that out of our building.

"We're not where we need to be yet in terms of that, but we're a lot further than we were last year.''

Golden even pointed out that middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, no longer in a first-team black jersey (only two players had them on Thursday), needs to be pushed through the end of camp so he can "be the playmaker we know he can be.'' The coach said Perryman was "in that little camp rut right now.''

*The only players wearing the  black jerseys Thursday were punter Dalton Botts and defensive end Shayon Green.

* There were several players on offense wearing the first-team orange jerseys.


* DE Anthony Chickillo, an integral part of this defense, was in a yellow jersey for the second consecutive day. Chick told reporters he had a stomach flu yesterday, Golden told us he had a sinus infection. Today, Golden said of Chickillo: "I don't know how much he'll do. If he can handle that then he'll progress back to a jersey.''

* WR Allen Hurns, who Golden raved about this camp, is wearing a no-contact red jersey. "Allen's being held out right now,'' Golden said. "I don't know for how long, but we're just being careful with his head. I don't really discuss the injuries. I'm just telling you it's a head injury ad we're holding him out.''

* LB Gionni Paul (knee) "is doing better,'' Golden said. "I was pleased that he fought through the [special teams] scrimmage.''


Junior OT Seantrel Henderson was not at camp again (yesterday, too). Coach told us Henderson left Wednesday for another funeral in Minnesota, but I think at this point he is strictly focusing on who is at camp, not who is missing.

"He's definitely not back today. He's not cleared yet. He's home right now. I'll let you guys know when he's cleared and when he's back. Obviously this is practice 15 or 16. He hasn't taken any of them yet.''







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Much better hearing the truth from Golden rather than the coach-speak of Shannon.

Sad to see they have hit a wall in their training, but BC is having it worse with their injuries, so it isn't like they are going to trounce us.

I think Golden is just trying to teach the team how to win those close games by coming together and fighting for it. I do not see him letting up on these guys.
Gionni Paul is showing his toughness. Competing on the field while still limping around. Hats off young man. Way to stand tall.

Susan I do not mean this in a negative way. We Cane fans appreciate all the info you give us, but as Seantrel goes. He is not going to play till mid season if he comes back. I see no reason to keep reporting on him. Until he is out on the field fighting for a job.

As always

Too many injuries. That's why players go into self-preservation mode. Believe it or not, your health is your most valuable possession, not money, not real-estate, not material things.

When they see what happen to their teammates Kirby, Paul, Chick, Hurns ... they react. They are humans too, not just football players.


You mean the college kids think that their money, real estate and material things may be more important?

I'm sorry if it isn't a member of the immediate family, what's this kid going home for a funeral again. When I was at the U two uncles died one a first the other a second. I knew them both well, I didn't go home. A close high school friend died, I wasn't even told until I came home for the Spring break a mouth later. Why, so I wouldn't be distracted from my job and that was studying and getting my degree.

Seantrel is obviously using these funerals as a signal that he wants out of the program. Just because he's big doesn't mean he's tough. Maybe he just wants to be the center of attention, like some sort of circus side show. Perhaps rather than focusing on the NFL, he should look towards pro wrestling.

Golden will push until the team reaches beyond its limits. This has been missing at UM, and will pay off in attitude, conditioning and performance.

These panzies need to be pushed and pushed some more. They have proved over and over for the last 5-6 years that they have been under conditioned and soft. You all think Alabama or USC are taking it easy? You all must be kidding me. What did these kids think Do they think its any easier in the NFL, where they will cut your lazy behind if they think you are underperforming? Do any of these kids watch hard knocks?

This is what I think about Seantrel: Giant B-U-S-T.

This is what I think we should do with his scholie: C-U-T

@bba70 and Ramocrat you guys are dead on it.Seantrel is a bust! An the Canes have to move on...

The only players wearing the black jerseys Thursday were punter Dalton Botts and defensive end Shayon Green.

Fear the most awesome punter ever, now wearing Black!

I having been reading these post for a few months now...A lot of people are so clueless on this blog...first off we have talent at the linebacker position just not exp...another thing about seantrel he IS A TWENTY YEAR OLD KID FROM MINNESOTA LAY OFF.. do any of you know what it is to be away from home..playing at a prestigious school and losing family members or friends you haven't seen in a while..i doubt you all do..i ran track in college no pressure their but from an collegiate athletes stand point when i was twenty and away from home i was learning to grow up...i hope some of the people who post these blogs are young but if you all are of the age 26 and older grow up he's just a kid and p.s ..if you don't have anything positive to say get off the blog..i love the CANES..through and through and golden is getting it right ...and another thing i played high school football if you had a good team coach is always gonna get everybody reps in practice thats why they call it practice to see who can play and translate it to the game..you people are clueless

another thing two a days suck..you can't go hard bcuz you don't want to hurt your teammates and you don't want to get hurt but that week before the game they will be so intense they want get any sleep at night just bcuz of the expectations and the hardwork..as twenty year old kid who weighed 380 you don't lose 40ibs without discipline and dedication...100% ABOUT THE U

@bob your friend who past wasn't to close if you found out a month later

hahaha.. So true 0819.. I am not going to blast the kid for attending a funeral. That's dumb!

I remember when our "fans" got on the previous coaching staff for all of the injuries, not a peep when it comes to Al. lol

@frostdog0819 --"another thing about seantrel he IS A TWENTY YEAR OLD KID FROM MINNESOTA LAY OFF.. do any of you know what it is to be away from home..playing at a prestigious school and losing family members or friends you haven't seen in a while"--

Let's see, UM had a few kid's over the years that went on to do well but I don't recall any of them skipping practices to be with "friends" and distant family. A few names that come to mind are: Jim Kelly - PA, Bernie Kosar - OH, Vinnie Testaverde - NY, Steve Walsh - MN, Ken Dorsey - CA, Gino Torretta - CA, Russel Maryland - IL, Danny Stubbs - NJ, Cortez Kennedy - AR, Greg Mark - NJ, Jessie Armstead - TX, Clinton Portis - MS.

Seantrel is either unhappy and wants a transfer, or he hasn't come to realize that just because his name is Seantrel, defensive linemen won't let themselves be bowled over, or he has a poor work ethic, or he just lacks toughness and isn't cut out to be a football player.

The missing of 16 practices for Seatrell is huge.The signs are troublesome.Of course 1 can make the case for the legitimate funerals but missing all those practices and his car accident demonstrates he s mentally affected significantly.Will take him half the season before he starts a game and then with what kind of effort or performance??????He s much more of a distraction now and it definitely doesn t help the morale of the team.

Stop mentioning RS!

Happens every year: UM has good players, nobody doubts that. But upon taking the field, something just doesn't fall into place.

We got good players, but that half the battle. U think it's coaching? Are we giving coaches a pass for whatever reasons?

Bob, BBA, from Bob BBA, I was going to write almost identically what you did. I also didn't go home due to deaths in my family when I was at the "U" and I wasn't on the football team, just a lowly student. During those days, family's thought there was not many things more important than an education...even death.

I'm with you FiveTitles!! I never wanna hear that guys name again.

All in favor for never mentioning "that other coach" here again...?

Those oppose???


In regards to Henderson. This kid needs to wise up. If he's looking for a transfer then give it to him and we can get someone else to fill that scholarship. A true freshman has just taken his spot, what does that tell you? I was really happy to have him on the team but his attitude of late leaves much to be desired. Henderson is finding out that when you're in college, your name will not carry you, only your actions. Our Oline is running like a well oiled machine now and has done so WITHOUT HIM! What does that tell you? He admits to not being a gym guy but guess what, if you're not a gym guy in college you will not see the field. This isn't "that other coaches" team anymore, this is GOLDEN'S TEAM NOW! You have to earn it. Nothing is given to you. You have to work for it you 6'8" 340lb baby!

Susan - First thanks for the reporting. Second, please don't bring this kid up until he's football ready. He might as well take a redshirt this season to make up for everything that he's lost. How many practices now 15/16 he's missed already?? I don't think that he's redshirted yet so that will be good for him. We might lose Malcolm Bunche after the season. I over heard his sister Cetera at the spring game at Joe Robbie talking to someone that he wants to enter the draft after THIS season. That's a long ways away but if his sister is talking about it, then redshirting Henderson might be a better idea in the long run. Hunter Wells and Taylor Gadbois will fit in nicely along Henderson and the rest next season. Gadbois is another big kid at 6'8" 300+. He did a year at prep school and was able to enroll in the spring. In highschool he was a mauler, that's all I can say. About this season, I'm seeing easy 8-4 but could easily go better. I don't see us doing worse than 8-4 I just don't. I know haters do but they're morons so what do I care.



First off if the kid wanted to leave he could have left..Al Golden is a stand up guy all his players say that so its not an issue...He just lost 6 underclassmen one more wouldn't bother him it's not like he has been practicing anyway..like I said you people need to grow up and stop ragging on kids who were talented and given the opportunity to do something you guys have to have a tv and a game system to exp...

Heather Dinch knows more about football then you guys and thats not saying a lot...clueless

Stop mentioning RS!
Posted by: FiveTitles | August 16, 2012 at 01:36 PM

Hey, are you retarded? You mentioned Randy first & then asked other posters to stop bringing up his name.. WTF!!!

@ Frostdog
I am sorry for Seantrel's loss, and his accident.
If he wants to play this season he needs to be here practicing.
What do you think Miller is thinking. He did not attend his mothers funeral to practice so he could play in the bowl game against Notre Dame.
Miami fans are hard. We always have been. Maybe that is why more of our players seem to handle the NFL better. They have thicker skin from not everybody kissing their behinds.
You might not like what the other fans have to say, but that does not make them clueless.

First off it was Mike james whose mother had died and second we are not talking about a game bcuz im pretty sure he missed practice and then played..I just took a test to become a CNA..they said the best way to cope with a lost one is to talk about it. the stress that comes over a lost family or a love one is tremendous and sometimes can be life altering so to even question how someone deals with or cope with a death you can't because your not the one who has to deal with it ...I played sports throughout high school and lettered one year in college have seen teammates lose loved ones and play in the game.. but as teammates your always there for your fellow mate..like i said you people are more than likely people that have never had the exp. in competition and comradery ....Get a Grip

Really, who gives a s*it it Mike decided to skip his mother's funeral or not.. I would not have had any qualms w/the young man for missing the game, but to act like all players should do the same is stupid. Obviously, most of these weridos that post here could care less about these guys off the field, which is why folks are mad. If Al has an issue w/it he is able to revoke his scholly @ any given time.

Any diehard Canes fan can recall the days when if you missed practice or got injured there was a chance you would never see the field again. I like the tone that Golden is setting.

@frostdog0819....I think what everyone is trying to say is that, we understand that everyone deals with things differently. However now is the time for Henderson to be mentally tough. He has a lot of people depending on him right now to make the right decisions. Not only for the team, but for Hendersons' future as well. I've played high school and college ball. As a matter of fact i'm from miami and played college football in minnesota (bitter cold). I remember those days as a freshman watching those guys that had family members that would come and visit, but my family could not afford to come up and even watch me play. Those were adjustment as a young man, i had to overcome. So i truly understand that whole being away from home thing. At that point you have to decide if you're going to let those obstacles get in the way of making a better future, not only for you, but the ones who depend on you.. to be tough and stick it out. "With great power ,comes great responsibility"-idk. This kid looks like he can dismantle anyone in front of him on the d-line,and be a first round pick, if his mind is right, and right now it's not. This is where the rubber meets the road. Make a decision and stick with it. I know...too many cliche's lol!! But they really mean something.

Go Canes!!

Exactly thats why seantrel not on the depth chart but don't throw the guy under the bus bcuz of deaths involving his family and friends...but truth be told henderson probably want start or in fact get a lot of plays against BC but he will be in the fold for the rest of the season if he was going anywhere he would have been left and as a runner i know d@#$ well henderson big A$! didn't lose all that weight for nothing thats a lot of weight to lose on a big frame...Love the Canes


once again tom thumb popadick aka 86c@ne/soup/ceo passed off a press release in lieu of first-hand reporting …
lest you forget …
reprinting someone else’s entire work without permission without attribution may constitute copyright infringement …
a tort …
the University of Miami should look to sue …
put your scumass out of business …


BOB & bob_bba70 - I will not defend Seantrel because I do not know the details but your post is truly pathetic. If you were close you your Uncles and couldn't be bothered to miss a day or two of your super important college life to honor their lives at a funeral then you failed as a human being. And if you couldn't be bothered to attend the funeral of a close high school friend than you don't know what it is to be a friend.

Its unfortunate that in the time since your college days you still haven't learned the basics of being a decent human. Like many lemmings you believe its honorable to put work before family, to make work (where they could fire you tomorrow) more important than taking 24 hours to honor someone's life at the time of their passing. Its embarrassing to call you a fellow Cane.

Again, none of this is to defend Seantrel as I don't know the details and I too question his commitment but I would much rather have Seantrel as a friend than a callous ass like you.

6-6 is the best The U can do

@kanye4life I understand what your saying and hey your a tough guy...but i remember one athlete retiring when he was at the pinnacle of his profession bcuz of a certain member dying just bcuz he had to clear his mind...hey hers a nice cliche for you .."easier said then done" if you can't guess who it is his last name is a brand and he has six rings..he left for two years and he was a thirty year old man

Frogdog it was 1969 there was no internet just snail mail and the weekly call home.

Frogdog your soft man up. Stop cryiing for these kids there tuffer that you think and college is the time to growup it's not High School.

bUbba bob with the greatest post of all-time
College is not High School????
Who knew????

The hardest part of a climb to the top is near the pinnacle...Camp in two a days are tough..and as Coach G said the grind is tough for the Coaches, players, and families. This is where the difference of digging down deep in a must win game, takes the 'U' over the top, WINS GAMES.

Coach Golden said you "have to go over the proverbial wall and selfishness goes out the window".
We all seem to look around this as being an itegral part of breaking the team phsically down, in order to build it up metally and physically stronger and more resolute down the line..

There is a METHOD to this madness...and it hurts to get there..This is the PROCESS...

It is just like training in Delta force or Seals...go to the ultimate, and win and overcome any challenge.

It is Hard, but I like what the 'U' is doing...
Clinton Portis said "It's all about the TEAM 'U' at Uof M, not the I for the 'Canes."

If Seantrel plays this season he may fill in or go for a few games but will not be up to playing intensely but for 5 or 6 games...Lots of raw talent, lots of time lost.
Let's support the guys over this hardest part of Camp an get ready for our 'Canes.
Go 'Canes Always

Delta Force or SEALS????
Were you born dumb or did it take you a few years to get to this level???
Dalta Force and SEAL protect our country and train to kill in doing so
What an idiot

dude i just hit thirty...truth be told im friends with G.reid hell he was my next door neighbor until he got kicked off the team....i'm around those young guys all the time greg is good young man but he still makes childish decisions...he made a decision that can in the long run cost him half a million dollars..example pac man jones..wreckless young and dumb and he was an honor roll student at west virgina..there just 18 19 year old guys finding themselves and some of them are from different walks of life so try to look at it from their perspective sometimes....this isn't PS3 dynasty or whateva its called

Oh also Pac hasn't been a trouble for about three years granted hes 28 now but hey he got it their young guys under pressure and making plenty of people millions i mean 9 figure tv contract millions

News flash for frosty paws
This is a Canes blog just go on over to the FSU on the Herald and put your lies about living by Reid over there
They might buy your story

You people have never played organized sports at any level pretty much...oh yeah tallycane im in tally so if you recognize the handle it is me..the one and only frostdog..you people are clueless ....Get a Grip

I wanted to say thank you Susan for all the info that you've been bringing us. Keep up the good work

Funny how all our top teams never hit the wall during two a-days under Howard, Jimmy and Erickson. Man they were just so good and incredibly deep. I know Al is installing a tougher mindset and work ethic, but we simply don't have the overall 2 and 3 team deep depth to have practices the way they need to be run. Not a knock, just the way it is. The injuries, and they come for every team, only compounds that lack of overall depth. We look good, but not great, 1-22 1st. team wise, but the fall off from there is pretty significant. Compared to JJ's teams(and the 200-2002 bunch), half of these kids wouldn't see the field even as Scout teamers. That's not a knock. I can just see Jimmy in charge of this team lamblasting them every minute of evey practice. Sign of the times. Golden seems to have to coddle too many of these kids now. But I'm sure it's that way most everywhere now in 2012 College Football compared to the 80's-90's. It's all just part of the process. We'll either see or won't see the developement during the season, Spring and this time next year when they're all "Golden Boys." I Just cringe everytime I hear of injuries knowing what's or not what's behind them to be replaced. And unfortunately, more injuries will come, we'll see if anyone steps up or just fills in as bodies.

As far as Seantrel goes, I plain and simply feel this kid has been treated with kidgloves his entire life. Which is not entirely his fault. Just not that mentally tough. Don't know about all the funeral stuff, it's personal. But his Cane family is on that campus and in that lockeroom and practice field now. Just hard to figure why he wouldn't rather get back to his unit and be with his boys during tough times. He chooses to come and go as though it's Miami's privledged to have him there. I really think this kid and pops are planning to probably sit out this season at home in Minnesota, redshirt and enroll at USC or Minnesota in the Spring chasing more headlines and press hooplah. I really think that's coming, but will be be surprised if he does return and seize the opportunity to rise back to first team. Sure would shut a lot of us up. And I'd be the first to admit I was wrong.

Wish I could be as optimistic as others here but with so much about this team being a complete mystery compared to last years squad, I'm hoping for a solid 7-5 year. We have a really tough beginning with @KSU n @N.D., @Ga.Tech and N.Car.St. Then a Home run of N.Car., FSU and Va.Tech. Then at a solid @Virginia team. That's a pretty tough stretch even for last years team much less this years squad that will be O.J.T. bigtime. I really think that Nov. 10th. game in Charlottesville will be the KEY determining factor to this years team. I hope we are able to head there with a 5-4 record, but see a tough 4-5 record. Either way, will find out what this team is made of and just the type of leader Golden is. Win at Virginia and finish USF off at home and Duke in Durham and that would be a great finish and springboard going into 2013.

Sorry if these predictions make some of you mad, but realistically, a 7-5 would be good and 8-4 would be great. Winning and finishing strong after FSU n Va.Tech is the key... but the Cane in me thinks/hopes/prays an upset knocking off either FSU or Va.Tech at Home would be the cherry on top... We shall see.

I will look forward to the day in the season when we all have to realize that Seatrel is a bust like many of us already know. So far this funeral nonsense is only making the case.

Al needs to get rid of the big tub of nothing S. Henderson not a cane never be a cane. I have been a cane for 40 years. The guy can not play.Call me for more advice.

I tell the truth guy he stayed in the Renegade

you people are a trip just a year or two oh go you were ragging on arthur brown to say how he was a bust..you guys are delUUUUUUUUsional

7-5 are you serious? Worst 10-2 because our d- line is as good as the Baltimore Ravens or NY Giants, maybe you heard of those? watch the tape as I have.


Are U serious? That desperate to get someone to talk to U bout Ur fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football?

Damn, what is the deal with this kid and these funerals. I'm not trying to sound insensitive and I feel for the kid if he has lost someone close to him but I gotta agree with a post above on this kid in that he has been babied far too long. First he's not a workout guy, then he's not a practice player, hell then he isn't even at practice. Here's an idea Seantrel, get off your fat ass and do something. Either be the player you can be or get the hell out. U have been nothing but a bust for 2 years when if you really had the workethic you would have been starting at LT as a true freshmen, instead you are playing RT because all the rest of the lesser star'd players have beat you out. Grow the hell up, take that depend undergarment off and put on your big boy pants and roll like a Cane.

frosty paws is still going to try and convince someone he lived next to G.Reid.
Maybe in his next lie he will add that they were friends as well
frosty paws is a spammer
bUbbabob is just clueless

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