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Davis' high school coach said freshman CB left Canes in search of more playing time

Vernon Davis grew up dreaming of playing for the Miami Hurricanes. But that dream apparently died after a few weeks of training camp.

Vernon DavisThe freshman cornerback from Miami Coral Reef received his release from scholarship Tuesday and according to his former high school coach will be headed to West Virginia on Wednesday morning.

"He just felt like he couldn't trust their coaches anymore," Coral Reef coach Chevas Clements said. "He wasn't happy. He saw how he had slid down the depth chart and how UM was going out and getting all these commitments from guys like [Miami Northwestern's] Artie Burns and [Southridge's] Jamal Carter. When was he going to play?"

Davis, a three-star recruit and former All-Dade First Team selection by The Miami Herald, asked for his release on Friday. Clements said UM coaches tried to convince him to stay. But in the end, Davis' heart was set on leaving.

"At West Virginia they got two walk-ons who are backups," Clements said. "He knows he's got a much better chance to get on the field there."

Clements said Davis was on his way to Coral Reef to fax his information to West Virginia. Per NCAA rules, Davis will sit out the 2012 season.

"He was going to redshirt anyway," Clements said. "Honestly, I would have preferred if he stayed at Miami. I like the coaches there. But he was dead-set against it."

Four of the remaining seven new arrivals in the secondary are expected to make it onto the travel roster: LaDarius Gunter, Tracy Howard, Antonio Crawford and Deon Bush.


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May be he saw the talent that was there and what was coming in in 2013.

Maybe this is a good sign for the Canes. A 3 star leaving because the competition is too fierce. That's the kind of competition we need. I appreciate Vernon and his high school coach being honest instead of making up some BS story. I think Vernon Davis is just like alot of other great high school football players. They are told how great they are ever since Pop Warner. Then they get to a big time program and figure out they aren't as special as they thought they were. I love it when a one or two star recruit ends up being a great college football player. The Canes have a history of doing just that. Developing players. Good luck to Vernon Davis, he will realize the grass is not greener in WV. He will have to work very hard in Morgantown. Good luck to the Canes. It seems like we are getting to where we need to be. Developing depth at all positions.

Just a sorry reason for leaving..dang say anything besides what he said,,those words will live with him until he accomplished something significant on the playing field which is at least another 13 months away..how much love did he have for the U if he easily gave it up after not 7, not 6, not 5, not 4, not 3,but maybe 2 months of team workouts?

Its called COMPETITION, get used to it. Glad we have such good CB's that in-confident players would rather quit than try to beat them out. By the way, I hope AJ Highsmith becomes a starter, he is the exact opposite of this. Remember when all our backup QBs quit?

The scary thing is that most transfers from miami don't amount to much on the playing field or go to small schools to never be heard from again. The only guy that's had recent success is Arthur Brown....we'll see how Storm Johnson does at UCF, but the list of guys who've done nothing is astounding...Doug Wiggins, Robert Marve(?????), Kirby Freeman, Jamal Reid, Keion Payne, Prince Kent, Gavin Hardin, Steven Wesley, Thearon Collier etc. etc.

Good luck to Vernon. As much as I dislike this move from the outside looking in, I'd rather this work out for him than not. Good to see the U is becoming elite once again.

He was afraid of competing and U can't play for the U if U afraid of competing...I wish him well but wouldnt it be funny if he ends up getting buried in West Virginia's depth chart too, hmmmmmmmmm...he's a quiter in my book

I mean, come on , 3 weeks of practice? He saw how good bush and howard are , plus the other guys, and carter and burns are espn 150 guys,. so he I think mentally checked out, b-cause if his coach said when is he gonna play, whats that about?? umm, should golden promise him a startin job? EARN IT. Dude is a freshman. Heck. Vinny testaverde sat 3 years and waited to play, redshirted, and kosar played 2 yrs. VINNY played 2 yrs only at U. Erickson(craig)waited 2-3 years to play, Steve Walsh, waited 2-3 years to play. TORRETTA, OUR 2nD HEISMAN. DIDNT START till 1991(grad in 88_. I mean. U EARN UR SPOT VERNON. WEST VA AINT GONNA START U.

WVU told him what he wanted to hear. guarantee U he is at a JUCO after 13 season looking to get a scholly again

A lot of comments good and bad. In my opinion about half the kids today have a "I WANT TO PLAY NOW ATTITUDE". That is fine, but understand if you play at a big time Div. 1 program, you will get great recruits coming in every year. When he goes into the spring he will have to fight for a job at WV also. They are going into the Big 12 so you know they will have to find some great players. Good luck to the kid, but any player knows you are 1 play away from playing at anytime. Guess what, taking a redshirt year at UM is a good thing, you can graduate with a masters degree!! Good luck kid!!

Kid just did not want to compete = say hello to some real toothless hillbillies up there in West Virginia! Talk about white trash, heck, the only other place in America where you will find more rednecks, inbred hillbillies and trailer park trash is in Gaynesville, but I digress....

Competition is fierce and I like it that way; it makes average players good, good players great, and great players elite.

Tough news for the kid. Life is full of competition. Whether it is for a girl or a job you have to compete.

I might have to stay at the crib here in Minnesota for a few more funer..ehh I mean days... I hear there's a weak Hurricane brewing down there and I'd hate to be a part of it... Ahhhhhhhh Fiddy degrees here.

#1. This kid is a SELFISH thug.

#2. Big 12 offenses will LIGHT UP his sorry butt.

Not a matter of competition or who is better either. Fact is just about all players are equal in talent at that level.
It is all about who gets the chairs(as in musical chairs)and in football especially, the criterion is very subjective. Anyway, why sit the bench when you can get on the field? Four years on your butt is a total waste of time!

What he is doing is what the kids are taught these days...2 years and collect your money in the pros. cant do that if your arent playing...don't blame him, blame the agents and the system.

Fine cane86. You can look at it that way. Youcan even take it a step further and say that sitting 2-3 years is a waste of time. But great players who ended up in the NFL most commonly bided their time one way or another: Dom a few spots oup on this blg is right. I agree with the post that mentioned Testaverde, Walsh, Erickson Torreta etc. They all waited and got better... Same with Portis and Willis McGahee. This kid is a quitter, and afraid to compete. Someone got in his ear about West Virginia, which incidentally always recruits in South Florida, and maybe they are in sore need for a cb. We shall see what turns out- by the way someone mentioned Thearon Collier. Anywone know where he sits in the USC depth chart?

By the way-- props to Clinton Portis one of the true greats from the U. The redskins ran him to the ground. Tough as nails rb. Retiring after 9 seasons. After him we had McGahee, Gore, and then the drop off: Tyrone Moss, Charlie Jones, Javarris James (who incidentally made a roster), Graig Cooper, Damien Berry, Lamar M iller...still waiting..............

5>3>2, you are right, and even Sean Taylor had to wait his turn to play.

Look at it this way.

Sam Shields saw that he wasn't going to play at WR and moved to defense, to make the TEAM better.

Dallas Crawford saw that he wasn't going to play at cornerback, and moved to running back, to make the TEAM better.

Vernon Davis saw that he wasn't going to play at cornerback, and moved to West Virginia, to make his STATS better. No loss if he wasn't a team player to begin with.

It's kinda funny that people are saying WV is so much better than Miami as a program, and then saying how a kid who admits he wasn't going to see the field at Miami is going to be playing for conference championships and in BCS games. If WV is so much better then how is it this kid thinks he will get playing time there when he can't at Miami?
It's obvious the kid doesn't want to face competition. Good luck with that! When he goes to WV those walk on back ups are going to give him plenty of competition. Seriously, did he really say he's going to WV because the BACK UPs are walk on guys? That speaks volumes to me.. translation - I'm going to WV because their back up corners are sucky walk ons and I can beat them because I'm talented. I say talented because I certainly wont beat them through hard work and competition. That hard work and competition stuff is, you know, hard work!! I should be given a position because I'm Vernon Davis B@#$h! .. lol
I agree with other posters that this has been the attitude at Miami for far too long.. players thinking they should be given something because of who they where in high school; players not willing to work hard to be the best they can be in college.
Good luck Vernon, sorry you don't realize that you will face competition at WV and that you will have to actually earn your spot on the field anywhere you go. WV isn't going to stop recruiting DB's just because you're there now.

Don't agree with the kids decision and wishing him the best, but calling him a thug when he hasn't committed a crime, only transferred to another school? Whoo, pump the brakes a little. What makes the kid a thug? I know we are upset and all, but don't disparage a young man's name and character and call him a thug because he doesn't want to play at the school that you like anymore.
Thug, the lazy fans term to describe anything that athletes of a certain hue do that they do not agree with.

There is much more too it then "him quitting"...he did not quit....it was a business decision (for the future)first and foremost....God Bless him!!

"When was he going to play?"

Wow! Yes, coaches recruit to replace you, duh. It is up to you to put the time in to compete. He was obviously afraid of competition. We don't want players like this because they are the ones that pull the team down. Thinking everything should just be handed to you.

But I get that he wants to play and may feel he's not good enough to compete. If this is the case, it's on him.

He shouldn't be worrying about who's committed for 2013. He should be worrying about getting in that weight room, film room and contacting the Ed Reeds and Philip Bucanahans of the world to help him beat these other dudes out.

Just saying...


He does have a better chance to play at WVU. At least he will be noticed playing in a far better conference!!!!!

It's simple, he would rather play on a team where walk-ons are backups assuring him a spot on the traveling roster. This is a kid that was full of himself and got a reality check once he got on campus. Some people just aren't cut out to compete for a spot, they prefer to have it handed to them. Good luck winning anything in west virginia. Another ship to hand to someone more willing to work for it. As always


Seen a lot of kids "compete" for years and sit on the bench or play special teams and never touch the field. All of that team/compete crap is fantasy. It sounds good, but people have to do what's best for them. If he stays at Miami for 5 yrs and ends up a PE coach (no offense to PE coaches) any of you bad mouthing him gonna throw him a couple million for "competing"? Any of you ready to thow Kendall Thompkins or Davon Johnson some millions. The kid is doing whats best for his life and thank godness he had the guts to make the decision. There are some kids the only reason they make it to the U is b/c they went to schools in high school with lesser competiton. Is he wrong if he makes it to the NFL by way of WV? Sometimes you idiots open your mouth and and make it to easy to identify yourselves.

@caneboss.. I see what you are saying. But, he didn't transfer to a lesser school. He moved up in teams right now. If he can't see the field at Miami and is being beaten out by freshmen you'd think he'd go to a lesser school and try to be a big fish in a small pond...get on the field and show his skills. Obviously we will see what we see but I don't see what makes him think he's going to see serious playing time at WV when he wasn't going to get it here in Miami. WV is probably the better team right now. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they give out starting positions to players because of who they are, you have to compete for a playing position. That's what I mean by compete. Earn your spot.. know what I'm saying? Hey, maybe the guys Golden got at DB are so good that even an A player can't see playing time.. I don't know, that will come out in the wash. Right now it seems like somebody has been reading too much of his own press and may think a little highly of himself... figures he can go somewhere the coaches will see his talent. I said it before, I'll say it again.. good luck with that!

caneboss you need to read the posts of WG Cane and Midnight rider...they got it...

It should be a privilege to play for the 'U' but if you can't measure up for Whatever reason then man up and make a move that you think may be best for your talent.
It is not a matter of bad mouthing, but half of football or even more than that is MENTAL, and you have to go all the way.. If you cannot wait, work, study, and conidition over the long haul you will never make it in ANY Div. 1 program.

Good luck and work hard at WVU,.
Go 'Canes Always

Some of you guys give cane fans a bad rap. If its one thing to come to Miami as a freshman and work hard to eventually start, but its another thing when a guy sees the writing on the wall that he most likely a career backup. Its obvious. Its not rocket science to figure that your fellow recruits at your position are a notch better than you and the crop coming in after you might be also better. Im not one for kids with entitlements, but now a days, the coaches recruit on playing time. Howard has repeatedly said during his recruitment that he was offered early playing time. So what you guys thought? He worked his butt before he was working with the black shirts the first day of practice! No, he's special you idiots. Rear talent! You think a coach would tell him to redshirt? Yea right. I love this program, but the hypocrites love them just as much. So when a young immature man makes a drastic decision. Yall scream quitter, no heart, or even down right disrespectful adjectives at him. Love them when they come here and love them when they leave here. I bet they would really feel like its a family

I wish the dude well. All I know is many of the great Canes had to wait 'their turn' (2 yrs) before they got their shot. They made the most of their opportunity. Jimmy Johnson and Al Golden make you 'compete' for your spot. Period.

How can a freshman with 2 semesters under his belt transfer to a Big 12 school with less than 36 credit hours or 3 semesters? Dont they have to follow the Big 12 conference guidelines now and not NCAA?

Thank you jb. Nonne of us know what was best for this kid Davis. It was his life, he was at the school, he was in those pactices so he was the one with the most information to make the best decision for his life and career, not us! Most of you think you are honorary players through your tv, and your computer. Get over it! The kid doesnt owe anyone anything. A guy by the name of Troy Aikman transferred from Oklahoma to UCLA and that worked out fine for his prolific career. None of you scream bloody Mary when we get transfers that "dont want to compete". Our starting corner last yr Mike Willams, Our FSU & Gator killer Brock Berlin, both transfers that "didnt want to compete".

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