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Thursday camp notes: Golden not pleased, Chick in yellow, Hurns in red, few in black

The question was fitting, especially if UM Hurricanes Coach Al Golden needed to light a fire under his weary troops.

"How do you think you guys have done up to this point? Are you guys hitting a wall?"

"They've got to fight through it -- the proverbial wall. There's no light at the end of the tunnel right now. We've got a long way to go. We've got two today, one tomorrow, and then the scrimmage, so we've got a long way to go. We have four next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then we'll break camp.

 "We're not where we need to be right now..."

Golden was asked if this is the hardest part of camp. Fall camp opened Aug. 3, two weeks ago Friday.

"This is it right here,'' Golden answered. "This is the hardest part, this is where teams can get divided with that self-preservation mode set in. Two today, one tomorrow, and then a scrimmage, so we're trying to fight that. We don't want to just survive this portion of camp; we want to thrive, unite and rise above it."

Golden said that "everybody's going through it and we've got to get that selfishness out of our locker room. There's no place for it. It's hard on everybody. It's hard on the coaches, who don't see their families for these two weeks. It's hard on the players, it's hard on everybody that supports them. Having a bad attitude or being negative -- the negativity -- we have to get that out of our building.

"We're not where we need to be yet in terms of that, but we're a lot further than we were last year.''

Golden even pointed out that middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, no longer in a first-team black jersey (only two players had them on Thursday), needs to be pushed through the end of camp so he can "be the playmaker we know he can be.'' The coach said Perryman was "in that little camp rut right now.''

*The only players wearing the  black jerseys Thursday were punter Dalton Botts and defensive end Shayon Green.

* There were several players on offense wearing the first-team orange jerseys.


* DE Anthony Chickillo, an integral part of this defense, was in a yellow jersey for the second consecutive day. Chick told reporters he had a stomach flu yesterday, Golden told us he had a sinus infection. Today, Golden said of Chickillo: "I don't know how much he'll do. If he can handle that then he'll progress back to a jersey.''

* WR Allen Hurns, who Golden raved about this camp, is wearing a no-contact red jersey. "Allen's being held out right now,'' Golden said. "I don't know for how long, but we're just being careful with his head. I don't really discuss the injuries. I'm just telling you it's a head injury ad we're holding him out.''

* LB Gionni Paul (knee) "is doing better,'' Golden said. "I was pleased that he fought through the [special teams] scrimmage.''


Junior OT Seantrel Henderson was not at camp again (yesterday, too). Coach told us Henderson left Wednesday for another funeral in Minnesota, but I think at this point he is strictly focusing on who is at camp, not who is missing.

"He's definitely not back today. He's not cleared yet. He's home right now. I'll let you guys know when he's cleared and when he's back. Obviously this is practice 15 or 16. He hasn't taken any of them yet.''