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Davis' high school coach said freshman CB left Canes in search of more playing time

Vernon Davis grew up dreaming of playing for the Miami Hurricanes. But that dream apparently died after a few weeks of training camp.

Vernon DavisThe freshman cornerback from Miami Coral Reef received his release from scholarship Tuesday and according to his former high school coach will be headed to West Virginia on Wednesday morning.

"He just felt like he couldn't trust their coaches anymore," Coral Reef coach Chevas Clements said. "He wasn't happy. He saw how he had slid down the depth chart and how UM was going out and getting all these commitments from guys like [Miami Northwestern's] Artie Burns and [Southridge's] Jamal Carter. When was he going to play?"

Davis, a three-star recruit and former All-Dade First Team selection by The Miami Herald, asked for his release on Friday. Clements said UM coaches tried to convince him to stay. But in the end, Davis' heart was set on leaving.

"At West Virginia they got two walk-ons who are backups," Clements said. "He knows he's got a much better chance to get on the field there."

Clements said Davis was on his way to Coral Reef to fax his information to West Virginia. Per NCAA rules, Davis will sit out the 2012 season.

"He was going to redshirt anyway," Clements said. "Honestly, I would have preferred if he stayed at Miami. I like the coaches there. But he was dead-set against it."

Four of the remaining seven new arrivals in the secondary are expected to make it onto the travel roster: LaDarius Gunter, Tracy Howard, Antonio Crawford and Deon Bush.


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Weak. Can't cut it on the field here so he leaves to another school that has nobody at that position. when life gets tough quit!

Theres no reason to bad mouth the kid just because he doesnt want to play here.
Instead of complaining about players why dont you try going to a game or 2
Or would you rather just whine about the small crowds at some games
Many of these fans are just idiots

If he was going to RS then why not stay and compete if you always wanted to be a Cane? I liked him but obviously that is not the type of player we need. Compete and show that you are as good as you think you are. So what if Artie and the kid from the Ridge come to UM, they could easily get redshirted if Vernon works hard this year and gets the playbook down for 2013. I wish him the best but this is exactly what we are weeding out, the sense of entitlement. You must earn your spot!

This has nothing to do with small crowds, or fan. This has everything to with lack of character and taking the easy way out. He is an example of an athlete who is scard to compete, and wants a position handed to him.

I'm not bad mouthing him, but just stating the obvious. He is leaving the team because he doesn't think he can compete for playing time with the current players and incoming players. He would prefer to attend a school where he will not have to work as hard for playing time. It will be much easier for him at West Virginia. Good luck.

Wolf the truth is not bad mouthing. Michael well put.

. He saw how he had slid down the depth chart and how UM was going out and getting all these commitments from guys like [Miami Northwestern's] Artie Burns and [Southridge's] Jamal Carter. When was he going to play?

Nothing more needs to be said... did he really expect that golden would stop recruiting studs at the position because he was here?

Good luck dude. Imagine being a "U" fan all your life and then getting recruited by the "U" only to realize that your dreams of playing for the "U" will not come true. Must kind of suck. Hell look at the bright side, West Virginia destroyed ACC Champion Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Who would have ever thought that there would come a time when West Virginia's program would be at a better place than the "U"s. Hopefully not for too long though.

LOL wow.

Boy I love Coach Clements because he's a str8 shooter. He was the some way when I played for him in 03. Good luck Vernon. It's sad to see you go. I hope you don't become a runner your whole entire life.

There you have it- many of you sat here in the previous blog criticzing some of who criticizd him. So he is a kid, but facts are facts and his coach admitted the truth:

He couldnt cut it, could not or would not compete, and could not or would not be willing to put the hard work and competition to make it on the field. truth is, he has 4 years maybe 5, and he was not willing period.

Maybe he didnt think he was good enough and now he rips on the walk ons at WVA? Hey dont rip on walk ons- some are better than the 5 stars and most are willing to work asn sweat and bust there a55es unlike some of these primadonnas who think the job will be handed to them

ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION. Good luck with West Va where you will never win a ship

A lack of character??????????????/
You must know him or something in order to say that huh?????????/
The kid is doing what he thinks is best for him so shut your hole and wish him the best
No wonder so many people bust on Cane fans for being bandwagon
All kind of keyboard tough guys on here I see
Show up to games and stop crying over a player leaving
Many of us wish you fans would transfer you a55 to another team

Sounds like a practical decision. Too much competition at his position. Didn't want to stay and fight for a spot. So be it.

Good words and support from Coach Clements. Nice to hear...

fUnny, Canefan woke up this morning loving hometown and trUe Cane C.B. Vernon Davis ...

Now, here comes the, we don't need him, he's not a trUe Cane and jUst doesn't Understand venom in ...

3... 2... 1...

Seantrel is next on Ur list...

jra....you're a tool. He left for WV because he couldn't get on the field here. He didn't leave because WV is a better program.

If these kids want to go to a school to play right away, so be it. Unfortunately, there is a mentality out there that they earned playing time just by showing up. Miami is where it is at right now because of that mentality. But seriously, come on man, don't come out and say....I'm leaving because Miami is recruiting people for my position and I don't want them to recruit anyone else because I might not get to play.

What does that say about your confidence in your skills? You're afraid of football players who are still in high school taking your spot. As stated by everyone else, GOOD RIDDANCE!


Michael J is a complete moron..........
What do you know about what it means to be a Cane??????
Please tell us all so we know how it goes......
A Gator fan breaking it off in Cane fans a55 about how they will tear Vernon apart for leaving when just the other day he was a future star.........
Gator troll owns you on that topic

Posted by: Michael J | August 21, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Besides buying a fake Cane Uniform and painting Ur face, what do U know aboUt pUtting on dUh U ?

QUITTER plain and simple. Good ridance. Same attitude that has kept the "U" down for over a decade. Did not fit in with the freshman studs we now have who BTW get it!!!!

No NFL for you Vernon if you can't cut the backfield at the "U". Better study hard and get a degree to earn a living one day.

He had better be prepared for hard work at WV, or he won't be there long. He should talk to some of players there about how hard it is to get on the field. It is tough and everyone earns their spot.

Cane fans on August 20th.....Vernon is going to be a playmaker for us.....
Cane fans on August 21st....Vernon is a bum and a loser and we didnt want him anyway
Gator troll is punking Cane bloggers today

Took 14 posts before the obsessed troll got his lies in here.

I agree with dbc. Honest coach, accepting the limitations of his former player.

Some notes going into Day One of Camp:

* OT Seantrel Henderson is excused from the first day of practice because he is in Minnesota attending the funeral of a childhood friend.


And Next On Deck ...

If he doesn't want to compete he should just go play video games. You have to compete everywhere you go.

Hey Michael J-ack off what planet have you been living in? Where in my post did I say he left the program because West Virginia's is better? And by the way, get your head out of you're as. West Virginia WON the Big East Conference and kicked the living hell out of ACC Champion Clemson in the OB game. Both West Virginia and Clemson would have killed the "U" last year and would do the same to them this year. I am a TRUE Canes fan but not a delusional one, unlike you tool. Fans like you are the reason that NO ONE shows up to UM games anymore. GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU FOOL.

Wonder how long he lasts at WVU? Those players coming in may very well play safety. He should suck it up and work hard at playing. Injuries happen and he could have been on the field sooner.

500+ articles and 5 titles has yet to post anything to put the Gator troll in his place.
Gator troll comes here because he makes fools of you guys

one more schooly just opened up for someone more worthy, no big deal.

Simply put, this young man wasn't cut out to be a Miami Hurricane. A TRUE Miami Hurricane doesn't run away from competition. A TRUE Miami Hurricane uses his place on the low end of the depth chart as motivation and works his tail off to make the most of every opportunity he's given. It's not that The U wasn't a good fit for him, it's that he wasn't a good fit for The U. I wish Mr. Davis all the best at West Virginia, and I really hope Coach Golden uses his scholarship on a student-athlete that doesn't shy away from competition.

OK Gator fan.....go ahead and rip apart these bloggers who act like they know something about Miami....No wonder why hes always over here......you fools make it to easy for him

The dude is leaving because quite honestly, he would have never been recruited to play for the U during thier hey-day, and with the recruits he accompanied in the 2012 recruiting class and now from the 2013 recruiting class, this dude quickly saw the big picture and asked for the transfer. Nothing with that!

Whatever happened to Matt Patchan?????

Goodluck Vernon Davis, you have to do what you feel is best for you. It's your life young man. Make your family happy and get that framed paper. Broaden your horizons. Miami will be here when you get back

One topic I wanted to touch on for some feedback (and those of you here that played will know what I mean) that worries me this year greatly, and I like the makeup of this obviously very young team, is the fact that we really only had 1.5 scrimmages this preseason camp. And I mean 60 plays, 11 on 11, not 7-7's. Typically teams, during a 4 week camp will already have 3-4 Full ones(1 every 4-5 days) in the first 2+ weeks(17days) at this time with a final scrimmage and KEY live tuneup either tomorrow or the Thursday before putting in the 1st. game plan the Friday and Saturday before the season opener. I know why, the lack of ready 3 deep depth and risking injury which makes sense, but it just makes me worry about coming out of the gate with 2 very very tough physical road games @BC n @KSU (next year we open w/FAU before the 'Turds). Just hope these kids are ready for game speed bullets when the begin to fly fast and furious and not be too bug-eyed. I hope n pray the injury Gods wills be kind to us early. They, injuries, can dictate how a season goes more than any factor and can be the difference between a good 8-4 year for a young squad rather than a 6-6 or 5-7.

I have never seen a camp with so little hitting here before. But there was far, far more teaching than I've seen since Butch's days. Good or Bad ? We'll see. Sometimes you have to really slow things down physically in order to speed things up mentally. And that usually pays off come the final 4-5 game stretch run. Basically, you have to give up something to get something down the line. We are relatively healthy, but our depth will need to adjust mightyly to the speed and intensity of the game quickly.

Anyways, was hoping to hear more about Full 100 yard game mode simulation scrimmages rather than the 5-6 quarters of controled situational ones that we had.


No Flamingo Legs This Year Please.

One of Lou Sabans favorite quotes, minus 3-4 F-Bombs in between. And I tell you, it saved us not just major injuries, but the mild sprains that were tough to play with week to week.

If your scared of comp, leave! Miami doesnt need kids like this anymore. You scaared to fight against new freshman coming in next year and you will have a year under your belt. He knows he aint better than them.

maybe this is actually a good sign. maybe?, the youn secondary will be pretty good making it hard to get on the field. that would be great. the other thing is it only takes one injury and you move up that chart fast. if he could have redshirted, he could have trained and learned alot. but, good luck at wv. GO CANES

As a fan I wanted him to stay because he has talent. Maybe he grew resentful of Howard and Bush getting all the attention. But this dude was in line to get playing time next year if he kept up the hard work.
On the other hand, if he can get on the field earlier at WVU wouldn't that benefit him and make him a better player than sitting on the bench until his junior or senior year?
In the end it doesn't matter because UM gets better by opening up a spot for someone that wants to compete and Davis gets his opportunity to prove himself elsewhere.

You speak for yourself the real important fans on this blog pay no attention to him.i can normally read the first couple of words and tell that it's an envious Fsu or fla troll on here spewing nonsense. I would never go to any other teams message board trying to tell the fans how good my team is. That is what the field is for? Our Nfl resume and trophy case speaks for itself. Next.

jra. that wasn't me that posted about WV being a better program that was MichaelJ. But I will say this to reality. You're right, I don't know the kid, and don't want to. I can only speak about his actions, and clearly his action indicate lack of character. Someone with character would take being down the depth chart and try hard and not blame the coaches for not being trusted. This is what he said not me. If he had character he would have tried to make himself a better CB, worked harder, and tried to get his coach's trust. Someone without character runs and hides at another University. Usually I wish player transferring from the U good luck, but this kid ran 3 weeks into summer practice. He didn't try to get better, didn't try to get coached, and then blamed the staff as not being trustworthy...........that's a complete cop out.

When kids transfer, I usually understand and am with them, but this situation is different. He is just a Freshman and is transferring because of kids who have not committed who are still in high school??!!!?? I truly, whole heartedly wish him the best, but when you go to a school like UM (even when we are down like now), you have to compete. He will find this out up in Morgantown too. Coach Holgerson is not going to hold his hand and baby him. Look what happened to Thereon Collier when he left UM and went to LA to play for USC. The kid left there to and more than likely is out of football. Good teams and for that fact anything worth having in life is built on good, hard, honest competition. I really hope Mr. Davis works hard a WV and starts, but believe me Coach Holgerson is a recruiting machine, so Vernon may find himself on the move again, if he doesn't pull himself up by the bootstraps and say it is not the other guys on the team or the Coaches, but only me who can make my time on the team successful.

Dang Vernon, just cry about it. Next


Good bye, and good luck.

He's going to WVU. they got a good QB. he might do something in WV. I'm just wondering why he wasn't able to get on the filed at UM...

Remember the day when players actually stayed at UM and waited their turn? All gone.

Its time for me to take over this tired place

Good luck

Seantrel is next.

Once the NCAA hits you there will be more!

There will be blooood!

So long miami

West Virginia IS a better program, much much better. This kid will play in a BCS bowl and for a winning team much much sooner than any of your baby canes who stick around.
Stop the sour grapes and the venom and wish the kid luck and move on. He is not the first and won't be the last to leave your program. Seantrell is next and more will leave when sanctions come down.

Posted by: Reality Bites | August 21, 2012 at 07:06 PM

You're not the least bit embarrassed that you're so interested in a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football that you read up on Miami (who you don't play this year) having it's 8th best freshman DB prospect transferring?

That you've never posted on UF's blog or on the blog of UF's football rivals, the Florida State Seminoles? The team that beat UF last year in football and in recruiting and who UF plays again this year?

check the guy frost's blog..what did i say..call it like i see it.....Good luck but he felt he couldn't compete and the is half the battle right there from an athletes stand point feeling like your not good enough to compete..shows me right there Al Golden don't promise nothing but competition ... IN Golden I Trust

Its called sour grapes because fans find his reason for going to WV unacceptable? Acceptance of mediocrity and this type of me first attitude is why we are a 6/6 team. Come on people. Its okay to disagree with this kids attitude and reason for leaving.

On the other hand, I like the thought that the secondary's talent is that much better and forcing the mediocre talent out. Face it, the days of athletes waiting their turn are over. Not just for UM but all schools. College football has changed.

Interesting, WVU picking up a Miami 3 Star castoff. They must be hard up for CB's. As far as the kids concerned the staff should be glad to pick up another scholarship with the restrictions coming. That is it counts under this year I don't know how it works.

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