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Weather forces Miami Hurricanes to practice in the Dolphins' indoor bubble


The Hurricanes moved their Saturday practice to the Miami Dolphins’ indoor practice facility in Davie.

Practice – closed to the public and media – was originally scheduled for 1:30 p.m., but was moved up to 1 p.m. “because of the weather conditions,’’ said UM director of communications Chris Yandle. “It rained in Miami all morning.’’

The university announced Saturday afternoon that it would be closing at 7 p.m. and would remain closed through Monday.

“We will resume operations Tuesday as of now,’’ Yandle said Saturday evening.

The Canes, who will open the season Sept. 1 at Boston College, are also scheduled for a Sunday practice session. Yandle said that session is obviously dependent on the weather as well.


Four Miami Hurricanes are among 312 seniors named to the 2013 Senior Bowl Watch List, game officials announced.

Senior running back Mike James, cornerback Brandon McGee, defensive tackle Darius Smith and safety Vaughn Telemaque are the UM representatives on the Senior Bowl’s inaugural watch list. The top 100 seniors in the nation will be invited to participate in the 2013 Senior Bowl, which is set for Jan. 26 at Mobile’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium.



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Glad they won t be missing significant practice time in preparing for BC.

I was a little worried about that too. Especially for Henderson and others that have missed time.

Henderson will not catch up till mid season now of he actually practices hard.

We are gonna need him in some type of capacity this season. We are one injury away from having a problem. We need as many bodies as we can get to throw in the fire if need be.We need the oline to emerge and and a te or two to step up.

Dang...we cant afford to miss practice time...Friday will probably be a travel day if not Thursday,,which means, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday as practice days! Depending on weather as well..

I'm so lost help me?

sundials for everyone!

Thursday would be walk through and so would friday very light stuff, mostly study of our game plan, so the weather is not a major factor after mid week..
Go 'Canes Always

maybe U can get a Freshman RunningBack named Ike in 2030 ?

this is the 21 first century.

go canes

Why does McGee's name keep surfacing in anything? What has he done besides disappoint last year?

Telemaque is a lot better than people think. He needs even better people around him, particularly up front. I think he's a NFL prospect. I like the TE's. The question is will the OC use them the right way.

Fellow Canes Fans. I took the time to research the NCAA website on Infractions, specifically UM's case. The issue of Athletics personnel involvement seems most serious and probably why it's taking so long.

"Of the eight football student-athletes, three received substantial benefits as prospective student-athletes from Shapiro and athletics personnel to entice them to enroll at the university, which are considered some of the most serious recruiting violations within the NCAA"

Here's the full story link:


Nice research numb nuts, we knew that a year ago. Literally - that story's dated August 30, 2011.

duH. LOL.

Close practice until Tuesday? What happened to U strong? More like U Wimp. Don't you know these girls complain about playing in the rain, cold or wind? You fools had a great opportunity to toughen up these clowns by practicing in the rain and you postponed it? U soft and U wimp. get ready for the rain in Boston. Get ready for the excUses.

Nothing annoys me more than the fake tough guy online act! Since many, probably all, never actually go to the NCAA enforcement page and rely on what we're told by opinionated local reporters I thought I share a dated story directly from the Enforcers. I was checking the NCAA site to see if there was any statement or report related to the current investigation. There wasn't but obviously they must be digging up all the evidence pertaining the involvement and knowledge of administrators which is more difficult than getting student athletes to admit their wrong doings. Hope the Duh Guy also gets smarter after each bong hit.

after a emp attack it won't be

invest in sundials and linternas


What up with the internet tough guy routine?
5 Titles will run you over with his truck on I 75, CANETILLIDIE will come to your house and beat you up, or meet you in Tropical park and force you to sign his stadium petition.
Emilio aint got a clue.
Tampa Cane tries to do some research and gets dumped on.
I'm waiting for Not Our Rival to put everyone in his place.

Fake internet research essay that has nothing to do with football

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